OLTL Update Thursday 11/29/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/29/07


Written By Jennifer S.

John and Ramsey go to Ireland in an attempt to find Marty and Cole. They meet a man whom they are afraid will rat them out to the highest bidder. Ramsey is not about to do things John’s way and reminds John the last time he listened to him Caitlin wound up dead.

While Marty and Cole are stuck in the room together, the captors throw a man into the room. Marty seems to recognize him and his name is Simon.

Dorian returns home. Blair asks her aunt what has happened noticing she is limping. Dorian doesn’t want to talk about it, knowing she did not “accomplish” what she’d hoped. Dorian asks Blair if she and Todd had any success in finding his son. Blair does not want to answer that. Right then, Charlie enters behind Dorian and she introduces her “new friend” to Blair.

Nigel asks Jared if he has given up on claiming to be Asa’s son. Jared does not sound like he’s going to. In response to that, Nigel reminds him if he claims to be a Buchanan, he won’t have a future with Natalie.

Jessica and Nash return home. Natalie enters. Jessica hopes that her sister has given up on Jared. But Natalie admits that she has not.

Marcie is in her motel room and taken off her wig. Gigi goes and knocks on her door but she does not answer. Gigi then turns around and knocks on Viki’s door. Viki is not there, however. David enters wearing only boxer shorts. Gigi is stunned to see him coming out of Viki’s room.

Right then, Michael McBain is alone in his apartment when Todd enters. He pulls a knife to Michael’s throat and demands to know where “she” is.

Gigi demands to know where Viki is. David tells her she must relax. Viki is just getting dressed. Viki then enters. Gigi informs them that she came to visit her “friend with the baby” (Marcie) and she has to inquire whom this strange man is. And what is he doing half naked in Viki’s room in the morning.?

After meeting Charlie, Blair informs Dorian that they have a family crisis. Dorian asks if it involves Langston. Blair replies no. Cole has gone missing and Starr is very upset. Starr enters. Dorian greets her niece and tells her she wants to help her with what is going on. Starr asks her aunt how she is. But Dorian does not want to admit that she failed in what she intended to do. So she tells Blair and Starr that she wants to make all the efforts to get Cole and Marty back.

The Irish man named Simon reveals to Marty and Cole that he has been taken captive. He tells them that these people believe that he knows something. Marty admits they believe she does also. Simon tells them that these people intend to kill them. He asks her what they might possibly want. She replies that they want names. But she hasn’t a clue just how to answer their questions. Simon asks Marty if Patrick might have told her some secrets. She replies no. Simon then asks Cole if he might have some clue whether his dad was involved in something like that. Cole replies that he knows his dad was not a terrorist. But Simon tells the two of them that Patrick was like a brother to him. He was very protective of him. And he believes that Marty knows something even if she does not realize it.

Not far away, Ramsey tells John that he is afraid that if he lets John take action, he could be responsible for the same thing happening to Marty Saybrook and her son as what happened to Caitlin. Outside there is a brawl.

After Todd corners Michael McBain, Michael tells Todd that he has no clue where Marcie is and has nothing to tell Todd. Todd then replies that it must suck to be Michael if he has nothing to tell him.

Viki tells Gigi that this is not what it looks like. David is just a friend and slept on the floor. And he only stayed with her last night and is now on his way. Gigi then remembers seeing David in the café with two women. And she recalls that Viki did not want to wait on him. Viki then clarifies that it was not David she refused to wait on. It was Dorian and Alex whom she did not want to see her. Gigi then inquires why Charlie is not with Viki instead. Viki replies that David is just a friend and Charlie is “out of town”.

Right then, Charlie is in Llanview at Dorian’s home. He tells Dorian that he will go and find a place to stay. Dorian is very friendly to him and tells him how grateful she is that he saved her life. He tells her that he really appreciated meeting a charming and beautiful woman like her. And he tells her that her “ex” is an idiot to dump her for another woman. And she tells him that she knows of a place to stay and a person he can meet. He owns a vineyard.

At Nash and Jessica’s home, they tell Natalie that they are concerned that she is making a mistake to consider Jared. But she tells them that she will make her own decisions and does not need their advice.

At Asa’s (Nora’s new home), Bo comes and informs Nora and Clint that Jared was in prison for a long time. He has a suspicious past. So they might want to be a little careful letting him stay in their home. They all seem to realize, however, that Renee believes that Jared can do no wrong. Bo informs Nora that he guesses he missed out on many things. Matthew informed him that Clint almost got Nora on horseback. Clint tells his brother he should have come. But he has Asa’s will on CD. So Bo can hear it all for himself firsthand. And Clint confirms that it is just like Nigel to make them wait in order to find out whom their new “half brother” is.

Right then, Nigel asks Jared if passing himself off as a Buchanan and achieving a seat on the board is worth giving up on his chances with “love”. Again, Jared cannot answer that question.

Todd points the knife at Michaels’s throat. Michael asks Todd if he knew where Marcie is, does Todd think he’d be sitting there? He then tells Todd he may kill him. He does not care. He lost his wife. He lost his child. He is on probation. He has nothing to lose. Todd may “make his day” and put him out of his misery.

Right then, Marcie is concluding that she is running out of money and may not be able to stay on the run forever.

After hearing Gigi’s inquiry about where Charlie is, David asks Viki if she really believes she can trust this guy. He just disappeared off to nowhere and gave her some weird story about his long-lost son. David tells Viki she needs to realize that men lie. Gigi seems to agree with him.

In Ireland, John and Ramsey hide in the bushes with guns in hand.

Marty tells Simon that she does not know of any names that these people could possibly want. Cole reminds Simon that it’s been two years since his dad was dead. Why haven’t they found the information by now? But Simon believes there is something going on that they are either unaware of or not saying. At that point, Cole attacks Simon. And he seems to know that he is the man who killed his dad. Simon then pulls out a gun and admits that he can kill Cole also if he does not tell him what he needs to know.

In response to Natalie affirming that she will make her own decisions about Jared, Jessica tells her sister that she is just concerned about her history of jumping in with the wrong men and suffering the consequences. But Natalie reminds them both that when Jessica first met Nash, he was an “opportunist” in a similar way. Jessica admits she realizes that. But Nash has cleaned up his act and proven to be trustworthy. Jared, on the other hand, is pulling out all the stops to con and manipulate everybody. They then realize that they cannot keep arguing so Jessica asks Natalie what her reason was for coming to see them. Natalie admits that she had some business proposals to bring them. And she indicates that she intends to make Jared a part of the company and possibly a part of their family.

In response to Clint’s inquiry about the mystery of their “long lost brother”, Bo reminds him that they have been through this entire thing not long ago falsely believing that Spencer Truman was Asa’s son. But Clint reminds Bo that this time it is for real that they have discovered that Asa had anther son.

Jared reminds Nigel that it is not going to go over well when the family finds out that David Vickers is Asa’s son. And he reminds him that Clint, (David’s brother) almost blew David’s head off for sleeping with his woman.

Simon reminds Marty and Cole that Patrick was like a brother to him. And they must tell him if Patrick had a safe deposit box, a secret hiding place, a mistress. He must have given them some sort of clue before the last time he went to Ireland. So they better come up with names. And at that point, Simon grabs a hold of Cole and holds him at gunpoint.

John and Ramsey appear outside the gates and seem to know that Marty and Cole are not far away and are in danger. It looks like Simon really intends to kill Cole.

Right then, Viki gets a call in her motel room from Charlie. She is very happy to hear from him. Little does she know, however, that he’s in Llanview. She turns to David, tells him he needs to go in the bathroom and get dressed. Charlie asks her if this is a “bad time” She tells him no. Gigi has just come to visit. But he is more than welcome to call her and tell her what is on his mind. He is standing right outside the place that is Jared’s (and Jessica and Nash’s) vineyard while talking to Viki on his cell phone. And he tells her he is very worried that there will be a negative outcome. He’s afraid that he cannot go through with this. His son might hate him and never forgive him. But she tells him he must think positive.

Starr tells Dorian that she is very worried about Cole and Marty. Dorian tells her niece that she must believe that they will come back safe and sound. And she is not doing anybody any good sitting around here worrying herself sick.

Bo tells Clint that he heard about Dorian tracking him down all the way at the Texas ranch. And he inquires what that was all about. Clint tells his brother he does not want to talk about it. He and Dorian are through. Bo tells his brother he is ok with that and believes that Clint deserves better. Bo then gets a call. Alone with Nora, Clint tells her it’s best that Bo never finds out about “them”. Right then, Jared enters. Bo informs him that he knows about his prison record. Right then, Nigel enters and tells them that he believes it is now time to open the envelope that Mr. Buchanan sent for his other son.

Viki tells Charlie that she wants to encourage him to go forward in finding his son. Gigi then gets a call from Mo. Viki calls to David that they are going to the diner. He asks if she will buy him breakfast. She asks if he will check out of her room. Viki and Gigi get ready to leave. Gigi then knocks on Marcie’s door, calls to “Sally Ann” and informs her that she got the stuff for “Billy”.

In response to knowing how upset Michael is, Todd tells him he won’t kill him. It’s more fun to watch him in this miserable state. He has nothing. He is a loser. Todd laughs.

John and Ramsey go with their guns and there is a shoot out. Luckily, both John and Ramsey are unharmed and have successfully taken out the people who might have intended to kill Marty and Cole.

Blair tells Starr that she needs to go to school. Starr agrees but tells them they better call her if they hear anything. Alone with Dorian, Blair asks her aunt what is up. Where did she find her “little Texas friend” (Charlie) And what happened in her pursuit of Clint? Dorian admits that she found Clint with Nora. And She ran into David. He consoled her. And Clint walked in on them. Hearing that, Blair is shocked to hear that Dorian believes that Nor and Clint are sleeping together. Dorian angrily tells her niece that Nora is responsible for this entire mess. She walks away. And Blair remarks God help Nora.

Charlie goes to Nash’s home, knocks on the door and sees Nash. They stare at each other. Is Nash his long lost son?

Todd asks Michael if he’s going to cry. He taunts Michael about what will happen to Tommy if both he and Marcie go to jail. And they will never see him again. Michael is too sullen to respond. Todd gets up and walks away. Michael breaks down crying alone in his apartment.

At the motel, Gigi calls to “Sally Ann” but hears nothing. She then announces that she will leave the food and supplies by the door. She walks away with Viki. Right then, David enters and seems like he wants to help himself to the ‘goods’. And right then Marcie appears and comes face to face with David.

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