OLTL Update Friday 1/25/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/25/08


Written By Jennifer S.

At the palace, Adriana tells Viki that it might be difficult for Rex to find a man named Charlie when she does not even know his last name. Viki tells Adriana she realizes that is true. But she knows his name is Charlie B.

At Dorian’s, Charlie tells Dorian that his last name is Balsam. And it’s odd that her daughter’s fiancé has that name. But he has to stay in town for a while and find a way to be a father to Jared while Jared is pretending to be another man’s son.

At the B.E. office, Natalie and Jared are wondering what will happen if they work together again.

Nash comes to see Roxy to talk to her about the outcome of their conversation last night. She tells him that he looks worse than he did, last night. He admits that he did not sleep last night. She asks him if he was able to get through to Jessica. He tells her he was completely unsuccessful. Jessica didn’t listen to a word he said. So he took Roxy’s advice, he tells her. Hearing that, Roxy assumes that he is talking about the advice she’s given him about hair care. He tells her no. What he did is he got “tough” with Jessica.

Right then, Jessica awakens and finds herself in a room at St. Ann’s. She freaks and demands to know how she got there.

Todd walks in to hear Blair looking as though she is yelling at his infant son telling him she hates him and he better get the hell out of her life. He demands to know what she is doing. She tells him that she is seeing Margaret. Hearing that, he tells her the last time he checked, Margaret was dead. But Blair admits that Margaret keeps reappearing to her and reminds her of how Margaret messed up her lives. And she’s worried that she will never be able to love Sam because every time she looks at him, he reminds her of Margaret. Todd tells her that is a crock. Sam is an innocent little kid and did not even know Margaret. He tells Blair that it is not Margaret that is the issue there. It’s her.

Dorian tells Charlie that Jared will have to realize that it was not his father’s fault that the limo broke down and there was no cell phone coverage where they were stranded. But he tells her that to Jared, it will just sound like more lame excuses. She tells him he mustn’t give up on his son. And she tells him she cannot help feeling as though this is all her fault. So if there is anything she can do to help…Right then, they are interrupted by Addie who comes down wearing a dress of Dorian’s and asking “somebody” to zip her up. Dorian goes to zip up the dress on Addie. But Addie tells her sister that it was Charlie whom she wanted to zip her up. Dorian tells her sister that she has to “Stop this”. Addie replies that she is single and so is Charlie. What is wrong with the two of them exploring their possibilities. And she tells Dorian she wants to go an dget her hair highlighted. Charlie then informs Addie that he is kind of “seeing somebody” right now.

Viki tells Rex that she realizes he does nothave much to go on with nothing more thanthe name Charlie B.

After Roxy finds out that Nash went to the extreme measures of having Jessica committed, she is shocked and asks him why he would go that far. He tells her he had no choice. And it’s for her own good. Roxy asks him just how long he plans on having his wife stuck in the cuckoo’s nest.

A doctor comes into Jessica’s room at St. Ann’s. She asks him when she can get out of there. He asks her if she has been there before and what the reason was. She admits that her “alter” came out and she checked herself in of her own free will. He asks her if she remembers the terms she agreed to.. She admits that she signed papers that authorized family to have her committed of her alter came out again. He then asks her whom he is speaking to. She protests that she is not Tess. She is Jessica. She has just had a misunderstanding with her husband. He then informs her that her husband is worried about her and had to take action. She asks him if she is forced to stay there. He tells her no. Hearing that, she tells him that is great and she will just go and check herself out. He then tells her if her treatment goes well, they will seriously consider having her return to the community by the spring. She is obviously not ok hearing that.

Jared tells Natalie that he deeply regrets hurting her. She asks him what is up with him. She admits that she is disgusted by the fact that she has had desires for her uncle and that he is interested in her in that way. But she has to admit that she cannot get him out of her mind.

While Jessica is at St. Ann’s, orderlies come to give her something to calm her down. But she protests that they cannot do that. They tell her they are acting per “Jessica’s” instructions. She protests that she is Jessica and they must realize that. They don’t buy that however. She then realizes that she has her cell phone in her pocket and calls Viki and urges her to come and pick her up.

Nash talks to Roxy about St. Ann’s, telling her that he knows that that place will not hurt Jessica. He just has to let her know how dangerous her recent behavior is. She has to learn that she cannot be playing Tess and messing with Jared. Roxy tells him as soon as Jessica gets out of there, she wants her to come and get a manicure. Nash leaves. Right then, Miles enters. Roxy attempts to ignore him and tells him she realizes that he is not “into her”. He tells her that he came to talk to her and what he wonders is why she is into him.

After Todd has noticed Blair having her “vision” of Margaret Cochran and taking that out on Sam, he assures her that Margaret is no longer part of he equation. He tells her it might be due to the fact that Sam is not her kid. She tells him no. It’s not that. But maybe it is not about Margaret. The problem is about her and Todd.

Rex’s Aunt Corrine, who raised him comes to meet him and Adriana at the Palace. She tells them that she wishes she could stay longer. But she has to go on a cruise. Rex can tell that she and Roxy have some sort of secret. She observes Rex and tells him how handsome he is becoming now that he is a man. She tells Adriana that Rex used to be really wild when he was a teenager. Hearing that, Adriana tells Corrine that she would never believe that, meaning that somewhat sarcastically. He tells Corrine that he needs help with the guest list. And he reflects that there must be more family members that she knows of that she can invite. But she wants to evade that subject. She does reveal, however, that she knows all about Rex’s hot and heavy, very serious relationship with Gigi many years ago.

Addie tells Charlie that she and Addie have to go to Foxy Roxy’s to get their hair done. Addie leaves. Dorian tells Charlie she appreciates his letting her sister down easily. He tells Dorian that he was not lying to Addie when he told her that he was seeing somebody. He still believes that Viki is part of his life.. She wants him to believe that Viki has deceived him and so has Jared. And she invites him to join her and Addie at Foxy Roxy’s later on. And it’s obvious that she has a trick up he sleeve in regard to that.

Jared and Natalie talk alone about his new plan. She tells him she wants all of this weirdness to go away and she hopes that can happen. He assures her that it will.

Blair tells Todd that they need to realize some things about their relationship. She tells him that he got his son. He tells her she got her $5 million. And they reflect that a lot has happened involving his kids and his $5 million “nanny”.

Miles and Roxy have a “contest” in admitting who has done more terrible things. He tells her that he kept Todd Manning from knowing that his son was alive. She admits that she abandoned Natalie when she was a child. She tells him that she does not vilify him for anything he did. She realizes that his brother was a creep. But he is not. He tells her that he is concerned about Natalie falling for the wrong men. One example of which is his brother. She tells him that she realizes Natalie made a serious mistake with Mitch Laurence. But she is not so worried about the “most recent one” (Jared)..

Right then, Natalie and Jared are in the board room brainstorming about their new business ideas. He tells her that before they can go any farther in their personal or professional relationship, he needs to come clean about some things he has done.

Viki rushes to St. Ann’s to pick up Jessica. She asks her daughter what is going on and how she got put in there. Jessica explains to her mother that she signed papers that family members can have her committed if she ever relapses into Tess again. Jared got a hold of those papers and convinced Nash that she is becoming Tess again. Nash appears and Viki demands to know why he would believe that she is Tess. Nash tells Viki that she may not be aware. But her daughter is doing the “Tess thing” again in order to scam Jared.

Todd tells Blair that she must realize that they are Sam’s parents. Not Michael nor Marcie. But she reminds him that if Marcie had not kidnapped his son, they would probably be divorced by now. So he does not need her “help” when he has his son back.

After Nash informs Viki that he had Jessica committed for pretending to be Tess, she tells him he did the right thing. Jessica asks her mother how she could defend what Nash did. Viki replies that she knows all too well about DID. It’s nothing to mess with. The “host” cannot pretend to be the alter. Jessica then snaps at her mother. But she stops herself, apologizes and tells Viki she must realizes she is not Tess. She hugs her mother and tells her she just wants to get out of here. This has all been a big mistake. Nash and Viki agree that she has to realize that she cannot do this anymore. Viki first tells Nash that Jessica need not stay there because she will not play Tess anymore. Hearing that, Jessica tells her mother she is glad that at least somebody wants her out of there. And she asks Viki how she can get out. Viki replies that that is up to her husband. But they do arrange to get Jessica out of St. Ann’s.

Dorian and Addie go to Roxy’s. Dorian tells Roxy that her sister wants to get some highlights. Roxy remembers that that is Dorian’s formerly crazy sister. She takes Addie to the shampoo sink. And right then, Charlie enters. Roxy seems to know who he is and that he has gotten her son believing that they are related because Charlie’s last name is Balsam. And she is angry at Charlie for revealing to Rex what his real last name is.

Adriana tells Rex and Corrine that she has to go to work. Alone with her nephew, Corrine tells him that his taste in women has really improved. Rex tells his aunt that he knows she is keeping some sort of secret from him about his biological family.

Todd tells Blair that he knows she has issues with the fact that Sam is not her child. And he tells her she needs to get real and understand what they need to do. In response to that, she tells him that that is right. She has come up with an idea about what they need to do.

Rex tells Corrine that he knows that she and Roxy are hiding something. He is a good PI and he can figure out what it is. But he wishes she would come clean so that he does not have to. So she better tell him. In response to that, she admits that she is not entirely certain that “Walter” was his father. And she asks him I if he is happy now.

At Foxy Roxy’s, Dorian talks to Charlie about his “son” . She, Roxy and Charlie leave Addie and Miles alone. Addie approaches Miles and tells him she knows him from somewhere.

While Natalie is in the office with Jared, she gets a call. And she is outraged to find out that Jared had her sister committed.

In St. Ann’s, Jessica waits for the paperwork to get processed. But it’s taking too long. And she notices Allison Perkins. Allison approaches Jessica and gloats that she knows something that Jessica does not know.

Blair admits to Todd that ever since this big mess with Margaret, she has been making efforts to get their lives back. She admits that she has been making many mistakes. She admits that she has been making many choices based on the “what ifs” instead of he “what is”. And she concludes that the best thing would be for him and Sam to pack up and move out.

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