OLTL Update Tuesday 1/15/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/15/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Cristian and Sarah are at the diner and it looks like he wants to move forward and get serious with her.

Antonio is with Talia at the station. And it looks like he wants to get serious with her. It looks like she wants to stay in Llanview and not move after all. They talk about sports competition and he reveals that he wants to be intimate with her.

At Dorian’s, Langston appears and has an outfit that is too revealing for Dorian’s approval. She makes a suggestion to take off the excessive jewelry and cover her midriff. She wants to be friendly and not offend Langston. Langston appears ok with Dorian’s suggestions. And Dorian asks Langston if she’s met her “new friend”, Charlie. And we are able to see that Dorian has a paper with the headlines saying “Viki Freed.”

Charlie awakens in Dorian’s guest room and is surprised to see Addie. It looks like she wants to seduce him.

Right then, Nora goes to find Cole in his room when he awakens.

At the diner, Sarah tells Cristian that she had to tend to family matters. That’s why she did not call him. But now Viki is ok and Todd has gotten his son back. He tells her that he wishes she would have called him. And he can tell that she might not be ok with all that has happened. She then reveals to him that she has noticed that Viki is everybody’s rock. What would anybody do without her? Whereas, her own mother, Tina Roberts, is nowhere to be found. She has known throughout her life that her mother could care less about her daughter.

Nora notices that Cole is not comfortable to be living somewhere that is not his home with his mom. She tells him she really understands what he is feeling. Her house burned down. At first, this place was not like a home to her. And she tells him that she wants to be there to help him with anything he needs.

Langston talks to Dorian and can tell that her new foster mother does not care for Starr’s dad. Dorian replies to Langston that that is true. Any man who hurts Kramer women is not a man she cares for. And she tells Langston she must make her boyfriend aware of that. Langston then inquires to Dorian why, if she dislikes Mr. Manning, does she let him live in her home. Dorian replies that her philosophy is that you keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Also she knows that Blair loves Todd and she loves her daughter.

At the station, Antonio and Talia reflect on how John McBain might be in trouble with the force for how he handled the case of Todd Manning’s child and the most recent situation with Marcie. He tells her that John is a good cop. But so is she. And he indicates that maybe she could take over John’s job.

In the courtroom, before Lindsay’s trial, she talks to RJ about how she could not imagine Bo wanting to be her guardian. He tells her that she should not find it unusual for men to fight over her. He tells her that he is worried that if she is with Bo, he’ll turn her into a Stepford wife. She will never find herself and be herself again if she lives with Bo. Only he knows and values the person she really is.

Bo asks Antonio and Talia if they plan on having a relationship and/or believe they have chemistry.

Cole tells Nora that he has not unpacked anything in his room because he cannot let go of losing his mom. He tells him it’s ok for him to be doing what he is doing. She realizes that everybody grieves in their own way. But she’s concerned that he isolates himself. His grades are going down. He’s not talking to his girlfriend. And she tells him that she wants him get into group therapy. He does not like the idea. She tries to make light of it and tells him that if he wants to cancel, it’s ok. But she already booked and paid for his session. She tells him he might meet some kids that he’ll like in his group.

At Dorian’s, Charlie comes downstairs and talks about an “intruder” who appeared by his bedside when he woke. Hearing that, Dorian and Langston have no clue what he is talking about when he describes a high spirited seductive woman in a blue kimono. They would never believe that he was referring to Addie.. But when Addie appears downstairs wearing her kimono, they know exactly what he was talking about.

Cristian tells Sarah that he can’t take her out now. He’s working. Yes, he could take a break. But when he takes her out, he wants to do it right. He doesn’t want to do it between bussing tables. A friend of Cristian’s enters. He introduces Markko (Langston’s boyfriend) to Sarah. Markko informs Cristian that he needs a job. He doesn’t know what kind of jobs are available or suitable to him. But Cristian and Sarah suggest that he works at the diner bussing tables. He puts on his apron. And now, Cristian and Sarah have no more excuse to avoid their “first date”

When Dorian discovers that Addie walked into Charlie’s room and took off her robe to him, she demands that her sister tells her why. Addie replies that she got lost when she entered Charlie’s room. But she knew what she was doing when she took off her robe. She tells Dorian and Langston that she was in a room with an unknown hunk. Hearing that, Langston tells her that is too much information. Dorian then tells Addie that they must not reveal things like this with a young lady in the room. Dorian is not really certain how to “parent” Langston. She arranges for her to join the same group that Cole is going to join. And she asks her to plan Adriana’s wedding without regard for the fact that it’s on Langston’s day off from school. Right then, Cole knocks on the door. She answers it. He asks her if she wants to “swap guardians”. She replies in a heartbeat.

Nora appears at Lindsay’s trial and asks Lindsay if she really wants to live with Bo after committing two murders and being in and out of St. Anne’s for so long.

Bo tells Antonio and Talia that when she said she wanted to be re-assigned, he thought she was gone for good. So he needed somebody else to fill her job. And the new guy who will take her place to work with Antonio appears. Antonio looks at him stunned, and reveals that he does not want to “replace” Talia with anybody else.

Cole and Langston talk about how unsuitable their new respective foster mothers are. He tells her Nora is driving him up a wall. She tells him that Dorian wants her to wear clothes that are so not her. She wants Langston to dress like Dorian. And they find out that they have both been scheduled for the same therapy group. They sound like they will at least feel good about going there together.

Dorian lectures Addie about what she just did. But Addie tells her sister that she has a meeting to go to and doesn’t have time to talk. She leaves. Alone with Charlie, Dorian tells him she must apologize for her sister’s behavior. And she explains that Addie has been in and out of mental institutions throughout her life. He replies that he seems to like Addie. But Dorian might not want him to be in any way “interested” in Addie. She then tells him that she heard that he is a “contractor”. And she might be needing a contractor.

At the station, the new uniform cop who is replacing Talia acts like he and Antonio will be great friends and partners. They will obviously have many things in common as two male cops. In the other room, Bo tells Talia that he believes that the place she was going to move to needs her and he wants her to make him proud. She leaves and enters the other room to see Antonio and her replacement. The new guy looks happy. But neither Talia nor Antonio are ok with the new arrangement.

Bo enters the courtroom and sits beside RJ, ready to hear the judge’s verdict about Lindsay Rappaport’s new guardianship. The judge addresses Lindsay that both Commissioner Buchanan and Mr. Gannon are petitioning for custody of her. Mr. Gannon has a history of being on the wrong side of the law. Although he might have reformed himself, the choice is very clear. Custody is being awarded to Bo Buchanan.

Talia tells Antonio that she has no choice but to report for duty at her new job in Cherryfield.

Cristian lets Markko work in his place so that he and Sarah can have their “date” and lets Markko wait on them. He orders a big deluxe breakfast. She then asks him if he was serious or if he’s yanking that poor kid’s chain. He asks her what kind of a breakfast she wants. She then replies that if he takes her out on a proper date, she can tell him.

Langston and Cole enter the diner. Markko sees them and they are surprised to see him. And he is not ok to think that she might have “replaced” him. Of course she must think she is too good to be seeing somebody who must work at a job like this. She lives with Dorian. And she must have moved on.

Charlie asks Dorian just what she needs a contractor for. She explains to him her wild schemes. She tells him that she has an idea about building a cabin on Llantano Mountain. Hearing that, he is very surprised that she’d want to pay him to be her contractor when she has never seen his work. And he asks her if she ever takes no for an answer. She replies that she does not. Right then, Addie appears wearing a swimming suit and a colorful swimming cap. Dorian asks her sister why she would go to a therapy group dressed like that. Addie replies that they have a swimming group and it’s very invigorating.

After the judge rules that Bo wins custody of Lindsay and RJ’s petition has been denied, RJ tells her that he knows that both he and Bo want what is best for her. Nora goes out the door and does not look happy. Bo asks Lindsay if she is ready to come home with him.

At the diner, Langston tells Markko that she wants him to join her and Cole and Starr later on. But he declines the offer, assuming that she likes Cole better than him. Cristian kisses Sarah at their table. And now it looks like they will have to wait on Langston and Cole.

At the station, Antonio tells Talia that he does not want her to leave. She tells him that she committed to going to Cherryfield. And they both made this mess. They both have to live with it. He asks her if she wants for them to live with it apart. She tells him she does not like this any more than he does. But they could still “see” each other. She goes out the door. And he is very disappointed to be losing her.

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