OLTL Update Wednesday 11/28/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/28/07


Written By Jeannie

In Llanview Cristian kisses Sarah at her apartment.

Talia walks back in the diner and kisses Antonio. She asks if that was the best move she ever made or worst.

In Texas, Charlie goes to Asa’s ranch. Chuck and Charlie find Dorian lying in the bushes.

David finds Viki at the diner in Paris Texas. She tries to explain but he says he knows and calls her Nikki.

Cristian and Sarah kiss and talk about their relationship. Sarah says she can’t.

At Carlotta’s diner Antonio starts to tell her something but Talia tells him how much she likes him. She admits to making up George/Sean as her boyfriend. She asks if there is any chance for Antonio to feel the same about her.

At the ranch Charlie and Chuck wake up Dorian. They think she was drinking. They want to take her inside but she refuses. Chuck says everyone went home already. Charlie asks her what happened. She says her head is throbbing and her ankle is sore. She remembers being run over by a car. Someone blond.

At the diner David rails into Viki about being Niki Smith. She tries to tell him she’s not and he doesn’t believer her. He calls her a gutter tramp, grabs her shoulders and yells for Viki to come out. She tries to make him stop and Noelle sneaks up behind him and hits him over the head with a frying pan. David drops to the floor.

Noelle and Viki check David out. Noelle is worried she killed him but Viki says he’s just out cold. Viki tells her to go home. She says she can handle David and Noelle should leave. After she leaves, Viki dumps water on David’s face and he wakes up. Viki asks if Dorian will show up too.

Charlie and Chuck take Dorian into the house. She tells them not to worry about her being hit by a car and she wants to go to the airport. Charlie wants her to go to the hospital. Dorian tells him she’s a doctor and he will examine her. She proceeds to tell him what to do. She has him check her eyes, press on her stomach etc.

At Sarah’s apartment, Cristian wants to know what’s wrong. Sarah says she’s never been kissed like that before and is sooo into this, but she asks if he feels the same way. Cristian says he doesn’t go around kissing random people. Sarah asks about Evangeline.

At Carlotta’s diner Antonio tells Talia she’s fun, funny and makes him laugh. She’s smart, beautiful and Jamie is crazy about her and she’s been a great friend. He goes on and on then says he can’t. He says they work together and there’s more, he’s not ready yet for anything. He says he went through hell with Jessica and doesn’t know if he can trust another woman. She says he can trust her. He says he should have said something sooner. Talia asks how long he knew she had feelings for her. He says he’s suspected for a while now.

Chuck brings Dorian aspirin and water. Dorian says she’s fine and will get a second opinion when she gets back to Llanview. Chuck goes to call a cab. Chuck says she looks like she’s in pain. Dorian says it outrage. She says she loved a man and he cheated on her and then he broke up with her because she went to bed with someone else.

At the diner David says he was looking for Dorian and keeps calling her Niki. She points to her uniform that says Viki. David asks what she’s doing slumming it in a truck stop. Viki tries to explain that her life is about reinventing herself. She says after she took it all away working a minimum wage job made her discover you have less choices and she could live like this. She doesn’t need the servants and the house. David asks if the people she works with feel the same. Viki says she likes it here and she made great friends. David asks how they’d feel if they knew she was scamming them.

Talia and Antonio talk about how he knew. Antonio said he liked the flirting and it was nice to be wanted by her. But he’s just not ready for a relationship, but he wants her in his life. He wants them to be friends and asks if she is okay with that.

Cris says there is nothing left between Evangeline and him. Sarah says he still loves her. Cris said that doesn’t go away. Sarah says he’s still waiting for her. Cris says no and Sarah says he doesn’t’ even know. When Cris talks about her he is all about her. He says they were over before the coma. Sarah keeps pushing it and Cris protests. Sarah asks if Evangeline woke up tomorrow what would he do?

Cris says he’d be happy. Sarah says happy as a friend or more? Cris doesn’t answer. Cris explains what Evangeline did for him in the past. Sarah doesn’t see how she can compare to that. Sarah says its better they’re apart and they say goodnight. Cristian leaves. Sarah leans against the wall and Layla comes out to see if she’s alright and Sarah starts to cry.

Antonio apologizes to Talia and she says it was just a little crush and she’s over it. She says it’s late and she has to leave. Once outside Talia stands in the alley and cries.

David asks Viki how her friends would feel if they knew she was faking being poor. Viki asks if he’s trying to blackmail her. David says maybe. Viki says don’t you dare. They talk about his marriage to Alex. He tells her Alex is broke and so is he. He says it doesn’t matter when you have friends and smiles at Viki.

Dorian tries to explain why she did what she did with David to Charlie. Dorian asks what he’d doing there. He says he was looking for someone but Chuck said everyone left. She asks who he’s looking for, as she knows all the Buchanan’s.

After the commercial Dorian is saying that yes, he was there but went to Llanview Pa. Charlie says he has to go there. Dorian said she’s chartering a plane and Charlie can come with her. Charlie agrees.

Viki sarcastically asks if she looks like an ATM. She reminds him how he made a living last year. She suggests he knock on Dorian’s door. David says he was looking for her. He tells her Clint and Dorian had a misunderstanding back at the ranch and Viki laughs. Viki suggest he stay at the motel across the street. David laughs.

Cristian goes to his mother’s diner and sees Antonio. Antonio says he was under the impression Cris wouldn’t be home early tonight.

Layla tells Sarah sometimes you can love two different people. Maybe he loves Evangeline but is falling in love with Sarah too.

At the diner Cris ask Antonio what if Sarah is right and he never gets over Evangeline and she never gets better? Does that mean he doesn’t have a life? Antonio says he’s not the one to ask tonight.

At Layla’s Sarah asks if she screwed up any chance she had with Cris. Talia knocks on the door and tells Layla and Sarah about what happened with Antonio. Layla, Talia and Sarah talk about men.

Antonio tells Cris he made a decision and now it feels like a mistake.

Antonio says he wasn’t ready to jump back into the game.

Talia says Antonio isn’t over Jessica, Layla says Cris isn’t over her sister. Talia asks Sarah, you too?

Cris tells Antonio he’s done with being alone, what about him?

At the apartment Layla says Antonio will come crawling back.

Charlie calls Viki and tells her he’s going after his son. He says he’ll be back. Viki wishes him luck

Dorian asks if that was his wife and Charlie says he’s not married.

At the diner David asks if Viki who she was talking too and maybe that’s why she’s not coming back yet. Viki and David go to the motel.

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