OLTL Update Friday 12/14/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/14/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Clint is on the phone with his son, Cord, telling him that he is not looking forward to the thought of Jared Banks sharing a seat on the board. Nigel then tells Clint that he must realize that there are worse “candidates” to be Asa’s son than Jared Banks.

Starr asks Cole what is going on now that Miles is ok. Is he going to get in trouble?

Bo and Ramsey go into Miles’ room to ask him who shot him. He hesitates to answer. John and Natalie are outside his hospital room looking through the window. Roxie appears and sounds like she wants to throw herself at Miles now that he is better.

Dorian asks Adriana what is up. She knows that there is something going on with her and Rex. She believes that she might have some doubts about her relationship. And Adriana reveals to her mother that she does not want to discuss that and there is something else going on.

Cole tells Starr and Langston that now that Cole is better and conscious, he might very well nail him for shooting him. But the girls tell him that he mustn’t believe that. Starr tells him that maybe for his mom’s sake, Miles won’t do that.

In Miles’ hospital room, Roxie tells Bo and Ramsey that they will have to arrest her in order to get her out of Miles’ room. She demands that they let her talk to him alone. They leave.

Renee tells Jared that he can help her shop for some things in a catalog. He tells her he’d love to as soon as he gets back. She asks him where he is going. He replies he has to find Natalie. A “friend” of hers’ was shot. Renee tells Jared that maybe he should not be so concerned about Natalie. Maybe he should write her off.

In response to Nigel’s telling him that there could be a “worse candidate” than Jared Banks to be Asa’s son, Clint asks him if he heard him right. Nigel replies yes. There is a worse possibility: David Vickers. In response to that, Clint tells him if he wants to make him “feel better” about Jared Banks, he has just done it. He cannot believe that David Vickers bilked him out of that money. He weaseled him out of it when his daughter was dying. Then he had the gall to show up at Asa’s ranch and sleep with Dorian. But Nigel tells Clint that it is entirely possible that David could be Asa’s son since Nigel slept with David’s mother. Renee clarifies to them that that could not be the case because Asa had his “thing” with David’s mother before David was born. Nigel asks her if she is certain of that. Renee asks to talk to Clint alone and asks him just what he plans to do with this “anger” when he finds out that David is Asa’s son.

Dorian tells Adriana of her many ideas about Christmas gifts for Rex. She suggests some super expensive things. Adriana replies that Rex would not be comfortable with things like that. But Dorian tells her she needn’t worry about money. She tells her that she wants to make certain, now that she has a foster daughter, that her other daughters know how important they are to her. So Adriana must let her help her so that she does not have to “scrimp”. Adriana replies that she does not have to “scrimp”. Plus she knows that both Dorian and Clint have tons of money and they couldn’t still make their relationship work. So she does not believe that that is going to affect her relationship with Rex. Dorian replies to her daughter that poverty is something that she wants to accept in a relationship.

At Ultra Violet, Rex asks Jessica and Nash if they have any ideas what he should get for Adriana for Christmas. She obviously has more money than he does. And he feels very awkward. They sound like they have ideas. But he sounds baffled.

Sara tells Cristian that they need to talk about his conversation with Blair. He tells her that she wanted to know if he’s concluded that Evangeline was meant for him like she has found out that Todd is meant for her. Sara then asks Cristian what he said in response to that question. He replies that he told her they will find out.

IN Miles’ hospital room, Ramsey tells Miles that he knows that Cole Thornhart shot him. John tells Ramsey he has quite an imagination. John leaves. Roxie approaches Miles and looks very protective. In Miles’ room, Ramsey asks Miles to tell the commissioner that Cole shot him. Miles says nothing Bo says to Miles that if Cole did, they need to get that kid some help. Miles then relives the event and tells them he is sorry. But he does not know who shot him.

Jessica admits to Rex that she was very upset about Marty. She could barely get out of bed and go to work. But Nash did not let her go there. He picked her up and put her in the shower and inspired her to write a nice piece in the Sun. And the point is that what she and Nash are all about is that you cannot “buy” that grand gesture. He knows her and loves her . And all the diamonds in the world cannot replace that. Hearing the word diamond, Rex can only focus on that. He reminds Jessica that he cannot afford diamonds She then tells him that he is the diamond. He is an idiot of he cannot realize that Adriana does not want or expect material gifts from him.

Dorian tells Adriana that she can buy a nice big expensive condo for her and Rex. Adriana tells her mother that she just does not understand. And she knows that this is all about Dorian and Clint. Dorian tells her daughter this is not about her and Clint. It’s about Adriana and Rex.

Renee reveals to Clint that she cannot pretend to know what he must be feeling. But she knows that Jared is the spitting image of Asa when he was young. It may be wishful thinking on her part. But what is Jared was Asa’s last gift to her.

Outside the room, Jared demands that Nigel tells him why he implied to the others that David might be Asa’s son. Nigel tells Jared that he is willing to “go along” with his plan because he believes that Jared is the “lesser of the two evils” But if Jared pushes him any farther, he will reveal the truth to them.

Outside Miles’ room, Roxie tells John that he better not let the person who killed Miles get away with it. She leaves and John tells Natalie that he has to “make things right” Natalie asks him how he plans to do that. By confessing?

In Miles’ hospital room, he reveals to Ramsey and to Bo that he heard some voices but had no clue what happened after he got shot. And the next thing he knew, he wound up there. Ramsey then asks him if he is sticking to his story. He replies yes. Ramsey then concludes that if John affirms that he shot Miles, then John will pay the piper.

In response to Sara’s question about Cristian’s feelings for Evangeline, he tells her that he broke up with Evangeline because she got too involved in her friendship with Todd Manning and he couldn’t deal with it.. She tells him that he mustn’t be worried about sparing her feelings. If he has a future with Evangeline, he will know it.

Dorian asks Adriana just what she and Rex have to show for all the hard work they do all week. They have no wealth or luxury. She tells Dorian that Rex makes enough money at Ultraviolet. And even if it does not flourish, he has his PI business to fall back on. Dorian keeps telling her daughter that she is too young to understand anything. And Adriana knows that her mother is only going into all of this because of her own situation with Clint.

Jessica and Nash tell Rex that he needs to know how important it is to have the person you care about. She lost her friend, Marty. He almost lost Jessica. And money is so much less important that the value that you have with the person you love.

Cole ponders with Starr and Langston about what he’s going to do in regard to his shooting Miles. He tells them that he is seriously considering turning himself in. Langston tells him that might not be a bad idea. Hearing that, Starr demands that Langston shuts up. Cole asks Starr not to take it out on Langston. She tells him she is sorry. But he must promise not to turn himself in.

Outside Miles’ room, John tells Bo that he was ready to kill Ramsey because he believed he was responsible for Marty’s death. Then Miles Laurence showed up out of nowhere. He did not mean to shoot Miles. But if Bo wants to arrest anybody, he may arrest him. Ramsey tells John if he wants to implicate himself, that’s fine with him. Bo privately tells John that that story does not add up. Right then, Natalie asks Bo if he has found out that Jared is her uncle. He has no answer. Natalie goes into Miles’ room and tells him that she knows he’s just been shot and the woman he loved was killed. So her problems may sound silly to him. She asks him what she is going to do if she finds out that the man she has been fantasizing about is a family member.

Jared tells Nigel that if he gets the family to believe that he is one of them, he has no intention of screwing things up. Nigel then asks Jared if he’s really ready to give up on his relationship with Natalie by having her thinking that he is his uncle. Right then Clint announces to them that Bo is on his way with the results of the DNA test.

In Capricorn, Jessica gets a call and confirms to Nash that the Jared Banks test results are back. Nash asks her what if he is Asa’s son. Hearing that, Rex asks them what this is about Asa having another son. Nash then asks Rex if he knows Jared Banks. He tells him that Jared weaseled his way into their lives and their fortune. And now they might find out that he is Asa’s son and he can take everything from them. So he concludes to Rex that he needs to see the value in his relationship with Adriana and realize that everything else makes no difference.

Dorian tells Adriana that although Rex and Clint Buchanan may not have anything in common, they do. They are both passionate women who only want the very best. In response to that, Adrian tells her mother she knows that she is implying that Rex is beneath her. Dorian tells Adrian that is not true. If it were, would she be willing to pay all this money for Rex to have luxuries for Christmas? Adriana tells her mother she knows that when she thought she might be pregnant by Rex, she was horrified. And Adriana angrily tells Dorian that she is going to the jewelers to buy the man she loves a reasonably priced watch that he will appreciate. And she tells her mother if she keeps pushing her, she will lose her.

Starr is horrified when she believes it looks as though Cole might turn himself in for shooting Miles.

Bo goes to meet his family and tells them that he will not prolong the agony because he knows they are as anxious to hear the results as he is. He opens the envelope and announces that Jared is Asa’s son. Hearing that, Renee rejoices. But Natalie looks horrified.

John goes to find Cole at the hospital and demands to know where he has been and why he has not returned his calls. Cole tells John he’s going to turn himself in for shooting Miles and nobody is going to stop him.

Roxie goes into Miles’ room and tells him that she has some real feelings for him.

Rex goes to Dorian’s. He tells her that he wants to talk to her. She asks what about. He reveals that he is going to ask Adriana to marry him. And he wants her blessing.

Adriana goes to Capricorn and sees Sara. Sara can tell she is in a bad mood. They both drink in response to their negative situations.

Cristian goes to Evangeline’s hospital room. But her bed is empty. A nurse asks him if she can help him, having never seen him before and having no a clue whom he is. He asks where Evangeline is. The nurse replies that she is “gone”.

Jared goes and finds Natalie. She tells him she does not want to talk to him or have anything to do with him. But he grabs a hold of her and kisses her.

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