OLTL Update Friday 1/18/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/18/08


Written By Jennifer S.

While stranded in the limousine, Dorian reveals to Charlie that she does know Viki. She’s one of Dorian’s oldest friends. He asks her how she could possibly know Viki. That is just too coincidental.

On the plane back from Paris, TX, Viki evades her daughter’s questions. But Natalie tells her that it’s a bit odd that they falsely believed that she was in Paris, France. She kept too many secrets from them. And they knew nothing about her “new boyfriend”.

Nash is arguing with Jared, telling him that the Buchanan’s know that he is a phony and nobody believes for a minute that he is Asa’s son.

While Blair is alone with Sam, she sees the ghost of Margaret Cochran. She freaks. She concludes that she must have just had too much coffee and is having a nightmare. But Margaret tells her that she is Blair’s nightmare. Blair protests that Margaret is dead. But Margaret’s ghost tells her that she’s died before and that does not matter. Blair tells her she won’t have any access to Sam. Margaret’s ghost tells Blair that his name is not Sam. It’s Todd Jr. He’s her little T.J. And she reaches for the baby. But Blair fights her off and yells at her. At that point, Addie comes downstairs wearing her crazy swimming cap and asks Blair what is up. Why is she yelling at an invisible person? At that point, Blair is afraid she is really losing it.

In response to Natalie’s inquiry about Viki’s new boyfriend, Viki tells her daughter that she could accuse her of the same thing. She has never heard the news about Natalie’s new “young man”. Where did he come from and who is he? Natalie cannot answer that.

Clint and Nora go to Bo’s home. And they inform Bo and Lindsay that they are going to be “seeing each other”.

Charlie looks at the article about Viki being held hostage.. He asks Dorian how she could have known Viki. Dorian is ready to tell Charlie that Viki is a ‘multimillionaire”. But she stops herself and says Viki is a multi-faceted person. He tells her that he can see that Viki might have a life style very different than what he knew of her as a waitress. Dorian replies that Viki has always been good at “dishing it out”. And at that point, she spits out to him that he might want to know about this family whom Charlie’s son Jared is trying to “bilk”. Viki was married into that family. Charlie might want to know that.

After Viki inquires about Natalie’s new “boyfriend,” (Jared) Natalie and Jessica reply that this guy claims to be Asa’s son but nobody believes him. And the two daughters probe to their mother about her new boyfriend. Hearing the word “boyfriend”, Viki says that might not be the term to use for a woman her age. But she admits that she considered being more than friends with Charlie. They ask what Charlie’s last name is. She replies that all he said was his name is Charlie B. And he has a secret “past’. Natalie and Jessica ask their mom if this mysterious Charlie might be a criminal.

After Blair notices Addie has caught her losing it, she talks to her mother playing her “role” of not wanting to upset the emotionally disturbed Addie. But Addie tells her daughter she wants her to stop treating her like a child. She is the mother . Blair is her daughter. She knows that Blair is upset and afraid of something. She demands that Blair talks to her and tells her what is going on. Addie tells her daughter she heard her saying that “somebody is crazy”. Was she talking about Addie? Blair tells her mother no way. She was talking about Margaret Cochran. Addie tells Blair she knows she is very stressed and she understands that she might be “seeing Margaret” even if she is dead. She is Todd’s son’s mother. And she asks Blair to get real about what she really sees when she sees Sam.

In Bo’s apartment, he asks Nora if she thought that he might have a problem with her seeing Clint. They have been divorced for a long time. She tells him of course. She realizes that. She knows that that is ok. Right then, Lindsay asks if she can talk to Nora alone. She tells Bo and Clint that they may go and attend to their business. And the minute the two men are out the door, Nora tells Lindsay now that they are alone, she need not play the “fragile Lindsay” act. So she demands that Lindsay tells her what is going on.

Viki attempts to tell her daughters about how she met Charlie. She talks about how he was a total stranger who was a customer at the diner. And right away, they inquire if she might have slept with him and demand that she tells them that she did not sleep with this stranger. Hearing that, Viki tells them that they should never assume that she would have. And even if she had slept with Charlie, that would be none of their business.

Dorian tells Charlie that now that he knows that his son claims to be Asa’s son, he needs to make a choice. He can either tell Viki the truth and betray Jared’s trust in him after Jared’s asked his father to keep the secret that he is not Asa’s son.. Or he can lie to Viki and break her heart.

In response to Addie’ inquiry about what Blair sees when she looks at Sam, Blair responds to her mother that she sees an innocent and beautiful little baby boy who needs a stable home and people who love him. Addie then tells her daughter that she knows that that is what she is rehearsing saying that she sees. But Blair must know that this is her mother. Does she not see and sense Margaret? Blair then replies that when Sam cries, he does not cry for her or for Margaret. He cries for Marcie. Addie tells Blair that she knows she does not have issues about Marcie. She wants to back Todd and raise his son with him. But she asks Blair to seriously consider whether she really can when she remembers Margaret.

Alone with Lindsay, Nora tells her that she knows she is faking what the men believe. Lindsay then replies that she does not want to be Nora’s friend. But since she will be living in Bo’s home, they will have to tolerate one another. And maybe Nora has to stop going after all of Lindsay’s ex husbands. Hearing that, Nora replies to Lindsay that maybe she needs to stop going after Nora’s ex’s.

Viki then relives her experience with Charlie and tells her daughters what happened when he first asked her out. She tells them that she did not take him up on it until Gigi talked her into it. And she relives the night they went to the drive in and the movie speaker did not work. Hearing that, Natalie and Jessica assume that that must have meant that they kissed. She tells them no. What they did was they talked and got to know each other. And he is wonderful. He was sweet and funny and interesting and smart. They reply that it sounds serious. She tells them that it wasn’t “serious”. It just felt right. They ask her why, if she likes Charlie, doesn’t she take him to meet them? She replies that it’s because she does not know where Charlie is at this time?

Dorian asks Charlie just want he plans to do. He admits that he is stuck between a rock and a hard place. She tells him she is really sorry that Viki was not upfront in telling him whom she really is. But now he has the choice between betraying his son or separating from the woman whom he gave his heart to. And it will be Viki’s fault.

A board meeting starts involving Bo, Clint, Nora, Sarah, Jared and Nash. They ask where Natalie and Jessica are. Nash replies that they are with Viki. And Nash and Jared argue. Bo informs everybody that he has looked into Jared’s background. Since Jared claims to know everything there is to know about the Buchanan’s, they have the right to know everything there is to know about Jared. And he asks Jared if he agrees.

Knowing what is going on with Blair, Addie tells her daughter that she ought to know, having been through a lot of therapy, what Blair has to do. She knows she loves Sam. And if she wants to be able to bond with him, she needs to be honest and deal with the issues that she has about him. She tells Blair she must know how lucky Sam is to have her for a mother. Blair hugs her mother and tells Addie that she is the lucky one to have Addie as a mother.

Nora tells Lindsay that she may fool many people. But she knows that Lindsay was never catatonic. She was fully responsible for her actions when she killed Spencer Truman. She tells Lindsay that she cannot control whether she lives in Bo’s home. But she will not let Lindsay anywhere near Matthew.

Viki tells Natalie and Jessica that her new “friend, Charlie” has some issues involving his estranged son. They tell her that it’s odd that he should have to choose between her and his son. And why is he stringing her along with all of these excuses? She has no answer for that.

While Charlie and Dorian are stranded, he tells her that he knows that his son will never forgive him or trust him after he’s stood him up. Jared may be better off making the Buchanans his family than accepting Charlie as his father. She tells him that it was not his fault. IT was hers’ that they got stranded. Hearing that, she asks him if he forgives her. And she is surprised to find out that he might not be angry at her nor distrust her.

Bo admits that he has tried and failed to find Jared’s mother or other family members but found nothing. And he dug up everything he could on the missing details of Asa’s life. And he introduces them to Asa’s second wife, Pamela. Clint greets her. But Jared stares at Pamela looking stunned, as if he might know her.

When Blair is alone in the room with Sam again, after Addie is gone, once again, Margaret comes and haunts her. She tells Blair that it was all pathetic for her and Addie to believe that she could ever love Margaret’s “little Todd Junior”.

After Natalie and Jessica probe Viki about Charlie, she tells them that maybe he has moved on. But they tell her that maybe she needs to find him and make him understand that she likes him. They ask her how he made her feel. She admits that she felt revived and has not felt that way in such a long time. They, then ask her just what she is waiting for. And they encourage her to “go get him”.

Charlie goes to find Jared and notices that he left the diner. He returns to Dorian and tells her she is right that he now has to choose between Viki and his son. And he is now afraid that he might have to lose both of them.

Asa’s ex wife Pamela tells Bo, Clint and Jared that she can confirm to them with certainty that Asa never conceived a child with any woman named Valerie Banks.

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