OLTL Update Monday 1/21/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/21/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Antonio and Cristian are talking about their futures with women. Cristian admits to his brother that he is moving on with Sarah. But he notices that Antonio is really “dragging his feet” about Talia. He tells his brother that he keeps making excuses about their conflicting schedules and he has to get past that. He must realize that Talia has been nothing but there for him.

When Bo is away at his meeting, RJ comes to see Lindsay. He wants to be alone with her and believes that she can share some sort of “secret” with him. She asks him what he is talking about. He reveals to her that he knows that she faked being insane and it was really cool that she “popped” Spencer Truman. He’s very impressed about how she pulled it off and got away with it. Hearing him, she is not ok. She sounds horrified to discover that he believes she lied to Bo, to the judge and to everybody.

While the Buchanans and Jared are in their board meeting, Bo invites Asa’s second wife Pamela to join them. She tells them she happens to know, unequivocally, that Asa never conceived a child with Jared’s mother, Valerie Banks. They all ask her how she could possibly know that. She tells them she absolutely knows that Valerie could not be Jared’s mother. She does know, however, that Asa is Jared’s father. And she reveals that the reason she knows that Valerie could not possibly be his mother because she is.

Todd goes to Viki’s and demands to know why she did not press charges against Marcie. Viki tells her brother that Marcie has suffered enough. He asks her if she thinks it’s ok that Marcie held a gun to her head and caused her to have a heart attack. Viki clarifies that Marcie did not hold a gun to her head. And she did not have a heart attack. And whether Todd likes it or not, she is not going to get Marcie in trouble.

Cole and Langston return from their bereavement group talking about all the people at the group they’ve met, all that was said, their thoughts and feelings and opinions of the whole event.. Starr asks them to share with her. But they tell her they cannot reveal it. All of what is said in that room stays in that room. She is not ok knowing that they can talk amongst themselves about everybody in the group and all that was said. But they must keep a secret from Starr.

Lindsay reveals to RJ that she did successfully fool everybody into believing that she had a breakdown. But she’s worried that it did not do Marcie any good now that Todd has taken his son from her. He tells her that he has some plans in regard to that. And he warns her that even if she has succeeded in fooling Bo, she has not fooled Nora. And she needs to be careful.

Todd asks Viki how she could say that Marcie has suffered. Marcie took his son and dragged him around for months. And she wanted to prevent him from ever seeing his son again. Viki then admits that Marcie made a mistake. But it’s over now. He has gotten his son back. She tells him he needs to get over it and forget about vengeance..

Antonio and Cristian talk about how Cristian does not know how to iron a shirt. Cristian admits that he lets their mother iron his shirts. Knowing that Cristian has an important date, Antonio tells his brother that he will help him by ironing his shirt for him.

RJ warns Lindsay that if Bo find out she is faking, he will go after her and join forces with Nora. She tells him that she doubts that Nora is that concerned about Lindsay’s relationship with Bo, now that Nora is dating Clint. And he tells her that she better know that if Bo ever finds out that she was lying, he will turn her in himself.

Pamela tells Jared that Valerie believed that she was his mother and loved him with all of her heart. But she (herself) gave birth to him. She admits that she was Valerie’s sister. Valeria talked all about Jared’s childhood, his dog, how he lost his first tooth. Hearing that, he appears skeptical in believing that she is telling the truth. Bo tells Pamela that he finds his hard to believe that Asa would go along with that plan to have Jared falsely believing that Valerie was his mother when, in fact, she was. Clint asks Pamela why she would suddenly come forward with that now. She tells them that she concluded that it’s time now. She faces Jared and tells him she is not asking for his love or his forgiveness. But she wanted to confirm that he is, in fact, Asa’s son. And when all is said and done, she says, Asa wanted Jared to be part of his family. Jared stares at her, sullen and then looks back and Natalie, knowing that he cannot go forward with the plans his has with her if this is really true.

RJ warns Lindsay that if she “slips up," Bo will catch on and know the truth. She replies that Bo does not want to “catch on”. He asks her why she would assume that he would not. Is it because she believes that Bo is in love with her? She replies no. He tells her that he is a bit concerned and wants her to be careful. Why didn’t she just plead self-defense? She replies that there was blood all over her dress. She knows that John McBain would have been able to figure out that it was a planned act and she would not be able to pull that off. He tells her that she must never let Bo or Nora be able to prove that she faked temporary insanity.

After finding out that Jared is, in fact, Asa’s son, Natalie tells the others that they need to stop pretending that he is not her grandfather’s son because he is. Pamela turns to Jared and tells him that she hopes he can forgive her for what she did. He is welcome to contact her. She gives him her business card and tells him she knows his “mother” would be so proud of him. She leaves. And everybody knows that something just does not add up here.

Antonio irons Cristian’s shirt and admits that he has only known how to iron for a short time. He admits to Cristian that the reason he didn’t want to “start up” with Talia is because he did not want to use her in order to drag out memories of Jessica. At that point, Cristian grabs his newly ironed shirt and is ready to go and meet Sarah.

At the board meeting, Jared wastes no time in presenting all of his business ventures about selling Nash’s vineyard. Believing that it’s now been proven that he is a real Buchanan, he is confident that nobody can argue that he has the right to vote. Jessica then admits that she agrees with Jared that Nash’s vineyard should be incorporated just the way Jared wants. Nash then angrily goes out the door. At that point, Clint counts the votes as they have been presented. And it looks as though, for the moment, Jared might be winning.

Viki tells Todd that he must realize that regardless of the fact that Sam is his child, Sam loves Marcie and she loves him. Hearing that, he asks his sister just what has gotten into her to say something like that. Has that low-life-truck-stop greasy spoon place rubbed off on her? Did all of those red-neck hicks brainwash her? Hearing that, she defends her friends in Paris, TX and tells her brother he must never talk about them in that way. He then asks her if she’s discovered that she belongs there. She replies that she came back. But he better not trash that place or those people nor belittle her for working there and befriending them. He then tells her that she can just let that kidnapper get away with what she did to him and his family. And she can just stab him in the back. He then asks her if she still has Miles Laurence living on her property. Viki protests to her brother that the reason she is not getting Marcie is trouble is for Sam. He is lucky that Michael and Marcie raised him and took such good care of him. She tells Todd he must realize that if he is interested in “pay back," he should pay Marcie back for what she did for his son. She saved his son’s life.

After Cole hears that Starr is not ok with the fact that he must keep the meetings confidential, he tells her that maybe she just doesn’t accept what is going on. She tells him that is not true. She is glad that he’s going to a group and getting the help he needs. And they conclude that they have to do something special for her birthday.

Sarah rushes home after the board meeting and realizes she does not have enough time to get ready for her date with Cristian. She notices that Layla is not there nor able to help her. She wonders what she is going to wear.

Cristian scrounges to get ready. Antonio asks his brother why he is so nervous. Cristian admits that he is worried about stupid stuff like whether he drives too fast or gets stopped by a cop. And he just wants to make certain that he does not screw this up. Antonio then concludes that he has to get out of there and go somewhere also.

When Jared and Pamela are alone in the room, she hugs him and tells him how good it is to see him after all these years. And they reveal that they might have a “secret conspiracy” going on to scam the Buchanans with their story.

Cole tells Starr that he wants to celebrate her birthday; just the two of them. And he doesn’t’ want anybody to keep them apart again. She tells him that birthdays and anniversaries are just dates in a calendar. She’s not concerned about that. She just wants them to be together.

Alone with Jared, Pamela tells him that he has grown to be so handsome and she knows his mother would be very proud of him. He tells her he really appreciates her “doing this” for him. She reveals that after what her brother did and how he treated Jared and his family, she thought that was the least she could do. She asks if he remembers the stories she told him when he was a child. He then tells her he promises her as soon as the inheritance comes through, he will share some with her. She then asks him if he “realizes” that this is not just bout the money. This is about the Buchanan name.. She tells him she must be going but asks him to stay in touch. But before she goes, he asks her if she really believes that it’s not all about the money. She tells him he needn’t worry. He will figure it all out.

Jessica runs after Nash and tells him he must listen to her and realize that she had to “fake” voting in favor of Jared’s plan out in order to fool Jared. He tells her that she sold him out in front of her entire family. And now Jared has convinced everybody that he is Asa’s son, his vineyard will be ruined. But she protests that Bo does not believe for a minute that Jared is Asa’s son and he will prove it. But Nash tells her that she has gone too far pretending to be Tess and doing what she did.

Lindsay reminds RJ that Bo is her friend. She does not suspect him nor distrust him nor assumes he suspects or distrusts her. He reminds her, however, that just a little slip and she could find herself on trial for murder..

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