OLTL Update Thursday 1/17/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/17/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Todd and Blair arrive home with “Sam” (known previously as Tommy McBain) and introduce him to his big sister and brother. Starr happily greets him and remarks that he is so much bigger than the last time she saw him. Jack asks which present they should give to Sam first. Starr shows him her old stuffed animal that “daddy” gave to her, that she later gave to Jack and that Jack is now giving to him. Starr remembers when the kids had the frog to remember daddy by, when Todd was not in their lives. But, hearing that, Todd tells them they mustn’t place importance in the frog anymore because he is not going anywhere.

John McBain goes to see Gigi Morasco in the jail cell and asks her just what she did. She confesses to him that she lied to him about Mr. Manning and “that Ramsey guy” and has no beef with either of them. Hearing that, John knows right away that Ramsey must have threatened her.

In the station, Viki sits with Marcie and tells her that she forgives her and understands why she did what she had to do. She knows that Marcie would not have hurt her. Marcie appears totally guilt-stricken and tells Viki there is no excuse for what she did. She tells Viki that she does not feel like the person she once was. All the while she was gone, she pretended to be somebody else. Then being holed up in that café. And then having to give Tommy to Todd. She tells Viki she has to stop being nice. But Viki refuses and tells Marcie she needs to stop punishing herself. Michael is with Marcie when the cops are ready to take her back to her holding cell. Before she leaves, however, Viki remembers to give Marcie a message from Shane that he read the book she introduced him to, about pirates. And he really loved it.

Dorian and Charlie ride in a limo and she causes him to miss his meeting with Jared. He tells her that there area a lot of things she does not understand. When she probes about that, he admits to her that he used to have a drinking problem. He really let Jared down. In response to that, Dorian tells Charlie she hopes she is not overstepping her bounds. But she cannot pretend that she did not know. He asks her what she is talking about. She then admits that she knows that Jared is not his old friend. Jared is his son.

At the diner, Rex asks Adriana if it bothers her that his ex is all around this case. She tells him it does not. He realizes that Gigi did what she did in order to help Marcie. And she tells him she would rather talk about their wedding. He asks her what kind of wedding she would prefer. She tells him that she has a lot of ideas but it’s important that it’s not going to be for her mother to make into some high society publicity stunt.

Right then, Jared has a flash-back of being a child when his father taught him to play poker. And at that point, he may have a glimmer of hope that his father might come through for him yet.

In response to Dorian’s telling him that she knows that Jared is Charlie’s son, he tells her that is not true. But when he knows he is “busted”, he tells her she is right. But nobody else can ever know about it.

At the Bon Jour café, Noel answers Natalie’s and Jessica’s questions about their mother’s “mystery man”. She tells them he is a real hunk. But Mo tells her that maybe Viki would prefer to have privacy with this. And Noel has work to do. Noel then goes and works but reiterates to Natalie and Jessica that their mother’s boyfriend is a real catch.

We, then see all of the new pictures of Tommy with his new family as Sam. And Marcie gets booked at the station and mug shots are taken of her. They finger print her. And we see the Mannings introducing Sam to finger painting. They produce hand prints of all of their hands: Starr, Jack, then Todd and Blair, along with his. They present him with his welcome home cake. The guards in the jail take all of Marcie’s jewelry from her and book her. Sam is happily with his new family. Right then, Marcie has to give up her wedding and engagement ring. Sam enjoys the balloons and festivities. Todd bonds with his new son. Marcie gives the guard all of her stuff and he collects it into a plastic bag.

Todd lists all of the festivities and childhood activities they will plan for Sam. But right then, Blair recalls that they have all forgotten that it’s Starr’s 16th birthday. She tells her parents that she is ok with that, realizing what they have gone through. Jack admits that he forgot his sister’s birthday also and it’s not ok.

At the station, the authorities inform Viki that they plan to prosecute Marcie McBain to the fullest extent of the law for what she did, assuming that Viki will want that. But Viki firmly tells them that she is not pressing any charges against Marcie and demands that they do not harass her any further. Hearing that, they tell Viki that they will take that into consideration.

Charlie tells Dorian that she mustn’t let anybody know that Jared is his son. She asks if a major reason for that is that he wants the Buchanans to be damned. In response to that, he asks her if she is so concerned about the Buchanans, why didn’t she forewarn them that Jared is conning them?

Again, Jared waits through the window for his father to return. And he recalls being a little boy and noticing daddy relapsing into a bottle of booze after making more of his empty promises to his son.

At the Bon Jour café, Noel, Mo, Natalie and Jessica all try to get Shane not to worry about his mom in jail by getting him involved in fun hobbies. He tells them he knows what they are trying to do.

In Gigi’s jail cell, John tells her that he knows that Ramsey is threatening her. He can protect her and her son. But she must tell him what Ramsey did to her. And maybe, Marcie can get some breathing room.

At the station, Viki tells Marcie and Michael that she is eternally grateful for their taking such good care of her nephew. They took him into their home and were great parents for him. And that is why she is not about to get Marcie in trouble. Michael then asks her, when she sees her nephew next, if she can tell him how much they love him and miss him. She tells him of course she will.

After Gigi hesitates to tell John the information about Ramsey, he tells her if she ever changes her mind, she must contact him. He leaves her jail cell.

Adriana tells Rex that when he was down in Texas in an attempt to help Michael find Marcie, he got to miss her brawl with Blair when Blair found out for the first time that the two of them prevented Todd from knowing that Tommy was his son. They don’t want to talk about what could happen as a result of that. So they resume to discussing the wedding plans. And he inquires about her mom’s “new friend” who has the last name of Balsam. Having no clue about that, he remarks how weird is that.

Viki returns to the diner and tells her daughters that she went to see Marcie and will not press charges against her. They do not argue with their mother as she tells them that Marcie does not deserve to be punished after all she has done for Todd’s son. And she tells them, that she will be coming home soon.

Marcie says her final goodbye to Michael.

Todd and Blair talk alone about their future plans. She tells him that now that his son has returned to him and he no longer “needs” her, they no longer have to stay married. But he asks her what if he wants to. Realizing that he forgot his daughter’s 16th birthday, he finds Starr and tells her she must get her coat so he can take her out and spend money on her. And Blair is alone in the living room not certain what she will do now.

Rex and Adriana talk about whether that guy who is staying at Dorian’s is really a family member of Rex’s.

Jared sits alone in the restaurant, wearing his suit, looking out the window but noticing that Charlie is nowhere to be found. And he relives noticing his dad drinking shots of booze. And he gets up to leave knowing that, yet again, his glimmer of hope that his father will come through for him is all for naught.

While Charlie is with Dorian, she has a trick up her sleeve for him. So she shows him the article about Viki being held hostage. He is shocked when he sees it.

Viki tells the people in the Bon Jour café that she has to return home. She cries and hugs all of her friends and tells them she will never forget them. Moe tells her that maybe she never really was “theirs’”. But she tells him she always was. And they have always been “hers”. She then gives Mo her uniform and tells him he may give it to the next person who will take her place. But he tells her that nobody will ever be able to “take her place”. And Natalie and Jessica take pictures of their mother with Mo, Noel, Gigi and Shane. Viki departs. Outside the door, she cries when she looks at her waitress uniform with the big Texas symbol and views her friends through the window.

At the station, John tells Michael that he knows that the waitress Gigi can tell them some things. But they need to give her time. Michael tells his brother that unfortunately, they don’t have time. He is very worried about what will happen to Marcie.

Blair is alone in the living room with Sam. She attempt to bond with him and introduces herself as “his mother”. But right then, she sees a scary presence. She looks up to see Margaret Cochran informing her that she is not his mother. Margaret is.

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