OLTL Update Wednesday 1/9/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/9/08


Written By Jeannie

In Miles hospital room Natalie, Roxy, Rex and Adriana are in shock as they watch the TV news report. The reporter is talking about Marcie and the hostage situation at the Café in Texas.

At the vineyard, Jessica calls Natalie about it.

At La Boulaie, Dorian watches TV as Blair walks in and they are interviewing Todd.

In Texas, Michael comes up and insists on seeing John.

The reporter interviews Todd as Mike walks up and Todd grabs the mic and introduces Mike as Marcie’s husband, the psycho woman who has his baby. They start arguing and Mike drags Todd away from the camera.

Blair starts dialing her phone.

Mike and Todd talk about what happened. They look for John who is talking to Marcie. Todd yells out something about Marcie and Mike tells him to shut up. Marcie hears Mike’s voice through the phone.

Mike pulls Todd aside and tells him the reason they didn’t want him to have Tommy is because he’s a selfish, stupid, jerk. A cop separates them

John tells Marcie Mike is okay. John asks how she and Tommy are. Marcie says everyone is fine. Viki eyes the gun on the table. Marcie says they aren’t coming out until he does exactly what she says.

Jessica and Natalie talk about going over to Clint’s. Natalie tells the other’s in Mile’s hospital room she’s going to grandpas to talk to Clint. Miles and Roxie urge her to go. Natalie is very upset and vents at them. Rex assures her and gives her a hug.

Blair leaves a message for Todd. Dorian snipes about Viki being in the diner. Blair worries Marcie will shoot her. Dorian thinks Marcie will calm down. Blair worries about Todd.

John asks Marcie what she wants. She asks for a car and driver and a charter plane. She asks for passports and enough fuel to go wherever she wants. John tells her that’s not that easy and Marcie says just do it. Inside the diner, Marcie looks at Viki and asks what she wants. Viki says she’ll make coffee.

Todd laughs when he hears the John wants to meet Marcie’s demands.

Rex and Adriana stay with Miles to watch the news. Adriana says Natalie is wrong. Marcie won’t hurt anyone. Roxy and Rex step out into the hall. Miles asks Adriana to turn the TV off. He thinks everything is his fault. Outside, Rex talks to Roxy. She asks if she is a bad mother. Rex tells her she’s a one of kind mother. She worries if something happens to Viki she’ll be all Natalie has left.

Nash and Jessica put Bree to bed at Clint’s. Out in the hall they talk about Viki. Jessica is very upset that she will lose her mother. Nash tries to reassure her. Jessica says when Viki gets back she’ll call her everyday and bring Bree over all the time. Bree starts crying and Nash goes to her while Jessica goes down to her family.

Natalie walks in to the living room to see Clint and Nora. The news report comes back on. They are shocked she was in Paris, Texas and not Paris, France.

Dorian and Blair watch the news. They go to break and Dorian and Blair talk about Viki being in Texas. Dorian looks at the photo of Viki and Charlie and smiles knowingly.

In Texas, Moe and Noelle come up. The cop tells them about the hostage situation.

Todd, John and Mike talk about Marcie’s demand. They are pretending to give her stuff so she has time to assess her situation. John hopes Viki will get through to her.

Inside the café, Viki talks to Marcie about Tommy. Viki recalls her own kids when they were young. Marcie tells Viki that she is Tommy’s mom. Viki goes to take her hand and suddenly Marcy grabs the gun and jumps up ordering Viki not to move.

Viki apologizes and says she was reaching for Marcie’s hand and not the gun. Marcie slowly lowers the gun. She doesn’t trust anyone anymore. Marcie tells her how many nice people they’ve met along the way. Viki says that’s proof angels exist. Marcie says how she heard there was a Viki working here and asks her why she’s here. Viki says she was looking for a safe place where she could think. Except it’s not safe anymore.

Clint, Nora, Natalie and Jessica discuss the fact that Viki has been in Texas the whole time. They are upset she didn’t tell them the truth.

Dorian and Blair wonder why Viki is in Texas. Dorian says Viki has her reasons. Blair leaves the room to call Todd. On TV, a reporter talks to Moe. Dorian says Howdy Maurice.

Todd asks how long it will take, John says as long as it takes. Todd’s phone rings and it’s Blair. She asks how things are going. Todd says he wishes she were with him.

John asks Mike about his shoulder and he says all he cares about is his wife and son.

Marcie tells Viki this is who she is now. Marcie asks if her child’s life was on the line wouldn’t she do everything save him? Viki points out Tommy’s life isn’t on the line, Marcie’s is. Marcie says she didn’t know her own mom and she doesn’t want Tommy to go through the loss of losing his mother, too. Viki asks if she’s doing it for Tommy or for herself. Is Marcie’s need to be Tommy’s mother more important then Tommy’s need for a normal life? Marcie says Tommy needs her. Viki asks, “What if he doesn’t?”

At Clint’s, Nash, Jessica and Natalie watch TV. Nash remarks they are interviewing people who make pies. Clint says he reached the governor but only says they are doing everything they can. Off to the side Clint tells Nora Marcie has a gun and Viki is in there with her. Nat and Jessica wonder about calling John and Todd.

In Texas, Todd is on the phone and tells Blair what happened with Marcie and Ramsey. Todd says for a McBain, Mike is okay, even if he stole his kid.

John goes and talks to Mike. Mike wants to talk to Marcie.

Inside Marcie tells Viki she is his mother and Tommy needs her. She tells her how Tommy was when they first got him and how they nurtured him. She says she won’t hand him over to anyone especially Todd. Viki asks Marcie to put herself in Todd’s shoes. Marcie says she would never treat a child like Todd treated Tommy. That Todd was all Me! Me! Me! And the hell with everyone else. Viki asks about Starr. Marcie says that Starr is a good person because of Blair. Viki says Starr loves her father and Todd loves his children. She says it’s all about Marcie being selfish. Marcie says she has lost everything, husband, home, family and friends and she can’t lose her baby. Viki says she lost a child too. Marcie says its different Viki had no choice. Her child died. Viki says Marcie has a choice. Letting Tommy go may hurt her deeply but may save her son.

At the hospital in Llanview, Rex brings Roxy coffee. She tells him he’s a good kid. Rex tells her Viki will be fine. Even if Viki is unavailable, Natalie will be fine because she has Roxy and she loves her. Roxy asks if they are ashamed of her. He says absolutely not, she’s a terrific person. Roxy tells him they have to get in there before Adriana’ runs off with Miles. They go back in the room and Adriana fills them in on the news reports. She suggests calling Marcie’s brother. They leave. Roxie stays with Miles. He blames himself. If he never told Todd Tommy was his son this wouldn’t have happen. Roxy says he had good intentions. Miles asks for a hug.

At Dorian’s Blair comes back and tells Dorian how Todd is doing. They talk about how calm and nice Todd is being. They think it’s strange. Blair asks Dorian to watch Starr and Jack so she can go to Texas.

In Texas, Mike tells Todd and John he wants to talk to Marcie. Todd likes the idea.

The cops ask Moe if he has a basement. He goes to show them and the reporter talks to Noelle. At first, she doesn’t want to talk to the reporter.

Inside the café, Viki keeps trying to talk to Marcie about Tommy’s welfare and living on the run. She urges her to be realistic. Marcie says a life with Todd is not an option. Viki says she understands why Marcie did what she did but this is the end. Marcie gets on her knees near where Tommy’s sleeping. Viki kneels next to her and says its time to let Tommy know what’s going to happen. Suddenly, Viki grabs her chest and doubles over in pain.

Blair begs Dorian to watch the kids. Dorian tells her she can’t do this. Blair starts arguing. Dorian stops her and tells her she won’t let her fly commercial and will call her charter plane. Blair thanks her and leaves to pack. Dorian listens to TV as Noelle is saying Viki is the nicest person she ever met and Viki is a waitress.

Everyone, watching from all over Llanview, is in shock.

Mike begs the FBI to let him talk to Marcie. John takes responsibility.

Marcie helps Viki into a chair. She says its time for her medicine. She begs Marcie for her heart medication. Marcie is scared as she looks at Viki. The phone rings.

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