OLTL Update Wednesday 1/16/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/16/08


Written By Jeannie

Langston and Cole go to group therapy together.

Christian is working in Carlotta’s diner and Antonio comes in. Cris says he has a date with Sarah and he’s happy. Antonio says Talia is gone.

In the police station in Texas, Mike and John wait for the cops to finish talking to Marcie. The detective comes out and says Marcie is facing life in prison. Mike looks shocked. They put Marcie and Gigi in the same cell.

At the diner in Texas, Moe cleans up as Vickie comes in. She tells him she needs to leave. She is upset to be leaving. Moe jokes she got a better offer. Moe said he figured she’d be moving on. Viki says she loved working there and met so many wonderful people. She says she learned so much here and she’s going to miss them very much. Moe said he was looking at the newspaper pictures of Viki and he kept thinking it looks just like her, but somehow that’s not the Viki he knows. Viki says Paris changed her for the better. Jessica and Natalie come in and surprise Viki. They say she has a lot of explaining to do.

Cole and Langston are in a group therapy session for people who lost someone they love.

Cris asks Antonio about Talia. Antonio says she couldn’t get out of the job in Cherryville. Cris walks away and Antonio pulls out his phone and calls Talia. She’s at work. He asks about her schedule and when he can come to Cherryville to take her to dinner. She says he can’t.

At the police station in Texas, Mike is shocked about the detective saying Marcie will get life. Mike asks when she will go back to Llanview. Detective says not soon. John explains she may have to face charges for taking Viki hostage in Texas first.

Marcie apologizes to Gigi. Gigi has no regrets. Marcie asks about Shane. Noelle and Lani are taking turns watching him. Gigi is sorry she lost Tommy. Marcie says Gigi gave her more time with him. She says she dreamed about him. She breaks down crying saying she doesn’t know how to go on.

In group therapy, Langston and Cole are introduced and then the other kids share their feelings.

In Llanview, Antonio asks Talia if he misunderstood what happened with them and asks why doesn’t she want to have dinner. Talia says she’s on nights and weekends. Talia has to go and disconnects. Cris comes out and he asks if that was Talia. Antonio explains that she works nights and he works days. Maybe he should give up. Cris asks if he’s out of his mind.

Viki asks what Jessica and Natalie are doing there. They tell her how worried they are. They grill her about being in Paris Texas and not Paris France. Viki introduces Moe. Shane comes in with Noelle. Shane tells them that the cops blame his mom for what happened and asks Viki if she hates his mom, too.

Marcie offers to lie to get Gigi out of jail. Gigi says not to do that. They talk about Shane and Gigi starts to cry. Gigi insists they will both get out of this somehow. Marcie says she can’t lose Shane.

Cris tells Antonio he’s been miserable since he lost Jessica and waited too long before taking a chance with Talia. Antonio says Talia has a good career in Cherryville. Cris calls his bluff. Antonio admits that it stinks she is gone. He worries the guys on Cherryville’s force will see how sexy she is. A patrolman comes in and starts talking in police lingo. He says one of the other officers gave him a book on police lingo and he’s been reading it. Antonio says the book was written in 1932 and he’s been hazed. The officer laughs. Antonio introduces Officer Oliver Fish to Cris. Fish says he’s replacing Talia and hopes he can be as usefully to Antonio as she was. Cris smiles knowingly and tells him good luck. Cris leaves. Antonio’s phone rings. It’s Talia asking about dinner next Thursday night. Antonio says good but then remembers an open house at Jamie’s school that night. Antonio promises he’ll figure out a way to spend time together.

In Texas, Viki reassures Shane she’s not mad and thinks Gigi is very courageous. Natalie tells Shane they were worried about their mom too, that’s why they came down to see her. Viki introduces everyone. Noelle sends Shane to the kitchen. He leaves and they talk about Gigi. Moe asks if they flew into Dallas and drove here. Jessica says they used the family jet. Shane hears this and is impressed. He asks Viki if she is so important can’t she help his mother?

Gigi says she wants Shane to be a person who helps his friends. They talk about Marcie’s situation. Gigi tells her she has a lot going for her. She has a man who loves her. Gigi reminds Marcie what Mike has done for her.

Mike and John talk about Marcie’s situation. John tells Mike he knew this might be the outcome. Mike says he just wants to take her home. He blames himself. He asks John to do anything to save Marcie. John tells him he has to leave, but he’ll be back. Mike wants to wait at the police station.

Viki tells Shane she doesn’t know what she can do, but she will try. She is going to the police station. Natalie and Jessica offer to go with her, but Moe insists they stay and sample his duck. Shane tells Viki to tell his mom he’s been good and tell Marcie he read the pirate book and it was good. Natalie and Jessica insist on going with Viki, but she tells them to stay and get to know her friends. Maybe they’ll understand why she fell in love with Paris, Texas.

Officer Fish talks to Antonio about their stakeout for later. Antonio says that’s later, when their shift starts and not now. Fish goes to wait outside. Cris jokes that Antonio and Oliver will make a nice couple. Antonio calls Talia again about another time and day to meet, but Talia is busy that day.

In group therapy the counselor talks and Cole whispers to Langston its “lame”. When the counselor asks what he said and Cole gets up and tells them there is nothing natural about his father putting his mom and him in danger for all those years, having his father murdered or watching his mom die. He throws a chair as he rants about how the hell he’s going to deal with this. Cole grabs his coat and Langston stands up and says how angry she is. She goes on about how she feels about losing her parents. She says she hates the word “lost” because it’s not like she’ll ever find them again. She is mad at her parents because they died helping other kids. If they hadn’t been out there helping others she would still have parents. She hates them for leaving her alone. She cries and Cole puts a hand on her shoulder.

Antonio asks Cris how his life got so complicated. He looks out to see Officer Fish and asks why Bo is torturing him. Antonio says he won’t blow this with Talia

Moe serves Jessica and Natalie his special recipe and they rave about his food. Noelle makes a remark about food not being the only thing that kept Viki in Texas. Natalie and Jessica look at each other.

The guard comes to take Marcie to processing. Gigi says she’ll pray for her. Marcie says save those prayers for Shane. She is taken away.

Mike begs the sergeant to see Marcie for a few minutes. He says he wants her to know he’s not leaving. Marcie walks by with the guard and says maybe he should.

Antonio and Talia are on the phone discussing when they can see each other. Antonio says even if he has to meet her at the tollbooth between here and Cherryville for 10 minutes he will.

The therapist closes the meeting by saying they can say anything at their meetings and it stays here. She goes up to Cole and Langston and tells them she knows it was difficult to share like they did on their first day and she hopes they’ll be back. Langston and Cole tell each other they didn’t realize the other has such issues. They agree they won’t share what happened in the room with anyone. Langston realizes Dorian might have been right about going to therapy. They both agree to go back.

Natalie and Jessica tell Moe the food was great. They talk about Viki and the girls ask about her boyfriend.

The sergeant lets Mike talk to Marcie. He tells her she is the best thing that ever happened to him. She says not any more. They talk about Tommy. Marcie wanted what was best for him but she hurt too many people along the way. Viki walks in.

In the cell, Gigi calls for the guard to get a message to her son. She turns around and John McBain is there. He asks for her help.

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