OLTL Update Wednesday 1/2/08

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/2/08


Written By Jeannie

Viki enters the diner in Texas. Moe asks why she’s so sad. Viki explains Charlie went on a road trip.

In Llanview, Charlie knocks on Nora’s door and Jared answers. When he sees its his father, he tries to close the door.

At the motel in Texas, Michael knocks on Marcie’s door thinking Gigi lives there. (Remember he thinks Gigi’s name is Sally Anne) John uses a credit card to open the door. Marcie is entering the restaurant when Gigi calls. Gigi says she needs to see her and it’s important. She won’t say what it is but that she has something for her. The camera widens and we see Ramsey sitting across from her with a gun as Todd stands near him.

Dorian calls Blair irresponsible for getting tattoos, but they laugh and tell her they are fake. Dorian says today is not a day for fun and shows them the newspaper with Lindsay’s photo on the cover.

Bo and RJ talk about Lindsay at the courthouse. Bo says the judge will decide if she’s competent or not. RJ says they can even up the field and help her. Bo asks if this means they should put their differences aside so they can present a united front for Lindsay. They shake hands.

John and Mike see the motel room is empty. John figures out she just left because the towels are still damp. Mike goes to ask about Marcie at the front desk.

At her apartment, Gigi is still on the phone to Marcie. She says she’s okay, but Marcie has to come see her. Gigi tells Marcie she has money for her that she won from the Lottery. Marcie says no, she already took too much from her and says goodbye. Gigi tells Ramsey Marcie hung up.

In the café, Moe asks Viki what was so important that Charlie had to leave. Viki says he has to make things up to his son. She says he asked her to go with him and she said no. Moe calls her a jackass.

Charlie insists on talking to Jared. Jared tells him he’s too late. Charlie says he’s not going anywhere.

Moe yells at Viki for making a wrong choice. He tells her she’s chicken. She has a shot at something good if only she had to guts to go for it. She walks off. Marcie comes in. Moe smiles at little Tommy. Marcie gives him the money she owes him. Moe says Gigi hasn’t shown up last night or this morning.

Gigi says I did what you said, give me back my son. Todd and Ramsey say she isn’t getting Shane back until they have Marcie. She tells them Shane has asthma and begs them to bring her back. Todd tells Gigi to imagine what it would be like not to see your son for two years. He asks her to call Marcie again. Get Marcie here and she will get back her son.

Dorian is ranting about Todd’s paper slandering Lindsay. She is worried that Nora will try every trick in the book to get Lindsay sent to Statesville. Dorian is heading to court and Addie wants to come. They try to talk her out of it but Addie insists Lindsay is her friend and she wants to make a show of Kramer women for the defense.

Nora walks by Bo and RJ and asks what sign on the apocalypse has those two so chummy. They follow her in and talk about Lindsay. Nora says she wants to send her back up the river as Lindsay walks in with two guards. Bo and RJ go and talk to Lindsay. She thanks them for coming. Dorian, Blair and Addie come in to show their support. Lindsay is happy to see them. Addie has a FREE Lindsay t-shirt on under her coat.

At Nora’s house, Charlie says he’s not leaving until they work it out. Jared says he had many chances to do that and never stood up for him. Jared brings up his jail time and how Charlie did nothing to help him. Jared tells him he worked things out without him and doesn’t need him now. Jared says he has a real father named Asa.

While John waits for Mike to return to the motel room, he puts a call into Cole and leaves a message. Mike walks in but doesn’t have too much information from the front desk. Mike is scared for Marcie and Tommy. John reassures him and they head to the café. On the way out John looks at the paper bag in the trash and says Marcie was here because the bag is from FACES.

After talking with Moe, Marcie thinks something is wrong with Gigi.

At Gigi’s, Ramsey picks up the inhaler and teases Gigi when the phone rings. It’s Marcie calling to see if she’s okay. Gig tells her it’s Shane and she needs help getting him to the ER because of his asthma. Marcie asks why didn’t she tell her? Then she says she’s on her way. Gigi asks Moe to give some pictures to Noelle of them and their pies. Marcie leaves, Viki walks in. He tells her Sally Anne/Marcie quit and Gigi took a personal holiday.

Dorian approaches Nora and tells her Lindsay doesn’t deserve what she’s doing. Nora asks is this show of support for Lindsay or against her because of Clint. They get into it and Bo walks up asking what they are talking about. Nora looks worried, Dorian smiles.

Dorian says she wonders if Bo knew—Nora interrupts and talks about Lindsay. He thanks Dorian and asks to speak to Nora. Nora says she has to talk to Dorian first. Nora tells her not to suck Bo into this vortex of hell Dorian has created. She gets in her face and tells her to back the hell off. Blair and Addie are sitting in the courtroom and Blair worries about Todd.

Gigi begs them to let her go to Shane. Todd thinks she should leave so she doesn’t screw things up with Marcie. Ramsey leaves and Gigi says someone will put them in jail for what they did to her son.

John and Mike head over to the café.

Moe tells Viki he doesn’t really need her here if she wants to go to Charlie. He says he’s trying to put her on the path for happiness. Viki says take care of himself first and teases him about Noelle. Noelle walks in, turns her back as she takes off her coat and asks Moe to look at something for her and she turns and they see the Blue ribbon pinned to her chest. Moe hugs her.

Jared says he’s running a con on the Buchanan’s and Charlie is shocked. He tells him he’s going to end up in jail. Jared tells him to leave him alone with his new family. Charlie declares his love for his son and asks for a chance to prove it. Jared tells him to take a bottle of booze and go somewhere else like he always did before.

Charlie takes the bottle and puts it down. He tells Jared he’s done with that. Jared tells him to leave. Charlie tells him he’ll never give up. Jared says he doesn’t want him and there is nothing he can do to change it. Charlie says he can keep his secret on one condition.

Moe and Noelle share a hug and a tender moment. They are sending a reporter to do a story on her and she doesn’t have a thing to wear. Viki offers to help her and Moe tells them to go. Noelle gives Moe a big kiss and runs out. Viki gives him a kiss too.

Gigi and Todd talk about Marcie and Tommy when Shane comes in with Ramsey. He’s happy and playing a video game that Todd gave him. Gigi wants to leave and Ramsey says she’s staying.

At the café, John and Mike ask for information and find the bag Marcie left behind. As Moe protests, John finds Marcie’s fake passport.

In court, the judge comes in and they begin. The judge is ready to rule on the question of Lindsay’s sanity.

Charlie promises to keep Jared’s secret if Jared lets them get to know each other. He doesn’t like what Jared is doing but doesn’t want to see him go back to prison. Jared calls it blackmail and Charlie says he has nothing left to lose. Charlie asks him if he likes to ski and Jared says his father, the drunk, never taught him. He invites him to go next weekend.

In court, the judge says Lindsay is of sound mind and fit to stand trial for Spenser’s murder.

At the café, Moe tries to take back Marcie’s bag but Mike tells him John is a cop. John says the woman called Sally Anne is wanted for kidnapping in Pennsylvania. Mike finds pictures of Gigi and Sally Anne. Moe tells them who is who.

At Gigi’s apartment, Ramsey won’t let them leave, Marcie pulls up outside and goes to the door.

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