OLTL Update Friday 11/30/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/30/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Clint and his family are all wondering just whom Asa’s mysterious son is. And they know that only Nigel holds all the cards.

At the Bon Jour Café, Gigi and the other waitress (Noel) ask Viki just whom this “hunk” was who stayed in her motel room last night. She tells them again, that David is an old friend who merely needed a place to stay. And realizing that they might be interested in him if he is not “taken”, she warns them that David is a very handsome pile of trouble.

Right then, David runs into Marcie and knows that he must know her from somewhere. But when he sees her wig, he cannot identify exactly whom she is.

Todd is in his office obviously up to no good when Starr goes looking for her father. He asks her if she is not supposed to be back in school. She tells him that she had to leave because too many people had questions about Cole. He then asks her if she’s heard of a website about missing children. He shows her the one in which he posted to find his son. She is impressed. He then suggests that they set up something for Cole.

John and Ramsey go in and attempt to save Marty and Cole from the thugs. And John motions to Marty that he wants her to keep quiet about his being there. He knows he will get in trouble if he is found out. Ramsey tells John that he knows that Simon is “their boy”. He’s been after him for years. But he warns John that there is a little more at stake than his “love life” with Marty. Simon then grabs Marty and demands that she gives him the names. She acts afraid and unaware that John and Ramsey are nearby. Right then, John and Ramsey disarm the thugs and demand that they let go of Marty and Cole. But Simon tells them that they are going to shoot John and Ramsey. The thugs hold them both down on the ground and pull the guns on them.

Starr asks her dad if he thinks that Cole and Marty left the country. He tells her that one never knows. He shows her how he’s been tracking Marcie. She asks him what kinds of people go on the site. He admits that lots of stalkers and murderers do. She then asks him what if Mrs. McBain changes her appearance.

David tells Marcie he must know her. She speaks with a southern accent so he won’t assume he’s met her in Llanview. He tells her he knows she’s an old schoolmate who had a crush on him in high school. But she tells him that is not possible. She is at least ten years younger than he is.

Natalie and Jared are kissing. Inside the office, Nigel reveals to Clint that Asa declared that Jared Banks is his son.

Jared tells Natalie that he is not saying good bye. She tells him it sure looked that way. He informs her that her dad and uncle just found out that he spent time in prison. So they’ll never accept him. She asks if he did not explain to them that Tess set him up. He then tells her that he is glad that she fired him. She tells him that it’s best that he did not have a Buchanan for a boss. He knows too much about her. He believes that she is an incredible woman and he does not want to change a thing. She asks then what is up with him. He holds her and tells her he just wants her to know how he feels. She tells him that she knows that he is not the man whom Jess and Nash say he is.

After Nigel reveals to Bo and Clint that Jared is their “Brother”, they find it hard to believe. Nigel assures them that they may have Asa’s writing analyzed. Bo and Clint really doubt that it’s true.. Isn’t it too coincidental that this guy so conveniently just showed up out of nowhere only weeks after their father died? They also don’t see that he looks anything like Asa. Clint asks his brother if they really want “that jailbird” to be their father’s son. Bo replies that if Jared is their biological family, what choice to they have? Clint replies that they have all the choice in the world.

Charlie goes looking for “his son” whom he believes is Jared. Nash answers the door. Finding out that this man is looking for Jared, Nash warns Charlie that Jared is a no good sleaze ball. Charlie does not reveal to Nash that Jared is his son but asks Nash what kind of a man he is. Nash admits that he did not want to go into business with Jared. He blackmailed his way into Nash’s vineyard and into Nash’s wife’s company, Nash tells Charlie. In response to that, Charlie tells Nash he is sorry. Hearing that, Nash asks Charlie why he would be sorry for the behaviors of Jared when he doesn’t even know him.

At the Bon Jour diner, Viki asks Gigi what happened to her “friend” at the motel. She asks Gigi if she still wants her to meet her friend. Gigi does not know how to respond to that.

David goes to Marcie’s door and wants her to let him in. But she slams the door in his face. He asks her if she has a kid in their. She then gathers all of her stuff and tells Tommy it’s time for them to leave this place. And this time, they are going somewhere where nobody will find them.

Viki tells Gigi that she could just go and talk to this new friend of Gigi’s. Gigi does not know how to respond to that. She tells Viki that her friend is kind of “shy”. Viki remarks to GIgi that she is taking on a big responsibility to be helping this young woman. David enters and sounds like he needs free food and clothing. He tells Viki if he does not get some money together, he will have to resort to polyester. She tells him that is sad. She’s certain that Mo can find some “clothing” for him to wear and can hire him as a bus boy. David scoffs and tells Viki he admires the “love affair” she is having with the working class. But his situation is a little different. He’s not ready to do as she is doing. She tells him that she has adapted to this way of life very well and believes maybe he could also. But he reminds her that even if she is pretending to be poor, she can always access her bank accounts any time she wants. And he wants to keep scamming in order to have money.

Marcie is right then in her motel room looking at a map and reflecting that there must be somewhere she can go where neither John nor Todd Manning nor any of her Llanview acquaintances will ever find her.

Todd shows Starr the map and tracking devices he has for finding Marcie. She tells her dad that this is a big mess. But she tells him that at least she knows that Mrs. McBain is a good mother to her little brother and would never hurt him. He helps her get the picture of Cole posted. She finds a video of Cole telling her that he loves her. Todd watches.

The thugs hold guns on John and Ramsey. Cole and Marty watch as they ask John and Ramsey the questions. Simon remarks that McBain is a good Irish name. And Simon seems to know that John has a microchip on him. John then tells Simon that he will hand over the chip after he released Marty and Cole. And he asks them to let his “partner” go as well. Simon then asks if he can have the chip. John tells Simon he has his word. He can have the chip and he can have him. He just needs them to release Marty and Cole and Ramsey.

Todd tells Starr that he knows that John McBain is helping Marty find Cole. And since he is “lovey dovey” with her, he won’t give up until he finds her son for her. Hearing that, Starr asks her dad if John is now attempting to find Cole, then who will find her baby brother? Todd realizes that finding his son might be a lost cause.

Viki goes and introduces David to Mo and Noel. David sounds like a rich and fussy customer to them, telling them that he expects the full course meal exactly the way he wants it. Right then, Viki gets distracted when Todd calls her. He informs her that Marcie and Michael McBain have kidnapped his son. Hearing that, Viki asks her brother what he is talking about. Todd informs his sister, for the first time, that he just found out that “Tommy McBain” is actually his son. He went to court with Marcie and Michael. They lost. But now Marcie is on the run with his son. Little do either of them know how close to them Marcie is.

Charlie is stunned to hear Nash’s character judgments of Jared.

Nigel tells Clint and Bo that Asa had explicit instructions for revealing that Jared is his son. The two brothers brainstorm about how and when Nigel should tell Jared the “truth”. They know he cannot be trusted around the business or around anybody he comes in contact with. Bo then asks Nigel to go outside and tell Mr. Banks that they would like to “have a word” with him. Nigel goes out and asks Jared to go in and talk to Jared. Jared then asks Bo if he is interested in his prison record. Bo replies no. He informs Jared that his father has a vacant seat on the “board”. Jared asks what that has to do with him. Bo and Clint reply that Asa has revealed that Jared is his son. Hearing that, Jared acts like he does not believe it and does not want to be Asa’s son.

On the phone to Todd, Viki tells her brother that she thinks it’s dreadful that somebody would take his child. But she will definitely make some calls to the Banner and see if they can find his son. But she tells her brother that for what it’s worth, the McBains are wonderful parents. And his son is in good hands. She asks Todd to take care of himself.

After David reveals how picky he is and how inadequate Mo’s recipes are, Noël seems to agree that Mo is a lousy cook. Right then, Viki goes and informs David that she just got a call from her brother Todd. And did he know that Marcie and Michael McBain have Todd’s son? And Todd swears that Marcie ran away. And he’s posting a big reward to find her. In response to that, David repeats the name Marcie McBain. And at that point, he seems to know who the mysterious woman he just met really is. He goes out the door without saying anything to Viki.

Todd gets on the web and posts a reward for information regarding Cole Thornhart.

John tells Cole and Marty that they need not worry about him. But they don’t want to lose him. Marty cries. He goes and confronts Simon. But Simon tells John that they are going to do it his way.

In response to Jared telling Clint and Bo that they do not want to be Asa’s son, they are surprised to hear him say that. He tells them no offense. It’s just that his mother used to clip articles about Asa and seemed to want him to follow in Asa’s footsteps. Bo and Clint still smell a rat. Clint tells Jared he is very surprised after hearing Jared’s love for all things Buchanan. He suddenly finds out he’s one of them and doesn’t want to be one?. And he wont’ get the money. But Jared tells them he does not want it. Because if he is Asa’s son, then Natalie is his niece. Hearing that, she turns to stare it him and grimaces at the thought.

John and Ramsey argue about the right way to save Marty and Cole.

Todd shows Starr the posters that he’s printed. She hugs her dad knowing that he really wants to make efforts to help her find Cole.

Clint asks Jared if it is true that all he heard about Asa was from his mother.. Jared replies that he only heard about Asa through his mother and never met the man. Bo asks Jared about his father. Jared admits that he never knew him. Right then, Nigel announces that there is “somebody” here to see Mr. Banks. It’s Charlie.

At the Bon Jour diner, Noël can tell that Viki has something going on with her. Viki answers that she just got a call from a “family member” who has a serious problem. And unfortunately she cannot help anybody since they are all thousands of miles away.

Right then, in the motel room, not far away, Marcie is getting Tommy ready to leave, when David goes into her room. He asks her if she is going somewhere and calls her Marcie.

Right then, John and Ramsey go after the van that is transporting Marty and Cole. And it looks like it’s going off a cliff.

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