OLTL Update Friday 12/21/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/21/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Dorian is going to organize a party with the Kramer women. She informs Starr, Blair and Langston that although neither Cassie nor Kelly can make it, Adriana will be there and so will Addie. Langston asks Starr what this secret is. It looks like Dorian might have some tricks up her sleeve.

At Sarah and Layla’s apartment, they are getting ready for Christmas. Sarah assumes that she will be a “third wheel” with Layla and Vincent. But when she least expects it, Cristian comes to the door.

Natalie talks to Jessica and Nash about inviting Jared to join them in their celebration. She knows that they are acting like they are ok with finding out that he is a family member. But she is not alright with the thought that he is supposedly her uncle. She informs Jessica that she intended to get over Jared by sleeping with John the previous night.

Nora takes Cole to her new house and introduces him to Jared. Cole tells her that he appreciates what she is doing. But this place will never be her home.

In Paris, TX, Gigi enters the diner and is stunned to run into Rex Balsam. They know each other. He tells her he is very surprised to see her there, that it’s good to see her and asks her how things are. She tells him he has a lot of nerve to ask her that after what he did to her.

Viki and Charlie are at a drive in. He indicates that the speaker is not working. She tells him not to worry about that. They can just talk. She asks him how his meeting was. He tells her good. He’s glad to be back with his friends. And he is newly back on the wagon on day zero of sobriety and is going to do the 90/90 meaning 90 meetings in 90 days. He asks her if she is alright with that. He tells her that when he was drinking, suffering and looking for his son, he never stopped thinking about her. Assuming that she wants to watch the movie, he tells her he will go and find another speaker. But she reveals to him that she missed him.

Matthew returns to his and Nora’s home and informs her that he and Bo went to see Lindsay and she is better now. Nora asks Cole if he is ok with her talking to Matthew alone. Alone with Cole, Jared asks him if there is anything he can do. Cole then asks him what he has in mind. Can he bring back his mom or his dad? Jared replies that he cannot do that but he can really relate to what Cole has been going through.

At Dorian’s, all the women are in their formalwear. Adriana grudgingly agrees to visit her mother. Dorian notices that Langston is wearing a tank top with a skull and bones. She tells her that she would prefer she wears something else. And she gives her a gift box with the dress she wants her to wear. Dorian notices that Rex is not with Adriana. Adriana informs her mother that he has work to do in Texas. Hearing that, Blair is very surprised to hear that and asks Adriana what the hell Rex would be doing in Texas.

At the Bon Jour Café, Rex rehashes with Gigi how he abandoned her when they were boyfriend and girlfriend. He tells her that she meant a lot to him.

Jessica asks Natalie if she is trying to get over Jared by sleeping with John. Natalie tells Jessica it was just one night. She and John are just old friends. But Jessica tells Natalie that “old friends” go out for coffee and talk or do other such things. But they don’t jump into bed together. She tells her sister that she does not approve the situation. Knowing that John is still getting over Marty, she is worried that Natalie might get hurt. Natalie asks her sister if she believes that she is that much of a loser.

Sarah notices that Cristian has not come to the apartment to see her. He is there to discuss with Layla how he can see Evangeline. He is ready to go to Maryland to see her with or without anybody’s help.. Sarah leaves the room, looking disappointed to know that Cristian is not over Evangeline.

Gigi and Rex relive all of the things they did together and how they were such a good team. He tells her that he had many family issues going on at that time. And by the time he got around to calling her, he assumed that she had already moved on and forgotten all about him. But he can tell that maybe that has not happened to this day.

Charlie tells Viki that he is “really sorry”. She laughs and tells him that it’s not his fault that the speaker does not work. He tells her he knows that she knows he is not talking about the speaker. She tells him that all people have problems and she does not judge him. But he asks her why she suddenly left. She informs him that a good friend of hers’ was killed. And she tells him that she felt guilty about taking all this time for herself in Paris and did not realize that people back home needed her. He tells her that she has no reason to feel guilty. Her kids are not children anymore and can take care of themselves. And she has been on the phone to them every day. She informs him that one of her daughters thought that the reason she stayed away for as long as she did was because of “a man”. And she shares with Charlie that she did not get to know Natalie or be in her life until Natalie was already an adult. And she worries about her more than any of the others. And now, Natalie has been involved with a man whom she is afraid will break her heart.

Jared tells Cole that he really does understand that no matter how great the people you might meet in your life are, when you are young, it’s not like your real family. He tells Cole that he really understands feeling abandoned by a parent and how you feel anger and resentment toward many people. He sounds like he is really getting through to Cole. And Cole apologizes for “dumping” upon him.

Nora is talking to Matthew about Lindsay apparently in order to pump him for information about her. He informs her that Lindsay seems to be competent and sane. And as soon as he is gone, she gets on her cell phone and arranged for Lindsay to stand trial for the murder of Spencer Truman.

At Dorian’s, Adriana argues with Blair about Rex’s conflicts with Todd. Blair makes it clear that she will never forgive Rex for what he did to Todd. And when she finds out that he is trying to find Marcie in order to help her keep Todd’s son from him, she reveals that she can never make peace with Rex or anybody who backs him. Adriana admits to Blair that she is completely ok with the fact that Rex wants to keep Todd’s son away from him.

Rex shows Gigi a picture of Marcie and asks if she has seen her. Gigi tells Rex that some other people where looking for her. IT was this couple named Todd and Blair. She informs Rex that she told them that Marcie is not around and was on her way to South America. Hearing that, Rex knows that she did not tell them the truth and she knows where Marcie really is. So he asks her to tell him the truth.

Blair demands to know what Rex plans to do when he finds Marcie and Tommy. And she tells Adriana that his name will not be Tommy. It will be Sam Manning. That’s what Todd has named him. Adriana better get that straight. Adriana then argues to Blair that Rex is doing what Michael asked him. She must realize that Michael has gone through hell missing Marcie and Tommy. He and Marcie are hers’ and Rex’s friends. She backs them. Hearing what Adriana has to say, Blair is able to figure out that it’s very possible that both Rex and Adriana knew from the start that Tommy was Todd’s son. And she is furious at Adriana to think that that could be the case.

Cristian asks Sarah if she plans to work tonight. She tells him yes. He tells her if she changes her mind, he can get somebody to cover for her. But she reveals that she has nothing better to do. He goes out the door, assuming that he needs to leave her alone. But she urges him to wait.

Gigi admits to Rex that she did meet a woman named Marcie who is a teacher. And she lies to him about how she passed through town and maybe wanted to teach Spanish. But Rex knows she’s lying because he knows that Marcie McBain does not speak Spanish. He knows that Gigi is nervous from being cornered and that she is lying.

Blair demands that Adriana answers whether she knew all along that Marcie and Michael had Todd’s son. Adriana does not answer. But Dorian tells Blair of course Adrian knew nothing about it. Adriana tells Blair she does not appreciate getting the third degree in her mother’s home. And she admits to Blair that she knew all along. She was not about to tell Todd. And if she had it to do all over again, she would have done the same. She does not feel guilty. And she tells Blair she better stop trashing Rex. He did the right thing. Hearing that, Blair hauls off and slaps Adriana and calls her a no good bitch.

Viki admits to Charlie that she returned to Paris, TX because she realized that “that” part of her life is not over. He tells her that the truth is that he might still be drinking if she had not come back. She tells him maybe. He tells her no maybe. The minute his son rejected him, he headed back to the nearest bar. He’s always done that in the face of good times and bad times. He then concludes that he is supposed to stay away from people, places and things that might make him want to drink. She responds to him that she does not drink. And he tells her just for the record, being with her feels just right for him. She tells him that maybe they should both be happy to be where they belong.

Natalie tells Jessica that being with John made her aware that she had a life before she met Jared. And she is very willing and able not to get emotionally attached to John. Right then, Nash returns and knows that he missed something. Natalie tells them she has to go. But Jessica tells her sister she better hug her and return to visit them for Christmas time. Natalie goes out the door. Alone with Jessica, Nash asks her what is going on. She tells him that she doesn’t think it’s appropriate to discuss her sister’s personal life. He tells her he’s not asking about Natalie. What he wants to know is why she did not tell Natalie about their little “plan” to make nice to Jared. She tells him that she had her reasons for not telling Natalie about their plans for Jared.

Sarah tells Cristian she has a gift for him. She tells him about her father giving her a compass one Christmas because he did a lot of traveling. And he told her that you can always find your way with a compass.. She gives Cristian the compass and tells him she hopes he finds his way.

After Blair smacks Adriana, Dorian tells her how she dare do that. And she better apologize to Adriana right now. Blair tells her aunt like hell she will. Adriana tells her mother she does not want Blair’s apology. Blair turns to face Adriana. And Adriana smacks Blair back. At that point, they are ready to really hurt each other. They struggle and pull each other’s hair. Starr and Langston watch them stunned.

Rex asks Gigi how she wound up in Texas and moved permanently out of Michigan. She tells him that she just got set up here and decided not to return to her native state. And she asks him how he knows this “Marcie person”. He tells her that Marcie’s husband asked him to find her. She took their kid and left him. Rex then hugs Gigi. And he tells her that it’s a terrible thing for a father to lose out on watching his son grow up. Hearing that, she thinks about her own son losing his father. And she calls out to Rex ready to tell him the information that Michael needs.

At Dorian’s , while Blair and Adriana are ready to kill each other and nobody can break them up, they are interrupted by Addie. She looks completely not like herself. She has make up and a fancy dress on. She tells them that it’s true what they say that a party is not a party until something gets broken. She appears completely unlike the Addie they all know. And she asks Blair to get her mother some champagne. They all stare at her speechless.

Viki asks Charlie what he really thinks is going on in Santa’s workshop. He makes a joke about “winkie” and “low elf esteem”. At that point, she realizes that the speaker is not broken after all. He has turned it off. He admits to her that he wanted her to believe it was broken. She tells him he did not have to spring for movie tickets. He could have just asked her to come out so they can talk. He asks her if, now that he is busted, does she want him to turn it on. She says no. They obviously both have other plans. And they kiss.

Nash asks Jessica if she plans to tell Natalie what they have in store for “jar head”. She tells him Tess is back. Jared finds Natalie and asks her if she is ok. She tells him she is fine although she does not seem that way. And she informs him that she slept with her ex.

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