OLTL Update Wednesday 12/19/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/19/07


Written By Jeannie

Antonio enters the police department and comes face to face with Talia. He asks who Bo is talking too. Talia says he’s on the phone to the mayor. Antonio accuses her of walking out on the conversation. Talia asks what? Antonio says he cares about her.

Adriana is in the apartment looking at watches online when Rex comes in with a tree. She snaps her laptop shut so he can’t see what is on the screen. They kiss and Adriana suggests decorating the tree on Christmas Eve and Rex says he’d rather do it now because he might not be back in time for Christmas Eve.

Dorian and Blair come home after shopping carrying lots of bags. A man storms out past them telling Todd to find his kid on his own. Todd tells Blair he has to do it himself.

At the café in Texas, the pie contest judge is sampling the pies. Everyone is tense. Shane tells Marcie about last year’s contest.

In Charlie’s room, Viki asks him what it will be and touches the liquor bottle. Charlie picks it up. Viki says okay, that’s it then and tries to leave but Charlie says wait. Viki says she’s not sticking around to watch him throw his life away. Charlie says he wants to leave her with one thing. He dumps the bottle in a plant.

At the café, Marcie goes to take care of a customer while the pie judge explains how he rates the pies. He asks Noelle if she wants to go first or second. Noelle opts for second so the judge will leave with her pecan pie lingering in his mouth. Marcie calls Tommy to see how he is. She hangs up and Marcie tells Gigi she doesn’t feel good leaving him. Gigi calms her down.

Rex arranges the tree and Adriana is mad he’s leaving for Christmas. Rex tries to explain. He tells her about his visit to Michael. Adriana understands and offers to go with him.

Blair questions Todd about who is going to look for his son. Dorian excuses herself to make phone calls. Then she comes back and escorts Ramsey in.

Talia and Antonio talk about being colleagues and friends. Bo comes out and asks Antonio and Talia into his office. He hands them something from the mayor’s office. Crime is down in their section. Bo mentions Talia’s transfer and Antonio says request denied.

In Charlie’s room in Texas, Charlie asks if the dumping of the booze was a mistake. Viki says no. Charlie jokes about pouring the booze on the plant and killing it and Viki points out its fake. Charlie apologizes. Viki tells him he had a set back and now has to come back from it. She says she’s’ proud of him.

Adriana insists on going to Texas but Rex asks about her family. Adriana asks if he is trying to ditch Christmas with her mother.

Todd talks to Ramsey about searching for Tommy. Ramsey informs him he has been relieved of duty due to John McBain.

Talia tells Antonio its Bo’s decision, but apologizes for going over his head. Antonio says Talia stays because vice needs her. Bo asks to talk to Talia alone. Talia says Antonio can stay. She wants out because she can’t work with Antonio because they don’t have any chemistry.

Talia says working with him has been rewarding and she learned a lot but they hit a wall and can’t seem to agree. Bo asks what the double talk is. Talia says they can’t talk so she needs a transfer. Antonio says she’s right except for one thing and they can get past it. Bo agrees and mentions that something personal could have changed but they should work it out. Talia says she has given it a lot of thought but its time to move on. She asks Antonio not to stand in the way.

In Texas Moe orders Gigi and Marcie back to work. They go, but they ask Shane to watch him. The judge coos over the food he is enjoying.

(Musical interlude as the judge eats and we watch Moe and Noelle watch the judge.)

Marcie trips and crashes into the judge. Moe fires Marcie and Shane realizes the judge is choking.

Rex tells Adriana he doesn’t want her to go because he doesn’t want her hurt. He heard Marcie was being blackmailed and he is worried about Adriana being there if something goes wrong. Adriana says she could watch his back but he shouts she would only be one more person to worry about. They argue about this fact as Dorian walks in with a poinsettia.

Todd asks Ramsey if there is anyone looking for his kid. Ramsey says he is motivated and can bring home the boy if Todd helps him.

Adriana asks Dorian why she’s here. Dorian says the door was open. She gives them the poinsettia and hands her an envelope. Inside is an invitation for a Kramer women Christmas Eve. Adriana says she’s busy. Rex asks if they had a fight. Adriana says Dorian doesn’t think Rex is good enough for her. Dorian turns around and invites Rex to Christmas Eve. She says he can be an honorary Kramer woman.

Charlie asks who told Viki he was in the bag. Viki won’t tell. She tells him he has more friends in Paris Texas then he knows. Charlie hopes she didn’t cut her trip short for him. She offers to buy him lunch. He wants to just call this lunch and not a date because he feels like a skid row bum.

The waitresses fuss around the choking judge and Marcie offers to do the Heimlich. The Judge spits and Shane says “Gross!”

Antonio says if Talia wants to go, she can go. Bo says his plan is to keep her around. He says he’ll sign off on it and keep her posted when something opens up. Until them she stays working with Antonio. He says Cherryville is hiring. Talia says make the call.

Talia says its fresh start. Antonio says its retirement living. Bo offers to call the chief over there. Talia thanks him and leaves. Antonio follows her out and questions her about the transfer. Antonio asks if she really wants to get away from him that badly.

At the apartment, Adriana tells Dorian Rex won’t be there Christmas Eve because of a case. Rex says he discussed the gift for Adriana with Dorian. He then walks Dorian out. Rex tells her to expect a visit Christmas night so she can see Adriana’s new ring.

Ramsey and Todd discuss Ramsey looking for Marcie. Blair asks what happens to Marcie.

As the judge recovers, Moe asks who won. The judge says they almost killed him. He won’t let any of their pies into the contest if their life depended on it. Everyone argues and Moe picks up a pie and dumps it on the judges face. Then they start a food fight. Moe hits Marcie with a pie in the face just as Viki walks in.

Antonio argues with Talia about taking this too far and asks what he can do to make it better. She apologies for getting a crush on him and for telling him about it. Antonio asks if she really wants it this way. Talia says yes.

Dorian is at Sunnydale to see her sister and they tell her she is taking a nap and then has therapy. They tell Dorian, her sister is too busy to see her today.

At the café the food fight winds down and everyone is laughing. Viki and Charlie just stare at them. The judge storms out. Noelle tells Moe she hates him, bursts into tears and runs off.

Blair says they should see Marcie’s side of the story. Todd and Ramsey make a deal.

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