OLTL Update Monday 1/14/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/14/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Jessica plays Tess and tells Jared that when the board votes on what’s to be done with Nash’s vineyard, he will know whose side she is on. He then tells her they will soon find that out. And he kisses her, knowing how “Jessica” would react to that. Right then, Natalie appears. Jessica plays what Natalie should see and slaps him. She tells her that this jerk grabbed her (playing Jessica). Natalie then confronts Jared telling him he is sick to want to mess around with Jessica who is a family member. He reminds her that Jessica is technically not a family member to him. And Jessica stands behind Natalie so that she can only been seen by Jared. And she smirks her “Tess” smirk at him.

At the hostage scene, Michael tries to get through to Marcie.

Clint asks Nora what the two of them are doing. And he tells her that they better figure that out soon. She then responds to him by telling him that lawyers have to put labels, analysis and verbal nuances on everything. She asks him why they must define anything that is evolving on its own. She moves toward him to kiss him. And at that point, Nash enters and asks if he is interrupting anything. He then reflects to them that what they are doing is none of his business. When he leaves, Clint tells Nora that his new son in law was right about one thing. She asks if he means that it’s none of Nash’s business. He replies yes. That would make it two things. But what he was referring to is that Nash said he was “interrupting something”. And he asked her exactly what that “something” is.

After Adriana finds out that Rex’s ex-girlfriend, Gigi Morasco helped to hide Marcie, she tells him that Gigi cannot get away with that. But he reminds her that if Gigi is guilty of aiding and abetting Marcie in the kidnapping, so are they. Right then, they see the television where the newscaster shows that Todd Manning and his new wife, Blair, who is not the birth mother of his child, have arrived. Rex turns off the television. But she tells him that he is right. They are part of what has happened.

The cops declare that they might have to use force on Marcie. But Blair tells Todd that he cannot let them do that. What if Marcie is holding the baby?

Inside, Michael pleads to Marcie that he knows how much she loves their little boy. But she has to love him enough to let him go. She then looks at her son and cries. He holds out his hands and hugs his wife and son. Marcie sobs. He tells her it’s going to be ok.

Nash comes into the room where Jessica and Natalie are arguing with Jared. Jessica asks her husband to step outside with her so that they can talk alone. He tells her that they have go leave this place. There is no way he’s going to sleep under the same roof as the guy who plans to steal his vineyard.

At the hostage scene, John tells the cops that they cannot go in there and endanger Tommy or Marcie or Michael. Right then, Michael calls his brother and informs him that they are coming out. Marcie hands Tommy over to Michael. He holds his child and tells him he is the best thing that ever happened to them. They all cry and he tells them everything will be ok. He loves his child and always will. He kisses Tommy and holds him. Marcie huddles in his arms. He tells her whatever happens, she will not be alone. He will be there always.

Clint kisses Nora and she asks him if he want to continue their conversation. He tells her that maybe she was right. They needn’t put any label on what they have. He then tells her that he was thinking that it may be time to tell Bo. And she admits that they will probably inform Lindsay also. He asks her why. She replies because Lindsay was married to him and might be living with Bo. Hearing that, he is very surprised that that could happen because he thought that Lindsay was going back to St. Anne’s. She then informs him that Bo and RJ fought for legal guardianship of Lindsay. And Bo will probably get awarded that opportunity. And they reflect that they will also have to tell Matthew and tell Viki. He tells her that he doubts that Viki will have a problem with Clint and Nora. She wants her ex husband to be happy. Plus, he tells her, Viki has “another man” in her life. Hearing that, Nora notices Clints’ expression and asks if that bothers him.

At the hostage scene, Michael comes out with his hands up. Marcie and Tommy also come out. He stands in front of them in order to protect them. Right then, John approaches his brother and frisks him to prove that he does not have a weapon. And right then, Marcie walks toward Todd and Blair with Tommy. Todd holds out his hands but she cannot give Tommy to him. Yet, she does not fight Todd. She cries and the cops put her in hand cuffs. Michael does not want to let them do that. But they do. Todd tells his infant son that everything will be ok. But Tommy might not be ok with what has happened to his mommy.

In response to Nora’s inquiry about whether Clint is jealous of Viki’s prospective relationship, he tells her that he’s stayed out of his ex wife’s business for a long time. She replies to that by telling him that is a very invasive answer. He then addresses her as Madam DA

Nash tells Jessica that he knows she was trying to be Tess again to Jared. Upstairs, Natalie reveals to Jared that she might be “jealous” of him pretending that she meant something to him and then kissing Jessica. Oh, it may be disgusting but at least he eliminates the “incest card”, she tells him. She tells him that she knows he wants money and power and membership on the B.E. board. But that is just not enough for him. Is it?

After watching the hostage scene on the television, Rex and Adriana reflect about how Marcie’s and Michael’s lives will be ruined and they may never be able to see Tommy nor have another child again. And she admits that what they did to Todd was not ok even if he’s not their favorite person. She then asks Rex to never let a “secret” stand in the way of them.

While Marcie is in the squad car, Michael tells her he will always be there for her. Todd sounds smug and still worried about what Marcie might pull again. But Blair tells her husband he need not worry about Marcie anymore. She has not only lost “Sam”, Blair tells him. Marcie has lost everything.

Jessica tells Nash that the reason she played Tess just now was because she was alone in the room with Bree and Jared walked in unexpectedly. So what was she supposed to do? He then reminds her about the “fling” that Jared had with Tess. And he inquires just what she thinks her dad would do about this “vote thing”, if he knew what she and Jared did. She then responds that he would not tell him that. She then affirms to him that she is not Tess. She is Jessica; his wife and Bree’s mom. She knows what she is doing and she is protecting her family.

When Natalie tells Jared that he is dishonest and power hungry, he tells her she is wrong. He has feelings for her and she is important to him. He is not interested in Jessica or anything. He tells her that even if the “circumstances” have changed between them, his feelings for her have not. She then demands that he gets out of the room. He tells her he is sorry that he made her so angry. She tells him he made her sad.

Rex tells Adriana that he may not be able to predict the future. But he can always promise to love her. She tells him that they knew that Tommy was Todd’s son for a long time and did not tell anybody. They could get into serious trouble. But he tells her that together they can come up with a plan.

Jessica finds Natalie. Natalie asks her sister what was up with Jared kissing her. And why didn’t she tell Nash? Jessica tells her sister that the reason she did not kill Nash was because she did not want to start a war. Natalie asks her if there is not already a war. Jessica leaves and runs into Jared. Again she plays Tess and asks if he believes her. He replies that it’s not that easy. He and Tess knew each other intimately. They were so hot and passionate and could not get enough of each other. She then asks him what that has to do with anything now. He then replies that he will believe she is Tess when she sleeps with him again. Hearing that, she knows she has an obstacle on her hands.

Rex and Adriana watch the newscast of Tommy McBain being handed over to Todd Manning. The cops are ready to take Marcie away in the car. Michael and John want to make certain that she is ok. John then approaches Todd and informs him that Marcie wanted him to have his favorite toy and gives it to Todd. He hugs his nephew and tells him to be a good boy.

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