OLTL Update Tuesday 12/4/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 12/4/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Knowing she is broke, Marcie calls Michael. He urges her to tell him where she is and offers to pick her up. But she does not want to tell him nor see him. She tells him she just needs him to wire her a million dollars.

At Asa’s home, Jared tells Nigel that he is very disenchanted by the speculation that he is Asa’s son. But Bo and Clint believe that he is a con. He tells them that he used to believe that the world owed him something But he finally changed. They ask what he means. He tells them he met a girl who set him up because it was “fun”. He tells them that his life was ruined. Before meeting her, he was putting himself through business school and had a successful life. Clint tells Jared that he knows that it was a bit too convenient for Jared to find his family as soon as he got released from prison Then he blackmailed Natalie into hiring him at B.E. Bo asks him if he knows about the letter that stated that he was Asa’s son. Jared protests that he had no clue about it. And Bo and Clint wonder why Nigel finally decided when the right time would be to reveal that Jared is Asa’s son. And what made him decide that the “right time” would be today.

Charlie sits at table by himself in the crowded bar. And he remembers Viki encouraging him to find his son and to not lose heart. And he gets up and walks out the door. He then hears Jared telling him that he wants nothing from him and that he has screwed everything up in Jared’s life. Right then, a bartender finds Charlie and brings him the vodka on the rocks that he ordered. And from being discouraged remembering what Jared told him, he takes the drink from the bartender.

Michael asks Marcie what she needs a million dollars for. She tells him that she has been blackmailed. She admits that Todd is offering a “reward” to find Tommy. And this person has found her out and is threatening to turn her in in order to get Todd’s reward.

Right then, David finds Viki. She can tell that something is up with him. She has seen him coming out of Gigi’s mysterious friend’s room. And he makes her believe that he is sleeping with Gigi’s friend.. Viki asks David if it is not too soon and asks why he would want to be in that room with that woman and her baby.. Right then, we see that only David and the baby are in the room.

In Ireland, after the car accident, John goes looking for Cole but cannot find him.

Nigel replies to Clint and Bo’s question about why he revealed Asa’s son now. He attempts to answer but reveals to them that he is very uncomfortable. Bo tells Jared that it’s too coincidental that he gets invited to Asa’s ranch right when Asa’s will is being read. And it just so happens that he finds out that he is Bo’s kid brother. Jared asks Bo what he is implying. Bo tells Jared he is not implying anything. He is a cop and has instincts about suspicious matters like this. And he tells Jared that he already knew what was in that letter before coming out to Texas.

Michael tells Marcie that the cops are watching every move that he makes. Not only Bo and John, but Rex and Todd and everybody. He admits to her that he is losing it. Todd threatened him at knife point the other day. Hearing that, she is hysterical that Todd might have hurt him. He tells her he was only disappointed that Todd did not end his life. Hearing that, she is very upset to know that her husband is losing it and she cannot be there for him. But he tells her that if he finds any way to wire her the million dollars, he will be in trouble.

Viki tells David that she finds it very strange that when she has never met Gigi’s friend because she never leaves her room nor talks to anybody, that she would finally trust her baby in the hands of a total stranger. And she asks him why he would “volunteer” to take care of her baby when she was out. He replies that he did not volunteer. He tells her he has been paid very “handsomely” for his “service”.

Marty tells John that she since cannot get up after the accident, she needs for somebody she can trust, namely him, to go out and find her kid. She asks if he can do that for her. John then goes and rushes in and attempt to find Cole.

Viki tells David that she doubts he will ever make “ends meet” as a babysitter. So she asks why he doesn’t just let her ask Mo to hire him at the diner. She tells him that it really is rewarding to work at the diner. He tells her that babies are rewarding. She then walks in and notices the baby, having no clue whom he really is. And she mentions to David that she keeps thinking about “poor Todd” And she knows that his son would probably be the same age as this child.

Marcie hysterically tells Michael that he must find a way to get the money. But he tells her that he got suspended from the hospital. And his credit rating is ruined. She tells him if he loves her, he will find a way. He then tells her how dare she say that. But he cannot help her. She asks if he can’t or won’t. He tells her that he cannot sleep or eat or do anything. He lives in fear that every time he picks up the phone he is worried that he will find out that she has been arrested or hurt or killed. He cries. He tells her he cannot help her because what she is doing to Tommy is worse than what Todd is doing. At that point, she hears a recording telling her that she must deposit more money in order to talk longer. She drops the pay phone hysterically. Michael turns away looking distraught. And Charlie is not far away finding rationalizations to drink.

Jared tells Clint and Bo that they must know that “the old man” had very similar traits than what he has. He asks them why they suspect him when he says he does not want to be a Buchanan nor have any part of this. But they still believe that he is lying. He asks them if they distrust Nigel. Clint replies that Nigel’s loyalty is not in question. Natalie then asks why they don’t just have a DNA test to prove once and for all the undisputed facts. Bo replies that that works for him.

John finds Cole. He is all bloody and unable to move. John tells him he must stay put and he will be back for him. Cole tells John he cannot do that. But John reminds him that his mother cannot live without him. So he better stay put. But right at that moment, the van where Marty is still entrapped blows up. Cole screams to his mom.

Jared tells Bo and Clint he has no trouble submitting to a DNA test. He asks if a hair sample will work remembering that he pulled David’s hair for that very plan. Bo says sure as long as they get a follicle.

Viki tells David that she knows her brother must be going through hell. But she also had no idea that Marcie and Michael adopted Todd’s baby. And now she hears that Marcie is on the run. She feels for Marcie and does not want anything terrible to happen to her. She believes that it will devastate Marcie to lose her child and she believes that Marcie had every right to do what she did.. Hearing that, David asks her if she is not more concerned about her brother than about Marcie, knowing that that is Todd’s child and not Marcie’s. She tells David yes. She realizes that. But Marcie has raised him and she should have rights to her child. When she hears David sounding like he is defending Todd, she asks why he would care about Todd’s well-being knowing there is no love lost between the two of them. She then asks David if he would not consider applying for work at the diner. She tells him that he will make her so proud of he considers it. He leaves him alone in the room with Tommy. And at that point, he seems to have doubts about double-crossing Marcie.

At the bar, Michael drinks more. The bartender tells him he might want to take it easy on the booze. Charlie tells him that that will not solve anything. Michael tells him it might, at the very least, help him to forget. Even if it’s just for tonight.

Marcie returns to the motel room. David tells her Tommy is fine and has slept like a baby. She confesses to him that she does not have the money nor any way to get it. So she wants him to have her engagement ring. She hands it to him. But he cannot take it, after listening to Viki.

Natalie asks to talk to Jared in private. He asks her how she is doing. She asks if he means considering that she may have been making out with her uncle for the past week. He tells her she must believe that he knew nothing about this. They sit together on the steps. She asks him if he told her dad that Tess was the one to set him up and send him to prison. He replies no. And she thanks him for not revealing that to Clint.. He tells her that there is a part of him that hopes that this DNA test comes back negative. And he tells her that he is sorry.

Michael tells Charlie that his whole life has gone to crap and it’s his own fault. He tells him that nothing will ever be alright again. He may appear to be feeling sorry for himself. But he does not care. Charlie tells Michael he knows all too well what he is feeling. And from overhearing Michael talking about losing his child, he has some very strong feelings about noticing what Michael is going through.

Marcie tells David that all she needs is a little bit of time. But he tells her she must stop this. He tells her he does not want her jewelry and will not turn her in. She hears that and is very surprised.

Bo tells Clint that they will know “the story” soon enough. But they still won’t know what Jared Banks is really up to. Bo goes out the door. Natalie tells Jared that she has to leave also. She goes out the door. Alone, Jared does not know what to do. So he gets up and goes out the door.

David hands back Marcie’s engagement ring. She asks if he really does not intend to turn her in. She asks if he is not going to go and find Todd and tell him where to find her. He admits that that would be such a good idea. He needs to think. But he is not going to do that. She asks if he can tell her how or why he could change his mind. He replies that he has been motivated to be a better person. She laughs and tells him that she is amazed. He then tells her that she has to get out of town soon. And she needs to watch her back and be cautious and look out for all of the things out there that she cannot trust. But for now, her secret is safe with him.

Viki then gets on her phone and attempts to call Charlie. But he does not answer his cell phone. And little does she know that he’s in Llanview. Charlie says to Michael: “Here is to fathers and sons”. And he drinks

John and Cole sit and watch the van blow up and believe that Marty has been killed.

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