OLTL Update Tuesday 1/22/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/22/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Sarah is rushing to get everything “right” for her date with Cristian. He comes to the house and notices that she is not ready. She is very worried that she will do something wrong. But he tells her not to worry.

Bo walks into his home to see that RJ is visiting Lindsay. He knows that there’s been some sort of meeting going on between the two of them behind his back.

Natalie goes to see Roxy because she needs to talk about the fact that she cannot get Jared out of her mind. Roxy shuns her however, still remembering that they were in “competition” for Miles. Natalie informs her mother that there is somebody else whom she has on her mind. And his name is Jared Buchanan. Hearing that, Roxy seems “encouraged” not realizing that it might not be right if he has the same last name as Natalie. And she tells her it might be easier because Natalie would not have to change her name if she were to marry a guy with a name Buchanan. But Natalie spells out to Roxy that it is not ok because this Jared Buchanan is her uncle.

Alone in the house, Nigel observes that Jared does not appear happy even though he just pulled off the stunt that he is Asa’s son with the help of Pamela. He knows that Jared would prefer to have something that he cannot have if the Buchanans believe that he is a family member of theirs.

Nash is very angry at Jessica for voting against him and for Jared. But she protests that she knows that the rest of the family would vote against him. She won’t let Nash lose his vineyard. She just has to get Jared to believe that she is Tess so that she can beat him at his own game. But Nash tells her he is not ok with what she has done.

Sarah reveals to Cristian that she has never been with anybody like him before. All she’s dated before are musicians and rock stars. But he has a real job and a family that loves him. And she doesn’t want to screw anything up.

Clint meets Nora for dinner and informs her of the big fiasco at their board meeting involving how Pamela Stuart all blindsided them. He explains to her that Bo invited her to the meeting in the hopes of proving that because Asa and Valerie Banks never conceived a child together, that would mean that Jared was not Asa’s son. But then she informed everybody that she was Jared’s mother and Asa kept the secret that the two of them conceived Jared. Both Nora and Clint know that that will really aggravate Bo. Plus the fact, they know that Bo might not be ok with the two of them seeing each other.

At Bo’s apartment, he tells RJ that he does not trust him and believes he’s there to make trouble. He wants him to leave. Lindsay then walks RJ to the door so that she can talk privately to him. She tells RJ that she was worried for a minute, there that he might disclose her secret to Bo. RJ warns her that sooner or later Bo will catch on to the fact that she is faking her breakdown.

Natalie admits to Roxy that she cannot get thoughts of her “uncle” out of her mind. And she can tell that he cannot get her out of his mind either. Roxy seems very nonchalant about that and Natalie asks her mother how she can make light of it. Right then, Roxy informs Natalie that she knows some “secrets” that Viki does not know.

Jared talks to Nigel alone. Nigel can tell that Jared regrets his decision to have the Buchanan’s believing that he is Asa’s son and Natalie’s uncle. Knowing that Jared has not accomplished anything with his “triumph”: neither money nor love, he tells Jared if he does not reveal the secret, then he (Nigel) will.

Sarah asks Cristian where he plans on taking her. He replies the palace. Hearing that, she remembers that they would be returning to the “scene of the crime” where he and Natalie crashed her “date” with Jared. But he tells her he would like to forget all about that and move on.

After Nigel threatens to spill the beans to the Buchanan sabot Jared, Jared tells him that he can prove to them that he helped scam them. He replies that they would forgive him for doing that because they did not want to think of David Vickers being Asa’s son since they don’t like him. Hearing that, Jared tells Nigel that he can go straight to Vickers. Nigel then tells Jared that he (Jared) needs to forget all about his plan and realize that what he really wants is love with Natalie.

Jessica tells Nash that he must trust her and realize she knows what she is doing. She is not doing this to hurt him. She is playing Tess for Jared in order to make him trust her so that she can, in turn, protect Nash’s winery from Jared’s plans. But Nash is a bit suspicious that she might have other plans. For one thing, he is very worried about how Tess shot heroine and almost killed the mother of his child. He does not want that part of her even tempted to come back. Plus he is worried that maybe she is bored with him and would prefer Jared. She protests that that is not the case. She tells him she knows that Pamela is lying about declaring that she and Asa conceived Jared. And Tess can prove that. But he does not trust what she intends to do.

Lindsay is afraid that RJ will reveal her secret. He tells her he won’t do that. But she must realize that Bo will figure it out sooner or later. And he reiterates again in asking her what she sees in Bo. He is obviously jealous that she trusts Bo. He leaves. Lindsay goes and asks Bo how his meeting went. But he tells her he’d rather discuss her meeting with RJ. He tells her he thinks he’s “figured out” what is going on. But he’d like to hear it from her.

Jared tells Nigel that he doesn’t see the point in revealing the truth to Natalie. She will never forgive him when she finds out that he’s been scamming her family. Nigel protests to him that people find a way to forgive when they are in love. But Jared tells him forget it. He will just have to find a way to get over Natalie. He rationalizes that he can find somebody else since he is hot and he is rich. Nigel reminds him that he is not rich yet. And he cannot count on the assumption that he will be any time soon. And Nigel reminds him also that he does not technically work for Jared yet so Jared must pick up after himself.\

Nash asks Jessica if anybody else knows about her little “plan” to play Tess in order to fool Jared. She replies no. And he concludes that he is not the only person who knows how dangerous it is.

Natalie reveals to Roxy that she really believes that Jared is the one for her. And she is not ok with believing that he is related to her.

Bo asks Lindsay what is going on between her and RJ. At first she suspects that he is onto their secret. But what he wants to know is if she and RJ are having a thing. He tells her that just because he’s her “guardian” does not mean she cannot have her own life. He doesn’t reveal that her knows that she and RJ are keeping it a secret that she faked her nervous breakdown when she murdered Spencer. But he wonders if RJ is the right man for her instead of himself. She wonders that also.

Nora asks Clint why he ever considered Dorian. He replies that Dorian was so unlike anybody he’s been with before. She was like the forbidden fruit. And he found her fun and spirited. But he knows, now, that it was a mistake. They both conclude that they need to be straight with their kids in regard to their relationships with other people. She admits that she needs to communicate to Matthew what is going on with Bo and Lindsay as well as what is going on with his mom and Clint.

Not far away, Cristian and Sarah are having a similar discussion about their prospective relationship.

Lindsay attempt to explain to Bo what her relationship with RJ was all about. She explains that after Jen died, it was the worst time of her life. And he needed somebody to help him co-parent Jamie. And that’s what they were to each other at the time. But they found out that they needed more than that. He tells her she need not explain that to him. He then asks if she is hungry and wants to order out. She suggests that he lets her take him out to dinner. She tells him it’s the least she can do. He finally agrees and they go to the palace.

Right then, Nora and Clint are talking about how they are going to deal with being seen by family members and people they know in public. She admits that she and Bo are over and yet getting along. She’s not concerned about his business. But she is very concerned about his “relationship” with Lindsay.

Sarah tells Cristian that for a long time, she has been writing music. But she has not felt like it was her own words and ideas. She has not felt inspired until she started seeing him.

Natalie and Roxy brainstorm about what kind of men may or may not be right for either of them. But Natalie admits that the only man she can think of is Jared. Roxy then remarks to her daughter that she’s got it bad and that ain’t good.

Jessica tells Nash that she wishes he would not worry about her. She tells him she will just pretend to be Tess one more time. And if Jared doesn’t buy into it nor enable her to get the goods on her, she will drop the whole thing. But Nash is not ok with it. He tells her that he is done trying to talk her out of it. She will obviously do what she chooses. But he is not ok with it. Right then, she gets on her phone to call Jared and pretends that she is Tess.

At the palace, Nora and Clint are startled when the see Bo and Lindsay enter together.

Nash goes to see Roxy and tells her that his life has spun out of control. At least he knows that his wife is out of control.

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