OLTL Update Friday 1/11/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/11/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Viki calls Natalie and Jessica from the “hostage” scene and tells them she will be ok and return home soon. She asks Todd if he’s heard anything. He tells her no. John tells her that they need to give Michael more time with Marcie. Right then, Noel and Moe approach Viki, hug her and tell her how happy they are to see her. But Gigi and Shane stay behind. Gigi knows that Viki might expect an explanation so she informs her that she had no clue that Marcie was “Sally Ann” nor that Tommy was Viki’s nephew. Viki tells Gigi she does not blame her for what happened and commends her for wanting to help Marcie with the situation. And she hugs Gigi. Right then, Moe and Noel ask Viki if she really is the rich and famous Victorian Davidson from Llanview, PA.

Dorian watches the televised coverage and seems like she is not ok with the fact that Viki has been portrayed as a hero. Starr and Langston enter. And Starr wonders why Marcie is not coming out yet.

Inside the diner, Michael asks Marcie how she could have bolted with Tommy and not told him what is going on. She tells him that he should have told her the moment he found out that Todd was Tommy’s father. He admits that she should have told her that. But he has now lost everything and gotten into terrible trouble. He tells her that she is in trouble now. But maybe if she can come out now, John will offer her a deal and maybe even Todd won’t want to hurt her. But she tells him she cannot bear the thought of her child going anywhere near Todd. She tells him about the whole situation she went through and is aware that he went looking for her. And he tells her that he has difficulty trusting her after what she has done and especially now that she held a gun on him.

Outside the Bon Jour café, Shane asks Viki if Mr. Manning is her brother. She replies yes and asks how he could have met her brother. He replies it’s a “long story”. Alone with her son, Gigi tells Shane that maybe it’s best that he does not reveal what happened with Ramsey and Todd when they had their confrontation with them.

The reporter grills Viki about why she chose to wind up in Paris, TX in the first place. She declines to answer. But Moe and Noel want to reveal that it may be because of a man. Dorian seems to not be surprised. But when Natalie, Jessica, Nash and Clint hear that from the television, they are fascinated and baffled to find out just whom this man might be. Nash then follows Jessica out the door and tells her that he really wishes that she would lay off Jared and forego her “plan”. He informs her that he is working on something that will hopefully accomplish their goal with Jared. And he just wishes she would give him more time.

Inside the living room, Jared tells Natalie he knows her mother is very special to her. And he is going upstairs.

Moe and Noel tell Viki that they always knew she was something special and they will always be her friends. But right then, Todd implicates Gigi Morasco to the cops and tells them he wants her arrested for aiding and abetting Marcie. But Viki tells Todd he cannot do that to Gigi.

Michael tells Marcie that he wants to be there for her and they have to decide together what they are going to do. She tells him that she is worried that he will make a decision for her and tell her she has to hand Tommy over to Todd. He tells her no. He does not wish to “dictate” anything to her. He wants them to make decisions together about what to do. He tells her he still loves her and knows she loves him too. She admits that she still loves him.

At Dorian’s, Starr asks her aunt why she seems to want to keep secrets from her. But Dorian asks Starr and Langston to sit down and maybe help her plan Adriana’s wedding. Hearing that, Starr asks her aunt if she is joking. She tells her there is no way she is “helping that traitor”.

Jessica goes in to see Bree in her crib and tells her infant daughter that she almost lost her mommy last night. She remembers a few months ago, she was afraid that her daughter would have to grow up without her. So she understands why Marcie did what she did. And right then, Jared overhears her and knows that she is no longer the person whom she wants him to believe she is (Tess) who could care less about her mother or that “little brat”, as Tess had portrayed to him. He asked her where that person went.

In Asa’s living room, Nora and Clint wonder what Viki might plan on doing now after all this has happened. Clint tells her he hopes Viki will come home soon. Nora tells Clint that she wishes Viki would return also. She realizes she has not been a good friend to Viki recently. Although she may not have known that Viki has been in Texas, Viki has not known what Nora has done with her ex husband.

Viki goes and asks Todd what he plans to do from now on. He admits to her that maybe he has been selfish. And maybe if he had not behaved as he has, Marcie would not have felt threatened nor did what she did. Viki then tells her brother that nobody can predict nor know what they should do before something happens. But the question is what they plan to do in the future. And right then, Todd is not ok knowing that his sister might not want Marcie to give Tommy up. Right then the cops conclude that it will only be a matter of time before they have to go inside and do something with Marcie.

Inside, Michael asks his wife what she would like to do now. She tells him that maybe the two of them can flee to South America. But he tells her that cannot happen. Right then, her phone rings and he tells her that she will have to talk to the cops. She answers and Agent Sutton tells her she needs to talk to him. She tells him that he better be careful because she still has “a hostage”. He tells her he will do what she wants. At that point, she happily tells Michael that they are “almost home”. But he asks her if she really believes that they will all just let her go. She then reminds him that John agreed to get a plane for her. But he tells her that he heard about what they were all planning. IT is a trick.

Outside, Michael asks Agent Sutton what they plan to do in order not to put “Sam” in danger. Sutton assures Todd that he will make his son’s safety his top priority. At that point, the cops arrest Gigi. Michael looks out the window to see that and informs Marcie about it. Marcie then taps on the window attempting to call to Gigi. And at that point, she is very upset and feeling responsible for that. The reporter then announces that Gigi Morasco who befriended both Marcie McBain and Viki Davidson is now being taken into custody. Shane asks why they are taking his mom away. She tries to sound positive and tells him she will be home soon. He urges them not to hurt her.

Inside, Michael tells Marcie that they cannot take their son away and cause him to have nightmares throughout his life. She must know that wherever they go and whatever they do, Todd will be behind them ready to find them. And he tells her he realizes that Todd and Blair may not be ideal parents. But at this time, they are better for him than he and Marcie are. He cries and tells her that he does not want Tommy to ever forget them. But Tommy needs to have the kind of life that Todd and his family can give him and which they cannot at this time. And he tells her if she does not let Tommy go, he is afraid that he will have to say goodbye to both of them.

Nora tells Clint that maybe they should not have to define what their relationship is. And they are ready to kiss when Nash walks in. He asks if he is interrupting something.

Jared tells Jessica that he knows she is not Tess. But she plays Tess and tells him she was “just playing Jessica” because she thought that Nash would walk in. He tells her he does not buy her act. But she tells him he might have to trust her if he wants to have his opportunities on the board.

After Starr tells Dorian that she refuses to help Adriana and calls her a traitor, Dorian tells her niece that is no way to talk to a relative. But Starr tells her aunt that Adriana and Rex prevented her dad from knowing his son. They are the reason why Mrs. McBain snapped and kidnapped him. And when they bring Sam back, Adriana and Rex are going to jail. And she doubts that Adriana will get to wear her lovely wedding dress in the slammer. But Dorian tells her niece she mustn’t have that kind of attitude.

After hearing Michael tell her that she has to let Tommy/Sam live with Todd, she cries and tells him she cannot do that. But he tells her they have two choices: They can either let their son live and grow and have a quality life or they can drag him with them on the run and get into terrible trouble and ruin his life. He, then, pulls out her engagement ring. She asks him where he got it. He replies that it does not matter. All that matters is what it says on the inside that the two of them are one.

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