OLTL Update Friday 12/28/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/28/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Langston rushes down the stairs wearing a formal dress when Markko comes to see her. He is surprised to see her so formal and reminds her he left his tux at the shop. Starr comes down also wearing a formal dress.. But they notice that Cole is not there. They wonder where he would be only hours before midnight.

Right then, Cole and Jared are together playing video games and enjoying each other’s company. Cole’s phone rings. He gets it and notices Starr is calling him. She asks how soon it will be until he gets there. But he tells her that he plans to “chill” at home with Jared. He has no regard for the fact that it’s New Year’s Eve nor the fact that she wants to be with him. He then hangs up and returns to the video game with Jared. Overhearing that, Jared tells Cole it may be none of his business. But he just blew off his girlfriend.

Right then, Roxy goes to see Miles in the hospital. She wants to celebrate with him. She then tells him there was this “little thing” that happened the other day. But she could not get it out. Right then, Natalie enters. Noticing her, Roxy appears cold to her daughter knowing that she might want to be with Miles alone.

At Capricorn, the band is getting ready to play. Layla and Vince are celebrating. Shawn then comes up and notices Antonio bartending and planning to spend the evening alone. He asks him why he is “flying solo” tonight when he could be spending the evening with a beautiful girl like Talia.

Right then, Cristian returns from visiting Evangeline and notices that Talia is in the bus station. She informs him that she is leaving town for good.

Rex has just proposed to Adriana. And she tells him they have to go out and spend New Year's Eve at a party. But right as they are ready to go out the door, they notice John and Michael McBain at the door. They ask Rex if he has a minute. Adriana asks if this is about Marcie. Rex asks if they found her. They say no. John just wants to go over a few “details” about Rex’s trip. Rex reminds them that this is New Year's Eve and this can wait. But John tells Rex that he happens to know that Rex had a conversation with a waitress at the Bon Jour Cafe who might know where Marcie went. Rex admits that the waitress said she might have seen Marcie but believed she fled to South America to teach Spanish. John asks Rex if this waitress might have lied to him. Rex says he has no clue. Right, then Michael instantly notices Adriana’s ring and remarks that it looks exactly like the one he got for Marcie when he proposed to her.

In Miles’ hospital room, Natalie admits to Roxy and to Miles that she really as no plans for the night.

While playing video games, Jared asks Cole why he would not choose to spend New Year's with his girlfriend. Cole replies that he knows it would not do her any good if he pretended to have a good time and only brought her and her friends and family down. Jared asks Cole if he really believes this is a better choice. Cole reminds Jared that Starr has her expensive home and clothing and her family. He loves Starr. But he’d rather be alone tonight. Jared admits that he can kind of relate to a life style of “no pressure”. And they resume playing the video games.

Starr admits to Langston and Markko that Cole declined to join them for New Year's. Langston tells Starr that maybe it would be best of she just accepts the fact that Cole might want to spend the evening alone. But Starr does not want to do that. She wants to go and see him. But Langston tells her she does not think she should go to Cole’s home.

Layla tells Vincent that he need not assume that her mother disapproves of him. And even if she does disapprove of who her daughters sees, Layla does not need her mother’s approval. She is making her own decisions. And she reminds him that her mother did not ask for a credit report on him nor hire a private investigator. So he need not worry about anything. She tells him the only person whom her mother disapproves of is Cristian Vega.

Right then, Sarah is talking to a guy in the band who is alone like she is. She assumes that he wants to find a “barely legal” groupie on the bus and forget her. But he tells her that he may not want that. He might want her.

Shawn tells Antonio if he accepts never seeing Talia again and won’t admit to wanting to see her again, he is a damn fool.

At the bus station, Cristian asks Talia if the reason she is taking another job out of town is because of his brother. She asks why he would say that. She has another job and a peaceful life where she is going. He then asks her why she is taking a bus. She replies it’s because her car is in the shop. He then tells her that nobody quits their job and moves away by bus and takes a police job in the middle of the woods. She is a good cop with a better future than that. And he knows she is moving in order to get over Antonio. She admits to him that she has to separate from Antonio. He tells her this may not be any of his business. But if she gets on that bus without trying, then she is taking the easy way out. And if that is her choice, then maybe she should not be with his brother. She then asks him if Antonio shared anything with him about her. He tells her that he didn’t say much but admitted that he was not ready to move on after Jessica. She tells him that she’s concluded that his brother is “not really into” her. He tells her that he has some concerns about the fact that she is at a bus station only hours before midnight. And Antonio is alone working at Capricorn. Maybe there is something she could do. Maybe she can give Antonio more time. She then tells him that up until 9-11, she was a lot more laid back than she is with work and everything else. And now she really believes that wasting time is not something she can do anymore. He then tells her happy new year, kisses her on the head and departs.

At Capricorn, Shawn tells Antonio that Talia put herself out for him. And right as soon as she came out and admitted her feelings for him, he “dissed” her. Antonio replies that he did not “diss” anybody. Shawn tells Antonio of he had a beautiful woman like Talia Sahib interested in him, he would not want to miss out on having a chance with her. And he believes Antonio is a fool if he does. Not far away, Vincent and Layla are talking. They ponder whether Cristian is ready to move on or still in love with Evangeline. Sarah is talking to the guy from the band. He reveals he may have a job offer for her and perhaps something more.

After Michael notices that Adriana’s ring looks exactly like the one he got for Marcie, she asks him what the big deal is. Many engagement rings look similar to others. But he asks her if he can see it. Rex does not want that, knowing what will happen when he sees the inscription of “we are one”. Michael notices that inscription and seems to know that that is the ring he got for Marcie.

In Miles’ hospital room, Natalie tells him he is “mighty handsome” for a shooting victim. Hearing that, Roxy tells her it’s because of the boxer shorts she got for him. And Roxy makes it clear to Natalie that Miles is her man. And right then, she demands that Natalie steps outside with her. She tells her she is an ungrateful red-headed hussy. She reminds Natalie that she raised her, clothed her and took care of her. And what does she do? She wants to take Roxy’s man. She then demands that Natalie keeps her grubby hands off of Miles.

Jared tells Cole that he has failed on his most recent would-be relationship and is ok with being alone. But Cole has this great girlfriend. And wouldn’t he want to spend the evening with her? He tells Cole that he also had a rough time when his mom passed. But in time, you can start to feel better and get on with your life. And he tells Cole that all he can say is if he has a chance to be with the woman he loves, then he should not pass up on that opportunity. And right then Nigel comes and addresses Cole as “Master” or Mr. Thornhardt to announce that he has a visitor. Cole tells Nigel he just wants to be called Cole. Nigel brings Starr in to see Cole.

Right then, Antonio is alone drinking and reliving all of the times he spent with Talia. He remembers telling her that she is a “friend” to him not unlike one of the guys. But then, he indicated he might be attracted to her when they were dancing at the diner. And right then, while Talia is reliving her history with Antonio, she hears the announcement that the bus to her new destination leaves in 10 minutes.

The guy from the bar tells Sarah that he wants her to come with him on the road. She then admits to him that he is making her lousy night seem not so lousy anymore. And she hugs him. Right then, Cristian appears to see that.

After finding out that the very same inscription that was on her ring was also on Marcie’s ring, Adriana asks Rex where he got the ring. Michael and John want to know that also. Rex then admits that he got it from the mysterious waitress at the Bon Jour café. Knowing that that was the very same one that knew where Marcie was going, they are able to know that she sold Marcie’s ring to Rex. John demands to know what Rex knew about this woman and what her name was. Rex admits that her name was Gigi. They ask what Gigi said her mysterious friend’s name was who asked her to sell the ring for her. Rex replies she said it was Sally Ann. Michael tells Rex he demands to know what is going on. Adriana tells Rex so does she.

Alone with Langston, Markko is very surprised to notice that she is wearing such expensive clothes. She is also not used to such wealth. And they kiss.

Starr goes to see Cole and informs him that she wants him to join her for New Year's. Langston and Markko are there and she believes he will feel better if he comes with her. He tells her that he and Jared were in the middle of a game. Jared tells Cole he thinks he should go with Starr. Nigel says he thinks so also. Cole then agrees to go off with Starr. Jared then tells Nigel that it looks like just the two of them alone. Nigel reminds Jared that if he had not insisted in “posing” as Asa’s son, then he would not have to spend the night alone.

At the hospital, Roxy tells Natalie that she won’t share Miles with her. Natalie asks Roxy if Miles knows that she believes he is her(Roxy’s) man. Roxy tells Natalie that she will reveal that to Miles tonight. And if Natalie cares for her, then she won’t screw it up for her.

Cristian returns to Capricorn and tells Sarah he wants to talk to her. He tells her it’s “about Evangeline”. Assuming that he’s going to tell her that he is not over Evangeline, she tells him she does not want to hear it. And she departs.

Vincent and Shawn notice an attractive girl that might be interested in Shawn. Vincent encourages his friend to go and buy her a drink and talk to her. Antonio finds Cristian and asks how it went with Evangeline. Cristian concludes that he still has mixed feelings. And he informs his brother that he ran into Talia at the bus station. She is ready to leave town. He tells Antonio he must go and talk to Sarah. Hearing the news about Talia moving, Antonio becomes lost in thought.

Michael asks how it was that this mysterious “Sally Ann” person could have gotten his ring. And he asks John if he believes that Marcie might still be in Paris, TX. John tells his brother the sooner they get there, the sooner they can find out. They leave. Alone with Adriana, Rex tells his new fiancé that he is so sorry for all of this.

Right then, Starr and Cole return to the house and join Langston and Markko. The guys go to the kitchen. Alone with Starr, Langston asks her friend how it went. Starr says she thinks she did the right thing.

Natalie tells Roxy that maybe she needs to find out how Miles feels before declaring her undying love for him. Roxy then tells her daughter that she better not fight her on this. Natalie notices that Roxy is really nervous. But she agrees not to stand in her mother’s way of getting what she wants with Miles.

At Capricorn, Shawn admits that he pretended to be somebody else’s boyfriend when his friends asked him to. She tells him he is a very sweet man. He tells her he tries. Cristian finds Sarah and asks her what she was talking to that guy about. She replies that the guy barely knows her but was willing to take a chance with her. What does he think of that?

Right then, when Talia is ready to board her bus, Antonio appears and urges her to wait.

Rex tells Adriana he promises to give her another ring. He tells her please don’t hate him. She tells him she does hate him. She just wishes that he would have told her. He tells her he knows he messed up. But he had to find a way to “make it right” so he bought the ring in order to come home to her in time. She tells him she loves him for the efforts he made for her.

And at that point, they all ring in the new year.

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