OLTL Update Friday 12/7/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 12/7/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Gigi goes and brings some stuff for Marcie and Tommy. She assures her that nobody goes hungry during bake-off season. Marcie promises to pay her back. But Gigi tells Marcie that won’t be necessary. And Marcie won’t be broke for long. She has pulled strings to get her a job at the diner. Marcie is impressed that Gigi has some real “clout” in that place. Gigi assures her that after being fired and re-hired by Mo many times, she’s figured out how to keep her job and get anybody she wants in to work at the place. Little do they know that right then, Michael and Charlie are at the diner.

On her way home, Viki is missing Charlie and remembering their discussion about believing in miracles. Not having heard from Charlie in a long time, she is worried. She returns to Llanview unexpectedly when her kids least expect her after hearing about Marty.

Cole pulls a gun on Ramsey when he overhears John reveal that Ramsey shot the tires on the van and caused his mom to die. Ramsey calls Cole “son." And Cole reminds Ramsey that because of him, he is nobody’s son. John urges Cole to put the gun down. But Cole will not. And he shouts that Ramsey killed his mom.

After Nora comes to Dorian’s, looking for Cole, Dorian tells her that Cole is in mourning and she needs to leave him alone. But Nora demands that Dorian lets her talk to Cole. Right then, David appears behind Nora. Dorian notices David observing her cane and she informs him that it is not a fashion accessory. He asks her if she is hurt. She tells him that somebody attempted to mow her down in a car when she went to Texas. Hearing that, David seems to know exactly what happened.

Cole is visiting Natalie when Viki enters. She tells him that she is very sorry about Marty. And when she heard the tragic news she had to come home to Llanview. And they all know that the only next of kin that Marty has is Cole.

Cole refuses to put the gun down and tells Ramsey that John that he will kill Ramsey after what he did to Marty.

Todd concludes to Blair that he is going to leave her. He assures her that she can have the million dollars he promised her. He does not wish to take money from her. He will let the kids stay with her. He won’t give her any grief. He knows she wants to be rid of him. But she tells him she won’t let him do that. He will have to contend with her no different than he did with Margaret Cochran. She tells him if he leaves her, she will blow both of his legs off.

David asks Dorian just when she got hit by a car. She admits right after they parted ways in Texas. And she was left for dead like Texas road-kill. After hearing that, Nora reminds Dorian that she did something very similar to a dear friend of Jessica’s. Dorian lashes out at Nora that she took Clint away from her. Nora admits to Dorian that she did want Clint to dump her (Dorian). Because, she admits to Dorian, Dorian is a selfish, miserable person and Clint deserves better. And she demands, once again that Dorian tells her where Cole is.

Marcie tells Gigi that she will work in that place if Gigi watches Tommy for which she will pay her. Hearing that, Gigi tells Marcie that she is surprised that Marcie would be so gung ho to be working in that diner. Marcie tells Gigi that she would much rather work in that place than drain away the last of the money she has. And they conclude that they will find a plan and make it work one way or another.

After Blair hears Todd tell her that he has to leave, she tells him that he may take all the time he needs in order to process his issues with Marty. But she won’t let him go. He reminds her that he wrecks everything he comes near. And she and the kids and everybody are better off without him. But she tells him she won’t let him believe that. He must know that his kids love him and he is loved and wanted.

Cole holds the gun on Ramsey. Ramsey tells Cole that he must realize that his job is the greater good. Hearing that, John punches Ramsey and knocks him to the floor. And John asks Cole to talk to him privately.

After hearing what happened to Marty, Jessica asks what will happen to Cole Viki admits that she assumes that Marty would have some sort of living will. Miles acts like he knows all the details. Jessica tells them that very possibly Nora will take Cole into her home. Viki tells her that she certainly wants that to happen. And they are all there for Cole. Natalie then encourages Miles to be a part of the funeral arrangements. But he admits that he should not be a part of that. He was not a part of Marty’s life.

Ramsey stands up after John punches him. And Cole pulls the gun on him again. John asks Cole if he wants to throw his life away on a piece of garbage like Ramsey. Cole tells John and Ramsey that horrible things happened to his mom throughout her life. John tells Cole he realizes that. But Cole must realize that he made it all “worth it” for his mom. Hearing that, Cole asks John why he would say that anything that happened to Marty was worth anything. She is dead. John tells Cole that nothing in this life is fair. But killing Ramsey won’t bring her back. And Cole must realize that Marty would not want him to do that. But Cole tells John that he does not care what anybody else wants. He’s going to do what he wants to do.

Nora tells Dorian that Clint is crazy about her. And she blew it by betraying him and hopping into bed with David. And now she is going to take Cole to live in her home. Dorian tells Nora that she is not going to take Cole anywhere. He is part of her family. Nora asks Dorian if she can think of anybody besides herself or a nanosecond. She tells Dorian she must know that she (herself) is grieving the loss of her friend. And she needs to take what little she has. Cole must stay with her.

Outside, Blair tells Todd she realizes it may be hard for him to hear that they love him. But he must realize that it is the truth.

Cole continues to hold the gun on Ramsey. John tells him that killing Ramsey might make him feel good for a short while. But the consequences could ruin him for the rest of his life. Is that what Cole really wants? Cole then asks John if he would not want to seek revenge upon the person who killed his father. John admits that he would. But he is lucky that he had somebody to knock some sense into him. And he wants to offer that to Cole.

Dorian tells Nora that Cole is not in her home at this time. But when he returns, she and her family are going to let him know that he is most welcome in their home He belongs with Starr and her family and all of his friends. But Nora tells Dorian that she won’t let that happen. She knows that Marty’s wishes are that Cole stays with her if he cannot stay with his mother. Dorian asks Nora if she cares about Cole’s wishes. Nora emotionally tells Dorian that Cole is a teenage boy. And she needs to take him into her house. Hearing their conversation, David enters and asks them what is going on.

At the diner, Charlie remarks that Gigi is gone. Michael asks where this mysterious Gigi is. The other waitress, Noel, informs Michael that Gigi has a new “friend” with a baby. And nobody knows this woman. She has never come out of her room.

Marcie admits to Gigi that the last time she waitressed, it was not pretty. But Gigi tells her that she knows she can learn it all again. Marcie tells Gigi that she is ok with doing the job and all the stress. She has been a high school teacher and can handle a job like that. And Gigi tells Marcie that she knows, at the very least, that she will be safe from Todd Manning ever looking for her again.

Blair asks Todd what he thinks will become of the children if he abandons them. He replies that he’s certain they will adjust and be ok with it. She tells him that he needs to step up the plate after al that has happened and be the man that she knows he is. He admits that he has no clue whom that is. She tells him that she does. He is her husband, the father of her children and the man she loves.

Dorian informs David for the first time that she has signed up to be Langston’s foster mother. Hearing that, he is very surprised. She asks him what it was that would make him want to meet up with her back in Llanview after they parted ways in Texas. He admits to her that he and Alex are done. She tells him she is equally done with Clint. He tells her if she loves Clint, she will fight for him. He tells her that the Dorian he knows would put up a fight. She tells him she realizes that. But too much was said and done between her and Clint. He asks her if that means that she will seek revenge upon Clint. She tells him he underestimates her. She is done with Clint. He then informs her that he went looking for her in the Bon Jour Café. And she will never believe what he saw.

At the diner, Michael and Charlie are interacting with Mo and Noel and inquiring where Gigi and her “friend” are.

Marcie is getting ready for Marcie ready to start her new job at the diner. And they talk about a woman who will watch Tommy for her.

After hearing the tragic news about Marty, Nash asks Jessica if she is ok. Jessica replies that all she wants is to go home, hold Bree and make certain that she is always safe. She then concludes that they must both write a will. She has never before realized what could happen if Bree lost either one of them. Nash tells her that they are very clear about what will happen to their daughter. But she tells him it must be very clear and written in stone. Nash then agrees to draw up a will. But she tells him she is very concerned that Cole will not have that. She is worried that without a will and no next of kin, anything could happen to Cole. He could be a ward of the state.

Natalie goes and notices that Miles is devastated. Viki talks to Bo on the phone. Jessica asks what he said. Viki replies that he has been briefed by the state department. And she reports that apparently, Marty was caught in an explosion. And Viki does not know how to say this. But they have said that there is no body to bring back. Hearing that, everybody is devastated. Miles goes off and Natalie wants to go after him. But Viki tells her daughter she must let Miles be alone.

John urges Cole not to diminish his mother’s memory like this. But Cole tells him that the memory of her means nothing after what has happened. And he continues to pull the gun upon Ramsey. He tells Ramsey that his mother never fought back against the things that were done to her. So he’s going to do it for her. Ramsey tells Cole he does not know how to shoot that thing. But Cole asks Ramsey if he wants to bet. John then tells Cole if he intends to shoot Ramsey, he must shoot John first.

David shows Dorian some notification that he was going to work at the diner. And he was going to save his last dollar to come back and see her and make certain that she is ok. He asks her if she has any room in her home. She tells him he is in luck. They happen to have a nice big room with a fireplace, overlooking a pool, with a king size bed. He tells her he would like that. She admits that she could have never made it with Clint. She needs somebody who is passionate. She needs somebody like him or just him. He is happy to hear that but has not told her exactly what he found when he was in Paris, TX.

Natalie tells Viki that she should have gone after Miles. But Viki assures her daughter that she need not worry about Miles. She tells Natalie that Miles is very lucky to have somebody like her. Viki turns to Jessica and Nash and tells them she has missed them. She has missed all of them terribly. And at that point, the two daughters tell their mother that they want to hear all about “Paris." And they seem to know that all of the emails they got from her do not do it justice. And little do they know where she really was.

Charlie is alone in the diner, remembering all of the great yet limited moments he had with Viki. He remembers that she made a wish. He sits alone. Noel comes and tells him he need not pay attention to Mo. Viki will be back soon. Maybe he should call her. But he is worried that he might never see Viki again. And she has things going on. She may not want to be “pestered” with him. But Noel encourages him not to think that.

Gigi gives Marcie the number of a Lonnie Pierce and assures Marcie she can trust her. Right then, they hear a knock on the door. And they are suspicious. It’s Michael.

Blair tells Todd they may not have gotten married for “real reasons.” But the vows they took were real. She tells Todd she has always loved him and always will.

When John stands in front of Ramsey, Cole tells him he better get out of the way. Right then, Miles enters and asks Cole what he is doing. At that point, Cole fires a shot, probably intended for Ramsey. It hits Miles and he falls over.

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