OLTL Update Thursday 1/24/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/24/08


Written By Jennifer S.

At the palace, Viki runs into Nora. Nora admits to Viki that she is really surprised to have heard, via the news that Viki worked as a waitress at a trucks stop. But she reveals that everybody needs a break from their “lives” and that she does not need Viki to explain anything to her. Right then, Viki can sense that Nora is preoccupied with “something”. Nora responds that she is busy with Matthew and Cole and work. But Viki knows there is more on Nora’s mind than that. Nora then admits to Viki that she is not ok with the fact that Lindsay has beaten the murder charges. And she reveals that there might be some “personal” things going on with the fact that Bo is now appointed Lindsay’s legal guardian (and he could be more).

Adriana and Rex go to see Dorian while Charlie is with her. Dorian notices that Rex did not buy her daughter a real diamond ring and she expresses her opinion about how he may have “failed” with that. Adriana tells her mother that she won’t sit and let her insult Rex. She could care less about material things. And she protests to her mother that she maybe should not be judging their personal choices regarding the strangers they met in Paris, TX when she (Dorian) has invited a random stranger (Charlie) to live in her home. Dorian then reminds Adriana and Rex that they might want to be careful knowing what could happen to them for knowing where Todd’s son was and aiding and abetting having him kidnapped.

Upstairs, Blair goes to see Todd and Sam in the bedroom. She can tell that he has been up to some sort of “secret” business. She asks Todd why he did not wake her if he needed help with the baby. And he can tell that she might have something going on with her.

Michael and John go to visit Marcie in jail. And they tell her they have some good news. They have found her a good lawyer and Viki has agreed to drop the charges. But she seems not to care nor see that as good news. All she cares about is seeing Tommy (Sam) again. Yet she knows that they cannot tell her how or if that can be arranged.

In Paris, TX, Ramsey goes to see Gigi in her home and privately tells her that she better live up to her end of their “bargain”. Right away, she assumes that he is threatening Shane. But Shane comes out of his room to reveal that he is ok. And he asks his mother why she is so panicked about something.

In the jail cell, Marcie tells Michael that she realizes that she cannot see Tommy. But he could. He tells her she must know that Todd will not let him anywhere near Tommy. John tells Marcie he realizes that she is worried about Tommy. But they have to focus their energy on getting her out of there. She is not ok with not being about to find out about Tommy. Michael attempts to assure her that Todd and Blair will take good care of Tommy/Sam. But she is very worried and afraid that their son will believe that they have abandoned him if they do not attempt to see him.

In Todd and Blair’s bedroom, Todd admits that he is worried that Sam cried all night and he was afraid he could not do anything about it. Had it not been for what Marcie and Michael and John and Rex and Adriana had all done, he would have had a chance to meet his son earlier. And if they had had the decency to let him know about his son, he could have had the opportunity to show his son that he and Blair are decent parents. And if they had done that, he might have given Marcie and Michael visitation rights. And they wouldn’t be in the big mess they are in now. He tells her he needs some help with knowing what might be going on. Is his son hungry? Is he teething? Does he just need a good breakfast? She reveals that she does not know exactly how to help him with his son. But she smiles and appears to want to be positive.

Adriana asks her mother what she plans to do with the fact that Blair and Todd will want to kill both her and Rex for what they enabled Marcie and Michael to do with Todd’s son. Dorian assumes that it’s Rex’s fault that her daughter got mixed up in this. But she tells them both they need not worry. Todd has gotten his son back and has no business harassing them. She then changes the subject by asking if they have organized a guest list for whom to invite to their wedding. Noticing Rex’s very limited list, she remarks that he does not know many people. And she notices that Adriana has not invited Blair. Right then, Blair enters with Todd. And she reveals that she is angry and will not let Adriana get away with what she did to Todd.

At the palace, Clint enters and welcomes Viki back to town. When she sees how he and Nora are looking at each other, she knows that there is something going on with them. And Clint announces to her that he and Nora are seeing each other.

Michael and John explain to Marcie about how they can get a lawyer to help her get the lightest sentence possible. But she is worried about how Todd might be able to buy the judge and jury. And she asks them just how much time she is looking at in prison. John admits to her that it could be 10 years.

Ramsey tells Gigi if she thinks that she can get him or his “boss” Todd Manning in trouble, she has another thing coming. She then tells him that she was just an unknown person who helped a woman who needed help. So she doesn’t know why he’d be afraid of anything she could do. Hearing Ramsey’s threatening tone, Shane wants to protect his mother from Ramsey. And at that point, Shane has an asthma attack.

When Blair and Todd confront Adriana and Rex, Dorian tells Todd that he better not think he can tell her what to do or whom to invite into her home. She and Blair know that they better go upstairs before things get too heated. But Todd is not going to let that go. He pushes Rex’s face down on the stove burner and tells him he can turn it on and burn Rex if he steps out of line again. Adriana tries to help Rex. But she knows that Todd is not going to forgive either of them. Right then, Charlie breaks up their fight. Rex and Adriana go out the door. And Todd stares at Charlie and demands to know whom he is and what he is doing in Dorian’s home.

Clint and Nora sit at the table with Viki. And they attempt to explain the nature of their relationship. Nora explains that they have not officially declared that they are “dating”. In fact, she admits that last night was intended to be their first official “date”. But Bo and Lindsay had to join them. And the whole event ended up as a food fight.. Viki tells them that she is ok with whatever they choose to do. She tells them that she cares about Clint and wants him to be happy. She is ok with him seeing Nora. And they both know how she feels about Dorian. So it’s good news to her. Right then, Nora asks Viki about the rumors she’s heard about the “cowboy” whom she has heard that Viki met in Texas. Viki admits that she met a man. But she knows nothing about him nor if she will ever see him again.

Right then, Charlie prevents Todd from hurting Rex. Todd confronts him. Dorian comes in and defends Charlie to Todd. She tells him that this man is her friend. She has invited him to stay in her home. If he ever threatens Charlie or bothers him, she will have Todd thrown out of her house and put in jail. Right then, Todd stares at Charlie and reveals that he believes he might have seen him before.

Ramsey confronts Gigi and Shane. He leaves and Shane tells his mother that he would like to kick that guy’s ass. Gigi tells her son he must watch his language. But he asks his mother just what they are going to do. What if Ramsey keeps coming back and harassing them?

Marcie tells Michael that whatever legal maneuvers they think they can pull off in order to lighten her sentence, it does not matter when she has to be away from Tommy. Michael protests that she must know that it matters. Right then, John is gets a call on his cell phone. It’s from Gigi. She tells him that she remembers his asking her to call him if she has any information for him or needs any help with anything.

Todd tells Charlie that he thinks he knows him. Dorian tells him he couldn’t possibly know Charlie. He leaves. Alone with Dorian, Charlie remarks that Todd seems very intense. She angrily tells him that Todd is a worthless pig. And she tells him she is so sorry that she has had to involve him in this mess. She tells him she does not know what Blair sees in that loser. He tells her he does not judge anybody. At that point, he gets a call on his cell phone from Viki and informs Dorian about that. He does not answer it.

Viki hears Charlie’s answering machine when she calls him at the palace. And she sits alone, looking very disappointed. Rex and Adriana are not far away. She tells him that she wishes he did not have to deal with all the sick people in her family. He tells her that she is his family and he is willing to deal with whatever he has to deal with being married to her.. She tells Rex after what Todd did, she would not blame him if he walked away from her. She hugs him.

John goes to see Gigi after she calls him. She asks Shane to leave them alone to talk. He asks her to tell him exactly what happened. He tells her he knows that she is afraid and knows that Ramsey has threatened her. She admits that that is true. She’s worried that he will hurt Shane. John then tells her that he really understands what it’s like to want to protect somebody you love but be afraid that you cannot.

Marcie asks Michael how any of them can get back to their lives, free or not, when they do not have Tommy.

Alone in the bedroom with Sam, Blair attempts to bond with her new stepson. But right then, she hears Margaret Cochran laughing and taunting her.

Viki goes to talk to Rex at the palace. She admits she has not seen him in a while and congratulates him on his engagement to Adriana. She then asks him if he might want to do some PI work for her. He asks her just what she has in mind. She indicates that she wants him to investigate “a mysterious man” whom she met..

At Dorian’s, Charlie admits that he is shocked to have found out that Viki is a rich society woman. How did she wind up working at a truck stop in Paris, TX? And what would she be doing with somebody like him, given her real life? In response to that, Dorian attempts to “break it gently” to Charlie that Viki may have been scamming him all along. And he should realize that Viki has forgotten all about him.

Right then, Viki reveals to Rex that she would like him to look for a man she has met. She knows almost nothing about him except that his name is Charlie.

John tells Gigi that he can help her and give her immunity if she testifies against Ramsey. She admits to him that she cannot drag her son across the country. But she does want to help Marcie.

Michael tells Marcie that they need to get through their situation together. And she must know that she is the only person on the planet who knows what he is going through and the only other person on the planet whom he loves as much as Tommy is her. She smiles and cries and takes his hand through the jail cell.

Blair is then, in the room, alone with Sam. And she hears Margaret Cochran (who’s not really there) taunting her. Right then, she yells, points her finger and says: “Get the hell out of my life! I hate you!”. Right then, Todd enters and only see Sam on the bed to whom Blair is yelling and saying that she hates.

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