OLTL Update Thursday 1/10/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/10/08


Written By Jennifer S.

At Asa’s house, Jared comes downstairs and asks Nigel if he can make and bring him one of his favorite breakfasts. But Nigel informs Jared that he only caters to real members of his employer’s family. When Jared comes downstairs, he notices all of the others huddled by the television watching the news coverage of the Paris, TX hostage situation. They hear Noel testifying to the reporter that she knows Viki as a waitress at the Bon Jour café. Jared has no clue what is going on and nobody is about to share. So he inquires who died. Nobody replies to his question.

Dorian watches the televised show and is stunned to imagine that Viki Davidson would stoop so low as to wear cheap polyester waitress uniforms and work in a low life establishment.

Inside, Viki is about to pass out and assumes that Marcie does not realize that she had a transplant. Marcie scrounges to help her and no longer wants to threaten her at knife point. It looks like Viki must be in danger, however with her heart condition.

The reporter states on television that there is a startling revelation that Pennsylvania Publishing Tycoon, Victoria Davidson has been working as a waitress in a Texas truck stop. And he asks Noel if there might be two different people named Victoria Davidson.

At the hospital, Rex and Adriana ask Roxie and Miles how Viki would choose the blue collar lifestyle and keep it a secret from everybody. Roxie tells them that they need not be concerned about Viki’s business. They should be concerned about what is happening to her.

Starr and Langston return home and Dorian wants to prevent them from knowing what has happened to Viki. She wants them to go to sleep ad not stay up studying all night. But Starr tells her aunt that they have a big test the next morning and her mom wants her to stay up. Dorian informs them that Blair is not there. Starr asks where Blair went. Dorian informs her that Blair went to find Todd in Paris, TX.

The reporter grills Noel if it is really true that Viki Davidson has been waitressing in this place for months. Noel admits that she has. The reporter asks Noël if she is aware that Marcie McBain has also been, coincidentally working there. Noel replies that nobody knew her as Marcie. She was called Sally Ann. The reporter then asks Noel if she realizes that she is committing a federal crime to be aiding and abetting a fugitive. Moe then tells the reporter she better stop harassing his employee. Noel did nothing wrong and had no clue what was going on. But he seems to know that Gigi knew all about the secret life style of both women and he demands to know what she knew and has been hiding.

Inside the diner, Marcie is preventing Viki from having her pills assuming she is faking her condition.

After hearing Dorian reveal that Todd might have found his son, Starr is elated. She tells her aunt that they need to celebrate. Dorian tells her they don’t want to be waking up the guests who are staying in the house. Starr tells her aunt they do not care and asks who are their guests? Dorian answers that her “friend”, Charlie is staying in the guest room. And she tells Starr that her celebration might have to be delayed because although Todd may have found his son, there is no guarantee that he will be able to bring him home.

Clint, Nora, Natalie, Jessica and Nash all ponder about the fact that Viki lied to them about being in Paris, France and hid where she really was and what she was doing. Jared concludes that maybe all of that is not as important as being concerned about her well being at a time like that. And they wonder if Marcie would really hurt Viki. Natalie concludes that Viki waitressing at a truck stop is very much like Niki Smith.

Marcie gets the idea that Viki tried to trick her by acting like she cared about her and then pretending to need her pills. But Viki pleads to Marcie that she is not making that up and Marcie must bring her her pills.

The reporter states that Marcie McBain kidnapped Todd Manning’s child. At that point, Noel and Moe ask Gigi what she was thinking to be keeping this secret for a baby kidnapper. She tells them that she knows what was going on with Marcie and they do not. Not far away, Michael, John and Todd all wonder what to do.. John calls Marcie and asks her if everything is ok. She admits that it could be better. He tells her that they are working on that “list” she gave her. He asks how Viki is doing. At that point, Marcie panics knowing that Viki is having a heart attack and needs her medication. She tells John that somebody needs to get Viki’s meds which are on her nightstand in her motel room. And he needs to hurry. At that point, Marcie worries knowing that Viki may be fatal. Overhearing that, Todd is worried about his sister.

Natalie tells her family that their mother’s life is in danger. Between Marcie losing it, Todd who never had it and all that is going on, and all that has happened, they should not be gossiping about Viki’s “circumstances”. But Jessica and Clint tell her that she must consider the fact that Viki might have relapsed into being Nikki and that could be the entire reason for why all this has happened.

Marcie demands that John gets the pills for Viki. He then asks the cops to go to Viki Davidson’s room and get her medication. A reporter asks Todd if his sister really has this heart condition. Todd confirms that she does. And they ask Michael, who’s a doctor, what needs to be done. He tells them that maybe the pills will not be enough. She might need a doctor. But the cops tell him that he cannot get himself involved in this. But John protests that his brother is a doctor and might be able to save Viki’s life. John then urges his brother not to get too emotionally caught up when he sees Marcie and Tommy. He tells the others he must realize that his family is in there. Todd then reminds them that his family is also in there.

In Miles’ hospital room, Roxie, Rex and Adriana ask what could have caused Viki to do what she did. And right then, Rex notices that his ex girlfriend, Gigi is on the set. Gigi reports that she has become friends with both Marcie and Viki and she has met Todd Manning. She reveals to the reporter, her dealings with Mr. Manning. She knows he is a dangerous person who will hurt anybody or anything in order to get what he wants. Hearing that, the reporter asks Gigi if she could substantiate her findings about Todd. Gigi is ready to reveal what happened to her at the hands of Todd and Ramsey when she notices Ramsey staring at her witnessing her testimony.

In the diner, Marcie tells Viki that she’s asked John to go and get Viki’s pills. And she can’t imagine that it could take that long. And right then, she hears a knock on the door and goes to answer it. But before she can answer the door, she has to open the window blinds to see who is there. She goes and sees that it’s Michael. She stares at her husband in awe, not certain what to say or do.

Dorian informs Starr that the last she heard, Marcie McBain has been holding Viki and Starr’s brother hostage. Starr asks what Viki would be doing in that place and she asks Dorian why she couldn’t go to Texas with her mother. Dorian tells Starr that it would not have worked if that had happened. Starr protests that she’d like to be informed about things like this. Dorian tells her niece she understands how she feels. But a dangerous situation like this needs to be handled by grown-ups. She also informs Starr that they have another “delicate situation” on their hands involving her brother Jack. When he awakens, he will find out what has happened and who better to communicate with him than Starr? Dorian then notices that Langston is very quiet and asks her what is on her mind. Langston then responds that she is in awe of all the people who are willing to make so many sacrifices for the love of a child.

Natalie goes alone to attempt to reach Todd on her cell phone but there is no answer. Jared finds her and asks if she is cold. She asks him to leave her alone. He asks her what kind of an “uncle” he would be to let her freeze on the front stoop.

The reporter asks Gigi just what Todd Manning did to give her the impression that he was dangerous. Noticing Ramsey and becoming afraid, she bluffs that Todd merely demonstrated to her that he was a rude and ungrateful customer at the diner. And at that point, she talks to Ramsey privately and reveals that she has known him for a long time. She has the means to get him in trouble. But he warns her that her son needs her and she must remember that before shooting off her mouth. From the hospital television, Adriana remarks to Rex that now she’s finally seen the mysterious Gigi. Roxie asks whom Gigi is, revealing that she may not have heard of her son’s high school girlfriend.

From the window, Marcie argues with Michael about whether she should trust him. He tells her that she must let him come in because Viki could not die without his medical care. And if Viki dies, then Marcie will responsible for that. He knows she could not live with that. SO he urges her to please let him in. At that point, she lets him in.

Jared tells Natalie that he knows she believes he has some sort of “agenda” for coming out there. And she is right. He came out there to piss her off. In response to that, she tells him that he is a sick arrogant jerk who is in love with himself. She is very emotional with her anger toward him. He then asks her if she is not angry at her mom. She asks if he means for lying. He replies yes; For all that has happened and for putting herself in danger. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to take it out on the people in there. So she may take it out on him.

Marcie holds up the gun at the diner when Michael comes in. He goes and asks Viki if he can give her a diagnostic exam. He asks her questions and gets out his stethoscope. He then gives her her pills. Marcie tells Michael that he gave Viki everything she needs and now he has to go. But he tells her he cannot just go away. Viki needs to be hospitalized. She tells him she cannot do that. Because she will be handing Tommy over. But he tells her he won’t let that happen. And her urges her to let him help her. And she finally decides to do that.

Gigi and Ramsey talk about their history while observing Shane. He tells her that they do not have to be adversaries. They could be friends. She tells him she could pretend she never knew him and that he never held her son hostage. But he tells her she better not make a fool out of him and reminds her there is a price to pay.

Todd tells John that maybe at a time like this a good shrink like Marty could get through to Marcie. Right then, John gets a call from Marcie and urges her to tell him that she will let Viki go. Marcie agrees and Viki walks out the door. Lights are shining in Viki’s face as she walks outside. Todd rushes to help his sister and asks if she is going to be ok. Right then, Marcie and Michael are alone in the diner with the door locked. She tells him that their son has been waiting so long to see him again. She tells him he must hold Tommy. Michael picks Tommy up, holds him and kisses him. They both cry and look like they are a real family again.

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