OLTL Update Tuesday 1/8/08

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/8/08


Written By Jennifer S.

After Nash catches Jessica pretending to be Tess to Jared, he asks her if she understands the consequences of that. She then tells him that Tess can do what nobody else can do. She can “get the goods” on Jared. That can make a big difference for them, in the way of getting him out of their lives and their company. And what is more, her sister can stop obsessing over this no good jerk.

Right then, Natalie is in Miles’ hospital room attempting to get over Jared. But Roxy will not let her daughter get too friendly to Miles.

Outside the door, Adriana and Rex are wondering just how and when they announce to Dorian that they plan to get married.

After Dorian offers to let Charlie stay at her home, he tells her that’s very generous of her, but he could not do that. She asks him if he really wants to stay in a dark, dingy motel. She tells him he need not feel guilty nor as though he is imposing. She loves having him around. She will take really good care of him. And, she tells him, smiling and smirking at the photo of him and Viki, that she wants to hear all about his relationship with this person whose name she needs him to refresh her memory with and whom she pretends she’s never met.

Right then, in Paris, TX, Marcie holds Viki hostage so that John and Todd will go away. John tries to reason with her and asks her how far she thinks she will get by doing that. But she tells John she has no choice. And he and Todd better get away from the door right now.

In Miles’ hospital room, Roxy is upset to notice that Natalie is there. She is very upset and hurt when she tells Miles that she came by to apologize to him for storming out the other day. And she walks in to see him with somebody else. He and Natalie protest that she just came to say hi and merely kissed him on the cheek. But Roxy tells her daughter that she bets if she had not walked in, Natalie would have done a lot more than that.

Nash tells Jessica that he cannot let her go through with playing Tess to Jared. She tells him that she wasn’t going to do that. But then, Jared suddenly came back to get his phone book, they were alone, and he kept going on about all these arrogant plans he has. He was so smug and drove her up the wall. And she could not take it any more. Hearing that, Nash replies that he bets that Tess could “take it” a lot easier than she could. Again, she replies that she can use Tess to expose Jared for the fraud he is. Nash then replies unless Jared exposes her first.

While Charlie is in Dorian’s home, the doorbell rings. Dorian opens the door to see Adriana and Rex. She asks them if this is not a bit late to be coming by. But they tell her they have some important news to tell her. She tells them she knows that they are going to tell her that they are engaged. And they can tell that she might not be too pleased to hear that news. Adriana asks her mother if she is going to congratulate her. Dorian tells the two of them that she knows the formalities for congratulating them. But she tells them she wants to see “the ring”.

While they are alone in the Bon Jour café, Viki tries to reason with Marcie telling her she’s known her for a long time and knows she understands what doing the right thing means. Marcie replies that “the old Marcie” was a fool. She believed in love and trusted people. Viki then urges Marcie to believe that until today, she had no clue that Marcie was ever here nor that she was Gigi’s friend nor that she called herself Sally Ann. She just found herself in this town for reasons that had nothing to do with Todd or Marcie. She is not “spying” nor working for Todd. And she tells Marcie she wishes Marcie would let her help her.

After Dorian asks Adriana and Rex about “the ring”, they reveal the cheap temporary one that Rex has bought. She laughs and tells them that they cannot accept this cheap thing. Rex then replies that he intended to buy her daughter a real diamond. But it involved the big mess with Marcie and Todd. Hearing that, Dorian sounds like she doesn’t want to know the details and she takes her daughter and prospective son-in-law into her living room to meet Charlie. And strangely enough, Charlie introduces himself as Charlie Balsam.

After Nash tells Jessica he does not want her going through with the “Tess” scam with Jared, she tells him that he must realize that Jared is all about money and power and arrogance. And she knows that Tess can have Jared wrapped around her little finger. And she will be able to expose him and run him out of their company. She tell shim she wishes he could have seen the way Jared got totally tempted to let Tess “help” him with his schemes. In response to that, Nash tells her that the only problem was that it was not Tess who persuaded him. It was her. And he asks her if she is actually enjoying doing this thing with Jared.

Viki attempts to get Marcie to give herself up and trust Viki to help her with Todd. But Marcie does not listen and tells her that she better shut up and do as Marcie says. Outside the restaurant, Todd and John are wondering what they should do. Right then, John makes a call. The phone rings in the diner. Marcie answers it. John tells her he knows she’s in there and he urges her not to hang up on him.

After Charlie introduces himself to Rex and Adriana as Charlie Balsam, Rex is startled and asks if he has the same name as Rex. Charlie confirms that that is indeed his last name. Dorian then tells them that it’s a small world and they might be distant cousins. Charlie then tells everybody that he has to get out of there. But Dorian won’t accept that. She tells Rex and Adriana that she has to get some champagne in order to celebrate their engagement. And they better not let that man leave. Alone with Charlie, Rex and Adriana ask him where he is from and why, all of a sudden, he would wind up in Llanview of all places.. He tells them he is from Texas. Adriana asks Charlie if he might know Rex’s mom, Roxy Balsam who runs the motel at Angel Square. In response to that, it sounds like Charlie does not want to answer that question.

At the hospital, Roxy grills Natalie about whether she is coming on to Miles. Natalie tells her mother that she was not. But Roxy tells Natalie that she may not believe she is in her brain. But she believes that Natalie has feelings for Miles.

Nash grills Jessica about whether she got any “satisfaction” in playing Tess to Jared. She tells him that he needs to realize that Tess is not just some alien who took over her body. She is a part of her. And Tess is part of the sum total of the woman he fell in love with and who loves him back. He then asks her if she can promise that Tess will not ruin their family. She then tells him that if there is anybody he needs to distrust to ruin their lives, it’s Jared. He is the one who wants to do a lot of dirty low-down things, including breaking her sister’s heart. So she has to take drastic measures to do something about that. But Nash keeps telling his wife that he is not ok with her playing Tess.

While John calls Marcie on the phone, he asks her if he can talk to Viki. She gives the phone to Viki. He then asks Viki if she believes that Marcie would really pull the trigger. And Marcie instantly knows that they are having a private conversation about her behind her back. Marcie then snatches the phone from Viki tells John his time is up. He’s already heard Viki confirm to him that she is ok. He can’t talk to her any longer. And right then, Todd yells to Marcie through the phone that she is a crazy bitch and his sister will not let her take his son from him. At that point, Marcie angrily hangs the phone up. John then asks Todd why he had to do that. Does he think he can accomplish anything yelling those things at Marcie? Todd then replies that he is not going to let her get away with what she has done to him. He then calls the cops and tells John they will be on their way since Marcie will not cooperate. But John tells Todd that he better hand over the gun. Todd does not do as John asks. But John warns him if the cops catch him carrying an unauthorized fire arm, they will throw him in jail and he won’t be able to see his son. Todd then hands over the gun. Inside the cafe, Viki remarks to Marcie that she must be tired and asks if she can get her some coffee. Viki tells Marcie she is a bit cold and just needs to get her sweater. Marcie tells Viki that she is watching her every move. She sits with Tommy and holds him. Viki then asks Marcie what her plans are. Does she plan to teach Spanish? Does she know Spanish? She knows that her brothers and father must be really worried about her. And she must consider Michael and her friends in Llanview. But Marcie demands that Viki stops. She is aware of what she is sacrificing. But it is not enough to make her give up her child. And right then, they hear sirens outside.

At Dorian’s, after hearing that Charlie’s last name is Balsam, Adriana remarks that there are lots of ways to explore genealogy to find out if Rex and Charlie are related. Dorian then asks whether Adriana will keep her own name or have it hyphenated. And she proposes a toast to her daughter and new fiancé. Charlie toasts to them. Adriana then tells them thank you and maybe now they should go. It’s getting late. Rex tells Charlie it was nice meeting him. Dorian tells them she will call them tomorrow. She then returns to Charlie. He remarks that now that her daughter is engaged, she must be very happy. She replies that anything that makes Adriana happy makes her happy. She then asks Charlie if he has any children (pretending she had not spied upon his conversation with Jared). He replies no. She then tells him that she is very close to both of her daughters and could not imagine what she would do if she did not have children. And she urges him to stay in her guest room just for tonight. He then realizes that she will not take no for an answer.

In response to Nash’s disapproval of her plan, Jessica tells her husband that she will be the good and obedient little wife and do whatever he wants. He tells her he knows she is angry when she says that to him. She then protests to him that she knows that Tess can successfully get Jared out of their lives once and for all. He tells her he knows she is doing this for all the right reasons. But this is dangerous. He then tells her he is asking her and begging her for the sake of her family, not to pretend to be Tess. It’s a power keg that will blow up upon them. He cannot risk what could happen. So she must promise him that she won’t pretend to be Tess. She then tells him she is sorry. She cannot do that.

After the cops arrive at the Bon Jour café, Viki tells Marcie that she really has no choice except to give herself up. Todd tells them that that crazy woman is going to endanger his sister and his kid of they do not get her out of there.

Roxy tells Natalie that she can tell that her eyes are like two burned holes in a blanket. And she maybe needs to go home and get some sleep. Right then, Rex and Adriana enter. Roxy asks them what they are doing there. Rex tells his mother and sister that he knew they were there and wanted to announce to them both that he and Adriana are getting married. Roxy and Natalie are both really happy and hug them. They tell them they can make plans with invitations and all. Rex right then asks his mom if she knows of a relative named Charlie Balsam. Roxy then replies to her son she does not think she’s ever heard of anybody in their family named Charlie. Rex tells her that he knows about Corrine and Wally and her side of the family. But there are lots of things he has no clue about. And Roxy then reveals that there may be some secrets that he does not want to know about his family.

While the cops surround the café, Marcie tries frantically to find her keys and passport byt cannot. She freaks and cries. Outside the restaurant, there are cops and reporters and many people surrounding the place. A reporter asks Todd if he is involved in the situation. He replies yes. His sister and his son are being held hostage. Inside, Marcie notices that Viki has kept her stuff from her. She knows that Viki was going to stab her in the back. But Viki protests that she did not intend to do that. She thought that Marcie’s stuff belonged to “Sally Ann”. Marcie hysterically holds the gun on Viki. But Viki tells Marcie she must realize that it’s “all over” for her and she must give up on what she previously planned to do.

Jessica urges Nash to trust her and know that he means everything to her and she is doing this for the good of her family.

After Roxy tells Rex that there is some sort of secret she does not want him to know about his family, he asks her just why she would say that.

At Dorian’s, Charlie tells her he will go up to his room. But he needs to make some calls. She asks him if he plans to contact his “friend Jared”. He tells her maybe and goes upstairs. Alone in the room, looking at the stuff Charlie has brought, Dorian smirks and declares that she has met Charlie Balsam.

There is a big news coverage outside the Bon Jour Café. A reporter identifies Marcie Walsh McBain, Viki Davidson and Todd Manning. Todd announces that the woman who is endangering his son and his sister will pay. Inside, Viki tells Marcie she has no more choices and nowhere to go now. She must give herself up. Marcie tells Viki she knows what she has to do. She then makes a call and demands that they let her talk to John McBain.

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