OLTL Update Thursday 1/3/08

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/3/08


Written By Jennifer S.

At Lindsay’s trial, Nora tells the judge that the prosecution seeks for the defendant to be charged with murder and punished to the fullest extent of the law. Hearing that, Addie asks her sister and daughter what that means. Dorian tells her it means that Nora is finally getting just what she wants. Bo sits behind Lindsay and takes her hand.

At the Bon Jour café, Michaels shows Moe a picture of Marcie with Gigi and Shane and tells him that this other woman must be Marcie’s friend, Sally Ann. Moe then corrects him with what he knows of their names and tells him that the person whom Michael believes is Sally Ann is named Gigi. And the other one (who is Marcie) is Sally Ann. Right then, Michael realizes that Gigi is the women whom Rex talked to. And he asks why she did not trust him to tell him where Marcie is, knowing he was Marcie’s husband. Hearing that, John tells Michael it could be because Gigi is a blackmailer. Moe tells them there’s no way that Gigi could be a blackmailer. She and Marcie are friends. They are like sisters. They baby-sit for each other and swap shifts. And he tells them that unless they get a warrant, he doesn’t have to tell them anything.

Marcie is getting out of her vehicle to meet Gigi, unknowing that Todd and Ramsey have found her.

Right then, Ramsey tells Gigi, Shane and Todd that as long as everybody does their part, nobody will get hurt. But at that point, Todd does not trust him and is afraid he will hurt somebody. Marcie gets closer to the door. Ramsey then tells Shane that when his mom’s friend comes, they need to do what he says. Shane tells Ramsey that his knows his mom does not trust him not to hurt him. Ramsey says he need not be afraid as long as everybody cooperates.

At the court hearing, Lindsay’s lawyer is afraid that his client is in big trouble so he asks the judge to let him have more time to prepare his case. But the judge tells him that he need not worry about her ruling. She tells them that she knows no jury would dispute that Lindsay was mentally ill. So she is ruling that Lindsay is not guilty by reason of insanity. At that point everybody is happy except for Nora.

John attempts to grill Moe about “Sally Ann”. But Moe tells him that he has no reason to believe that Sally Ann has done anything wrong except that she’s extremely clumsy with dishes. He tells them how she wiped out and spilled dishes. A judge almost choked. But she did the Heimlich maneuver. Hearing that, Michael tells Moe that he taught her that. He is a doctor. Moe then tells John that he knows he is not a real cop. And if John does not leave him alone, he will call real cops with badges.

Nora argues with the judge about the verdict. She asks if the court can overlook Lindsay’s history of breaking the law. Her lawyer argues that Lindsay was not responsible for her actions when she killed Spencer Truman. Nora asks the judge if that means that Lindsay will get away with her crime scot free. The judge replies not exactly. Everybody wonders just what she means by that.

John tells Moe that the only reason he is not hurting him is because Moe was nice to his sister in law. But if Moe does not tell him where she is, he will rip this place up real bad..

Right when Marcie is ready to enter the place where Gigi is stuck with Todd and Ramsey, Todd tells Shane that he will hurt his mom if he does not come out. But Gigi manages to push them out the door and lock the door behind them.. She then tells Shane it’s ok for him to come out of the bathroom. She tells him they are now ok and she is so proud of him.

At the diner, Talia and Sarah talk about their “would-be” situations with the two Vega brothers. Talia tells Sarah that throughout her life, she never wanted to be a feminine girl. She did what the guys did. Sarah tells her that is why Antonio likes her. She tells Sarah that she went all “princess” on Antonio. And she is afraid that once again, she has turned Antonio off.

Antonio and Cristian are at the gym. Cristian tells his brother that he (Antonio) is sadly lacking in knowledge of women. Antonio asks him if he (Cristian) is an expert. Cristian tells Antonio that there are two speeds of women. There is fast and slow. Fast women might be fun but they are a bad investment. Antonio asks Cristian if he is implying that Sarah is a pain in the ass. Cristian tells Antonio that is true. But maybe he does have feelings for her.

The judge rules that for the times being, Lindsay must be remanded to St. Anne’s. Hearing that, Addie stands up and protests that she can’t do that. That place drains the life out of a person. The judge asks Addie to sit down and be quiet. Right then, Lindsay’s lawyer tells the judge that his client obviously needs help in picking up the pieces of her shattered life. But she cannot be stuck in St. Anne’s. She needs to be put in the care of a responsible party. In response to that, Addie stands up and says it should be her. She can take care of Lindsay. Blair and Dorian tell Addie that she is not fit to do that. But Addie tells Dorian that she is as fit to take care of herself and others as Dorian is. She tells the judge that her sister treats her like a child when she is older than Dorian. She is a mother and a grandmother. The judge tells Addie that she cannot let her be the caretaker of Lindsay. She has had a history of mental illness. Addie then tells the judge that Blair or Dorian could be Lindsay’s guardian.

Antonio tells Cristian that he did kiss Talia in order to shut her up. But she does not listen to anything. And she is unlike any woman he’s ever met. She has complicated his life. Cristian tells Antonio that maybe that is a good thing. And he asks Cristian if when he went to find Talia at the bus station, did he intend to catch her or to just prevent her from leaving?

At the diner, Talia informs Sarah that she and Antonio went bowling and she beat the pants off of him. And she’s worried that maybe it totally turned Antonio away from her. Sarah tells Talia that when Cristian saw her with another guy, he opened up to her about his feelings. And he kissed her. But she wants to take this slow. Hearing that, Talia remarks to Sarah that at least she and Cristian are no longer living together. And she admits that when she and Antonio were together in the locker room, she found herself staring at him. And when she took him home after he had surgery and he asked her to change his dressing, she noticed that he had a really hot body. They conclude that there is no doubt the that Vega boys are hot. Right then, Carlotta enters overhearing these two women lusting after her sons and asks them if they need something to “cool them off”. They both look very embarrassed.

John tells Moe that his brother and sister in law raised that little boy and took care of him. Tommy’s biological father is an unstable man who was convicted of rape. He lost his badge in order to protect Michael and Marcie from having to give Tommy up. So he has nothing to lose if Moe gets him in trouble. In response to that, Moe tells John where he can find Marcie and Gigi. And he asks him not to make him sorry that he trusted him.

Todd and Ramsey run out of Gigi’s room and are ready to find Marcie. Gigi asks Shane if those guys hurt him. He tells his mom no. He was a bit scared. But he was worried that they might hurt her. She tells him he needn’t worry about her and that he is brave. He asks her if she means he’s as brave as his dad. She tells him of course. And she knows that his dad would be proud of him. He then tells her that they need to call the cops. But she tells him not until she makes certain that “Sally Ann” got away ok.

Right then, Marcie escapes with Tommy. She goes out a door and puts a barrier in the door handles so that Todd and Ramsey cannot get through. But Todd yells to her. She finds herself backed up against a barb wire fence in an alley.

After finding out that Carlotta has overhead them lusting after her sons, Talia and Sarah tell her they are sorry to be behaving in such an appropriate manner in her diner. But she tells them that she knows that women find her son’s hot. And she knows that that both of her sons have been miserable without their two respective “would-be” girlfriends. She tells them that they may share with her exactly what is going on with them and her sons. She asks Sarah if she really cares for Cristian or if she just thinks he’s hot. Sarah explains that she works around good looking men and is very used to them. But Cristian is more than that to her. She tells Carlotta that she encouraged him to work things out with Evangeline before they move any further. Hearing that, Carlotta seems satisfied with Sarah’s explanation. But she asks Talia what about her and her “feelings” for Antonio.

At the gym, Cristian tells Antonio that he must realize that Talia is not going to come to him. He has to make the move with her. Antonio tells Cristian he is not certain that she wants that. But Cristian tells his brother that Talia came back. And Antonio cannot let her go. And he demands that Antonio takes action. Antonio tells Cristian he is a pain in the ass. Just like Sarah.

After Lindsay’s lawyer recommends that somebody be her guardian, Addie tells them that La Boulaie is a huge house. There are people all around. But Dorian realizes that since she just adopted Langston and Blair realizes that her husband will have a new baby in the house, maybe it would not work. The judge then asks if Lindsay has any family members willing to take her in. At that point, both Bo and RJ stand up and are ready to convince the judge that they be her legal guardian.

Michael and John go to find Gigi and Shane. Knowing that she has never met John, Michael introduces her to his brother. Shane asks if the two of them are with the “other guys” and if he should trust them.

Right then, Todd and Ramsey go searching for Marcie.

In the courtroom, Addie remarks that Bo and RJ are fighting over Lindsay. Blair asks Dorian whom she wishes would “win”. Dorian replies she wants Bo to win guardianship of Lindsay. Because it would really upset Nora. RJ tells the judge that he is ready and willing to open up his home for Lindsay. But Bo protests that Mr. Gannon is an ex con, whereas he is a police commissioner. Wouldn’t he be considered a more “responsible party” than RJ? But RJ reminds everybody that Commissioner Buchanan abandoned Lindsay at the alter. And maybe she should not be living with somebody she cannot count upon. But Bo protests that that situation happened long ago. He and Lindsay are good friends and he would be there for her.

Right then, Todd and Ramsey are closing in on Marcie right when she gets into the car with Tommy. And Todd urges her not to “do it”. She stares at him realizing that maybe he does care about his child.

Hearing that nobody can agree as to whom should Lindsay’s guardian, the judge asks Lindsay what she wants. Nora is outraged and makes a comment about how this could ruin the judge’s re-election. The judge then asks Nora to repeat what she just said. Lindsay then tells the judge that she is overwhelmed and so grateful that all of these people care about her. And she just doesn’t know how to make a decision right now. At that point, the judge says that Lindsay should go back to St. Anne’s on a temporary basis. And she asks Lindsay’s lawyer to take her back. They leave together. Addie remarks to Dorian and Blair that she noticed both Bo and RJ visiting Lindsay on a regular basis and St. Anne’s. They both really care about her. Dorian remarks that men all love a broken woman. Addie says that Lindsay is not “broken”. Nora confronts the two men telling them that she thinks they are out of their minds to want to take care of Lindsay. Can’t they see that she is playing them? But neither listens to her.

Carlotta tells Talia she knows that she is interested in Antonio. She believes that Talia could be a good partner for her son. But she tells Talia if she ever hurts him, she will answer to his mom. Right then, Antonio and Cristian enter. Sarah runs and kisses Cristian. Talia suggest to Antonio that they go bowling together. But Antonio tells Talia that he has a better idea.

Michael and John rush to find Marcie right when she gets into her car. Todd and Ramsey are on the other side of the fence. Todd attempts to climb over the fence. And Ramsey fires a shot. We have no clue whom he shoots.

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