OLTL Update Thursday 12/13/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/13/07


Written By Jennifer S.

At Capricorn, Sara reviews with Cristian all of the things that their new band wants. She also informs him that she wanted to have Blair sing but Blair cancelled. Right then, Blair appears and reveals that she does not plan on bailing. And Sara inquires what the problem is. Cristian reveals it is he who does not want Blair to sing at Capricorn.

Viki gets off the phone from trying and failing to reach Charlie when Todd enters. She tells her brother that Starr just informed her that Cole is in trouble after accidentally shooting Miles. She tells him she cannot believe that Cole would do something like that. Todd replies that people are known to do crazy things when they lose the people they love. In response to that, she knows that Todd is about to do something very similar in response to his son.

Right then, Langston goes and finds Cole in her empty home. She knows that is where he is hiding from the cops. She goes and finds him. But they notice people enter and they hide so that they cannot be seen.

Starr goes to Miles Laurence’s hospital room and asks him if he knows who shot him. He replies that it was Cole.

At the station, Ramsey tells John he better fess up as to who shot Miles Laurence. John replies it was himself. Ramsey tells John that nobody would believe anything he says.

Antonio goes to find Talia and knows she has something going on. She tells him that she just had to put John McBain’s brother in lock up. SO he must forgive her for not loving her job. But he says he knows that there is something more going on with her than Michael McBain. He tells her that maybe they need to talk. She replies to him that if he wants to talk, they can talk. And she calls him an arrogant bastard.

In Langston’s empty house, she and Cole hide in the closet while realtors show the house to prospective buyers. They overhear a woman telling a man that the people who previously owned the house died and made their daughter an orphan. And this house is a “real steal”. Langston gasps when they hear that. And right then, they can hear something.

After Miles Laurence informs Starr that it was Cole who shot him, she urges him not to get Cole in trouble. She says she realizes that Cole may not have been nice to him. But his life will be ruined if he testifies against him. And hasn’t he ruined Cole’s life enough? Right then, doctors enter and tell Starr they need to talk to Miles alone. They inform him he is very lucky that the bullet just missed hitting him where it could be fatal. Right then, Natalie enters to see Miles and asks Starr why she has taken a day out of school to go and talk to Miles in his hospital room after he almost died.. She tells Starr that she knows that her entire family hates Miles. Starr tells Natalie she knows that she (Natalie) sure does not hate Miles.

Bo comes out of his office to hear Ramsey interrogating John and insisting that Cole shot Miles Laurence.

Viki tells Todd that she knows he remarried Blair. He tells her that things will never be the same between them. But Viki knows better.

The realtor talks to the prospective buyers of Langston’s old home. It looks like they want to wheel and deal with the monetary aspect of her house. It is too much for her to hear. When they leave, she tells Cole that all of the furniture and memories are going to be sold to charity. She knows that her parents wanted to give to charity. But there are too many memories of the furniture and all the things that have happened involving her parents and her dog and her entire life. He tells her he knows all too well what that was like when he and his mom had to move out of California and give up all of their memories. And she seems to realize that they have a lot in common, both being orphaned.

Outside Miles’ hospital room, Natalie asks Starr if she had something to do with what happened to Miles. She knows that Starr is lying to her when she says she knows nothing about it. Starr replies that she did not shoot Miles. Natalie says she realizes she did not. But Starr needs to realize that Miles has really made efforts to turn his life around. He does not deserve what happened to him. In response to that, Starr tells Natalie that her dad did not deserve to have his child taken from him.. Cole did not deserve to lose his mom. Natalie tells Starr that Miles is not responsible for that. Miles has had a hard life. He doesn’t have many people who care about him. And she is not going to let anybody hurt Miles.

At the station, Bo privately tells John that if he is lying about another investigation, it could cost him everything. But John tells Bo that he knows what he is doing.

In response to Talia telling Antonio that he is an insensitive bastard, he asks her what he did. He attempts to be courteous telling her that he wants her to open up and express her feelings. She then tells him that it is not an issue that she tells him about any feelings she has since he does not have feelings for her. She tells him that she does not care if he has feelings for her. But what upsets her is that he let her believe that maybe he did have feelings for her. They spent so much time together. There was Thanksgiving. There was the time when she pretended to have this boyfriend that she did not have. He lead her on. And it’s too humiliating for her to deal with.

Viki admits to Todd that she may not know it all but she knows him. She tells him she is sorry that she was not around. But if she had any clue what was happening to him, she would have come home. He asks her if she thinks that he should give it another whirl with Blair. She asks him if he can imagine the rest of his life with Blair. He replies that he cannot imagine the rest of his life without her.

At Capricorn, Cristian reveals to Blair that he disapproves of her getting back with Todd. She tells him that she and Todd are complicated. But they are together for their family. And she tells him that she knows that he has some unresolved issues with Evangeline.

Not far away, Layla tells Sara that she knows she has feelings for Cristian and he might return those feelings. But Sara tells Layla that she knows that Cristian is still in love with her (Layla’s) sister. Layla tells Sara that that should not matter. Sara asks Layla if she could be with Vince if she knew that he wanted to be with somebody else. Layla admits that she cannot affirm that she would.

Blair asks Cristian if he really believes that Evangeline is the right woman and the only woman for him.

Cole tells Langston that he cannot believe how she was able to cope with losing her parents without telling anybody about it and without falling apart. She replies that she felt as though she had to hold it together for them. He tells her that he knows that her parents would be very proud of how she dealt with their death. But his dad’s whole life was about non-violence. And look what he did. He almost killed a man. She tells him that it was an accident. But he tells her that he has one advantage about going to jail. He does not have to go back to the house that reminds him of a life time with his mother. And he does not know how he can have Christmas without her. She then tells him that the one thing that can help one get through it all is friends..

At the hospital, Bo, John and Ramsey find Natalie and ask if Miles Laurence might want to talk to them. She tells them that Miles is ok but they might not want to interrogate him. She then asks John if he is really serious about taking the rap for what happened to Miles. John replies that it is true that he shot Miles. Ramsey then says that John is lying. Natalie asks John why he would lie in order to protect who really did it. Right then Bo and Ramsey go into Miles’ room to talk to him. John wants to accompany him. But Ramsey reminds John that he is nothing more than a civilian and has no authority. Alone with John, Natalie demands to know what is up with him.

Todd reminds Viki that he kind of takes her concerns about his son with a grain of salt. He reminds her that after Miles Laurence left him for dead, she let Miles stay on her property. She reminds him that it was Natalie’s choice. He then asks her just what it was that kept her in Paris for so long. And he assumes it would have to be a man.

At Capricorn, Cristian asks Blair if she is still in love with Todd. She tells him that she has tried too hard for too long to find somebody else and get over Todd. She does not want to talk about herself and her own situation and again asks him what is up with his love life.

Talia tells Antonio that he is such a jerk to let her get her hopes up about him. She tells him that she thought they had a good working relationship and a friendship. He tells her that he wants to believe that they do. She asks him if he understands what she has been thinking and feeling about him all this while.

Vincent goes to find Layla at Capricorn and informs her and Sara that he is going to have a business venture with RJ Gannon and Lindsay Rappaport. He says he realizes that Lindsay might not be able to manage her art gallery. But he thinks he has some good plans.

Blair tells Cristian that if he has not seen Evangeline recently, he needs to go and see her. But he replies that he cannot. Her mom will not let anybody see her except for family. She then tells him that that he must know that he has never played by the rules and he should fight any restrictions for seeing the woman he loves.

Talia tells Antonio that he wanted some sort of consolation after Jessica dumped him. And she feels used. She does not want him patronizing her or talking to her. She tells him they have nothing to say and she goes out the door.

Langston notices that Cole has not eaten. But he tells her he has a lot to worry about. He can’t stay there. The realtors are going to auction this place off. And he cannot burden her or Starr with his problems. She hugs him and he tells her that she and Starr are all he has right now. Right then, Starr enters and informs them that Miles Laurence is going to be alright. Cole cannot get charged with shooting anybody because John confessed to shooting him.

Natalie asks John if he really did shoot Miles. What motive would he have? He tells her he does not want to talk about it.

Bo goes to talk to Miles in his hospital room and introduces him to Agent Ramsey. He sounds courteous telling him he’s glad that he’s doing better. He only needs to ask him a few questions. And then, they will get out of there and let him get his rest. He tells Miles he needs him to tell him what happened on the docks last night. And it looks like Miles does not want to answer that question.

Todd tells Viki that even though everybody loves her, their lives have gone on without her. She mustn’t feel guilty for all that has happened. Whether she’d been there or not, his son would have still been gone. And Marty would have still been killed. And Cole would have still done what he did. Viki leaves and runs into Blair. She secretly tells her former sister in law that she is glad that she is back with Todd. She tells Blair that she knows that she is the woman to help her brother get through his crises. Right then, Blair enters the room to notice Todd arranging a memorial for Marty.

Antonio answers his phone when it appears that Jamie has called him. She asks if Talia will be at their home and part of their lives. He tells his young daughter that he does not think she will spend time with them anymore. Right then, Talia goes and places a request for reassignment on Bo’s desk so that she no longer has to work with Antonio.

IN Miles’ hospital room, Bo asks him just who shot him.

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