OLTL Update Monday 12/24/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/24/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Jessica and Nash have the Christmas tree all set up. But she kind of baffles him by telling him that Tess is back. She tells him she is there to make his dreams all come true. Jessica did not know what to put in his stocking but she does.

Natalie informs Jared that she is done with him. She slept with John the previous night. He asks her if she can say that they are done because she had “ex sex”. She tells him that she has moved on and reminds him that he is her uncle Jared.

Right when Blair and Adriana are ready to kill each other in the battle between Rex, Michael and Marcie vs. Todd, they are all interrupted by something that sparks their attention more than their battle.. Addie enters and appears totally unlike they’ve ever seen her. She has elegant clothes and make up and appears very sure of herself. She tells all of them that a party is not a party until something gets broken. She greets Starr and tells her how beautiful she is becoming. She asks Blair to get her mother some champagne. She compliments Dorian on how great a job she has done raising these girls. She tells Adriana how lovely it is to see her. And she notices she has never met Langston and asks the others whom this young woman is. They introduce her, She hugs Langston and welcomes her to the family. She then tells all of them she knows she has gotten them all freaked out to see her like this. But she has been sitting and doing nothing for 40 years. And now it’s her time to “come out” and be a part of their family.

At the Bon Jour Café, Rex and Gigi are wondering what they are going to do now. She is wondering if she should tell him where Marcie is so that Tommy is not prevented from being with his dad. That whole issue hits home for her and she is seriously considering telling Rex where Michael can find his son.

Right then, Viki is with Charlie after they have been unable to see the drive in movie. They kiss. She admits to him that this is kind of silly. She admits that it’s “been a while” for her. And she was kind of wondering if she would still feel this type of feelings. He remarks that it’s just like riding a bicycle. But she tells him this is nothing like riding a bicycle. He then draws a heart on the windshield. She laughs and tells him that this is so unlike what she would imagine where they end up necking at the drive in. he laughs and says he planned on passing out on a park bench. But they both agree that this is what they want. And they resume kissing.

Gigi admits to Rex that her “friend” wants to sell her ring. Rex notices that and knows that he has reason to buy an engagement ring. And he tells Gigi if it’s not “too pricy”, he can take it off her hands.

Noticing Addie with her fancy clothes and all the gifts she’s gotten, Blair asks her mother where she got all of this. Addie tells her daughter that she found it all on the internet. She knows how it works when you can just click click and be able to discover whatever you want. Hearing that, Dorian tells them she is calling St. Anne’s. But Addie boldly tells her sister she better not touch that telephone dial. Blair then tells her mother she is really happy that she is feeling better. But they do not know what to do with this sudden change. Addie asks her daughter and sister if they are not able to accept her telling them herself how she has changed and why they would need to hear it from a doctor. At that point, she brings in a doctor and introduces him to her family. He is really nice looking. And he might be more than just a doctor to Addie. She tells them that she is no different than she ever was before. The difference is that she is just no longer “trapped inside”.

Natalie admits to Jared that she and John drank one night and wound up in bed. She tells him that he does not need to know the details. All she needs to know is that she is done with him. But he tells her that it was only alcohol induced. And she had to end up with another man because she was missing him. And she needs to admit that.

Right then, Jessica really freaks Nash out having him believing that she really is Tess. And she tells him she has successfully fooled him. So she knows she can do the same thing with Jared. He then tells her that it’s just great that she believes that she can put Jared in his place without thinking what it would do to “them” to have Tess running around loose again. He tells her he loves her. She is his wife and mother of his child. She is healthy and happy. They’ve had to struggle to get to where they are now. And he is not going to risk Tess coming out for all the “Jareds” in the world. But she protests to him that there is no cause for alarm. Tess is a part of her. She is integrated. She knows what she is doing. NO harm will come from her plan.

Jared protests to Natalie about how she has “drowned” herself in meaningless sex. Hearing that, she tells him he needs to get over himself. Plus he needs to realize he is her uncle. And so that means it’s irrelevant and none of his business what she does or whom with. And the two o them “cannot happen”.

The doctor informs Addie’s family that he’s found a new medication that has helped Addie the way nothing else has. But Dorian is not ok with that. She tells the doctor that her sister has been in mental institutions throughout her life. And this is just a “manic episode”. What will happen when Addie has her next bout of depression? She is worried that Addie is on some sort of “psycho tropic” whirl wind. And it’s going to do her more harm than good to have hope to think she can change so suddenly. But Blair tells Dorian that she needs to realize that Addie is in a much better place now. What would she rather have for her at Christmas time? Being stuck in St. Anne’s making pot holders? Or being with the family who loves her?

Charlie admits to Viki that he may not know where this is going. But he knows that she is an incredible woman. She is intelligent and beautiful. And she knows where she is going. And he’s so lucky to have known her. But he’s on a really bad slip. He’s struggling to stay on the wagon. And if he can just promise to take things one day at a time. She then tells him she does not need to watch the movie with him. And they can go. He asks her if she is sure. She tells him oh yes. They kiss. He gets ready to start the truck. But for some reason it won’t start.

In response to finding out that Rex wants to get married after all these years, Gigi tells him she finds it amazing. He tells her it’s amazing that she is selling a ring. He informs her that he and Adriana have been together for a long time. He has just discovered that he loves her and wants to marry her. He admits that he wasn’t certain he could afford anything expensive. Hearing all of that, Gigi looks like she may not be ok with her ex boyfriend getting engaged.

At Dorian’s, Starr, Adriana and Langston show Addie some recent photos. She mixes with them. The doctor tells them that he has to go. Addie tells Dr. Bonner that he has given her back her life and she is eternally grateful. Not far away, Blair and Dorian observe her. Dorian tells Blair that her sister obviously looks happy. But who is that? She wonders what will happen when this temporary situation ends for Addie. She is very worried.

Jessica tells Nash that when Jared first came to town, he thought he could ruin their marriage. So she will use that as leverage. If he thinks that she is Tess, then she will be able to catch him off guard and nail him.. But Nash tells his wife that he does not want to go through with that. He tells her that they already got rid of Tess. They don’t need to mess with Jared anymore nor have Tess ruin their lives.

Jared protests to Natalie that she must know of the feelings they have for each other. In response to that, she tells him whatever feelings they may have had for one another, they cannot do anything about. Whatever else may be going on, the reality that they cannot change is that he is her uncle and she is his niece. He can send her 20 bucks and a card for Christmas and her birthday. But that’s it. He then tells her she must wait. And he asks if an uncle cannot give his niece a present.

Nash tells Jessica that they will get something on Jared without bringing Tess out of the closet. They must find another way. He almost lost her. Bree almost lost her. And he is not going back there again. Tomorrow is Christmas. And what they should be doing is sitting by the tree being happy and grateful for all they have. Not spending time plotting plans involving Jared freaking Banks. He tells her he’s glad that she wants to protect her family. But he wants her there for him safe and sane.

Jared gives Natalie a necklace in a box. She remarks that it’s beautiful. He tells her it was his mom’s. He will have to give it to his fiancé and not to his niece. She tells him she cannot accept it. But he tells her he does not have a fiancé. So his niece will have to do. And she needs to understand some things.

In response to Dorian’s suspicions about Dr. Bonner’s “plan” for Addie. Blair tells her aunt she must see how miraculous this is. Throughout her life, since she was a child, she wanted a mother who was confident and strong and not stuck in mental institutions incapable of raising a child or being a whole person. But Dorian does not trust what is happening. Blair goes and joins the happy reunion with her mother, daughter and Langston. But Adriana stands by herself, uncomfortable and missing Rex.

Right then, Rex tells Gigi that he believes he has the right person in his life. And he asks her if she is “with” anybody. She admits that the only important person in her life is Shane.

After Charlie and Viki discover that his truck is stuck, he is concerned that she might be cold. They look at the stars and he tells her it might snow. She asks him if it ever snows in Paris, TX. Right then, snow comes down and they kiss.

Natalie reminds Jared that he is a Buchanan now. He is family. And when one is a Buchanan, family comes first. So whatever “issues” they had before are not important. She tells him she apologizes for rubbing her night with John in his face. He tells her he cannot help but be concerned. She tells him that John McBain is a wonderful man. He has been a great friend to her. They have both lost people who are very special to them. And when they woke up together, they realized that maybe they can’t be more than friends. Hearing that, Jared tells Natalie if John cannot see her as “more than a friend”, he is a fool. In response to that, she asks him why he would be concerned about her relationship with John.

Gigi tells Rex that there is a special person in her life named Shane. He obviously has no clue that that is her son. She wants him to believe that she too has “moved on”. And he is ready to write her the check to buy the engagement ring for Adriana (which, little does he know is Marcie’s).

When the snow comes down, Charlie and Viki dance.

Nash tells Jessica that being together with her for Christmas is all he wants. She tells him she too.

Natalie tells Jared thank you for the necklace. And she lets him put it on her neck. He tells her it’s lovely. And they look at each other. And they just happen to be standing under mistletoe. But they know they cannot go any father. So he goes out the door.

Addie’s family all gather around her and toast to her. Only Dorian is a bit suspicious. She assumes her sister will eventually go back to St. Anne’s. But Addie tells her sister she is not about to go back to St. Anne’s. She plans to live here with her family. She thanks Dorian for taking care of her for all these years. She then proposes a toast to her sister Dorian and to making all of her Christmas dreams come true. They all raise their glasses and toast.

Gigi asks Rex if he plans to head out in search of Marcie. He tells her no. He has a good reason to be home for Christmas. But he knows she was about to tell him something. He kisses her on the cheek and departs. And right then, Shane enters. Rex tells Gigi Merry Christmas. But she looks stunned. When he departs, she goes out the door. Shane can notice that his mom might not be ok. He notices Rex and asks who that guy was. She tells her son nobody.

Viki and Charlie return to his truck. Although they cannot go anywhere, they declare there is nowhere else they’d rather be. And they kiss.

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