OLTL Update Wednesday 1/23/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/23/08


Written By Jeannie

Bo and Lindsay join Nora and Clint for dinner.

On the other side of the restaurant, Cristian asks to see the song Sarah read to him. Sarah says she’s embarrassed. Cris asks, why not? It’s not like the song is about him.

Rex and Adriana join Layla and Vincent at Layla's apartment. Vincent asks when’s the big day and Rex jokes it has to be between them being brought up on felony charges and after he finds out what his mom is hiding.

At Roxy’s, Nash says he lost control of Jessica. She tells him he never had control. He tells Roxy they had a big fight.

Jessica/Tess enters Jared’s room and takes off her coat. He invites her into bed saying he needs a friend. She kneels on the bed and tells him she’s feeling very friendly.

Adriana tells Layla she let it slip to Blair that they knew about Tommy. They are worried she will do something. Vincent recommends they get a lawyer. They talk about the wedding. Rex says he only has a few people in his family.

Roxy tells Nash about Natalie and Jessica’s past. She mentions Tess and Nash doesn’t want to hear about it. He wants to leave, but Roxy wants to clean him up first. She tells him Jared is still doing the funny business with Natalie. Nash says he’s doing it with Jessica too. That she’s trying to seduce him.

Jessica and Jared talk about the proposal of the Buchanan’s buying the vineyard. Jessica asks if he’s mad at her. He asks when does Tess care what everyone thinks. Jessica says Jared is the only one she can be herself around. She tells him that he is the only one that knows she’s really Tess. She says she’s lonely. He says he’s lonely too.

Clint, Bo and Nora discuss Pamela and Jared. Nora makes a remark about being careful whom you trust and Bo asks what that means. Clint makes a toast and Bo says to toast to Lindsay. Whose recovery was nothing short of a miracle. Nora says if you believe in those. Lindsay says it wasn’t a miracle it was Bo. Bo brought her back.

Cris and Sarah eat dinner and barely talk. Cris asks her if the song was about him. She admits it was. He smiles. He asks if the part in the song where you know where your heart is, is that him? She says she never thought she’d write again. He says he’s felt that way too. They talk about each other. She says it was the shirt that she left at his place and he washed it for her, that’s when he had her.

Bo tells Lindsay not to make too much of it. All he did was stop by a few times. Nora asks who was responsible. Clint says the good doctors at St. Anne's. Nora says they should be canonized. Nora suggest Bo have the Angel hair pasta because Lindsay calls her his angel. Its heavenly that he brought Lindsay back just in time to walk from a murder charge. Bo says she didn’t know if she’d ever walk. Nora says why not? She did before. Bo starts to defend her but Lindsay says Nora doesn’t believe she had a psychotic break and wanted to convict her no matter what. She says Nora is so jealous that she’s living with Bo she can’t see straight.

Roxy asks what Jessica is trying to do and Nash says she’s trying to get Jared to crack and admit he’s not a Buchanan. Roxy tries to fix the sink and tells Nash about Miles ending their relationship before it began. Nash says he’s worried Jared will try something on Jessica. Roxy tells him to do something.

In Jared’s room Jessica teases Jared. He wants to know what’s with all the pillow talk. Jessica says how many people live in this place? If he wants her, it will have to be in a hotel. Jessica says he could hardly wait for her to come over. She says she’s the only one who doesn’t give a crap if he’s a Buchanan. She brings up Pamela and says she didn’t buy it. She says she just wants to party with him. He pours a drink. She stares at the alcohol. He says why does she care? Tess wouldn’t care about drinking but Jessica would. If she matches him shot for shot, he’ll tell her everything.

At dinner Clint tells them all to take a deep breath and enjoy the meal. Bo explains they are not living together its just court appointed. Nora says it doesn’t bother her because she’s with Clint. Lindsay insists she’s Jealous. Nora says maybe it bother’s her because it’s Bo’s brother. Bo says they are history and Clint asks if that’s true why does he have his back up all of a sudden.

On the other side of the restaurant, Cris and Sarah talk about the shirt and the fact that she likes driving him crazy. She says that won’t change. He kisses her.

In Layla’s apartment, Vincent offers his lawyer again. Adriana tries to change the subject. Layla says she found a dress in a magazine that would look great on her and they go to look. Rex asks Vincent to trade the wine and stinky cheese for beer and bar nuts. Vincent turns to get it and Rex answers his phone. It’s Aunt Corinne. He tells her he’s getting married. She’s happy. He asks her to come to Llanview. He asks about his dad and other relatives because there's a guy in town named Charlie Balsam. He says Roxy acted strange when he asked about relatives and he thinks she’s hiding something.

Roxy comes in from outside and tells Nash to turn on the sink. Roxy tells him to get tough with Jessica. Nash says they don’t operate that way. Roxy remembers the song cruel to be kind. She likens it to giving Natty back to the Buchanan’s. She says sometimes there is nothing you won’t do for your family and Jessica is like that. Nash says she’s worried about what she’s doing to her family and Roxy says to teach her a lesson and make her stop.

Jared toasts to the truth and him and hands her a drink. He calls her Jessica and she throws the drink in his face. Jessica rants at him that it’s her liver too and she really is Tess. She says she put it on the line for him at the meeting. He opens the door and people walk in from St. Ann’s. The doctor shows her a document with her signature asking to be committed if Tess comes back. They take her away because they think she’s Tess.

Out in the hall Jessica stops them and tells them it’s a misunderstanding. The woman says she heard Jessica say she was Tess. The woman doesn’t believe her. Jared says he is very concerned about her because she put him in jail and almost killed Jessica. She tries to get him to tell the truth. Jessica tells the people from St. Ann’s she was faking. She begs them to call Nash. Jared says her husband never wanted her to integrate because he loves Tess.

Nash is leaving Roxy’s when Jessica calls and tells him to come to Grandpa’s house right way. She’s in Jared’s bedroom.

Vincent brings out chips. Rex is quiet and Adriana asks what’s wrong. Vincent kids Adriana about the ring. Rex tells them how he bought Marcie’s ring from his old girlfriend in Texas. Vincent jokes about it. Adriana says it doesn’t matter. After watching Marcie and Mike give up Tommy, they are lucky they have each other.

Bo swears he isn’t bothered by Clint and Nora seeing each other. He keeps insisting he isn’t bothered but Clint won’t let it go. Then he says the reason he seemed to be surprised was because Clint knows Nora cheated on him and he wonders why Clint would set himself up for the same thing. Nora is shocked and throws her drink at Bo. Lindsay throws her drink at Nora. Clint gets up to help Nora and accidentally bumps the table and the food slid into Bo and Lindsay’s lap. Bo picks up his plate and dumps it on Clint.

Shocked, Sarah and Cris watch the food fight. They talk about leaving but then Cris says if they get food on them, it would be a good excuse to share a shower. They kiss.

Clint asks if that made Bo happy. Bo says yes. Nora says Lindsay started it. Lindsay calls Nora crazy and Nora throws food at her. The waiter comes up and tells them to leave.

Nora and Clint clean up as Nora remarks it’s a good thing they know the owner. They talk about the food fight. Nora brings up Bo’s remark about her infidelity. Nora wants to talk about it but Clint says its okay, everyone makes mistakes. Nora says unlike Bo and Lindsay they won’t make the same mistake. Clint asks if Lindsay was right, is she the one that was jealous. Back at Bo’s they talk about the dinner with Clint and Nora. Lindsay says she can’t blame Nora for thinking she faked the breakdown. Bo defends her and Lindsay says it really was him who brought her back. She’s only here because of him.

Cris and Sarah are exiting the restaurant talking about the food fight when they come upon a frozen road. Cris starts sliding around. He asks if she skates and when she says she did but has heels on now so she can’t. He runs off saying he’ll be right back.

At the Buchanan mansion, Nash arrives and Jessica tells him what’s going on. She begs him to tell them she is faking being Tess. Nash turns to the doctor and tells her he’s been suspecting for weeks that Jessica is really Tess.

Nora admits she hates Lindsay living with Bo but it has nothing to do with jealousy. Lindsay got away with murder twice and she’s worried about her living with Bo now.

Lindsay offers to take Bo’s suit to the cleaner but he says he’s going to toss it. He goes into take a shower.

Nora and Clint talk about Bo. They kiss and Clint goes to get the car. Nora talks to herself and says she knows Lindsay is faking it and she will "out" her if it’s the last thing she does.

Alone on Bo’s couch Lindsay says Nora will never be able to prove it.

Cris brings shoes from his mother’s lost and found. Sarah walks on the ice and falls. She asks him to help her up and instead he goes down on top of her and they kiss.

Adriana and Rex leave Layla’s. She asks about Aunt Corinne’s number. Rex is convinced Roxy is hiding something and he believes Corinne is in on it.

Aunt Corinne calls Roxy and warns her about Rex’s suspicions.

At Jared’s room, Jessica begs Nash to stop and tell them the truth. Nash tells her that next time he tells her to stay away from Jared, maybe she’ll listen. Jessica asks if that’s why he’s doing this. Is he punishing her? He says he’s trying to help her. They drag her away as Nash watches. Jared sits back and has a drink.

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