OLTL Update Tuesday 12/18/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/18/07


Written By Jennifer S.

John and Natalie have a twist of events. And they wind up in bed together.

Rex goes to visit Michael in jail. Michael tells him that he almost found Marcie. He knows she is in Paris, TX. Rex tells Michael he cannot assume that he has a clue where she is if he has not actually spotted her. But Michael tells Rex he knows, in his heart that she was very close to where he was.

Right then, Marcie is attempting to adjust to her new job waitressing at the Bon Jour café. She knows that she has filled in the position of their “friend Viki” who has left. And once she comes back, Marcie will be out of a job. Little does Marcie know who their “friend, Viki really is”.

In Llanview, Viki goes to find Charlie in his motel room. He is drunk and having a tantrum. He comes to the door and is very embarrassed to have her see him in that state of mind.

Jared goes knocking on Jessica and Nash’s door. She comes to the door, greets him appearing to be friendly. And she tells him that she and Nash are very proud to welcome him to the family.

At Capricorn, Adriana talks to Cristian and Antonio. She informs them that Carlotta wants to make certain that Talia is spending Christmas dinner with the family. Antonio sets his sister straight that that cannot happen. She then tells Cristian that he has to get on track and move forward with Sara. Cristian sets his cousin straight that that will not happen. She tells the two of them that they have to somehow get into the Christmas sprit. At the very least, they have to fake it.

In the jail cell, Michael tells Rex that he remembers last Christmas, how happy and joyous it was for him and Marcie and Tommy. Now he is stuck in that place. Marcie is alone and on the run with his son. And there is not a thing he can do. Rex tells Michael that he might be able to help him in that area. But he’s not certain how.

At the Bon Jour café, Gigi and Noel are talking to Marcie about the famous local bake off. Mo is competing with Noel to see who can bake a better pie. Marcie asks Gigi if Mo is “that mean” all the time. Gigi tells Marcie she mustn’t let him scare her. He’s just like a big pussy cat. And Gigi tells Marcie she knows she has been through a real ordeal having her husband hauled off by the cops. But things will have to be looking up for her. Right then, Shane walks in and shows his mom his report card, knowing she might not like it. She reads it and notices that his teacher says he does not like reading and recommends a tutor. She is not ok with that knowing she cannot afford that. Hearing that, Marcie is encouraged. She has an idea about how she can make herself useful and possibly make some money.

John and Natalie awaken and get dressed. She tells him that she will “go first’. She had a really, really bad day and got herself really, really drunk. And she wound up sleeping with her ex. In response to that, he tells her that that is a real coincidence.

Viki enters Charlie’s room and asks if they can just sit and talk for a minute. She notices booze on his table and that he is unshaven and drunk in the morning. She reminds him that the last time they spoke on the phone, he was very hopeful. She asks if he might want to talk about what has happened after he saw his son. He replies that his son hates him and never wants him to bother him again. And that is not the “best part”. His son has a whole new life. He has a new business and new connections. He is in with rich and snooty people. Hearing that, Viki tells Charlie that does not mean that he cannot be a part of his son’s life. Charlie tells Viki that his son sees him as nothing more than a drunk and believes that he owes him nothing and has no more use for him.

Jessica and Nash tell Jared that they want to welcome him into their family and social circle. They remind him that they know he is new in town, does not know many people. And they might be able to help him get acclimated. Hearing that, he is very suspicious about why they were pretending to be nice to him.

Natalie asks John just what it was that happened. He tells her that they were both at the bar drinking and upset. And they wound up there. She admits that she was not “that drunk” and she remembers everything that happened last night. He admits he remembered everything too. She then asks then why did this happen. He tells her that he was drinking by himself. She tells him that she was seeing this guy whom she later discovered was her uncle.

IN response to Cristian and Antonio’s negative attitudes, Adriana tells them that they are so lucky to have Carlotta. She cares about them and does not pull the crooked stunts that Dorian does. And she concludes that whatever her mother says or does, she and Rex will have the best Christmas ever.

Michael tells Rex that if anybody can find Tommy and Marcie and Todd Manning’s goons, he can. Rex kind of hesitates. Michael reminds Rex how great a PI he is. He can go places where cops cannot and make people trust him. Rex then concludes to Michael that he thinks he is going to take a trip to Paris, TX.

Noel and Mo are ready to present their pies. They ask Shane to evaluate which is the best. He asks them if they want him to be truthful. They reply yes. He tells them that he does not like pie. He likes cake. In response to that, Gigi tells her boss that maybe he should follow his own rules with a little less talky and a little more worky. Marcie then talks to Shane about books that might interest him. She enlightens him about some pirate stories. And she tells him the story about a kid his age with a treasure chest but won’t tell him how the story goes. He wants to know more. But she tells him he must read it if he wants to know more. Mo, then tells “Sally Ann” that she needs to get back to work. Gigi then reminds Marcie that she knows she used to be a teacher and should do it again. Marcie reminds her that she had to give up her license to teach in order to keep her son. But Gigi wants to find a way to encourage Marcie to teach again.

Michael tells Rex that when he last spoke to Marcie, she called and pleaded with him to send her money. And do you know what he did? He refused to send it and told her she was on her own. He told her that she was endangering Tommy. Rex tells Michael that he mustn’t blame himself. He only did it to motivate her to come home. He tells Rex that he met a woman named Sally Ann who had a place for him to stay in Paris, TX. Rex could possibly stay there and see if he can find Marcie. But Rex tells Michael he is sorry. He cannot do that.

The previous night while in Capricorn, Natalie reveals to John that she and Jared were “pretty into” each other and were considering finding out where things will go. And then, clear out of the blue, Nigel opens a letter to reveal that this guy is her grandpa’s long lost son, her uncle. And then things get better. Tonight, he kissed her again, knowing that they are related. She tells John she realizes that this is “nothing” compared to what happened to Marty. He replies that it’s not nothing. She tells him that she understands and realized that they have been through a lot together. She still cares about him and they can talk. At that point, Cristian tells them it’s closing time and he has to kick them out. And then, they go up to his room and he kisses her. And that’s how things got started again. They undress each other and sleep together. And the come back to the present and realize that was what happened last night. The question is what happens now. She tells him she does not regret what happened. They were just two people who found each other again. But it won’t happen again because they are “ex’s”. And they both agree that there are no regrets. She then tells him that for what it is worth, she does not believe for a minute that he shot Miles. She knows that he is protecting Cole. He tells her he cannot discuss this. But he tells her he believes she deserves better than what happened. But she admits that what she wants in her life is Jared.

Jared asks Jessica if she thinks he does not know that he is “unworthy’ of Asa’s DNA. She tells him she only wants to welcome him into the family and give him a chance. But he tells her that he does not want anything from her.

Right then, Charlie tells Viki that whenever he was around his son, he was three sheets to the wind. So many times, he took his son’s allowance to buy booze. Viki then reminds Charlie that maybe his son only knows the old Charlie. And maybe he should inspire him to know that he has changed. But Charlie reminds her that his son said he never wants to see him again. Not ever again. She then asks him if that means that he should throw away the progress he has made for the last 10 months. He asks her why he should see any progress. She asks if he does not have a sponsor or somebody who can help him get back on track. He tells her it does not matter. His son hates him. She tells him she knows that he cannot stop drinking for somebody else. He needs to think about his own life. He deserves better than the life condition he is in now. He tells her she knows nothing about him. He cries. She tells him that she knows he quit drinking in order to become a better man. He then asks her who cares about that. She replies that she does.

Adriana asks Antonio what about him and Talia. He tells her he is not ready to move on. She asks if he is “not ready” or is it “not willing”.? She informs Cristian that she and Sara were talking and she discovered that Sara likes him a lot. But she can see that he is not over Evangeline. Cristian then admits to both of the others that he did make an attempt to find Evangeline but found out she is gone. Her mother took her back to their place in Maryland. And Layla did not even know about it until it was too late. Adriana asks if Evangeline’s mother can really do that. He tells her that she is her legal guardian. He then concludes to Adriana that at least neither he nor Antonio need to worry about what to get their girlfriends for Christmas. She tells them both that she has an idea for them and can find them some killer lingerie if things change in their lives. She then reflects that she wonders what Rex has planned for her for Christmas.

Rex tells Michael that he cannot go away for Christmas. He had planned to ask Adriana to marry him. But he decides he must find Marcie and Tommy. And he concludes that if the Man upstairs has a heart, he will be able to find Marcie and Tommy and be back home in time to propose before Christmas day.

Right then, Marcie and Shane are talking about the pirate stories and the books she can refer him to.

Natalie tells John that it would be disgusting for her and Jared to have feelings for one another. He tells her he agrees. Plus it’s illegal in every state. But she must cut herself some slack and realize they just found out. And she tells him that she will have to see him every day on the board at B.E. She gets to see “uncle Jared” every day. And right then, she catches herself realizing that he cannot sarcastically joke about his situation the way she can when he can never see Marty again. She tells him she is so sorry and asks if there is anything she can do. He replies to her that as a matter of fact, there is. He then tells her what she can do is call him if the “situation with this guy” gets to be too uncomfortable for her. She asks him if he is willing to do that for him. He tells he will be there for her. She thanks him. And she then asks him what he can do for him. He admits that he does not know what can be done for him. But he knew he needed her last night and is glad she was there. She hugs him.

Charlie tells Viki he’s sorry he disappointed her. She tells him that he needn’t be concerned about that. She does not matter in this equation. She tells him of course she cares about him and wants him to be well. But this decision has to be his and his alone. So, she asks him what this is going to be.

Jared tells Jessica and Nash that he appreciates them coming by. He will join the holiday soiree. But he hates eggnog. Right then, he goes to get the door. Jessica asks Nash if he thinks that Jared bought their act. He tells her he thinks he did.

Antonio tells Adriana that he does not see what the point of Christmas is. He gives gifts to his mother and his daughter. But he doesn’t understand what it means. She tells him that Christmas is the time for miracles.

Right then, Marcie is alone in the diner with a card. She writes to Michael that she loves him more than anything.

Rex concludes to Michael that Marcie is his good friend. So is Michael. And he would do anything for them.

Marcie then realizes she has to tear up that card. It could get her into too much trouble.

Michael tells Rex that he met this woman named Sally Ann at this little place called the Bon Jour care. In response to that, Rex makes a mental note of that and is ready to depart.

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