OLTL Update Monday 12/10/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/10/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Blair tells Todd that their marriage is real. She loves him. She always has and always will. But he turns away silently. She tells him that maybe all these years he did not know this. But now he does. And the fact that her love for him and the love of those two beautiful children is not enough to make him stay, then maybe he should go.

Dorian tells David that there is only one David Vickers. He tells her there are 6 David Vickers in the United states, some of whom have big bank accounts. Not that he would take advantage of their identity. She tells him that he has the style and the wit that a Buchanan man would not know if it were branded on his butt. He tells her that he knows he always appreciated the finer things in life and he still does. And he looks at her.

Langston asks Starr if she is worried about Cole being all by himself. She tells her that she wants to send him a text message but is not certain exactly how to do that. Langston tells Starr that it is totally ok for her to want to be with Cole. Starr then tells her friend that she always confided in her first. But right now, she hasn’t a clue what to say. Langston tells Starr that she knows that Cole is out there walking by himself because he cannot do what she also could not do. He cannot accept the fact that his parents are both dead. Starr then asks Langston exactly how one deals with that. Langston replies to Starr that she is asking the wrong person. She admits that she still does not know how to deal with the fact that her parents are dead.

Right then, Cole pulls a gun on Ramsay. Miles Laurence shows up in an attempt to break it up. And he gets shot.

Marcie is ready to start working at the diner. She gets ready, with Gigi, to face the world again. But right then, they hear a knock on the door. And who would it be except Michael.

Rex goes to see his mom at Foxy Roxy’s while she is with a client. He asks her what he should get Adriana for Christmas. Rodeo is distracted and has no clue. She is concerned about Miles. And the client is horrified that Roxy ruined her hair.

After Cole fires the shot that hits Miles Laurence, he knows that he is in trouble. He flees. Miles is on the ground and then falls into the river. John dives in after him.

When Marcie hears the knock on the door, she hears Michael’s voice. She is very worried and does not know if Todd or the police are with him. Gigi then tells Marcie that she has to think. She asks her what Michael would do if he knew, beyond a shadow of the doubt that she is there. Marcie realizes that he would attempt to knock the door down. And at that point, Tommy utters Daddy. Hearing that, Michael tells Marcie that he heard his son speak to him. And they know that Marcie better hide herself and Tommy.

Dorian tells David that she was a fool to let him go. She tells him that when somebody dies as young as Marty did, one can’t help but examine their lives. And she tells him when he walked into her life after all that had happened, she remembered all the times they had together. She admits that when they broke up, she was hurt and angry. He is taking her sincerity with a grain of salt. She tells him that it’s obvious when he is there that she would be herself. And he kisses her.

After Blair tells Todd that he may leave if her and the kids are not enough for him, he is silent. And she tells him it is his turn to talk. He tells her he does not know what to say. But he kisses her. And neither of them can talk. She pulls away and states that whenever one or both of them open their big mouths, somebody ends up getting hurt. And they can never get back to how things were. And they conclude that it would be better if they did not talk for one whole minute and instead hold each other.

Dorian kisses David. She tells him they should throw a big party. Maybe they should wait a suitable amount of time. This town has had enough tragedy. But they should celebrate the two of them. They have both had their share of failed relationships. But people will know that Dorian and David are back together. He asks her if she plans on having an “up yours” party. She admits that it might be that. He tells her that it might give people the idea that they are “back together”.

Starr tells Langston that she believes she should contact Cole. Langston tells her that he needs time to process what has happened. And Langston reminds Starr that Cole has no clue where he’s going to live. And Langston tells Starr she hates to admit it. But Cole needs an adult. He needs her aunt Dorian. Starr tells Langston that Cole needs his mom but she is gone. Langston reminds Starr that Dorian made the difference for her. Cole has many people who love him. He has friends. And when he is ready, he will come back.

John goes swimming and searching for Miles Laurence but cannot find him.

Michael knocks on the door of Marcie’s motel room in Paris, TX. He tells her he loves her and needs to talk to her. He tells her he is alone. She must trust him. He needs to talk. Just the three of them. And he tells her he is not moving. He is not going anywhere until he can talk to her and Tommy. But Marcie hides in the bathroom. Gigi enters and makes him believe that he has gotten the wrong room. He tells her he is terribly sorry. But he thought she was somebody else. He is looking for his wife. He knows he just heard a child’s voice calling him daddy. She tells him that he is mistaken. And there was a child in her room. But he’s gone now. She sent her child off to the babysitter and has to get to work. He then shows her a picture and asks if she has seen his wife. She stares at it and he tells her he knows that she is lying to him. He knows that they are there.

In response to David’s inquiry about what people might think of their “party”, Dorian knows he is talking about Clint. She tells him she could care less what that two timing cowboy thinks. He tells her that by throwing the party to prove that she is over him, she is proving that she is not. She protests that she is so over that self righteous Don Juan. But David reminds her that she found him and slept with him after having her heart broken by Clint and Nora. And he tells her that he’s not going to let her “settle” for him.

Todd asks Blair if she knows what he wishes. He wishes a lot of things. But he wishes that he and she and Starr and Jack were back living in the past where they belong. She reminds him that he has problems with Dorian. And they realize that she will have something to say when she knows that they are growing closer. Blair tells Todd that they may ignore her. She asks him if he wants to come back inside. He tells her that no. He wants to “finish” this. She told him how she felt and asked how he felt. And he tells her that he thinks she deserves an answer.

Starr and Langston are upstairs talking. And when she is alone in her room, Cole comes to Starr’s window. He tells her that he snuck in because he did not want anybody to see him. And he informs her that he is in big trouble.

Roxy knows that she is not thinking straight while worried about Miles. Rex tells her he notices. She tells him she is very worried about the poor guy. He finally got his act together. And then his wife gets whacked. Rex then tells his mom that Miles is a big boy and can take care of himself. They should be more worried about Marty’s kid. But she tells her son that she is concerned about how Miles has his “challenges”. Rex asks her how long she has known Miles and why she should care about him. And he concludes that he knows she has feelings for Miles. He knows that she is crazy about the guy.

And right then, it looks like Miles is sinking to the bottom of the river. He’s probably drowned and dead.

Michael tells Gigi that he has had enough of this crap. He notices Tommy’s clothing. He remembers the stain that got there when he spilled marinara sauce. He remembers when Marcie tried and failed to bleach it out. Gigi fakes her southern accent and tells him that there are many types of children’s clothing like this that are made in China. Her child spilled on that shirt when she fed him noodles. And she knows that he is just a man who thinks he is seeing his wife and child. He then tells her he apologizes. He may be losing it. HE is just terribly worried about the fact that Marcie and Tommy are all alone out there. And he may never see them again.

Blair tells Todd that she feels terribly guilty for all of the things she has done to Marty and to Cole, no differently than he does. And she cannot take any of it back. And she, no differently than he, doesn’t have a clue what will happen. She tells him she will always be there for him. And he asks her if they can go in because he’s starting to freeze his ass off. They go inside together.

In response to David’s theory that Dorian is merely ‘settling” for him, she asks him why she would say that. And they conclude that maybe they are better off as “friends” only with benefits. And they hug. Right then, Blair, Todd, and Langston enter to interrupt them and demand to know what is going on. And David and Dorian conclude that they might not be able to have what they want when there are people all around to pass judgment.

Cole is very upset when he tells Starr just where he went and what he did. He found John and this FBI guy in a struggle. And he heard something that caused him to lose it. She then asks him what he heard. He replies that John believed that that guy shot the tires on the van and killed Marty.

John finds Miles Laurence, unconscious and pulls him out of the river.

In response to Rex’s theory that she has some real feelings for Miles, Roxy admits that she thinks Miles is really sweet and good looking and fun to hang out with. And he does not have a snotty attitude about her the way most people have. He listens to her and makes her feel good. And he has this smile that can uplift her spirits for an entire day. And at that point, she concludes that Rex is right. She is crazy about the guy.

John rescues Miles out of the river and makes a call to get an ambulance. He attempts to revive him but realizes it might not work. Miles is covered in blood and looks fatal.

Blair notices David with her aunt and tells him he looks very “cozy” for a married man. Dorian then asks Blair and Langston to step outside. David is alone. Todd enters and talks to David about what his plans are. He knows he only married Alex for her money and failed to get the money. And he asks just what he plans to do with Dorian. David then tells Todd he is a bit surprised to see him out there. He reveals to Todd that he knows he’s been on a “search” for little Tommy McBain. And he wonders if Todd really has enough time on his hands to forget about his own child.

After hearing how upset and concerned Michael is about his family, Gigi is sensitive to him. She still pretends to be the person she wants him to believe she is. But she realizes that she wishes her son’s daddy was there for him. And she does reflect her own situation. He then tells her that he would give anything to at least know that his wife and child were safe. Even if Marcie never wanted to see him again. It wouldn’t be much of a life. But at least he could live knowing. From inside the bathroom, Marcie overhears. Gigi then asks Michael if his wife were there right now, what would he say to her?

In response to David’s inquiry about his son, Todd tells David that, by the way, if David plans to stay in town, he must stay away from Todd. And if he plans to hit Viki up for money, Todd will break him in half. Todd leaves to get the door. Alone, David concludes that he must have ‘hit a nerve” with Todd. Todd gets the door and sees Ramsay. Ramsay tells Todd he is there to find Cole Thornhart.

Right then, John is trying, unsuccessfully, to revive Miles Laurence. And he admits that he is only concerned about how this situation might have ruined that poor kid’s life.

Cole is telling Starr the whole story about how he fired a shot that may have killed Miles.

John tells Miles he better not die. He better breath. But Miles lies unconscious and hopeless.

In response to Gigi’s question about what Michael would do if he found Marcie, he replies to her that he would tell Marcie that he wants to make everything up to her. And when Tommy came into their lives, it was the moment they had been waiting for. He screwed things up because he could not be away from them. And now he has lost them both. And his life is nothing without them. All he wants is for them to know how much he loves them. And right then, Marcie is ready to open the door and rush to him.. But before she can, there is a knock outside the motel room. It’s the police. They are after Michael knowing he has jumped bail.

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