OLTL Update Thursday 12/20/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/20/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Rex arrives in Paris, TX and calls Adriana. Knowing his watch is ready to die, she knows he needs a new one. She tells her that she is the only present he wants for Christmas. He tells her that he needs to find Marcie and Tommy but will be back in time for Christmas. She tells him if he is not back, he will find a lump of coal in his stocking. He tells her he will come back. He loves her and misses her. He is right then, standing right outside the Bon Jour café spying upon Mo and Noel.

Right then, Gigi comes to see Marcie in her motel room. She is keeping her secret and not revealing to anybody whom she really is. But Marcie knows she has to get out of the diner and find other things.

At the station, Nora asks Bo what is up with the police report where John has turned himself in for shooting Miles Laurence. She knows that there is something not right about that report. But he tells her he has “done his job” and she must do what is right. He tells her he has to go. She is observing the report and Cole enters. She tells him how sorry she is. He tells her he is there to see her. Knowing she is the DA, he needs to know if she plans to charge John McBain with shooting Miles. But before she can answer that question, John appears behind Cole.

Right then, Todd is in his home dressed as Santa Claus talking to Jack.

Gigi asks Marcie why she is leaving the Bon Jour. Marcie replies that even if Mo was willing to take her back- and she knows he wont’, she cannot afford to keep working there. She has broken too many dishes. She prevented Noel from winning the contest. And she concludes that she is just not a good waitress. She is too nervous and afraid that somebody will recognize her. And she knows that sooner or later, Mo will fire her. But Gigi tells her hat Mo is going to calm down and she is going to go back and work because she needs the money.

Right then, Rex enters the restaurant and is making himself scarce while Noel and Mo are arguing about their failed efforts at the bake off. Rex then reveals himself to them and asks them if he can ask them a few questions. They both angrily reply no..

Bo and Matthew are getting ready to visit Lindsay at St. Anne’s.. Matthew asks his dad if Lindsay is going to get charged with murder. What he is really asking is if his dad is ready to give up on Lindsay. Bo cannot answer that. And right then, they notice that RJ Gannon has gotten there before them and looks to be making himself at home with Lindsay.

Todd announces to Starr and Jack that he has to go away for Christmas. He replies to his kids that the guys who attempted to help him find his son failed. And he reveals that he might need to rely on Ramsey to help him. Hearing hat, Starr asks her dad how he can work with the guy who got Cole’s mother killed and wanted to get Cole nailed for shooting Miles. Todd admits to his daughter that he is not crazy about working with the guy. But it might be the only chance for him to find her little brother. Blair tells her kids they need to go upstairs and find the Christmas stocking so that she can talk to Todd alone. He then asks her if this is where she tells “Santa” that he is a lousy father. She tells him that she is not about to do that. She looks more like she wants to seduce him.

Nora tells John that she has gone over the miles Laurence shooting many times. And it does not add up. He has made too many contradictory statements. In response to that, Cole asks her if she is going to press charges against John or not. Nora then replies that Miles is choosing not to press charges. And she is not going to be seeking an indictment. Right then, Michael appears and reveals that he might leave town to find Marcie. Nora tells him he better not do that or he is in serious trouble.

At the Bon Jour café, Noel and Mo argue about who makes the better pie and who deserves to win the contest. She then tells him that she has never won anything in her life and now she never will. She sounds like she is crying. Right then, Rex enters. Mo asks him if “Yankee women” are like that. Rex asks him like what. He replies if they know how to make a man feel like a low down piece of trash.

Adriana is wrapping Rex’s Christmas present and sharing the watch she picked out for him with Layla. She reveals that her gift is not about material wealth. It’s about love. Layla is in awe of her best friend’s love for her boyfriend.

Marcie tells Gigi that she has ways to raise money. She shows her a camera and asks if she can take it to the pawn shop. Gigi tells Marcie she will see what she can do. But she remarks that this must be a pretty “blue Christmas” for Marcie. And she knows that Marcie misses Michael and he loves her and Tommy. Marcie then asks Gigi what she is going to do this holiday season. Gigi admits that she has not had a boyfriend since Shane’s father died, when he was a baby. Gigi admits that she and Shane are going to have a small celebration and she invites Marcie and Tommy to join them. Marcie replies that she would really like to. But by Christmas time, she and Tommy are going to be long gone.

At St. Anne’s, RJ boasts to Bo that his flowers for Lindsay are so much bigger and more meaningful. He implies that he wants Bo to know that he has “won” Lindsay over. Lindsay tells Bo and Matthew that a Christmas would never be worthwhile without the two of them. She hugs Matthew. Matthew then tells Lindsay that he has a DVD of Marcie singing that he’s made for her. And he looks at RJ as he tells them it is “kind of private”. RJ knows that he wants to be alone with Lindsay so he leaves the room. Matthew plays the DVD for Lindsay and she misses her friend, Marcie.

Todd asks Starr and Jack if they can forgive him for leaving them on Christmas. Jack replies that he will be happy when his dad comes back with his baby brother. Jack assumes that they will call him Tommy. Todd replies that his name will not be Tommy. Blair then replies to Todd that he sounds like he already knows what his infant son’s name will be.

In the Paris, TX motel, Gigi tells Marcie that she may not even have to go on the run. Everybody thinks she is in South America. Marcie admits she does not want to go. Last night, it was fun with all of that pie throwing. It made her life seem almost normal. She got to thinking how Michael would laugh if he was there and she wanted to call him. But she realized that that cannot happen. She and Tommy have to move on. She has to find a way to get money. Real money.

Nora tells Michael that she does not want to cause him any trouble. Christmas is coming soon and she hopes it will give him some peace. He leaves. Alone with John and Cole, she tells them that she has gotten a hold of Marty’s will and wants to read it to them.

Rex goes into the kitchen and talks to Mo. He wants to talk to him about how a man should communicate with a woman. He talks about his girlfriend, Adriana. Mo remarks that that is a strange name. And he cannot imagine having a relationship with any woman. Rex tells Mo that he has to take care of his business and then head home to his girlfriend before Christmas. Mo asks him what he plans to do when he returns. Rex replies that he will ask Adriana to marry him.

Back in Llanview, Roxie comes to visit Adriana and Layla and encourages them to have fun with her on Christmas day. She asks them if they are going to be alright without their men. They may not be.

At the Bon Jour, Mo tells Rex that he wishes him luck with that “proposal thing”. Rex tells Mo that what he wants is for him to answer one question for him. He asks Mo if he has seen “this woman” and shows him a picture of Marcie. Mo looks carefully at it and indicates that he knows he has seen her before.

After Matthew plays Marcie’s music DVD for Lindsay, she is touched. She tells him that she knows Jen would be so proud of him. He goes to his dad’s car to get some more stuff. As soon as he is gone, RJ enters and attempts to make Bo aware that this is his territory. But Bo tells RJ that he came there to spend some time alone with Lindsay.

At the station, Nora informs Cole that when his mother thought she was going away to prison for Spencer’s murder, she named Nora as Cole’s legal guardian. Hearing that, Cole does not want to face what might happen. She then tells Cole that she would never try to replace his mother. She tells him it would be her privilege to give him a home and make him part of her family. She asks him if that would be ok. He replies yes and she hugs him.

At the Bon Jour, Rex shows Mo the picture knowing that Mo has seen Marcie. But Mo tells him no. She has not been in there. And he gets back to competing with Noel in the pie contest, not interested in talking to Rex about finding Marcie.

Gigi asks Marcie just how she plans to make money.. She then admits that she has only one thing of value besides Tommy. She has to sell the engagement ring that Michael gave her. And we know that that is a very sad thing for her to have to do.

Roxie makes it clear to Adriana and Layla that she really has Miles on the brain. And she wants to wear something very sexy for him. Adriana reminds her that the man is recovering from a very serious injury. And if he saw her dressed up like that and got “over stimulated”. Roxie replies that would be what she wants. And Roxie tells Adriana that she has never seen her son so “crazy about a broad” as he is over her.

At the Bon Jour, Rex is observing Mo and Noel arguing. Noel tells Rex she is going to quit. Mo asks what he’s going to do now. He has one waitress out gallivanting with her boyfriend. Another one who doesn’t come in to work. And another one who breaks dishes. And he asks Rex if he might want to help him out.

Marcie tells Gigi that she is keeping her wedding ring. She will keep it on a chain and close to her heart. And she will always remember the day Michael gave it to her. But she needs Gigi to take the engagement ring and see how much the guy at the pawn shop gives it to her.

Nora tells John that she is on to him. She knows that he has done everything in order to “make things right” for Cole since Marty died. She tells him that she hopes that he is doing the right thin. And she will do everything she can. He tells her that he is glad that Cole is going with her. She tells him that they will need him too. John talks to Cole and tells him he knows it will not be easy. Not even close. But he has a lot of people who care about him. He has John’s number. He may call John any time night or day. If he wants to talk, John will be there. Cole then tells John thank you. They shake hands and then they hug.

At St. Anne’s, Matthew returns after supposedly looking for something in the car for Lindsay that was not there. He realizes that he already brought it in. RJ then tells the three of them that he will leave them alone. Matthew tells Bo and Lindsay that he wants to go and see the nuns doing the hokey pokey. He knows his dad and Lindsay need to talk privately. Bo tells Lindsay that her court date is coming up soon and they will determine whether she is fit to stand trial. She tells him she is scared. He tells her whatever happens, he will be there for her.

Adriana shares with Layla that Rex is going to be stuck in Texas working and may not be back until the New Year. Layla tells Adriana that she loves her and she departs.

Marcie tells Gigi that she must promise her to tell the guy at the pawn shop that he must sell that engagement ring to somebody very special. Gigi says she promises. And she departs. Alone in the room, Marcie picks up her wedding ring and puts it on her finger one last time.

And at the same time, Michael is putting the wedding ring she gave him on his finger and wondering if he should stop wearing it.

Marcie is ready to string her wedding ring up on a chain to wear around her neck. But she cries and finds it’s difficult to do that.

Todd departs and kisses Blair good bye.

Adriana lights a Christmas tree alone in hers’ and Rex’s apartment.

Rex is at the Bon Jour on his phone to her. He gets distracted when he runs into Gigi. And it seems as though they know each other.

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