OLTL Update Thursday 12/27/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/27/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Cristian goes to see Evangeline in her hospital room. He tells her that he really misses her and wants to be there for her.

Meanwhile, at Capricorn, Sarah notices that Cristian is not there. Antonio is filling in for him. She remarks that it must be a “special occasion” for Cristian to be gone and have the “big boss” filling in for his brother.

Rex informs Adriana that he is back from his trip to Texas. He never wants to be away from her again. He asks her to marry him. In response to that, she does not know what to say. He tells her they can have as long or as short an engagement as she wants. But she is the one he loves. And he gives her an engagement ring. It just happens to be the one that he bought form Gigi that Marcie asked Gigi to sell for her.

Meanwhile, in Paris, TX, Marcie informs Gigi that she does not have a problem with the fact that her engagement ring is gone. But Gigi knows that Marcie is still in love with Michael and the engagement ring is more than just another material thing to sell.

Todd goes to the Bon Jour café and notices Ramsey dressed like a civilian. Ramsey informs him that since he is no longer an FBI agent, he can do whatever he wants and nobody needs to know his true identity. Right then, Noel enters and tells Mo she quits this lousy job. But before she goes, he better give her the money he owes her.

Ramsey informs Todd that there is a waitress named Gigi who can provide information about where Marcie and Tommy are. Todd asks him how he could be certain of that. Ramsey tells Todd that he knows what is going on.

Back in Llanview, Michael informs John that he has heard that Marcie has fled to South America to teach. But he’s not ok with that. And he asks his brother if he would help him find his wife and child.

Gigi informs Marcie that she sold her ring to a guy she knew back in High school. Hearing that, Marcie is surprised that Gigi would run into an old acquaintance in Paris, TX and reminds her she thought she said she was from Michigan. Gigi tells Marcie that this guy wanted to propose to his girlfriend. And she had the perfect ring for him. Hearing and observing Gigi’s expression, Marcie can tell that this “old boyfriend” of Gigi’s still means something to her. She has no clue who he really is. But she tells Gigi she knows she must still be in love with the guy.

Right then, Rex puts the ring on Adriana’s finger and tells her that she is the only woman he loves.

Gigi asks Marcie where she would get the idea that she is in love with this “guy.” Marcie can clearly tell that Gigi has been crying after finding out that her ex is marrying somebody else. And she tells Gigi that she can cover for her at the diner because she knows that Gigi has a lot on her mind.

At the Bon Jour Café, Noel tells Mo that he better triple or quadruple her salary. And at that point, Ramsey talks to her. He sounds and looks like any other “local” with the baseball hat and Texas accent. And he informs her that he is wondering where Gigi is. He sounds to Noel like he is a friend of Gigi’s and his kids go to school with Shane. She does not question him and tells him she can call Gigi.

Blair and Dorian notice that Addie has suddenly vanished without telling anybody where she went. After first finding her so unlike the person they’ve always known and then discovering she has disappeared, they are worried. They go to the police station. Talia is on duty and tells them that the police department can’t do much with the fact that Addie has only been gone for a short amount of time. She asks Dorian if it’s possible that her sister took a taxi home. Dorian informs Talia that her sister would no more take a taxi than she (herself) would drive a taxi. Talia asks if they have a picture of Addie Kramer. They show her a picture of probably the “old Addie” who looks completely unlike the new one.

At Capricorn, Sarah tells Antonio that she was forewarned that Cristian was going to go and see Evangeline after Blair encouraged him to. And at that point, some guys appear. They are from a band. And one of them remembers what a great singer Sarah used to be. She smiles at the guys and seems very encouraged.

Talia makes some calls and informs Dorian and Blair that a cab was dispatched at La Boulaie about the time they discovered that Addie left. Hearing that, Blair concludes that her mother does take taxis after all. But Dorian is concerned about where the taxi driver might have taken Addie. Dorian is kind of confused about what she is thinking and feeling. She tells Blair that she is so tired of Clint. Blair asks her aunt what Clint has to do with the situation with Addie. Dorian replies to her niece that had she not been preoccupied with Clint, she wouldn’t have let Addie out of her sight. She tells Blair she is very worried about her sister. At that point, Talia informs them that the cabbie answered his page and confirmed that Addie is fine.

Right then, Addie goes to Capricorn and asks Sarah for some expensive champagne. She tells her she is ready for New Years. She cannot wait until the clock strikes 12. She sounds very upbeat telling Sarah that life is not a dress rehearsal. Love and romance is what it’s all about. And she encourages Sarah to be happy and leave her troubles behind. Not far away, Sarah notices the guy from the band. And it seems as though she wants to be happy and not mourn the loss of Cristian.

Cristian talks to comatose Evangeline telling her she is an incredible woman. He tells her please come back. He tells her he knows she is all about taking chances. He just wishes she would give him a sign. He asks her if it’s time. Is it time for him to let her go?

At the Paris motel, Marcie asks Gigi if her “friend”, “that guy” noticed the inscription on her engagement ring that Michael wrote to Marcie.

Meanwhile, Adriana tells Rex that she will never lose his ring. He tells her he will never lose her. And at that point, she notices that the ring is inscribed. She obviously assumes that he had it written for her. But at that point, Rex panics knowing he cannot let her see what is inscribed on the ring nor who it previously belonged to.

At the Bon Jour, Ramsey tells Todd that they have to make certain that Gigi does not feed them any more bull. He seems to know that she is covering for Marcie.

Michael seems to know that John has something going on that he’s not letting on about.

At Capricorn, Antonio tells Sarah that he is very surprised to see that woman (Addie). He asks her if she is aware that she is Blair’s mom. Hearing that, Sarah is not surprised, never having met Blair’s mom before. But Antonio is very surprised to see Addle the way she is. She is dancing and mingling with the band. He also informs Sarah that he just got a call from Blair and Dorian and he had to tell them that he saw Addie.

Adriana notices the inscription that says: “we are one”. Although Rex is worried, not knowing what it will say, she is very happy. She tells him it’s so great that he believes that “they are one”.

At the same time, in Paris, TX, Marcie informs Gigi that Michael inscribed on her engagement ring: “we are one”. And Gigi reveals to Marcie that “that guy” whom she used to date also seemed to know Marcie.

John and Michael conclude that they are angry at Todd. And they find a dart board with his picture on it and are really motivated to play darts.

Marcie asks Gigi to let her get this straight. Is it true that Gigi’s ex boyfriend knows her (Marcie). She asks her why she told her the information. Gigi tells Marcie that she assumed that Marcie was going to be gone soon. And she is very certain that this guy in question has left and gone back to his girlfriend. Marcie tells Gigi that she wished she had told her or had the good sense not to tell this guy that she knew her. And now this person whom she knows has given her ring to somebody else.

Adriana asks Rex why he panicked when she noticed the inscription of “we are one” on the ring. He tells her that he just wants to make everything right. She asks him if he is ready to have her mother know about his plans. He informs her that he went and talked to Dorian before asking her. He wants to do everything right. And he tells her that Dorian is aware that they are going to get married and will have to accept it.

At Capricorn, Dorian and Blair ask Addie why she did not tell them where she went. She asks them if she must check in with them or need their permission to celebrate New Years doing as she sees fit. She tells them she plans to stay and dance with the band. But Dorian tells her that she needs to dance “at home” meaning at St. Anne’s. Talia comes to Capricorn to help Antonio find Addie. But she informs him that she no longer wants to work in the same department with him. He asks her if there is anything he could do to make her change her mind.

Cristian tells Evangeline that he does not know what the future holds. Having no clue when or if she will wake up, he does not know if he will be the guy for her.

Cristian tells Evangeline he loves her and he always will. He kisses her and he leaves.

At Capricorn, they guy from the band asks Sarah if she has big plans or a date for New Years. She admits that she has no plans nor date. But she knows she is a great catch so she need not worry about having no date. He asks her to spend New Years with him.

Dorian reminds Addie that she lives in an institution and cannot be doing these kinds of things. Addie reminds her sister that even that place lets her have day passes. Why does Dorian have problems with what she wants to do? Blair then tells her mother that maybe it would be a better plan for her to spend New Years with her family. She can have fun and drink and dance with Blair and Dorian and Starr and Jack and have noise makers and all the party favors she wants. Addie tells her daughter that sounds like a plan. And she agrees to go home with Blair.

Marcie tells Gigi that she has to depart. But she will never forget her. Gigi then shows the pictures that she got developed of herself, Marcie and Tommy.

Right then, Michael tells John that he must go to Argentina to find Marcie. And he’s going to do it with or without John’s approval or help. He goes out the door.

Marcie tells Gigi that she loves her and could have never gotten through the last couple of weeks without her. She will never forget all that Gigi has done for Tommy and her. Gigi leaves. Marcie is very sad to have to part company with her friend. Gigi goes out the door and runs into Todd Manning. He asks her if she remembers him. She tells him yes but she doesn’t want to talk to him. And right when she is ready to walk away, Ramsey appears, looking like a “local” and tells her she might want to “re-think” that. They corner her and look threatening to her.

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