OLTL Update Thursday 12/6/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 12/6/07


Written By Jennifer S.

As John watches the van that Marty is in burst into flames, he is devastated. Ramsey finds him and asks him what is up. John declares to Ramsey that he (Ramsey) killed her. He is responsible for her death. He might just have well put a gun to her head.

At Asa’s, Natalie tells Jessica and Nash that she does not believe, necessarily that Jared is scamming about being Asa’s son. Nash tells her she must realize that it’s too convenient for him to just show up out of nowhere right after Asa died and then go to the reading of his will. He tells her she must realize that he knows what it’s like to be scammed by Jared. She reminds him that Jared won the poker game fair and square. He tells her that may be. But he is concerned that she might get herself hurt believing in Jared and having feelings for him.

Renee tells Jared that it would be a blessing if he were Asa’s son. He tells her that she is the only member of this family who believes that. She tells him that the others will come around. And she tells him that she wants him to feel good about this and feel welcome. She says they will put Champaign on ice and welcome him to the clan. Right then, Clint and Nora appear and Clint informs them that they will find out that he is lying.

After Blair finds out that Marty has been killed, she hugs Cole and tells him how sorry she is. She realizes she and his mom were not the best of friends. But she cares about him and knows how much he means to Starr. Dorian asks him if he wants to talk about it. He cries and talks about how the van went off the road when John found him. And they suddenly noticed that his mom was entrapped in the flames. Todd looks silently at them and says nothing. He walks away. Blair walks after him. Dorian tells Blair that maybe she should just let Todd go.

Ramsey tells John that he is sorry for John’s loss. John reminds Ramsey that Cole is now an orphan. How can he make that up to him? Ramsey tells John that he had a job to do. And John tells Ramsey that all he cares about is his ego. He could care less how many lives are lost. Ramsey then tells John that he hoped he would learn his lesson after Caitlin. John tells Ramsey that he may not have to answer to the bureau for a woman’s death. But he might have to answer to a higher power. Ramsey then tells John he never took him for the “religious kind”.

At Foxy Roxy’s, Rex and Adriana discuss with Roxy what they should do for Michael. He’s in a big mess, both emotionally and legally after what has happened. Roxy tells her son that if Michael needs a character witness, she can help him out. Rex tells his mom that he doubts that would do Michael any good.

Natalie asks Jessica why Jared would lie about being her uncle and choose to make out with his niece. Jessica replies that she knows that Jared is a master manipulator. Natalie asks her sister if she believes that she is a gullible idiot to trust Jared. Jessica tells Natalie that she knows that Jared has a trick up his sleeve. He might possibly want to seek revenge upon Tess. And he might be using Natalie for that.

After noticing that Clint does not trust Jared, Renee asks him if maybe he is not just a bit angry that Asa left him nothing. Clint protests that it has nothing to do with that. She asks him if he really wants to be trashing this man when he might be finding out very soon that he is his brother. Nora then asks Renee why she is so blinded to all the suspicions about Jared. And Nora asks Renee why she does not want Jared to take a DNA test if she is not afraid of the truth.

Dorian tells Blair that she knows that Todd has an “issue” about Marty. He raped her. And now she’s gone and it haunts him. And she tells her niece that she is very concerned about how Todd has her wrapped around his little finger. She travels with him to find his son. She is at his beck and call and ready to throw her arms around him and take care of him throughout his big mess. And what is that saying about who Blair is when she allows herself to be so emotionally affected by Todd? Blair replies that it means that she is his wife.

After finding out that that Marty is gone. Cole talks to Starr, Langston and Markko. He mentions that his dad died protecting them. And she died protecting him. She promised that they would both make it. But the van crashed and he did not know why. Starr puts he arms around him. Cole asks why did she have to die.

Ramsey tells John he needs his statement. John asks if the bureau really cares what happens. John tells Ramsey that Marty is dead because of him (Ramsey). And John tells him there is no way he is signing off on that.

Natalie asks Jessica and Nash what would be so wrong with her falling in love with Jared. Nash asks her what if he is her uncle. She asks what if he is not. She tells them that she is not ok with the thought that she might have been making out with her uncle. Jessica admits that so did she, as Tess. But Natalie reminds her sister that even if he is Asa’s son, he is not related to her (Jessica) by blood. Jessica replies she doubts that he’s related to Natalie either. Natalie reminds her sister that she would like nothing more than to find out that Jared is not related to her.

Nora and Clint ask Jared what he might have known about his real parents. He replies that his mother died a long time ago. Nora asks her name. He replies her name was Valerie. Nora asks if it was Valerie Banks. Renee then tells Nora that she thinks that is enough questioning. Clint concludes that when the DNA testing is done, it will not lie.

At Foxy Roxy’s, Miles Laurence hears on the news that Marty Saybrooke has been killed and he is devastated.

Blair goes and finds Todd. He tells her that he could not stand to be there. He did not want Cole staring at him and blaming him for what happened to Marty. She reminds Todd that Cole does not blame him for what happened. Todd reminds Blair that he raped Cole’s mother. And he knows Cole will always hate him.

After Ramsey tells John that he has always failed with women, John grabs Ramsey by the collar. Ramsey asks John if he intends to kill him because he believes and eye for an eye. John tells Ramsey that he has to pay for what he did. Ramsey tells John the reason why he came out there with him is because he thought that John could do a professional job. Right then, John attacks him again.

After Miles finds out about Marty, He is devastated and walks out of Foxy Roxy’s. Roxy, Rex and Adriana observe him.

Blair tells Todd that he did not ruin Marty’s life. She has a great life with a terrific marriage, a medical practice and a great son. And what happened in Ireland had nothing to do with Todd. Todd informs Blair that the last time he saw Marty in New Orleans, she asked him what they could do together to make it easier for Starr and Cole. And he told her there was nothing he could do. And now he wishes he could have said that he is sorry to her and asked her to forgive her. But now it’s too late. And now Cole does not have a family. He needs a place where he can be comfortable. But he cannot have it because of him (Todd). He gave Cole such a hard time. Blair tells Todd they both gave Cole a hard time. And she tells him that they is lucky that their respective kids have gotten over what happened and love each other in spite of their differences with Marty. Todd reflects that when he raped Marty, she was barely older than their kids were. And he took away her youth and innocence. And he bets there is no way Cole can get over that. He tells Todd that even though she can say that Marty was a great doctor, widow and mom, she will be known, in the news as a college chick who got gang raped. Blair assures Todd that they will not print that in the Sun. But he tells her that Marty deserves so much better than what she got in her life.

Renee tells Nora and Clint that she and Jared are going to have some tea together. Alone, Clint and Nora ponder what will happen in regard to Jared’s impending DNA test. Right then, Nora gets a call from her secretary. She assumes it’s just business as usual. But she is devastated when she hears something and asks the secretary to clear her schedule for the day. Clint asks Nora what has happened. She informs him that Marty Saybrooke is dead. He asks her where Cole is. She tells him she must find him. She cries and tells Clint she must find Cole and give him a place to live. Clint tells her she must go and do what she has to do and keep him posted. Nora departs.

Jessica asks Natalie what she wants. Natalie replies she wants her and Nash to stop trashing Jared and implying that she (herself) is stupid. Until they get the DNA results, can they just let it go. Right then, Miles enters. Jessica and Nash do not greet him. But he runs and hugs Natalie. She can tell he is upset and asks what is wrong. He tells her Marty is “gone”. Hearing that, she asks him why he is upset. He tells her that Marty is dead.

Todd tells Blair that when Marty disappeared, he did nothing to find her. She tells him that she is just as much to blame, assuming that Marty and John had a little thing and Marty must have wandered off. She tells Todd there is absolutely nothing he could have done.

After John is ready to kill Ramsey, Ramsey pulls out the gun and tells John that he can kill him in self defense. John tells Ramsey that he knows he (Ramsey) shot out the tires in the van. And that is what killed Marty. Right then, Cole appears to see them fighting and hear John’s revelation about what really happened.

At Dorian’s, Starr, Langston and Markko are worried about where he went and what might be going on with him. Starr tells Dorian that she and Langston are going upstairs. And she asks her aunt to please tell her if Cole comes back. Right then, Dorian hears the doorbell ring. She answers it and sees Nora.

Blair asks Todd just what he’s going to do. He replies that he’s going to put his kids first. He told Marty he would do that. She tells him he has already done that. He tells her hat when he sought custody of Margaret’s kid, he thought that he would be a great father to him. But what kind of a father would rip a kid out of a loving home.? And everybody believes that the worst fate that kid could have is knowing he is Todd Manning’s son. In response to that, she demands that he stops that and realizes that he is a good father and a good man. But he tells her that after what he did to Marty, and what he intended to do to his own son, he does not deserve Tommy.

Cole grabs the gun and pulls it on Ramsey after hearing John say that he is responsible for his mom’s death. Ramsey calls Cole “son”. Cole tells Ramsey that because of him, he is nobody’s son. John asks Cole to put the gun down and tells him it’s not worth it. But he does not listen and tells Ramsey he’s going to kill him.

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