OLTL Update Monday 12/17/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/17/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Rex goes to see Dorian and informs her that he wants to marry Adriana. He wants to do this right be asking her before asking Adriana. But he tells her he will do it with or without her blessing.

Adriana runs into Sarah at Capricorn. She tells her that she has had it with her mother. Sarah tells Adriana she doubts she can top her own “bad mother” stories. But Adriana tells Sarah that her mother got her kidnapped and almost killed and set Rex up to take the blame for it. And she sold her to strangers for her father’s inheritance when she was a baby. Hearing that, Sarah tells Adriana that she( Adriana) has just won the bad mother poker game.

Starr and Langston argue about what Cole should do.

Cole runs into John at the hospital after Miles wakes up in his hospital room. He tells John he will not let him take the rap for shooting Miles. He is going to turn himself in for what he did.

Jared goes and finds Natalie and kisses her. She pulls away from him and slaps him. After finding out that he is (supposedly) her uncle, she asks him what is wrong with him. He must be really sick to do that now that he’s found out that they are related. Does he like incest? He tells her that he needs to talk to her about something very important. But she does not want to hear it. Right then, Nash enters and tells Jared he better leave Natalie alone.

After hearing Rex declare that he’s going to ask Adriana to marry him, Dorian concludes that he is about to be her son in law. He asks her if she is ok with that. She tells him that before she can answer that, she has some questions to ask him.

At Capricorn, Adrian shares with Sarah that her mother will never respect or accept Rex. They both drink hard alcohol. Sarah admits to Adriana that the reason she is drinking and stressed is because of Cristian.

Cristian goes to find Evangeline at the place she is staying. But she is not there. He runs into Layla and demands to know where Evangeline is. She informs him that their mother got a court order to have her moved to another facility in Maryland. She admits to him that she does not like it any more than he does. But her mother did it without asking her. Cristian is very upset and throws over a tray.

Roxie goes to see Miles in his hospital room and admits that she has real feelings for him.

Cole tells John he won’t let him go down for something he did. John tells Cole it’s too late. He confessed.

Langston tells Starr that she knows what Cole is going through, losing his parents. But Starr is very worried that she will lose him if he gets taken to a foster home. She tells Langston that if she had been there for him, he might have never shot Miles. She is very worried that she will lose him again.

John tells Cole he will not let him throw his life away over some stupid mistake. So he asks him to please be reasonable and let John do it his way. Cole then tells John he needs to talk to Miles.

Right then, Roxie is in Miles’ room telling him all of her stories about her marriages and her history. Having just woken up, he tells her that he hates to interrupt her but he asks if there is a point to her story. Right then, john and Cole enter. She wants to protect Miles from them and asks what they want. Cole tells them that he needs to talk to Miles alone. Roxie then tells Cole she is sorry about his mom. But she remembers giving Marty a pedicure and believes you can tell a lot about a woman by her toes. She leaves Cole to talk to Miles alone.

Sarah tells Adriana that she did the wrong thing by encouraging Cristian to go and see Evangeline. But she did it because he needs to find out whether he is going to move on or not. And she needs to find out about that also. Adriana then shares with Sarah that her mother will never accept Rex. Remembering how Dorian reacted when the thought Adriana and Rex were going to have a baby, she would never accept it if they considered getting married.

After Rex tells Dorian he wants to marry her daughter, she invites him to sit and drink with her. She reminds him that he has had one failed married. He then asks her how many failed marriages she has had. She asks him if he knows about the divorce rate or what the cause of divorce is. He tells her he does not know. She tells him that money is the root of all divorces. She then asks him how his PI business is going. He tells her it’s going good. He’s actually had to turn away clients. She tells him he should not do that. She implies that her daughter is successful in her business and might end up supporting him. And she asks him what would happen if they had a baby.

Nash and Jessica go to confront Jared and tell him he better leave Natalie alone or they will hurt him. But Natalie tells her sister and brother in law that she is ok and odes not need their help. Jessica is not ok knowing that Jared is a family member. She tells them she has to go to Capricorn and find Sarah in order to break the “happy news” to her. Natalie comes with her. Alone with Jared, Nash tells Jared if he hurts Natalie any more than he already has, he will be scraping Jared off the soles of his shoes. He leaves. And when Jared is alone, he looks like he has a plan.

Adriana tells Sarah that her mother is such a snob. She does not think Rex is good enough for her and she never will. Sarah reflects that at least her mother gives a damn. Adriana tells Sarah that it’s not that. Dorian has this thing about how nobody is good enough for a “Kramer woman’. Hearing that, Sarah laughs about the “Kramer woman” thing that Dorian has. And Adriana tells Sarah that Dorian is such a clever manipulator and knows how to make her feel bad for being angry at her.

Dorian tells Rex all about the expensive tastes of Kramer women. She tells him that he will have to buy a super expensive engagement ring for Adriana. She tells him she knows many jewelers and asks him just how much he intends to spend.

Jared talks to Bo about how he can tell that nobody is happy that he is Asa’s son. Bo tells Jared that Renee may buy his “act”. But he does buy Jared’s phoniness for a minute.

Cristian asks Layla what her mother thought was the point in taking Evangeline out of the local facility. She replies that their mother realized her daughter was not getting any better so she needs to take care of her herself. She leaves. Finding out that Layla did not even have any say in it, he notices that Vince is there and has probably heard enough of the story. Vince informs Cristian that Mrs. Williamson has the legal power of attorney over her daughter and he agrees that it’s not cool that Layla has to travel all the way to Maryland whenever she wants to see her own sister.

Cole goes and talks to Miles about what happened. He apologizes and tells him it was an accident. But now that he’s ok, he needs to tell him what is going on. He tells him that John is about to take the rap for shooting him and he can’t let John do it. Outside Miles’ room, Roxie tells John that she has declared that she loves Miles. And she does not care what the man she loves did to the woman John loves.

In response to Dorian’s inquiry about Rex’s finances, he tells her that his “tax bracket” is between him and the IRS. She asks him if his mother has any expensive heirlooms. He replies that Roxie is not much into wealth. He then reminds her that after they have had their talks about so many things, he still has not given her the answer about whether he has her blessing.

After Jessica, Nash and Natalie go to Capricorn to inform Sarah that Jared is their family member, Sarah looks like she’s going to throw up. The mere thought that she had sexual interest in him makes her ill.

Bo tells Jared that he knows all about scam artists like him. He tells him that for all he knows, Jared might be his brother. If that proves the case, he will give him the type of “family solidarity” that he owes all of his family members. But if he finds out that Jared has lied, Jared will be sorry.

Starr tells Langston that she won’t let Cole turn himself in. He is a mess. And John is going to take the rap for him. Yet she is very worried that Cole will screw it all up. Langston tells Starr she knows all too well what it is like to be orphaned. She has been traumatized and felt like doing something similarly crazy to Brittany as what Cole did. And the two of them conclude that they are best friends and family in spirit.

After Cole comes out of Miles’ room, John demands that he tells him what he told Miles. Cole knows that John is not going to accept his decision to turn himself in. John asks Cole if he’s going to accept his offer.

Roxie goes into Miles’ room and admits that she is madly head over heels in love with him. She asks if he has anything to say about that. And right then, she observes that he has fallen asleep.

John tells Cole that he knows he did not intend to shoot Miles and had good reason to intend to shoot Ramsay. But Cole asks John what will happen to him after he confesses. Will he get kicked off the force and lose his badge? John replies to Cole that he mom would want somebody to put him first. Cole tells John he still does not feel ok about letting him take the rap. John tells Cole he understands. And he tells him he needs to go and find Starr.

Layla and Vince pack up Evangeline’s things and depart from her old room. Vince asks Cristian if he needs a ride. Cristian says no. He brought his car. And as soon as he is alone, he notices that Sarah has called him. He does not answer.

Dorian concludes to Rex that she hopes that he has thought things through about marrying Adriana. And she tells him that it means a lot to her that he came and talked to her. She tells him that she hopes that she will be there when he pops the question. He goes out the door and informs her that he will spend the rest of his life making Adriana happy.

After Sarah has tried and failed to reach Cristian on the phone, Adriana suggests that maybe Cristian has not answered because they can’t let him use his phone in the hospital. But Sarah takes it personally.

Not far away, Natalie reveals to Jessica and Nash that she is not ok with the thought that Jared is a Buchanan. And the reason might very well be because she cannot have the relationship she wants with him.

Bo tells Jared if hurts Natalie or Renee just because they may care about him, he will regret it. Bo leaves. Alone, Jared picks up what looks like a scarf of Natalie’s.

Right then, we hear music about how they are both alone and missing each other.

Natalie sits alone at Capricorn drinking and secretly missing Jared.

Roxie stares adoringly at Miles when he sleeps.

Cole returns to see Starr. She hugs him.

Dorian cuts pictures of herself and Adriana and when she sees one of Adriana and Rex, she cuts him out of the picture.

Rex is alone outside looking in the window of a jewelry store.

Adriana sits alone drinking shots with Sarah. She gets up to return home.

Cristian sits alone on Evangeline’s empty hospital bed and holds a picture of her in his arms.

John sits and drinks at the bar and remembers the airplane he showed Marty how to make. Natalie sits with him and asks if he is ok. He admits no. She tells him she is not either.

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