OLTL Update Friday 1/4/08

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/4/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Jessica puts on make up in front of the mirror and looks very unlike herself. Nash asks if she plans on going out and mentions he did not know that “they” had plans. He remarks that her seductive dress is not her style. He suspects that she is going to be Tess again. He tells her he will not let her go through with this. She asks why he thinks he has to “let” her do anything He then tells her he loves her and will not let her put herself in danger playing Tess in order to fool Jared Banks.

Charlie comes to see Dorian in her home. She greets him and invites him into her house. He tells her he just wanted to see if she recovered ok from her accident. She takes his coat and asks if she can offer him “anything”. He tells her he cannot stay long and just needs to find a motel. But he tells her that everything is booked up. Hearing that, she asks if he has been able to find that “friend” of his. She remembers that he mentioned Jared Banks. And she remembers spying upon the two of them and finding out that they are father and son. She does not reveal that to him, however.

Right then, Jared comes to Jessica and Nash’s home.

Viki and Noel enter the Bon Jour café after Noel did the photo shoot for winning the blue ribbon. Moe sounds completely unlike himself friendly and supportive of Noel’s success in the fair. But he tells them he is very worried about Gigi's friend, “Sally Ann”. Hearing that, Viki remarks that Gigi did not tell her that anything would happen to Sally Ann. All she heard was that Sally Ann was leaving her husband.

Right then, Agent Ramsey fires a shot that hits Michael. John and Marcie rush to help him. Right then, Marcie grabs the gun, gets into the car and drives off with Tommy. And from the other side of the barb-wired fence, Todd pulls a gun on Ramsey and is ready to shoot him.

Viki looks at the pictures of Noel and Moe in their bake-off at the fair. And Moe is gracious that she won fair and square. He tells them that he plans to close up the restaurant early. She right away assumes that he expects her to cook for him. But he tells her that he thought that maybe the two of them can go to a local restaurant to celebrate her winning the bake off. Hearing that, Noel is very surprised and invites Viki to join them. But Viki tells her that this must be for the two people who have worked hard to earn their ribbons at the bake off. And right then, both Noel and Moe are concerned that Viki is no longer seeing Charlie.

Right then, Dorian asks Charlie about his meeting with Jared. And of course, Jared does not admit to her that Jared is his son.. He tells her that he and Jared are “friends”. Hearing that, she tells him that it’s great that he has two friends in the same town. An old one and a new one. He evades that conversation and tells her he is amazed at how quickly she has recovered from her accident. She tells him if he had not been there to help her when he did, she might have been lying by the side of the road for a long time. It’s so amazing how life throws us so many surprises, she tells him. And at that point, she tells him that she just found out that Jared Banks is not a “Banks” after all. She has just found out that he is a Buchanan. And she shows Charlie that front page of the Sun with Jared’s picture and story.

Jared goes to Jessica and Nash’s home and tells them about his brilliant business proposal. He tells them that his idea is for them to sell the vineyard to him. Jessica sounds like she is ok with that idea. But Nash goes to the door, opens it and demands that Jared gets out of his house. Jared tells Nash he is being very childish. Nash tells Jared that he and Jessica are willing to bury the hatchet and tolerate him. But if he thinks for one minute that he is going to buy out Nash’s vineyard, he’s not another thing coming. But Jared tells Nash he must realize that this is a business deal. Nash reminds Jared that he appeared in town and falsified his business intentions. Jared then tells Nash that he came there to share his ideas with his business partners. And Nash flies off the handle like a prima Dona. Hearing that, Jessica tells Jared that Nash is certainly willing to participate in business deals with his partner. But he does not intend to sell out his vineyard. Nash is not all about money and profits. He wants something for his daughter to be proud of. Jared tells them they must consider his offer. But Nash tells him no way.

Dorian informs Charlie that she just found out that Asa revealed to his family in his will that he sired another son. And that son just happened to be Jared Banks. And she talks about how so many people understand what it’s like to be the nouveau riche. And immediately, when he hears that, he wants to return to the motel at Angel Square. But she tells him he can do better than that dump. There’s Asa’s home. Renee might very well let Charlie stay there if he is a friend of Asa’s son. He tells her he doesn’t want to stay there. But she won’t take no for an answer. She tells him she can “make a few calls” and network him into a good situation for where he can stay. That is the least she could do for a man who was so kind to her. He must let her help him. She asks him to stay put while she goes into the other room to make some calls. And wouldn’t you know that she lets him stay alone in a room where he is surrounded by booze. Didn’t she overhear his conversation with Jared that revealed that he is a recovering alcoholic?

Marcie drives away with Tommy admitting that she wishes she could have helped his daddy when he got shot. But she had to get out of there because those men were going to take him away from her. She cries and tells him that she knows he will understand some day. They will all have to understand, she says. But it looks like she is having her doubts that she is doing the right thing.

Jared tells Nash that he has tried to be reasonable in their partnership. Nash tells Jared that is so not true. He’s been making threats and ultimatums and scheming and scamming them from day one. Jared reminds him that they could branch out and have Brennan wineries all over the country. But Nash tells Jared he is not ready to be part of corporate America. Nash tells Jared that he may have “snowed” Renee into trusting him. But the rest of the board does not trust him. They won’t listen to a word he says nor believe he can bring in any money for the company.

Alone in Dorian’s living room, while staring at the booze, Charlie resists his urges, looks at a binder and gets ready to make a call. She returns and tells him that she can find him a nice place to stay and she can “network” for him. But he tells her he needs to make a call. She then tells him sure. She will let him have his privacy. Right then, she goes closes the door, goes into the room alone and says that she knows Charlie has too many secrets that he is not telling her.

After Moe and Noel go off together, Viki finishes work. But not far away, there is a picture of Gigi with Marcie and Tommy.

Marcie drives and tells Tommy she feels terrible about abandoning his daddy after he’s been shot. But he’s a doctor and knows what to do. But right then, she discovers that she has forgotten to pick up her money and passport and won’t be able to go very far.

Todd tells John that he can stay there and baby-sit his brother. Ramsey can go to hell. But he ahs a gun so everybody can leave him alone. And he needs John to give him his keys. John gives him the keys but reminds Todd that he knows where Marcie and Tommy are going and Todd does not.

Marcie just then remembers that she left her wallet and passport at the café and they have to go back.

Right then, Viki is straightening up the restaurant counter. And she just happens to stumble upon a picture of Marcie and Tommy with Gigi. And she is shocked.

Jared tells Nash he really believes that all the members of the board dislike him. Hearing that, Nash asks if he used the word “dislike”. He meant hate. Jared tells Nash that he has a lot to learn. He asks Nash what he would do if he (himself) came into this place with an idea that would benefit him. Nash may not like him. But if he had an idea that would enable him to flourish, he wouldn’t argue with him. The same goes for the rest of the Buchanans. Their personal feelings about him may not matter if he can find a way for them all to make huge profits. If they don’t let him do so, then Nash’s lovely wife and her sister will suffer the consequences. Jessica sounds like she might listen to him. Jared goes out the door. Nash tells his wife that she must realize she cannot trust that guy. She must realize that her plan to fool him into believing she is Tess won’t work and he can’t let her go through with it.

Michael lies on the ground. John and Todd go off. And Ramsey tells Michael that he and his wife will be in big trouble. And right then, they notice that the gun has disappeared.

Right then, we see the gun in Marcie’s car. She is horrified that she left all of her stuff back at the café.

Right then, Viki notices the picture of Marcie, Tommy and Gigi along with her passport, and wallet. And she is shocked to find out that Marcie has been in this very place and yet she has never seen her.

Jessica and Nash debate about how he does not want her to manipulate Jared and asks if she plans to sleep with him. She replies she does not intend to sleep with anybody. But he must trust her. Right then, Jared enters and tells her that he wishes that she and Nash would at least consider his plan. He tells her that he gives up on trying and failing to convince her family and husband to listen to him. And at that point, she asks him if he really wants her to go against her husband’s wishes. He tells her she must know that in time, she won’t be able to stop the board from buying his proposal. She then smirks at him and asks what makes him think she intends to stop them.

Dorian is alone in the living room while Charlie is outside the door on the phone.

At the Bon Jour café, Viki calls Charlie. He picks it up at Dorian’s and sounds happy to hear from her. But she tells him she wishes he was here. He asks her if everything is ok. She admits it is not. Everything is one big awful mess.

Todd drives and calls Blair while John rides in the car. He tells John he does not have a clue where Marcie is. John tells Todd he does. She is going back to the diner where she worked as a waitress. Hearing that, Todd asks John how stupid he believes Todd is.

Viki tells Charlie on the phone that there is a big mess involving her brother’s situation and she does not know what to do with it. He tells her if she needs somebody to listen, he is there. She tells him this is serious. She is so worried. She is about to destroy somebody’s life.

Right then, when Michael is lying on the ground alone, after Ramsey has shot him, Marcie runs to him and tells him she is not going to leave him. She now knows that she cannot abandon him. She and he and Tommy must be together and all be able to make it work. But at that point, he realizes she is not really there. He is just dreaming.

Marcie then tells Tommy that she has a plan. She knows that they will be ok.

Todd asks John why on earth he’d think that Marcie would return to the diner. Does she plan to stock up on snacks before hitting the border? John replies to Todd that she left something behind. Todd asks John what. John then shows him Marcie’s passport.

After hearing that Jessica might consider his plan, Jared asks her to let him get this straight. Does she plan to “lobby the board” for him? She tells him that she may act like she’s going along with what Nash wants. But this place is a dump. She feels like a “farmer’s wife” and she scoffs at Nash’s plan to put “pride before profits”. He asks her if she really believes what she is saying. He calls her Jessica. She tells him that Jessica is not there. He asks her if she is Tess. She replies in the flesh.

While Dorian is in her living room waiting for Charlie to make his call, she discovers that he has pictures of Viki. And she is astounded. On the phone, Viki tells Charlie that she would like him to come back to Paris. But she knows he needs to work things out with his son. He tells her that maybe he should get back to be there for her. But she tells him she is fine and asks him to take care

Todd is driving and determined to find Marcie.

Right then, Viki gets off the phone with Charlie and doesn’t know what she’s going to do in regard to Marcie. She knows that Marcie will have to come back and get her passport sooner or later. And right then, Marcie walks in the door and is shocked to see Viki.

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