OLTL Update Wednesday 12/26/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/26/07


Written By Jeannie

Rex wakes Adriana up with Happy Boxing Day. She hits him with a pillow.

At Layla’s mother’s home; Vincent and Layla have coffee with her mom. She asks Vincent about his art business. Mrs. Williamson talks about Evangeline. The doorbell rings and Layla goes to answer it. Cristian is at the door telling Layla he needs to see Evangeline.

At La Boulaie, Dorian tells Blair about how Addie woke Dorian up in the middle of the night to make cupcakes. Blair feels like she finally has the real Addie back. Dorian tells her not to get her hopes up too high about Addie’s state of mind. They walk into the living room and find Addie tipping some young man.

In Texas, Viki wakes up in Charlie’s arms. They kiss.

Natalie shows up at John’s door with food. Leftovers from the Buchanan dinner. She says it’s a peace offering so he won’t hate her for doing something stupid.

Blair and Dorian watch in shock as Addie says goodbye to the young man and Blair asks who it was. Addie answers “Rick." Dorian asks where she got the money. Blair asks where she got the man. Addie hands her a copy of The Sun. On the front page of the Sun is a picture of Jared naming him as a Buchanan. Addie got into the safe and found the man in the paper. It was a masseur. Blair is relieved Addie says her old life is officially over and world, here she comes. Blair is happy.

Still under the covers, Viki and Charlie talk about last night. Charlie talks about finding his son and Viki suggests he try again. She tells him she feels like she hit a wall in her own life and is determined not to stop looking.

Natalie starts to tell John about her issue when Jared shows up at the door. Jared sees Natalie and tells John he has one hell of a nerve.

At the Williamson’s; Cristian tries to get past Layla to see Evangeline. Layla warns him not to do it. Mrs. Williamson answers the door. She tells him she threw away all the pictures of him from Evangeline’s apartment.

Adriana hits Rex with a pillow because he missed Christmas. She tells him Christmas Eve was bad at the Kramer’s. Rex apologizes. Rex fills her in on what happened in Texas. He says he came home to give her his present and she better love it.

At Nora’s, Nigel serves coffee, explaining he spilled on the newspaper. Nigel suggests canceling the subscription to the Sun. Clint says hand it over and when Nigel does and they see Jared’s face on the front page.

At Dorian’s, Addie and Blair share breakfast and memories. Addie tries to apologize for not being a better mother. Dorian looks at the Sun and has flashbacks to being outside the ranch house in Texas and over hearing Jared tell Charlie he doesn’t need him to be his father.

At John’s apartment, John jokes to Jared about getting to friendly with his niece could get him arrested. Jared starts to threaten him and John smiles and asks what he’d do.

Rex opens his gift and gets a watch. It’s engraved “All my love, all the time, Adriana.”

Rex gives her a gift. She opens it up and it’s a dust buster. She’s not happy.

Clint tosses the paper down and says Jared sold his story to Todd’s tabloid. Nora suggests Nigel cancel the subscription. He nods and leaves. Clint thinks this should show Renee the truth about Jared. Nora says Renee is grieving. Clint misses his father. They hug as Dorian walks in.

Mrs. Williamson tells Cristian he broke her daughter’s heart. Christian tells her his voice might do Evangeline some good. Mrs. Williamson blames Cris for Evangeline’s coma.

In Texas, Charlie and Viki get dressed to face the day. Charlie talks about how hard he worked to find Jared and how he dumped it all down the drain. Viki says he gave Jared too much power over him. Charlie decides to let Jared know how truly sorry he is. Charlie says he’s lucky to have Viki to talk to.

Jared asks John to hit him and Natalie stops them. Jared tells Natalie that John is using her. Natalie says maybe they are using each other. John tells Jared he knows Natalie better then he does. Jared says Marty died and John hopped into the first warm bed he could find. John punches him and warns him never to say her name again.

John pushes him up against the wall. Natalie breaks them up. Natalie tells Jared she doesn’t want John to leave her alone and she doesn’t need him to protect her against “this terrific guy." Jared leaves.

Dorian looks at Clint and Nora and says to think she was the one painted as the bad guy. Nora says it was the only time since Texas. Dorian doesn’t believer her. She accuses Nora of planning to take advantage of Clint since she moved in.

Blair and Addie talk about what possibilities lay ahead for her now. Addie says she’s not as innocent as Blair thinks. Blair says the world has changed. Blair says she worries. Addie tells her she doesn’t have to look after her mother anymore. They share a tender moment and hug.

Layla tells her mother she doesn’t understand how she could blame Cristian. They talk about Evangeline. Mrs. Williamson says that she spent the last few months before her accident trying to win back the man she loved and Cris treated a dog better then he treated her daughter. Layla tells her mother to stop spreading hate. She tells her to take back what she said or she won’t only have a daughter that can’t talk, but she’ll have a daughter who won’t speak to her, too.

Charlie wants to go to Jared and asks Viki to come. Viki says she better stay here. She tells him about her relationship with Natalie at first. She feels bad some jerk broke Natalie’s heart. Viki says there’s a reason they don’t know each other’s last names is because they are on separate journeys. Charlie says Viki gave him another chance at living and Viki says he did the same for her.

Layla talks to her mother about getting her facts mixed up. They argue and Layla tries to explain. She says that maybe Cris is the one person who might get through to Evangeline. Cris asks to speak to her so he can apologize.

Natalie apologizes to John that she blurted out to Jared that they slept together. Natalie says she just freaked out because Jared was acting like there was still a chance.

Clint tells Dorian she is out of line. Dorian says to think she came over to do them a favor. Nora tells her to leave. Dorian turns to leave as Jared comes in. Dorian thinks she’s been focusing on the wrong Buchanan.

Addie and Blair talk about their future life together. Blair goes to wake the children and Addie works on her list of things to do.

Adriana takes the dust buster as a hint she doesn’t clean well enough. Rex tells her the vacuum is the best. Furious, Adriana starts to get dressed. Rex asks her to try it out but there’s something stuck inside. Can she help him? Adriana gets ready to leave and they argue. Rex tells her to look inside and something is stuck in there. Angry, Adriana grabs the vacuum and opens it up. Inside she finds an engagement ring. She stares in shock. Rex smiles.

Viki gives Charlie a picture of the two of them. She makes sure he has her phone number and tells her he’s buying a round trip ticket. Viki doesn’t know if she’s going to be there when he gets back. They kiss. Viki leaves.

Jared walks in and Dorian tells him she would like to talk to him in private. Her phone rings as they step outside of the room. It’s Blair. She wonders if Dorian has heard from Addie. She can’t find her.

Natalie insists she doesn’t have feelings for Jared because he’s family. John says it could still be there. He helps her into her coat and she leaves.

Layla says there is nothing to lose by letting Cris talk to Evangeline and Mrs. Williamson agrees. Cris goes upstairs.

Rex drops to one knee in front of Adriana and says he loves her and the two days he was gone were the longest of his life. He never wants to be away from her again and asks will she marry him. Adriana just stares at him.

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