OLTL Update Monday 1/7/08

One Life to Live Update Monday 1/7/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Jessica attempts to fool Jared into believing she is Tess. She tells him that Jessica is not there. And knowing that she got him thrown in prison, she has to find a way to “make it up” to him. And she believes that they should finish what they started.

Rex gives Adriana another ring. He tells her that although it’s not a real diamond, she can see it as a temporary symbol of their love. She tells him that she wants the entire world to know that they are getting married. Hearing that, he asks how she feels about having her mother knowing about their plans. She then tells him she cannot wait to see the look on Dorian’s face when she tells her.

In her home, Dorian notices a picture that Charlie has left behind of himself and Viki. She pretends she does not know whom “that woman” is. He replies that that is Viki, a friend of his from Paris, TX.

Marcie walks into the diner to pick up her passport and wallet and is shocked to see Viki. She asks her what she is doing there. Did her brother send her there to find Marcie? Why on earth would Viki be working as a waitress at the Bon Jour café? Viki replies no. She is not there because of Todd. And the question that should be asked is what Marcie is doing there with Todd’s son.

While Todd and John are in the car, Todd tells John that he is determined to find Marcie and his son at any cost.

Natalie goes to see Miles Laurence in his hospital room. He tells her that maybe when he gets released from the hospital, he should find another place to live. She asks him why he does not want to stay in the carriage house. He replies that Roxy might have an issue with him being so close to Natalie. In response to that, Natalie tells him that she thinks it’s really sweet of him to consider Roxy’s feelings. He tells her that he understands, all too well, what unrequited love is. She replies that she knows. But she knows that “requited” love is not any better.

After Jessica pretends to be Tess to Jared, he tells her he does not buy that. He knows about disassociative identity disorder. He knows that she got integrated and no longer has “relapses” where she cannot control Tess coming out. He knows she is trying to manipulate him with this “Tess dance”. All it’s doing is making him lose respect for her. She tells him that she is losing respect for him. He asks her if she has been pretending to be Jessica all this while. She tells him that things got complicated. She go knocked up, ran out of money and the Buchanans wanted her gone. They want the sweet and non-slutty Jessica. She moves toward him. He asks her if she has really successfully convinced everybody that she is Jessica. She replies that since they all have their heads up where the sun don’t shine, she’s fooled all of her family, ex husband and present husband into believing she is Jessica when she is really Tess. And now she can help him figure out how to get something that they both really want.

In response to hearing Charlie inform her that he met “Viki the waitress” in Paris, TX, Dorian cannot believe that Viki would work as a waitress in a place like that. She asks him if he intends to be just friends with Viki. He admits that he considered becoming more than that with her. But he admits that they don’t even know each other’s last names. They kind of kept up this little game and the mystery. She then tells him it’s funny that she also does not know his last name. He then replies that he is Charlie B. And again, he does not reveal whether his name is Banks or Buchanan.

At the diner, Marcie tells Viki that she and Tommy are ready to go. She needs to get her stuff and go on her way. But Viki holds Marcie’s purse and tells her she will not let her leave.

In the car, John asks Todd if he really wants to risk somebody getting hurt. Todd replies if necessary.

At the diner, Viki gets on her phone and calls the police. Marcie tells her she cannot do that.

Natalie plays cards with Miles in his hospital room and shares with him how she planned on having a thing with Jared but found out that he is her uncle. But she tells him she is fine. He tells her she deserves more than being “fine”. She deserves to be happy. She tells him that he need not feel guilty about rejecting Roxy. She falls for many guys and will get over the situation with him. Right then, Nash enters and informs Natalie that he is concerned that “her uncle” might be able to take his vineyard from him.

Jessica plays Tess and informs Jared that she knows he is trying to pull off a scam to get her family to believe that he is Asa’s son. And she tells him that Nash may be as dumb as a salad bar. But not even he will buy that. So what he needs is an “ali”. So she is there and this is his lucky day. In response to that, he tells her that she must know that their previous contact was not “fond”. Because of her, he spent a long time in prison. And he tells her he would not sleep with her literally or figuratively.

Rex tells Adriana that in time he will be calling Dorian mom and she will be gushing to all her friends about her adoring son in law. It will be nauseating. In response to that, she tells him that she remembered her Christmas party with the Kramer women. And Blair found out that the two of them have kept from Todd and from her that Tommy is Todd’s son for a long time. And she admitted to Blair that she is glad that she kept the truth about Tommy from Todd. She asks Rex if he thinks her decision to reveal that is “dumb”. And Rex replies that he is very worried that it could have them both put behind bars in Statesville.

In response to hearing about Charlie’s “friend”, Viki, Dorian asks him if this mysterious woman might be from Paris, TX. He admits that he has no clue where Viki is from. He knows she is not from nearby there. But she informed him that she has a whole nother life and a family elsewhere. And he does not know whether Viki will be in Paris, TX when he goes back there. Hearing that, Dorian sounds “gleeful” and tells him that is an amazing coincidence.

At the hospital, Nash informs Natalie that she should know that Jared is all about money and profits. And that is not exactly how he envisioned his winery. He wanted it to remain small and be a “hands-on” family operation. But she tells him that maybe Jared has a good idea. Hearing that, he tells her she cannot be backing up Jared. But she assures him that her family comes first. She won’t back Jared. And Nash mustn’t freak out. IN order for Jared to be able to do what he wants, he will need to get the votes of the other board members, including Jessica. And Nash must know that he won’t accomplish that, she tells him.

Jared tells Jessica (as Tess) that he does not buy a thing she says. But she tells him that she knows that he is more than the loser whom she met in Atlantic City. She wants a happy ending for him. He then asks her what she wants from him. She says it’s not about what she wants “from him”. It’s about what she wants “for them”. He then tells her she must drop the act. She tells him she has dropped the act. She is done playing the weak and boring Jessica. But she gives up if he does not believe her. She then walks out the door. But he asks her to wait and tells her if she really is Tess, she can prove it.

Noticing Dorian observing the picture of him with Viki, Charlie can tell that she must know Viki. Dorian then tells him that she remembers going to the Bon Jour Café. She remembered the people in that place. She had lunch there. She remembers Mo and the waitresses. She then tells him that throughout the time they’ve known each other, there have been tons of coincidences. They have both been to the “middle of nowhere café”. They both wound up at Asa Buchanan’s ranch. And they are meeting back in Llanview. He tells her he does not believe in coincidences. But she tells him the fact that they have crossed paths all of these times, randomly, must mean something.

After Viki holds her purse and prevents her from leaving, Marcie pulls out the gun, holds it on Viki and demands she lets her leave. Viki then tells Marcie that she must realize what she is doing to that child. What kind of a life will he have if his mother has to do things like that? Marcie then demands that Viki hands over her purse so that she and Tommy can be on their way. Viki then hands it over. Marcie takes it and walks toward the door. But as soon as she gets to the door, Todd and John are on the other side. Marcie finds herself trapped. Viki then tells her that she can talk to Todd and get him to calm down. Todd shouts that she better get out there and hand over his son. He informs her that he has a gun. But she removes the shade from the window, pulls the gun on him and tells him so does she.

Natalie tells Nash that as much as she hates to admit it, she believes that the Buchanans will want to buy out his vineyard. He then tells her that he is very disappointed that she is getting starry eyed while backing that jerk(Jared) up. Right then, she goes into Miles’ hospital room. He asks her how she “made out”. She tells him not so good. She tells him that she was hoping, by now, that she could get over men who don’t deserve her. But she has no clue how to do that. He then tells her that he has a suggestion. The easiest way to get over somebody is to fall in love with somebody else.

In response to Jared telling her he needs proof that she is Tess, Jessica tells him that she can’t really prove that with DNA. He, on the other hand, can prove, with DNA, who he really is. She tells him that she has had a scheme to have people believing she is Jessica. And she has a plan about what he can be doing. He can go into the board meeting and tell the members that he wants Nash’s “love child” to be bought out. And she will play the sweet and innocent little Jessica. And, by doing that, she will help him to launch his ideas and get them to fly.

After Miles tells Natalie that maybe she should find somebody else, she tells him that she doesn’t want to be too desperate. But she considers the possibility that Jared falsified the results of the DNA and is not really Asa’s son. And if he did that, she will never forgive him.

Jared tells Jessica that she must know that her annoying husband is campaigning around town on how to get him thrown out of B.E. Jessica says she realizes that Nash is annoying. But Jared also must know that Jessica has all of the Buchanan men wrapped around her little finger. She always gets what she wants. He agrees that that must be true. She then tells him (playing Tess) that all she has to do is state her case, and they will all have to stay in line. He then asks her what she gets out of it. And before she can answer that, Nash returns and asks Jared why he is still there and why the two of them are talking.

After finding out that Adriana revealed to Blair that both she and Rex knew that Tommy was Todd’s son and kept it a secret, she and Rex wonder what they are going to do. She is very worried about the consequences. But he tells her that maybe she can just deny it. There’s no proof if it’s just her word against Blair’s. But she informs him that there were witnesses all over the place including Langston and Starr. He then reminds her that Langston has lied about her parents for a year. Who would believe her? Starr has her own issues with the truth. But she reminds him that her mother also witnessed her revealing that she chose to prevent Todd from knowing that Tommy was his child.

Charlie tells Dorian that he has taken up enough of her time. And if she wants to do that “networking” with the hotel, then he will leave her alone. But she tells him she does not want him staying anywhere else. He needs to stay right there in La Boule.

While Todd and John find Marcie, John tells her she must trust him. He does not intend to hurt her. He is there because Michael asked him. She listens for a while but then tells John he and Todd must both go away. She pulls the gun on them again and closes the shades in the window. Todd then asks John what they should do now. John replies they need to wait. And Marcie will have to surrender Tommy at some point.

Natalie tells Miles that she came there to cheer him up, not to “unload” upon him. He tells her that he needs some advice about Roxy. She then tells him that Roxy has had many men in her life with whom she could never commit. And maybe the same is true for her. He tells her he is sorry that things did not work for her and Jared. She tells him you know that they say: When one door closes, another one opens.

After Nash discovers Jessica and Jared talking privately, Jared goes out the door and they both pretend to Nash that they are arguing as Jessica and Jared. When Jared is gone, Nash tells his wife that he knows that she played Tess with Jared, right after he urged her not to.

After Dorian offers for him to stay in her home, Charlie tells her that he could not. But she sells to him that this is a big place. He can have a private room and all. He tells her it would be too much of an “imposition”. But she tells him after he saved her life, it’s the least she can do. She won’t take no for an answer. He will enjoy staying there with her and her family. And they will love having her.

While Marcie is stuck in the restaurant, unable to leave, Viki tells Marcie she mustn’t be afraid of what will happen. She won’t let Todd hurt her. But Marcie tells Viki she can’t trust Todd to have anything to do with her child. Outside the door, Todd and John wait and wonder what they will do next. Todd then yells to Marcie to open the door now. But John informs Todd he must back off. Marcie doesn’t just have a gun. She has a hostage. And Marcie comes to the door with her gun and pushes Viki to show them that she is holding Viki hostage.

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