OLTL Update Monday 1/28/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/28/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Blair concludes to Todd that it would be best if he and Sam move out. He tells her that that sounds like she blames him for what Margaret did. She tells him that is not the case. Throughout this whole time they have been talking about Sam and how he needed her help in getting his son back. But they have to think about the two of them and what is realistic for them. They also have two other people to think about: Jack and Starr. They have been living a lie pretending to be this happy little family. And they need to get real. He and Sam have to live away from her and the others. But he tells her he refuses to leave.

After Rex’s Aunt Corrine reveals to him that she is not certain that Walter was really his father, Rex demands to know what she knows.

At Foxy Roxy’s, Addie talks to Miles Laurence. She seems very intrigued by the fact that he had surgery done to change his look. She tells him that she has changed for the better also. And she wants to get her hair done for a new look. Dorian then catches them together and tells Miles he better stay away from her sister. He is the last thing that Addie needs. At that point, it looks like Charlie tells Dorian that he has to go and find his son and he has to attempt to find Viki.. But Dorian does not want to let him do that.

After Natalie finds out that Jared had Jessica committed, he explains to her that Nash wanted it also. And they have a good reason to have her in that place.

While Jessica is at St. Ann’s, she runs into Allison Perkins. Allison tells Jessica she knows something that Jessica does not know and she is not telling.

Blair tells Todd that she thinks it’s best that he and Sam move out. He asks if she plans to throw them out. She tells him that he must realize that it’s best for everybody else. But he tells her that he needs her. She asks him why. Can’t he take care of himself? As for Sam, she’s sure he can find some other “hot little nanny”. He tells her that it’s not just that. She is more than just his wife in name. He believes that they can have a real marriage.

At Foxy Roxy’s, Charlie tells Dorian that he has to go and find Viki. But she tells him that it will hit the fan if the Buchanans find out that Jared is his son. He tells her he does not want to play games. He just wants to find his son. And if he happens to run into Viki, he will figure something out. And he admits to Dorian that he misses her.

In the other room, Addie asks Miles Laurence if he’s ever been to St. Anne’s. In response to that, he asks her if it’s a church. She clarifies that it’s a sanitarium and she’s lived there throughout most of her life. Hearing that, he informs her that he has also lived in hospitals throughout most of his life. She then concludes that that is amazing that they have so much in common. Right then, Roxy comes out and asks them if they knew that her son is getting married.

At the palace Rex demands to know what his Aunt Corrine’s secret is about Walter, Roxy’s deceased husband whom he believed was his father. She attempts to explain that Roxy was very popular in her younger days and messed around with many guys. It’s entirely possible that somebody else is Rex’s father. But she wants to drop the subject and get Rex to see that it does not matter. But he demands that she does not forget what she just told him.

Right then, Natalie and Jared discuss his “parentage”.

At St. Anne’s, Allison chants in a silly manner that she has a secret and finder’s keepers. She tells the nun that she’s known Jessica since Jessica was a baby. Jessica then asks her what the secret is. But Allison wants to keep Jessica guessing. She tells Jessica she may be crazy but she knows things. Right then, Viki appears and is very surprised to see Allison. Allison makes a silly gesture to Viki and pretends that she can see Viki’s husband, Ben. VIki demands to know what Allison is doing walking around there, free and near Jessica. She declares that Allison is dangerous. Allison tells reminds VIki that so is Niki. And she goes on with all of her secrets and her history. Until they drag her away. Nash appears and demands to know whom she is . Viki informs him that that is Allison Perkins.

Natalie is not ok with the fact that Jared has had her sister committed. He protests that she tried to set him up again. And again, the two of them are not certain how they can juggle their personal and professional relationship especially in regard to what has happened.

At Foxy Roxy’s, Charlie departs. Miles approaches Dorian and tells her that her sister is very nice. Dorian replies that perhaps Addie is too nice. Roxy is putting the highlighter foil is Addie’s hair while Roxy discusses Rex’s wedding plans. Strangely, Addie asks Roxy if Rex’s father will come to his wedding. Roxy replies it would be totally weird if he did. He is dead.

Todd admits to Blair that he may not have known what was up with how he was feeling in regard to Margaret and Sam. She asks him if now he believes that he’s seen the light and now he wants a real mom and a real family for his son. She tells him he must know that it’s all falsehood. He then admits to her that he realizes that he has made many mistakes and their relationship has had many problems. But he believes that the two of them could have a beautiful life together. He tells her he loves her. He always has and always will. She looks at him skeptically.

Rex’s Aunt Corrine tells him that it does not matter whom his father is. The reason she took him in is not because he’s Walter’s son. It’s because she loves him.

Natalie tells Jared that she is firing him. They can no longer work together. She will never forgive him for what she did to his sister.

Todd tells Blair that she is the only woman who can motivate him to get over his crap and love him in spite of everything. She tells him she knows what they have meant to each other. But they must be realistic and know that it won’t work. He asks her if she really thinks she can walk away from all that they have meant to each other.

At St. Ann’s, Nash tells Jessica that he has managed to pull some strings so that she can get out within the next day. But she surprises him by telling him that maybe she needs to stay longer just to be on the safe side. Viki agrees with Nash that it’s time for her to get out fo there and is equally baffled why she wants to “voluntarily” commit herself to stay there. Viki tells her daughter that she cannot let her stay there with that dangerous Allison Perkins walking around. But Jessica insists to her mother and husband that she plans to stay longer. And her mind is made up no matter what either of them says. Viki leaves. Nash tells Jessica he is going to stay and talk to her alone whether she wants him to or not. The reason is that he knows she is lying to him again about something.

Charlie goes to B.E. and finds Jared in an attempt to explain to him why it is that he missed their lunch. Jared asks if it was a new mixed drink. He does not buy any excuses that Charlie tells him. Charlie tells his son that he was stranded up in the mountains. Jared asks him if the dog ate his cell phone. He goes to the door, holds it open and demands that Charlie leaves. But Charlie tells his son he is not going anywhere.

Rex goes to find Roxy and demands to talk to her alone. He informs her that he talked to Corrine and she informed him for the first time that Walter was not his dad.

Todd tells Blair that he realizes he has made mistakes in the past. But he will never give up on her. She then asks him what makes him think that this time will be any different than any other where they have fooled themselves into believing they could make it work. He replies that finding Sam together made them a team. She tells him that wanting something and being able to make it happen are to different things. But he tells her that he wont’ give up. He kisses her. And she responds like she wants him as much as he wants her.

Nash asks Jessica what her new secret is for why she wants to stay there. And who is that crazy Allison person. He knows that Jessica has some history with her. He knows that Allison is connected to Jessica’s biological father. And she was ready to sell Natalie to some gypsies. And he wonders why Jessica would choose to stay in this place. Right then, the nun enters and informs them that visiting hours are over. Nash is ready to leave but urges his wife to promise him that she will keep the door locked and stay away from Allison Perkins. Jessica makes no such promise however. She just tells Nash she will see him soon. It is obvious that she has some sort of trick up her sleeve which she is not telling anybody. And it might very well involve Allison.

Charlie tells Jared that he was ready to give up on him. But his “friend”, Viki inspired him to realize that he can never do that. He tells Jared he must know how much he means to his father. Viki was right when she told him he must never give up on his son.

Not far away, Viki is headed to B.E. to find Natalie and inform her what has happened with Jessica.

Roxy asks Rex why Corrine would tell him that Walter was not his father. She tells him he certainly was. They had a very messed up married. She was not the only one who drank. His father knew how to drink also. And she is obviously hiding something.

In the other room, Addie asks Miles about his love life. He discusses it. He then asks her if she has ever been in love. She replies no. He tells her he is surprised that she would say that. Was she not even in love with Blair’s father? Dorian, right then, marches into the room and demands that Miles never ask her sister these types of questions. Addie tells her sister it was alright. They never discuss Blair’s father. Dorian tells Addie that is right. And they never will.

Right then, Blair and Todd are taking off their clothes in the bedroom and ready to go at it.

Jared asks Charlie if he is merely there because of his “new girlfriend”. Charlie tells him no. It has nothing to do with that. She merely convinced him to know what he should have known all along that he cannot give up on his son. Jared tells Charlie that he is not going to fall for Charlie’s scam if it’s just something he’s doing in order to score points with some woman. Right then, Charlie notices a picture that Jared does not want him to see. It might be a picture of Natalie and Charlie might know Natalie.

While the two men are talking, Viki goes to find Natalie and B.E. and informs her that Nash had Jessica committed because she has been pretending to be Tess. Natalie tells her mother that she will never forgive Jared.

Rex demands that Roxy tells him the secret that she is hiding. But she evades the question.

At St. Ann’s a nurse announces to Jessica that a doctor will see her now for her evaluation. But Allison finds Jessica and tells her again that she has a secret which she is not telling. Jessica asks the nurse to give her a minute alone with Allison. She asks Allison what the secret is. Allison then tells Jessica it’s about her and her precious family. Jessica looks startled when she hears that. But we don’t know anything more at this point.

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