OLTL Update Wednesday 12/5/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 12/5/07


Written By Jeannie

Viki bangs on the bathroom door asking if David saved her some hot water. David teases her and asks about Charlie.

Charlie is sleeping on a couch and in walks Michael McBain. He asks how he got there. Mike says he offered him his couch because he was in no condition to drive. He offers to make coffee. Charlie says forget coffee and wants booze.

Starr is on her computer when her mom comes in. Langston and Markko arrive.

Cole and John have flashbacks of the van exploding with Marty in it while they fly home.

Talia comes into the café and Antonio offers to buy her beer. She says no thanks and he asks if everything is cool between them. She says sure. Adriana and Rex are on the other side of the room. Adriana is working on her Christmas list. They kiss.

Mike tells Charlie why the “hair of the dog” won’t help him and explains why medically. Then he says he’s a doctor. Charlie says he was dry for 10 months before last night. Mike wishes he had known. Charlie checks his phone and sees Viki called.

David is still teasing Viki to go to bed with him. She tells him to go bus tables. David said he almost made a million bucks and Viki asks where he found a woman to fleece in Paris, Texas.

Gigi visits Marcie and she almost has a break down. She doesn’t know what to do and Gigi says she does.

Langston, Markko and Star talk about Cole when Dorian comes in. She talks to Langston. Langston asks about her ankle and Blair teases her about Charlie. Dorian sees Starr on the computer. They talk about Cole. Starr is upset and Blair tries to calm her down. Starr compares her missing Cole to Blair searching for Todd.

On the plane, John talks to the flight attendant as she questions them about their visit to Ireland. Cole snaps at her and tells her to go away. John tells her they lost someone they care about there.

In the hall Blair and Dorian talk about Starr. The doorbell rings and its Miss Woodrow. Langston comes out and says she’s not cutting school. There were teacher meetings. Miss Woodrow says she has news for Langston.

Antonio tries to talk to Talia and she keeps it professional. He asks how long it’s going to go on like this, because he’s also her friend.

Rex tries to see Adriana’s Christmas list and doesn’t see his name. She says his name isn’t on her list because she hasn’t decided what to get him yet. Rex says he loves Christmas. Adriana wants to leave to be in court for Michael.

Mike gives Charlie coffee and tells him he understands. Mike tries to tell him Jared was just shocked. Charlie says it was too little to late. He’s going to stay out of Jared life now. Mike mentions he has to get ready for court. Charlie is going to call his sponsor.

Gigi and Marcie argue about what’s best to do. Marcie wants to leave and Gigi says stay. Marcie admits to calling Michael. She says after talking to Michael she remembered she loved him. She says she’s been crazy and hearing Mike’s voice made her want this to be over so she could go home.

At the motel Viki asks who this woman was that would give him money. David blames Viki for being the angel on his shoulder and causing him to lose money. Viki is proud of him. David asks if Charlie means that much to her. She says she’s worried about him. David says he had better treat her well or he’ll kick his butt.

Charlie is putting on his shoes as he talks to Mike about whoever took his son. Charlie asks if he is just going to sit there and take it. Charlie turns and sees Marcie’s picture. He says he’s seen her.

Dorian and Langston wait for Miss Woodrow’s answer and she says; yes! Langston can stay. Dorian says we go straight to that godforsaken group home and bring Langston’s stuff home. Every one is happy and hugging. Blair says welcome to the family. Dorian says first we go shopping, get our hair done, pedis and then we go to the ballet. She tells her she is the newest Kramer woman. She tells Langston her dark days are over.

Starr goes back to her computer. Blair goes in to check on her. Starr wishes she could share the news with Cole.

On the plane, the flight attendant checks on them and leaves. Cole says his parents are both dead, what does he do now? John just looks at him. Then John says he’ll be okay. There are a lot of people who will help him. Cole asks what happened. He thought they were going to let them go after John gives them information. John tells him the van went out of control. Marty wanted him to be alive. John wishes he could have saved both of them.

At the café Talia tells Antonio to forget about what was said the other night and she says she’s over it. Antonio asks if it’s making it hard for them to work together they should talk, unless she doesn’t want to work together any more.

Rex worries Mike's problem is his fault because they knew about Todd’s son and did nothing. Adriana tells him there’s nothing they can do. Rex’s watch is broken and they go to leave but Adriana stops and writes in her book to get Rex a new watch.

At La Boulaie Dorian hands Langston a rose and tells her to call her Dorian. Langston hesitates. Dorian sounds like friends, Dr. Lord is too formal. Dorian promises to always be there for her and she can trust her. Langston agrees to call her Dorian. They hug.

In Texas, Gigi watches Marcie pack and tells her if she goes home she is facing jail. Marcie says she loves Mike and it was hard to hear all that pain in her voice. She unpacks the groceries and pulls out a doll for Tommy. She is touched that Gigi would get him a toy. Marcie says thank you. Gigi tells her she knows how much Marcie cares for that little boy. Marcie says she gave up everything for Tommy. Gigi says that’s why you can’t call Mike again. Marcie wishes she told him she loved him.

At Mike’s apartment, Charlie’s says he saw Marcie’s picture on a flyer in Paris, Texas. Charlie offers to ask around when he goes back. Mike says he’s going with Charlie.

Talia says if Antonio doesn’t want to work together, that’s fine. Antonio tries to explain. Talia says they are both professionals. She has to get started on the paperwork. She tells him not to give the other night another thought and leaves. Outside she looks upset.

Mike says screw court. He’s going to Marcie. Charlie tells him the court won’t like that. Mike says he doesn't care, he’s going to Paris, Texas.

In Marcie’s room, Gigi says she wishes she could do more. Marcie tells her to stop doing things. She says that she should have claimed the money. Gigi says there is no way she could do that. Marcie gets upset and says she doesn’t have enough money to run away again. Gigi has an idea.

Viki questions David about where he’s going. David is going to Dorian. He tells her that Clint and Dorian broke up and that Clint found her in bed with someone else. However, Clint cheated on her first. Viki says this is why she left. She didn’t want the drama.

Dorian walks in with candle stuck in a muffin. She says she got a new daughter and she wants to celebrate. Langston says she has everything she wished for and blows out the candle. Starr goes up stairs to lie down. Langston says they’ll wait to celebrate for Cole to get back. Starr and Blair leave. Markko says he’s going to leave and Dorian says he has to stay. If he is dating her daughter, they are going to have a talk. Markko’s mouth hangs open.

On the plane, John tells Cole to call Starr when they land but he says he can’t talk about it yet.

Rex knocks on Mike McBain’s door. Adriana pulls out her phone and says lets call him since they missed court. Two cops walk up. They are looking for Mike because he didn’t show up in court and they are here to arrest him.

Gigi suggests getting Marcie a job at the Bonjour Café. Marcie says she doesn’t do well waitressing and what if someone recognizes her. Gigi assures her they can disguise her and she’ll like the girls that work there.

In her room, Viki says goodbye to David. She’s going to work and he’s catching a plane. She gives him a lottery ticket. He wants to scratch it and Viki stops him and tells him to do it later and think of her. He leaves. She turns on the TV and hears of Marty’s death.

At Dorian’s they are all sitting around and Markko finds something about Cole on the computer and they turn on the TV. Outside, John and Cole arrive at the door. Johns says he can stay at his place tonight. He’ll pick Cole up later. Cole rings the bell. Starr answers and throws herself in his arms. John leaves. Dorian, Blair and the other kids hear of Marty’s death on the TV as Cole tells Starr about it while they are outside on the porch.

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