OLTL Update Wednesday 1/2/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/2/08


Written By Jennifer S.

Everybody is recovering from New Year's.

Viki enters the restaurant in the morning. Moe notices that she is not in a good mood and asks what happened to the “sunny side” Viki that they all know. Viki then replies that that person left with Charlie. She is obviously not ok with the fact that Charlie has gone.

Right then, Charlie goes and knocks on Jared’s door. Jared is ready to slam the door in his face. Charlie tells his son that is no way to great his old man.

Michael finds John at the motel in Paris, TX where Marcie has been staying. He admits to his brother that he knows he is risking going to jail again. But he is determined to find his wife and child.. They enter Marcie’s room and discover she is not there.

Right then, Marcie gets a call from Gigi. She tells her that she is ready to leave. Gigi informs Marcie that she has something for her and Marcie will not want to leave without it. And right then, we see that Todd Manning and Agent Ramsey are in her room cornering and possibly threatening Gigi.

Dorian notices that Blair and Addie got tattoos. She is very worried about how this could “damage” Addie. Blair tells her aunt there is nothing to worry about. Langston showed them a place to go. And the tattoos are not permanent. They can be removed. Addie asks her sister what is wrong with her. She used to be fun. Dorian then replies that today is not the day to have fun. And she shows them a big headline about Lindsay Rappaport’s trial.

Outside the courtroom, Bo and R.J. Gannon talk about the fate of Lindsay’s trial. They realize that if she is proven sane, she could get nailed for murder. And in order not to have her charged, she will have to be proven insane. And that point, RJ tells Bo that maybe the two of them can work together, put aside their differences and put on a united front in order to help Lindsay. They shake hands. But right then, Nora enters and sees them and does not look happy.

John and Michael go through Marcie’s room. John tells his brother it’s entirely possible that Marcie will be coming back soon. But Michael is worried that she will be gone for good. John notices that somebody obviously had a kid in the place and watched cartoons on the television. He asks Michael to go to the front desk and see if he can get any information.

When Gigi is in her room with Todd and Ramsey threatening her, she talks on the phone to Marcie but cannot tell her exactly what will happen. Todd sits beside her and pulls out some money. He obviously plans to bribe her. She tells Marcie that she has come into some money and might want to help her. But Marcie tells Gigi she cannot accept that. She realizes that Gigi needs money for Shane’s doctor bills. She tells Gigi she has to flee to the border but will call her as soon as she gets to some place safe. Right then Marcie hangs up.

At the Bon Jour, Moe tells Viki he cannot believe that Charlie would bail on her. He seems to be surprised that Charlie would do that. She informs him that she encouraged Charlie to go and take care of his business with his long lost son. He asks her if Charlie did not encourage her to come with him. She replies that it was her choice to let Charlie go alone. In response to that, Moe tells her if she let Charlie go, she is an even bigger jack ass than he is.

Charlie goes to see Jared at his new home (Asa’s old place). He tells his son that he is not wasted anymore. And he is not going anywhere until Jared talks to him..

Moe tells Viki that he’s sure that she has all the excuses in the world for bailing on Charlie except for the “real one”. She asks him just what he means by that. He then mimics a chicken. She tells him that he is absurd to imply that she is chicken. He tells her that he has no life. But she has a shot at finding love. And she is a fool to give up on Charlie. She then tells him that he should take his own advice with less talk and more work. He then tells her she needs to go in and clean the kitchen. She tells him yes boss, sir and marches into the room to bury herself in work. When she is gone, Marcie enters and asks where Gigi is. Moe says he has not seen her and since she’s been gone so long without so much as calling, maybe he should fire her for good.

Gigi cries and tells Todd and Ramsey that she needs the asthma medicine for Shane and she desperately needs it or he will die. Ramsey sounds like he does not care. But Todd sits her down and tells her that she, at the very least, has not had her son taken from her. Marcie has kidnapped his son. He tells her maybe they can work together. He tells her if she can get Marcie back here, he can help her son.

Dorian tells Blair and Addie that she is concerned that Lindsay will be in big trouble if Nora wants to prosecute her. She might get the death penalty. She then concludes that she will march into the court and if Nora wants to push her vendetta upon Lindsay, she will have to go through her (Dorian). Addie then tells her sister that Nora will also have to go through her. Dorian and Blair tell Addie that maybe that would not be a good idea. Addie has never been in a courtroom and may not understand the code of behavior in a courtroom. But Addie tells her sister and daughter that she thinks she knows what she is doing. Lindsay has been a friend to her. She saved her daughter’s life. And she is going to go to bat for Lindsay along with her daughter and sister. And she tells them that Kramer women are united to help their friend.

Nora reveals to Bo and to JR. that she will take great pleasure is sending Lindsay up the river for what she did. Right then, Lindsay enters with her son and her doctor. RJ and Bo approach her and ask how she is doing. They encourage her to hang in their and realize she is not alone. Bo remarks that she might have a new cheering section when he notices Blair, Dorian and Addie. And he is very surprised to see Addie so unlike the person he has always known her to be. Lindsay greets the three of them and tells Addie she is so happy to see her looking so good.. Addie then unzips her jacket to reveal that she is wearing the “Free Lindsay Rappaport” T-shirt and ready to join the Kramer women in support of Lindsay.

Jared tells Charlie that he was never there for his son. He reached out to his father. But Charlie was in jail for getting drunk whenever he needed him. And Charlie must now realize that it’s too late to take care of his son. Can’t he see that Jared has managed his own life without his father’s help? Charlie tells his son that he won’t let him shut him out. But Jared sets his father straight that he is not his father. He tells him that his real father’s name is Asa Buchanan.

At the motel in Paris, TX, Michael returns to John and informs his brother that they cannot find this mysterious “Sally Ann” person nor Gigi. And he tells John that he is worried. But John tells his brother that they cannot think like this nor assume that Marcie and Tommy are not alright. And right then, they notice in the trash there is a plastic bag that reveals that Marcie was there.

At the Bon Jour, Marcie asks Moe if Gigi has gone all this while without calling. She tells him it is unlike Gigi. So something must be wrong.

After Ramsey and Todd “work on” Gigi, she tells them that she is not going to betray Marcie. Ramsey then reminds her that she might not be able to afford Shane’s medication on a waitresses’ salary after he disposes of it. At that point, she freaks out and tells them that she will call Marcie. She cries and calls Marcie, informing her that Shane had an asthma attack and her car broke down. And that is why she could not make it into work. Marcie. Marcie tells Gigi that she will be right there. She then tells Moe that she has to run. And right as soon as she leaves, Viki enters having no clue that Marcie has been there. She asks Moe whom he was arguing with. He tells her that “Sally Ann” just took off and Gigi s taking another personal day. Having no clue just whom “Sally Ann” is, it means nothing to Viki.

In the courtroom before Lindsay’s trial, Dorian approaches Nora. Nora asks Dorian if she can help her. Dorian tells Nora that she will not let her ruin Lindsay. Lindsay saved Blair’s life. And she is not going to let anything happen to her. Nora asks Dorian if the reason she wants to pick a fight is because Clint dumped her for Nora.. Bo then approaches Dorian. And asks her if he can help her. She tells him she wonders what he would do if he “knew” something. Before Bo can respond to that, Nora tells Dorian that Bo need not know anything that he does not already know except that she is going to prosecute Lindsay to the fullest extent of the law. Dorian implies to Nora that Bo might not be ok with knowing that she (Nora) is messing around with his brother. Nora tells Dorian that she and Bo are friends and co-parents to Matthew. But Dorian reminds Nora that Bo might have some problems knowing that the mother of his child is having a thing with “Uncle Clint”.

In the motel, Gigi finally agrees to do what Todd and Ramsey want. Marcie is ready to come to her room without knowing that Todd is there. Todd tells her she does not have to thank him for getting the medication for Shane. She tells him she will thank him when he and his psycho friend go away.

At the Bon Jour café, Moe tells Viki that he may not need her there. She asks if he can run the place by himself. He tells her between himself and Gigi and Noel, they can hold down the fort without her. She asks if he intends to fire her. He tells her of course not. He merely might want to “pull some strings” to help her have better things in her life besides being stuck there. Right then, Noel enters and informs them that she won the bake off just like she’d always wanted. And Moe surprises them by congratulating her and hugging her.

Charlie finds out that Jared is scamming to the Buchanan’s that he is Asa’s son. And he tells him he could get nailed for fraud and go to jail.. But Jared tells his father he needs to just keep his mouth shut. Charlie asks his son if he really wants a family who hates him. Jared tells his father that would be better than the family he had. Charlie tells his son he may have stunk as a father. But he can prove himself if Jared gives him a chance. Jared then asks him how long he’s been sober. Charlie admits 5 days. Jared tells him, sarcastically, that that is very impressive. And he tells his father it’s not his responsible to make him feel good. If he wants that, he needs to go somewhere else. Maybe go where he always went before. Charlie tells Jared he is done with drinking. Jared tells his father he is done with him. Charlie tells Jared he was just as ready to give up on them. But then he talked to a friend of his (Viki). And she told him he must never give up, no matter how bad it may seem. But Jared tells his father he does not want him. And there is nothing Charlie can do to change his mind. Charlie then tells him that maybe there is something he could do. He can keep Jared’s “secret” under one condition.

Noel has the blue ribbon on her collar and tells Moe and Viki that she is going to be on television. But she has nothing to wear. Moe sounds like he wants to support her. She then kisses him and tells him he is the best. He is shocked that she would make a positive gesture toward him. Viki then departs and tells Moe he is the best and she also kisses him. Moe seems to be overwhelmed.

Alone with Gigi while waiting for Marcie, Todd tells her he bets that she assumes that he does not care about Marcie. Right then she tells him it’s pretty obvious that he wants to hurt her. He asks her if she has seen his son and if he is ok. She replies that Marcie is taking great care of his son. Right then, Ramsey enters with Shane. Shane is really happy that “Mr. Manning” gave him some winning tickets. Gigi grudgingly asks Shane if he thanked “Mr. Manning” And it sounds like Shane believes that both Todd and Ramsey are his friends.

The judge enters the courtroom and announces that they are there today to determine whether the defendant, Lindsay Rappaport is ready to stand trial. She will hear from both counsels and render a decision. All of Lindsay’s friends surround her. But across the aisle, Nora smiles with a sinister smile toward Lindsay.

After Charlie tells Jared of his “deal” to keep his secret under the condition that Jared lets him be his father, Jared tells his father that is blackmail. Charlie replies that may be. But he has nothing to lose. Jared needs to know that. So, he asks Jared, does he like to ski? Jared replies that he could not imagine doing any such thing with his father, the drunk. Charlie tells his son he bets that there is plenty of snow on Llantano Mountain. And he tells him he will make plans for them to go on a trip together. He departs. And Jared looks sullen.

The judge announces that she is aware that the prosecution believes that Lindsay is of sound mind and fit to stand trial. And she might take their recommendation.

In the Bon Jour café, Moe admits that he is confused about that woman (Marcie) who is named Sally Ann. And why is Gigi calling herself Sally Ann?

Right then, Marcie is getting out of her car with Tommy ready to meet Gigi. She has no clue what she is getting herself into when she finds Gigi.

Dorian comes down stairs to find Blair and Addie sporting matching tattoos on their shoulders.

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