OLTL Update Monday 12/3/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 12/3/07


Written By Jennifer S.

In Ireland the thugs look to be driving a van with Marty and Cole in it. John and Agent Ramsey run to catch them and stop the van. But it looks like it’s too late when it falls down a cliff.

Right then, Starr is in the coffee shop with posters of Cole and Marty. She approaches a bartender and asks if he can post them because these two people are missing. He tells her he is happy to help. He knows Dr. Saybrooke and her son. Not far away, she notices Michael sitting by himself and drinking. She can see that he is very depressed. He tells her that he has been trying and failing to find Marcie and his son. And he’s not having any better of a time of it than she is in finding Cole.

David goes to find Marcie in her motel room. After hearing Viki informing him that Marcie took Todd’s child from him, David has managed to put two and two together in figuring out whom this strange woman with the wig and southern accent really is.

Jared enters Asa’s home with the startling revelation that he is Asa’s son. And not far behind him, Charlie appears.

David tells Marcie that he knows that the baby she is holding in her arms is really Todd’s child. And he is coming there to “collect”. He tells her he wants to come in and talk to her. She asks him not to go through with this. He tells her that all he cares about is the fact that he has no money. She asks him if he really wants to do that to a little boy. He asks her if she thinks he will care. She asks him if he realizes all the sacrifices she has made. He replies that he’s certain that she can make another book out of that. She asks if everything is a joke to him. He reminds her that he needs money. Todd can provide that for him. And he knows that that child is not hers’ She protests to him that she has given up her life for that child. She gave up her husband, her friends and family and her teaching career for him. He responds to her that he understands the passion she has for Tommy. He has the very same thing for money.

Michael reminds Starr that he adopted Tommy for a short time and regrets having to give him up. But it’s an impossible situation for Marcie and for Michael and for Todd and his family as well as for Marty and Cole. And it looks like nobody is going to win in this situation. Starr is silent realizing he is probably right.

At Asa’s Llanview home, Jared sees Charlie, pulls him outside and demands to know what he is doing there. It seems as though they know each other. Charlie replies to Jared that he is Jared’s father and asks his son if he needs a reason.

Jared asks Charlie why he has suddenly reappeared. Does he want money? Charlie asks his son not to think things like that. Jared tells his father he does not need him. He’s gotten by on his own throughout his life without him. And he does not believe his father will ever change. Charlie protests that he is doing the AA program and will never drink again. Jared asks him when the last time was when he heard that empty promise. But Charlie tells Jared he wants to make amends for all the people whom he has hurt. And he wants Jared back in his life.

In response to Clint’s, Bo’s and Nigel’s conversation about Jared being Asa’s son. Natalie tells them that it’s very hard to believe. Jared never before said anything about being Asa’s son. But they know that the man who just entered (Charlie) might know something about it which they do not.

David tells Marcie he knows all about “values”. He knows about expensive shoes, poolside resorts and fresh flowers that people tend and grow for him. She tells him that she is really happy to think that he will be able to live in the lap of luxury after taking her son away from her. He tells her that he does not feel guilt anymore. And even if he did, he paid for it. She reminds him that he never like Todd. Why is he siding with him? He replies that he is not siding with Todd. But Todd is cutting the check. It’s merely a business deal. He also reminds her that John is out looking for her. Michael wants his “little Mrs.” back. So he asks her just whom she wants him to call first. Jon McBain or Michael McBain?

Starr can tell that Michael is upset no differently than she is.. He tells her that he begged Marcie to come home. Starr asks him what she said. He replies that she said he should forget him. Starr tells him she is sorry. He replies that you never know what life is going to throw at you. She looks at the picture of Cole and realizes that may be true.

John and Agent Ramsey run after the van and attempt to save Marty and Cole. John busts the window open.

Michael tells Starr that she must believe that his brother will find her little brother. He tells her he realizes she is angry at his wife. He is too. But she must realized that when Marcie sets her mind to something she does it. And Starr must realize that Marcie only wants what’s best for Tommy. And Marcie always told him how highly she thought of Starr. She was very concerned about what would happen to Starr in the trial. Hearing that, Starr seems to really appreciate knowing that Marcie McBain told her husband how much she valued Starr. Starr tells Michael she realizes that Marcie is a good mother to her little brother. But she went too far. He concludes that Marcie did the wrong thing for the right reason.

Jared tells Charlie that he had to take care of himself without his father. He worked hard and put himself through business school and made something of himself without his father. He has no more use for him. Charlie tells his son that he realizes he cannot make up for all of the things he’s done. But he tells Jared he is his son and he loves him. He realizes there is a hole in Jared’s heart where he used to be. And he knows that Jared cannot just forgive him so quickly and easily. But all he is asking for is another chance. He urges Jared not to shut him out.

After reflecting upon the possibility that Jared might be Asa’s son, Natalie tells her dad that she may have been making out with her uncle and not knowing it. She just wishes she knew the truth. Clint tells his daughter they will get to the bottom of this. He gets a call from Dorian but ignores it. Right then, Dorian is in her home very angry that Clint is ignoring her.

After David makes his threats, Marcie cries and tells him he cannot do that to her. He tells her she is upsetting the kid. He tells her he’s going to leave her some day. It’s called growing up. But she tells him that Tommy is not even two years old. She tells David she knows that somebody has hurt him. She knows that he is damaged and wounded. And that is why he does the stupid things he does. But somewhere there must be a soul in him. So she is begging him not to take her son from her. And at that point, it looks like he might relent. Right then, Tommy cries. David tells her she has to get it together for the kid. He does not belong to her. He then concludes that he is not heartless. Not completely. So he will not call the police. She asks if that is true. He tells her that he realizes she is in a desperate situation. So he will not turn her in. She rushes and hugs him. He tells her he will not do what he had previously intended as long as she can “match the reward”.

Starr asks Michael what will happen when they find Marcie and Tommy. Michael replies that Marcie will go to jail and they will never be able to see Tommy again. She tells him that as soon as her dad calms down, he won’t hurt Marcie. Michael then asks her what she thinks would have happened if Todd adopted a child and then found out that he (himself) was the birth father. Does she think that Todd would have done any differently than he did?

Bo calls the station and realizes he has not heard from John. He then asks Clint and Natalie just how long they should wait for Jared Banks and his “friend” to finish their talk. Clint then asks Nigel if Asa ever told him that Jared Banks was his son. Nigel replies that he never did.

Jared asks Charlie just what he wants from him. Charlie replies that he thought there might be something that they want from each other. Jared tells his father no way. Charlie then asks Jared just whom these people in this house, these “Buchanans” are to him. Jared does not answer that question. But he tells his father that he remembers being a child and waking up to hear his mother crying after daddy gotten drunk and left her. And he used to pretend that he had a father who was strong and honorable. And he has long since forgotten Charlie. Charlie protests that his son cannot do that to him. Jared tells Charlie that the only father he ever had is dead. And not far away, Dorian is standing hiding in the bushes hearing their conversation.

Bo and Clint say that it is ridiculous that they have to wait for Jared to finish talking to Charlie. But Natalie tells them it will take as long as it must take. Right then, Matthew enters and asks them what is going on. Bo then takes his son inside. He explains to Matthew that he remembers when they read Asa’s will. And there was a letter that Asa left for Nigel that declared that he had another son. And he left it up to Nigel to decide when and how to tell them about it. Matthew asks if it means that he has another uncle. He asks if they have a clue whom it would be. Bo replies that it might be somebody whom Matthew knows. They believe it might be Jared Banks. But Clint tells Matthew they do not know for certain. Natalie tells them that she does not believe for a moment that Jared is her uncle.

Jared tells Charlie that he is not going to get into his good graces so quickly and easily after what he did. Charlie replies that he has this terrible “disease”. Jared then asks if that is what they are calling and if that is the excuse he will give for his behaviors. Knowing that he won’t get through to his son at this time, Charlie tells Jared that he hopes he can make peace with whatever is going on in his life because that’s all he ever wanted for Jared. He says good bye to Jared and leaves. Right then, Dorian listens to them unseen.

John goes and finds unconscious Marty and attempts to revive her. But they cannot find Cole.

David tells Marcie that she has to find a way for him to come up with a million dollars. She tells him that she cannot afford diapers or food in this place. He then tells her that he guesses he will be calling Todd. She then tells him that she can come up with the money. But he tells her that he needs her to put the phone down. He doesn’t want her rushing off in the car with the kid. He needs to keep Tommy safe. And she must trust him with Tommy. She does not seem to want to do that but realizes she has no choice. She gives Tommy to David. He holds Tommy away from him and is completely uncomfortable.

After overhearing Charlie and Jared’s conversation, Dorian returns home and writes: “Charlie Banks?”

Charlie goes to Rodi’s and observes the bar atmosphere. He looks very upset and tempted to relapse.

Starr tells Michael that she was able to post many pictures of Marty and Cole. And he asks her to conclude that they must keep their little talk a secret. She realizes that most people would assume that the two of them are enemies. He tells her that he is not her enemy. She then turns and asks him to try not to hate her dad so much. He tells her he will if she can remember that she cares for Marcie. Right then, Michael gets a call and it looks like it’s Marcie. Not far away, Charlie is sitting by himself at a table.

David is sitting alone in the motel room with Tommy talking to him. He tells him that he does not intend to hurt his mother. He just needs to look out for his interests. He has to have survival instincts. And he needs Tommy to know that you cannot count on most people. Family and friends will abandon you. But money will always work for you.

At Rodi’s, the bartender asks Charlie if he can get him anything. Charlie does not respond but stares at a bottle of alcohol.

John and Marty are worried that they cannot find Cole.

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