OLTL Update Wednesday 12/12/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/12/07


Written By Jeannie

Langston and Starr try to leave for school early so they can visit Cole first. Dorian stops them and insists they take breakfast with them. She warns them not to get involved with Cole. Viki comes to the door.

In Texas Marcie is ready for her first day to work at the café and she has a bit of a melt down about keeping a happy face on after Michael was arrested yesterday

Michael arrives back in Llanview in handcuffs and asks for John.

At the hospital, John calls Cole and leaves a message for him to call. John and Natalie are waiting for word on Miles. Natalie asks who shot him and John has a flashback on Cole shooting Miles and tells Natalie it was an accident.

Gigi calms Marcie down and says they have to get to the café. Marcie is upset and blames herself for Michael’s arrest. Gigi has to practically throw Marcie out the door.

Bo lets Mike call John and the officer’s take him out of the room. Bo talks to Talia about the arrest.

At Dorian’s; Viki and Dorian chat. Dorian informs Viki Todd and Blair remarried. Starr and Langston come in. They tell her about Cole.

Natalie asks John if he’s sticking around to see if Miles will be all right because he shot him and blames him for Marty. The doctor walks up with news on Miles. Miles will be okay. Natalie is relieved. John’s phone rings and he leaves.

At the police station, Mike keeps trying to call John but he gets voicemail. A police officer tells him he needs to call a lawyer. Ramsey comes in and barges into Bo’s office. He remarks that Bo’s force hasn’t found Cole yet.

Viki comforts Starr about Cole. The girls leave for school. Dorian invites Viki to take her coat off and sit for a while. They talk about whats been happening since Viki’s been in Paris. Dorian makes some sarcastic remarks about Viki running away. Viki says she came back when she heard about Marty and plans to return to Paris. Viki says the conversation with Dorian, when they were locked in Asa’s wine cellar, made her realize she needed a change. She tells Dorian she has to thank her for that. Dorian talks about going to Paris Texas and was thinking about Viki in the real Paris. She makes a comment about the chef in Texas and Viki calls him Moe. Dorian asks how she knew his name was Moe?

Down in Texas Moe gives Marcie waitressing lessons. Noelle and Gigi come up and tell her she’ll be fine. They say the truckers will be coming in soon. Charlie walks in with a bottle in one hand, very drunk.

Ramsey busts Bo about not being able to find Cole. He says the shooting was an accident and then Bo says attempted murder isn’t a valid charge.

John comes in and sees Mike.

Ramsey comes out of Bo’s office and tells John to tell them who shot Miles.

Starr and Langston go looking for Cole at Langston’s house. Cole comes out from around the corner and they hug. Cole talks to Starr and Langston. He asks about Miles but they don’t know how he is. Cole is very upset. Langston gives him the food and he tosses it aside. Starr leaves to do something but doesn’t say where. Cole worries that he killed Miles

Natalie goes in to see Miles and holds his hand.

Ramsey tells John to tell the truth about Cole and John says Ramsey is crazy. Mike and John talk alone. Talia goes to the water fountain and Antonio is there. She talks about work and Antonio says “can we not talk shop for a couple of minutes?”

Viki tells Dorian David told her about the break up with Clint. Dorian tells her Clint was kissing another woman. Viki says she doesn’t care. Dorian questions this and asks if she wants to know who Clint was kissing. Dorian refers to that charming and handsome man who saved her life in Texas.

Gigi takes the liquor bottle away from Charlie and Marcie brings coffee. Charlie tells them about finding Jared. Charlie looks at Marcie and says he knows who she is.

He swears he’s seen her before and asks her to take off her glasses. Marcie politely refuses. Gigi says Marcie looks like one of them desperate housewives. Moe comes up and tells Charlie to go sleep it off. Charlie gets up and staggers. Then he starts complaining about his son rejecting him.

Dorian and Viki talk about Clint. Dorian blames Viki because she did the same thing to Clint so now he has zero tolerance. Dorian says he couldn’t accept the fact his own actions caused the problem.

Gigi tells Charlie he has to go home and sober up. She walks him over to the motel. Moe tells Noelle and Marcie it’s a good thing Viki wasn’t her to see Charlie like this.

At the hospital, Natalie watches over Miles as Starr peeks in the window.

Cole talks to Langston about his mother and her dying. Langston tells Cole he is just like her and the shooting was an accident. Cole wishes his mom were here. Langston comforts him. She tells him things get easier.

Mike and John talk about Cole. John tells Mike to call a lawyer and he check on him later.

Talia turns away and Antonio asks what’s going on. She says things change. Antonio says so no small talk, no smiling-just two cops on the job. He asks her if that’s what she wants and Talia agrees.

Ramsey and John talk to Bo about what happened with Cole and Miles. John tells him Ramsey is lying

At the café in Texas Moe gives food to Marcie, she crashes into Noelle and the food falls. Moe yells and Marcie and Noelle clean up. Gigi gets Charlie back to his room. She puts him in bed. He apologizes for being trouble.

Dorian asks Viki is she is going back to Paris. Viki says she doesn’t want to make the mistakes Dorian made by trying to run everyone else life instead of living her own. Dorian gets mad and leaves with spiteful words. Gigi calls and tells Viki about charily being off the wagon. She says he needs her.

Langston tells Cole no matter what happens he will always be a part of Marty. Someone is at the door and Langston and Cole panic.

Starr peeks at Miles and Natalie comes out of the room. Starr sneaks in and tries to talk to Miles. She asks who shot him. Miles says Cole.

Ramsey yells at John. John confesses to shooting Miles.

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