OLTL Update Tuesday 12/11/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/11/07


Written By Jennifer S.

The cops bang on the door the Marcie’s motel room. While Gigi and Michael are in the room, they don’t know what to do. The cops tell them that Michael McBain is a wanted fugitive. He has jumped bail and they are there to nail him. But Gigi tells them that they cannot go barging into her home and they have not found Michael McBain. But they seem to know that she is lying. Marcie holds Tommy and listens from the bathroom not knowing what to do.

Viki talks to Natalie about Marty’s death. She reflects that Jessica has been hit really hard by the loss of Marty and she informs Natalie that Jessie and Marty were really close when Jessie was a child. They were involved, once in a car accident. And she informs Natalie, that what was ironic is that Todd, of all people, saved them.

Meanwhile, John rushes Miles Laurence to the hospital. But it looks like Miles might not make it.

The cops go to Dorian’s home to find Cole. They know that he is responsible for what happened to Miles and he might not be far away.

Right then, David observes what looks like a winning lottery ticket. And he sounds like he believes that Viki has something to do with the “winning number”

Viki and Natalie talk. Viki tells her daughter that she knows it must have been a real experience for her not to be there when all of her kids were going through some challenges. Natalie assures her mother that she does not want her to feel guilty. She realizes that Viki is not responsible for taking care of her or Jessica. It’s just that she missed her. And she tells her mother that she knows there must have been a “very special guy” that caused Viki to stay in Paris for so long.

Meanwhile, Charlie is alone in his motel room staring at two bottles of alcohol wondering what he should do next. He stares but does not open them yet.

Right then, Jared is on the phone with Nigel assuring him that he will not be in trouble of he assures the Buchanans that it is not David Vickers that is Asa’s son. He knows, in the long run, he will be the preferred choice. And he stares at a picture of Asa telling him that he (not Charlie) should have been his father.

Miles Laurence looks fatal.

Cole goes to find Starr and reveals to her that he is in big trouble. He might have killed Miles Laurence. But she attempts to assure him that he has no reason to worry. They will have to realize that it was an accident. He had no reason to shoot Miles. He asks her why she would think that. He has plenty of reason and motive. That was the guy who made his mom miserable. And right then, his phone rings. It’s John.

Downstairs, in Dorian’s home, Agent Ramsey asks Dorian, Blair and Todd where Cole Thornhart is. They tell Ramsey that Cole is not there. Ramsey then tells them in that case, they will not have a problem if he has a look around. But Todd tells Ramsey that is not going to happen.

Charlie sits alone in his room He is distraught and very tempted to drink.

In response to Natalie’s inquiry about Viki’s “man”, Viki asks her daughter why she would assume that everything is all about some man. Natalie tells her mother that she would hope that it would be something important that would make her miss Thanksgiving. She hopes it was something better than staring at the Mona Lisa. Natalie assumes that her mother was in France. But she knows that Viki cannot look her in the eye and honestly tell her that there is not a man. Right then, Viki’s phone rings. It’s David Vickers.

Meanwhile, John is trying and failing to reach Cole by phone. Starr urges Cole not to answer it. But Cole tells her that John saved his life. But she tells him that he must not take the chance. John has a badge and might nail him regardless.

Downstairs in Dorian’s, Ramsey tells them he will find Cole. Todd tells Ramsey he could not find his butt with a microscope. Ramsey then tells Todd he wants to talk to Starr. He knows that she is Cole’s girlfriend. Hearing that, Blair tells Ramsey he is not going to interrogate her daughter. But Dorian acts all friendly to Ramsey and tells them that maybe if they cooperate with Agent Ramsey, it will motivate him to go away, leave them alone and realize that Cole is not there.

Right then, in Paris, TX the cops pull a gun on Michael and demand that he puts his hands behind his back. Gigi is horrified. So is Marcie as she listens from inside the bathroom.

Viki gets her phone, which interrupts her conversation with Natalie about the “mysterious Frenchman”. It’s David Vickers informing her that he got the winning lottery ticket. Natalie assumes that that is Viki’s “man”. And right then, Charlie is trying and failing to reach Viki when her phone is busy. And it only depresses him more. She gets off the phone with David and Natalie asks her about her call. She refuses to share. And she asks Natalie what has been going on in her life when she has not seen her in a while. Natalie then informs her mother that she had a “mishap” with this guy. She does not go into the specific details. But she use the word “incestuous”. Viki asks Natalie why she would use that word. Right then, Jared Banks enters and seems to know that Viki is Mrs. Davidson. Viki is surprised to meet this strange man and reveals that he looks familiar. Natalie then informs her mother that she did not hear the story about Asa’s will. Viki admits that she did not. But what does “Mrs. Banks” have to do with that? Neither Natalie nor Jared can answer that.

The cops inform Gigi that they have reason to nail Michael. He is a wanted fugitive and has committed perjury.

John is trying and failing to reach Cole. He urges him to call him.

Langston overhears the conversation between Dorian, Blair, Todd and Ramsey. She goes up to Starr’s room to find Cole. She warns him that there is an FBI guy downstairs who wants to nail Cole. He tells her that he does not want to involve her or Starr in this. But she tells him it’s too late. They are already involved.

Downstairs, Dorian tells Agent Ramsey that he is more than welcome to search her home. And she asks Blair and Todd if it would not be a good idea for him to inspect the place before Jack comes home as not to both bother him. Blair and Todd tell her she is crazy and cannot do that. But she assures them that Ramsey will not find anything. Cole is not there. Ramsey goes upstairs. Todd and Blair follow him.. He pulls his gun assuming he will find Cole. But Cole is not there. He has hidden. Starr and Langston scream when they see Ramsey pull the gun in their faces. In response to that, Todd tells Ramsey that he has just scared the wits out of two teenage girls. And he sarcastically tells him that they are “real threats to society”. Cole is nowhere in sight. Ramsey asks where he is. Langston replies that neither she nor Starr know. Starr asks Ramsey if he knows about what has happened to Cole’s mother. Wasn’t it tragic? But Ramsey does not care. He reminds Starr that he can get her into a lot of trouble if she withholds any information about Cole Thornhart.

Downstairs, David finds Dorian and asks her what is up. She informs him that the FBI guys are upstairs. He asks her if they are looking for him. She replies that it has nothing to do with him. He then tells her that maybe he should get out of her hair and “take off”. And it looks like she does not want to see him go.

Charlie is alone in his motel room, remembering Jared telling him that the only father he’s ever wanted is dead. And at that point, Charlie pours himself a drink.

Jared and Natalie inform Viki that there are reasons to believe that he is Asa’s son. She is surprised and asks them how Clint took hearing that news.. They reply that Clint wasn’t real happy about it. She asks about Renee. Jared replies that Renee welcomed him into her home. Jared then asks Viki if he can have a moment alone with Natalie. She leaves. Alone with Natalie, Jared tells her that her mother is everything he imagined. Natalie asked him what he wants, reflecting that he might be her uncle, in which case, they both got themselves into a big mess. She is not happy. He tells her that the DNA test has not come back to confirm whether he is Asa’s son or not. He then tells her that she must know that his feelings for her are real. And even if he is Asa’s son, nobody had any way of knowing. But she tells him he has to go. He tells her he is sorry. When she is alone, she is not ok with the thought that Jared might be her uncle. Viki returns. Natalie asks her mother how she could have been “such an idiot”. Viki tells her daughter that in order for one to see “that particular situation” happening, one would have to be a psychic. Right then, John calls Natalie and informs her that Miles Laurence has been shot and it might be fatal. She then announces that she will be on her way to the hospital.

After Ramsey asks Starr if she knows where Cole is, Blair asks her daughter if she will just answer the man’s question. Todd tells Blair that their daughter does not have to answer to Ramsey about anything. Starr then replies that she does not know where Cole is. Ramsey tells her in that case, she won’t have a problem if he has a look around. He leaves. Alone with Starr and Langston, Blair asks them if they have seen Cole. Langston assures Blair that they have not. Blair doesn’t really buy that, however.

After the cops take Michael away, he tells Gigi if she sees Marcie, she must tell her that he will fight for her. He goes away. And not until he’s out the door does Marcie come out of the bathroom. When Gigi sees her, she protests to her that she must know that that man loves her. She must see that.

Dorian notices David drinking her Champaign. And she tells him they must not let it go to waste. He tells her that they must propose a toast.

Jared sits alone in his room. And he says that it is true that David Vickers does not belong anywhere near Buchanan Enterprises. And right then, he sees something that says: “You can have anything you want”. And it looks like something Asa wrote. At that point, Jared is startled and concludes that he should have kept his mouth shut.

Natalie rushes to the hospital to be there for Miles and asks John how Miles is. John admits that he might not make it. She asks who would do something like this to him. John cannot answer.

Ramsey leaves Dorian’s home. David observes Todd and makes a comment about how he has failed to find his son. Todd tells David to go to hell. Overhearing that, Dorian asks David what he just said. Just what does he know about Todd’s son and Marcie McBain?

Marcie cries and admits to Gigi that she loves Michael so much. She could not bare to see him get taken away. But Gigi tells Marcie that she did this for her son. Gigi tells Marcie she will go. And Marcie better lock this door behind her. She better get some rest because she will be taking orders and a lot of grief from all the cowboys and truckers at the diner tomorrow morning. Alone with Tommy, Marcie tells him that momma is going to make some money at that diner and they will be able to leave this place soon.

In response to Dorian’s question about what David might know about Marcie with Todd’s kid, he asks her what she thinks he could possibly know about it. He just likes to torture Todd. In response to that, she remarks that that is cruel but commendable because she does not care for Todd. David tells Dorian he has to leave for a while. And he observes the lottery ticket that appears to be for only $1.00.

Viki calls Charlie. He hears the phone ring from his room and does not answer it. He tells Viki she does not need a bum like him in her life. She hears the answering machine and does not leave a message, assuming Charlie is gone. She looks very sad to assume she might have seen the last of Charlie.

Jared looks at a book of Asa’s. And he sees a picture of Natalie and Jessica. And it looks like he has a plan.

At the hospital, Natalie tells John tat she never had a chance to tell him how sorry she is about Marty. And her mom was right that Marty would be very grateful that he saved Cole. Right then, John knows he better try to call Cole again. He asks Natalie to excuse him, not telling her whom he is calling. He makes another call but Cole does not answer.

Blair tells Starr that she knows she is not telling the entire story about Cole. And until she tells the truth, then she and Todd will decide what is best for her and Cole. Alone in Starr’s room, Langston warns Starr that Cole will be in big trouble if Miles Laurence is dead. She must know that that FBI is not going to give up if he thinks they know something. And they will be accessories to murder.

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