OLTL Update Monday 12/31/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/31/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Adriana tells Rex she loves the New Year and she love shim even more. He tells her she will love him more when she has the ring on her finger. She then tells him that she wants to get married and asks if he has picked a date.

Starr tells Cole that she has invited him to be with her because she did not want him to spend New Year's alone. But she can tell that he is far away in thought.

In Miles’ hospital room, Roxy kisses him but can tell that he may not feel the same way about her.

At Capricorn, Vincent and Layla kiss. Cristian kisses Sarah. Her new “friend” from the band is not ok with that and asks Cristian what he thinks he is doing. Cristian informs him that he owns the place. But Sarah turns to Cristian and tells him that her new friend had a good question. And she asks Cristian just what he thinks he is doing.

Antonio goes and finds Talia at the bus station. She tells him she has to go. But he tells her he does not want her to get on that bus.

Clint goes and finds Nora with her facial mask. She wants to hide herself. She reminds him that it’s New Years Eve and asks why he has not gone out. He tells her he did not want to spend the night with amateurs and a bunch of noise makers. He tells her he is sorry if he has made her uncomfortable. She tells him that she realizes he has seen her worse. He’s seen her comatose. He is then ready to reply. And she tells him please don’t tell her that she looks “fine”. That is a four letter F word. He then tells her that he was going to tell her he believes she is a woman who does not need a facial mask.

Starr, Langston and Markko are playing charades. But Cole is isolating himself.

Vincent can tell that Layla might be thinking about her sister. She tells him that she remembers last year Vange made a New Years Resolution. He tells her that maybe she’s making a resolution this year to get better. And she cannot stop hoping that her sister will get better.

Cristian asks Sarah if she really plan on going on the road with this guy from the band. He asks her if she has just met him for the first time tonight. And he tells her about Evangeline. Hearing that, she instantly assumes that he is still hung up on his ex girlfriend. She tells him she accepts that he is not over her. But he tells her that she has not let him finish. What he intends to tell her is that he is ready to move on.

Adriana tells Rex of all of the wedding plans she has thought of. But he tells her that he is not used to spending or having money. He tells her that he wants to be able to afford the wedding of her dreams. But she reminds him that the bride’s family is supposed to pay for the wedding. That is the tradition. But he tells her it’s not just the wedding that they have to pay for. It’s other things such as kids. She asks why he is thinking about kids. They don’t have any yet. But he tells her that he needs to have a better “track record”. He went all the way to Texas and failed to find Marcie and Tommy. He has to go back. He owes it to Michael. And he knows that his “conversation” with Gigi, the waitress in the diner was incomplete. Hearing that, Adriana asks Rex what the significance of his conversation with some Texas waitress was all about. He then reveals to her that he knew Gigi from high school. She tells him that it’s an amazing coincidence that he just ran into some school mate and she just happened to have met Marcie and is helping her flee with her child. She then asks him just what else this Gigi was to him. He then admits to her that they “dated and stuff” in high school. Adriana can sense that Rex has some sort of unfinished issues with Gigi. She asks him why he has not told her about Gigi before. And, at that point, she tells him that if she had the engagement ring on her finger right now, she’d give it back to him because the engagement is off. He asks her if she is breaking up with her because of a girl whom he knew so long ago. She tells him that she is not breaking up with him. But she has some concerns about the fact that he went all the way to Texas, ran into an old girlfriend, bought a second hand ring and brought it back to her. And she just wonders what kinds of secrets he’s hid from her. He tells her that the past is the past. He doesn’t know everything about her past either. She tells him she has only had two other boyfriends besides him. He knows everything about her past. It’s very simple. But she is concerned about all of the girlfriends and sex partners he’s had. She also know that he has already been married. She would be his second wife. And if it did not work out the first time, what makes him think that it would work this time?

Roxy tells Miles that she has had so many scammers and schemers in her life. But she knows that he is a good guy. He remarks to her that she and Natalie are about the only people who believe he is a good guy. She tells him that she enjoyed doing community services with him. It gave her a new sense of life. And she believes she has some real feelings for him. He tells her that she is like breath of fresh air in his life. He cares about her a lot but as a friend.

Clint tells Nora that he has been divorced from Viki for a long time. He has gotten over previous relationships. And he is finally done with Dorian once and for all. And he’s glad to be. And neither of them regret having Dorian walk in on them kissing. And Nora tells him that while they are closing the book on 2007, they need to close the book on platonic kissing among roommates.

Antonio kisses Talia. He tells her that she means something to him. She tells him that he has only kissed her because it’s “safe” now that they are never going to see each other again. And now she is going to get over him and find a guy who wants what she wants. But he asks her what if he wants her as much as she wants him.

Markko tells Langston, Starr and Cole that his mom wants him home before midnight. She is worried he will ding up her car and might not let him drive it again if he doesn’t meet his curfew. He departs. Cole tells the girls he thinks he should go too. But Starr urges him not to. She tells him her grandma made cupcakes and she will get them. Alone with Langston, Cole tells her that he only obligated himself to come because he did not want to hurt Starr’s feelings. And he does not know how to tell the girl he loves that he wants her to leave him alone.

Antonio tells Layla that he knows he behaved badly. But he cannot let her get on that bus without telling her how he feels. The feelings she has for him are not one-sided. She is smart and funny and fun to be with. He knows his daughter is a good judge of character and Jamie really likes her. He tells her if she insists on getting on the bus, he won’t stop her. But he cannot before he tells her how he feels.

Adriana tells Rex that before she becomes his wife, she needs to know how many Gigi’s for fifis or whomever else there is in his life.

Cristian tells Sarah that he has to put Evangeline in the past and live in the present. And she (Sarah) is his present. She tells him that she is worried that nothing has changed. He saw Evangeline still in the coma. But what if she wasn’t? If Evangeline were to walk though that door, would he still want to be with Sarah,?

Clint asks Nora of she really wants no more platonic kisses between friends. She says that maybe kisses on the lips are not what they should do because there are only so many times before it means that people are more than friends.. She tells him that she did like to kiss him. But she wonders how many kisses would constitute more than friendship.

Vincent tells Layla that that he has some questions for her in regard to 2008. He asks her what she plans to do for Valentines Day. She tells him she has no plans that she knows of. He tells her that he wants to open up Lindsay’s art gallery. And the next time her mother asks her what Vincent “does”, she can say that he owns an art gallery. She tells him she is so proud of him and she kisses him.

Cristian tells Sarah that there are no guarantees about anything. But he wishes she would believe him that he wants to move forward with her. She tells him she realizes there are no guarantees. But she still believes that he is not over Evangeline. He tells her if she wants to leave, he won’t try to stop her. But he wishes she would stay.

Miles explains to Roxy that he is not ready to have a serious relationship with anybody. She asks him if he is still not over Marty. Or is it Nattie? Does she turn him on? He tells her it’s not because of anybody else. He just wants to be friends with Roxy. But she tells him she is cannot accept that. And if he only wants to be friends, he must take off the sexy boxer shorts she gave him because friends do not give friends sexy boxer shorts.

Starr returns with the cupcakes for Cole but discovers he is gone. Langston tells her that he left. Starr tells Langston she cannot accept the fact that Cole is pulling away from her. She asks Langston what she did wrong and what she needs to do in order not to lose him.

Talia tells Antonio that she has to catch her bus. But right at that moment, the announcement says that the bus to her new destination has been cancelled. And it looks like Antonio is very happy that she is stuck with him.

Starr tells Langston that she wishes that Cole would open up to her. But Langston tells Starr that right now, Cole may love her. But his mom is gone forever. And that means more to him that his relationship with her. She tells Starr that she mustn’t give up on Cole. He needs her more than anything now. She knows that she did when her parents died. Hearing that, Starr hugs Langston.

Cole returns home to see Nora. She can tell that he is very depressed. He goes up to his room. Alone with Clint, Nora reflects that Cole has such a long hard road ahead of him and she wishes she could do something for him. And right then, they discover that the clock has struck midnight. She tells him that they cannot change the past. But they can set the clock back. There is no reason not to bring the new year in right.

Rex tells Adriana that he did not hide anything from his past from her. He is done with his previous relationship with Gigi and all others. He would not have proposed to her unless he was really committed to be with her. He is sorry that he suddenly sprung this upon her if she is not ready. But she tells him she is ready. And she kisses him.

After Talia and Antonio are alone in the bus station, knowing that she cannot leave, she asks him what happens next. And he kisses her.

Roxy tells Miles she wants the boxer shorts she gave him back. She takes them and angrily walks out the door.

Antonio tells Talia that he wants to spend the New Year's with her.

At Capricorn, Sarah’s new “friend” asks her if she plans on going with him or not. She has the choice between him and Cristian. She tells the new guy that he is really amazing. But she plans to spend the evening with Cristian. Cristian tells the guy that the “check” is in the male for his band playing at the bar. And he dismisses him. Alone with Sarah, Cristian kisses her.

Langston gets a call from Markko. They talk about his issues with driving his mom’s car. Starr, then gets on her phone to call Cole. But she can see that it might be futile as he will not take her calls.

Nora and Clint ring in the New Year. And they kiss again. Cole sits alone on the steps and observes calls from Starr still on his cell phone’s in box.

Roxy returns to Miles’ room and throws the boxer shorts at him. She tells him that she just realized that you cannot return boxer shorts to the store. She tells him Happy New Years and wishes he knew how he ruined hers.

Antonio and Talia depart from the bus station.

Cristian and Sarah kiss.

Rex and Adriana are lying in bed together. She tells him that he must realize that this is the year that their whole life changes. He tells her that 2008 is going to be huge.

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