OLTL Update Tuesday 11/27/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/27/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Sarah and Cristian go to Carlotta’s diner. Antonio and Talia are there. When he is alone with Talia Antonio concludes because it’s Thanksgiving, Talia need not “help” them with the work. She is a “guest”” so she is welcome to go home. But she turns to him and asks what if she does not want to go home.

Jared tells Nigel that he might want to consider having the Buchanans believing that he is Asa’s son instead of David Vickers. He tells Nigel that it might benefit him to never reveal that David is a Buchanan. But Nigel reminds Jared that if the family believes that he is Natalie’s uncle, he won’t have a chance wit her. Jared cannot respond when he hears that. Right then, Natalie enters. Nigel tells the two of them if they will excuse him, he has some personal affairs to attend to. He leaves. Right then, David enters and informs Natalie that he and his wife “took a break”/ He makes it clear that he is not as concerned about her as he is about Dorian. And he informs Natalie that after her dad dumped Dorian, it may have had serious consequences.

Clint is sitting outside, upset after breaking up with Dorian. He is on his cell phone seriously considering calling her. Nora enters and asks him if he has had a change of heart. He tells her no way. After what he walked in on, he does not care if he ever sees Dorian again. Little do they know that Dorian is lying unconscious in the bushes not far away after Alex mowed her down in the car.

At the diner, Talia tells Antonio that she used to work for her uncle’s restaurant as a waitress and a cook. She helps him clear the table. He remarks that they might have the “restaurant thing” in common. She tells him that she is familiar with a place like his mother’s diner. It’s a simple and honest establishment. He tells her that Cristian spent more time growing up and working at the diner. Whereas, he spent more time getting into trouble. Hearing that, she asks if he would care to share. He then responds that he got mixed up with gangs.

Viki and Charlie are sitting and talking. He is afraid that she is ready to dump him when she says she wants to be “realistic about where this is going”. But she tells him that is not the case. She reminds him that they have both come to Paris looking for something. He tells her he is glad that one of them is making this work. She tells him that she knows he will also find himself and what he is looking for. She sounds like she assumes he will forget all about her. He takes her hand and tells her that he may not want to forget her.

In response to Clint revealing that he is not over Dorian, Nora tells him that she is not saying that he and Dorian are a match made in heaven. But she knows he has feelings for Dorian. He then reflects that she meant a lot to him. But she pushed him too far when he caught her in bed with David Vickers. And she thought that he was going to sleep with Nora. Nora asks him if he could not convince Dorian that there was nothing between them. They are both a bit uncertain of what they mean to each other when they discuss whether they could have a future. Right at that moment, Dorian moves her head and makes a sound. Clint immediately hears that and asks Nora if she heard something.

David reveals to Natalie and to Jared that he is concerned about where Dorian may have disappeared to. He is worried about what happens when she gets dumped. He reminds Natalie that her father may be responsible for Dorian’s disappearance. When his back is turned, Jared grabs a hair from the back of David’s head. David asks him what he thinks he’s doing. Jared tells David that he saw a bug. It’s probably really a DNA sample. Alone with Jared, Natalie asks him what his plans may be with “them”.

Cristian and Sarah return to her new apartment. He notices the record collection she got from Asa. She plays an old 45. He faces her and asks her if she remembers his telling her on the phone that he missed her. She says she thought that he meant that the club needs her.. He tells her that is not what he meant. He missed her.

Jared tells Natalie that he does not want to “hurt” her. She asks him why he is suddenly acting like he feels sorry for her. She pushes him down on the chair and tells him that she does not back off of situations or people because she is afraid of people leaving her. If it feels good, right here and now, she is all about it. So why not have a good time together? And if they “hurt” each other, so be it. She kisses him. Right then, Renee walks in on them. She tells them she hopes they worked out whatever they needed to work out. She tells them that this entire house reminds her of Asa and all the memories. Natalie remarks that it must be hard for her to hand it all over to Chuck. She tells them she is ok with that. Jared talks to Renee. She is still very friendly and warm to him and tells him she knows that Asa would like Jared so much. And that is why she wants Jared to have something of Asa’s.

Charlie tells Viki that he has to find his son but does not know exactly what will happen when he does. He wasted so much of his life drinking. And one of the 12 steps of recovery is restitution. And he needs to find a way to communicate that to his son. He appears very uneasy telling her that he knows nothing about his son’s life. He could be a grandfather by now. Viki consoles Charlie by telling him that he must know that his son will appreciate what he is doing and will forgive him. HE tells her that even if that happens, he doesn’t want her to think that what they have has to end. She then tells him that she wants them to just appreciate what they have one day at a time. He then tells her that that is how he is living his life now. And she finds a wish bone for them to make a wish. They pull it apart. And it looks like she wins.

After Clint tells Nora that he thought he “heard” something (which is Dorian), David enters. Clint asks him why he has not left. David tells Clint and Nora that they should have thought about their actions before they kissed in front of Dorian. Nora leaves. Clint tells David for the last time, he better get off this ranch. Clint goes inside. Alone, David sits and makes a call to Dorian. Her cell phone is on the ground right near where she is lying. And it looks like David knows he better not go anywhere.

Antonio tells Talia that he got into a lot of trouble. He killed somebody. And his father died believing he was a bad person. And he’s surprised that she never heard the gossip at the station going around about him. She admits that she did not and asks how he was able to get over all of that and become a cop. And it sounds like she is impressed.

Renee tells Jared that she knows he has a connection to Asa. She wants him to have Asa’s ashes. She is very emotional about how Asa should always be a part of his dreams. And she proposes a toast. Nigel appears at the door and she asks him to get them some glasses.

Nora tells Clint that she will miss this place and knows that Matthew will. He tells her that he knows they will both be happy to get home. She reminds him that is Asa’s place where they are staying. He reminds her that it is now her place. She assumes that he will stay at Asa’s when they both return to Llanview. But he informs her that he will not. He is moving on.

David leaves a message for Dorian asking her where she is. He tells her he knows she may be upset to be “dumped”. But if it’s any consolation, he got dumped also, by Alex. So he hopes she will call him. Right then, she is lying in the bushes and turns her head and says David.

Viki tells Charlie that she believes in miracles because she’s lived through too many not to. He tells her so does he. She asks him what he wished for. He is about to tell her. But he is interrupted by a call. Somebody gives him some information about directions to “somewhere”. He writes it down and thanks his contact for this very important information. He informs Viki that that was a Private I he’s been working with. He thinks they have found his son.

Alone outside the ranch, David is worried and wondering about what he is supposed to do. And right then, he notices a business card from the Bonjour Café on the ground. And he notices Dorian’s writing on the back of it. He now knows she is not far away.

Charlie tells Viki he cannot believe that his son has been found only a few towns away. And he admits to her that now that he’s finally found a lead, he does not know if he can go through with it. But she reminds him how he just told her that he missed out on so much. And she asks him if he can miss out on even one day longer. He departs.

Cristian admits to Sarah that he missed having her around. And the reason he got angry was that he was jealous that she went with Jared to Texas. She is happy to hear him say that. He tells her it’s getting late and he needs to go home. But she tells him that she missed him too. Right then, they are interrupted when Layla enters. She informs them that she went to see Evangeline. Hearing that, Cristian’s ears perk up and he asks Layla to tell him how Evangeline is. Hearing that, Sarah turns to face Cristian assuming that he is not over his ex girlfriend.

Nora and Clint are discussing whether they should be friends or see it as more. She asks what would be wrong if they are simply friends living under the same roof. He tells her it would be a bad idea. She tells him that she and Matthew cannot live there knowing they drove him out. They will find another place. But he tells her they cannot do that. He tells her that that is blackmail. She asks if it is working. She smiles. And he tells her she makes it feel so good. He then tells her he will stay if it will make her “comfortable”. And they shake hands. Yet, they look like they want to do more than that.

Jared raises his glass and proposes a toast to Asa and the future. Renee is all friendly with him. Clint and Nora walk in. She talks to him about Asa and his control of his business. She admits that Asa’s business drive got in the way of his family. And she admits that she married Asa three times. Right then, Nigel walks in and tells them all that there is something he must say to them.

Layla tells Cristian that she and her mom were in Evangeline’s room and got their hopes up when they saw her hand move. But the doctor told them it was involuntary. They are still trying to be hopeful although there is no change. Hearing that, Cristian seems completely engrossed in Evangeline and Sarah seems to doubt that she could have a future with him.

Alone at the diner, Talia plays some Latin music. Antonio dances with a rose in his mouth. They laugh and dance although not with each other.

Nigel tells the family that although he is very grateful for all of Mr. Buchanan’s gifts, he does not plan to go anywhere. And he tells them if they will be so kind, he would prefer to stay on working as their butler. In response to that, Renee emotionally tells him he is a wonderful man to make that choice when he could easily leave and relish all of his wealth. Clint tells Nigel he is happy also. Renee, Clint and Natalie leave the room.. Alone with Nigel, Jared reminds him that his beloved Asa took advantage of every opportunity availed to him. And he must also. He tells Nigel that his future lies with Buchanan Enterprises. But Nigel reminds Jared that he must know that if he goes through with his “plan”, he will lose Natalie. And he tells Jared he must know that the heart is what makes a man rich. Nigel leaves. And Jared pulls out the lock of hair that he pulled off of David’s head.

Antonio and Talia are alone in the diner talking about their family history. He talks about his Hispanic heritage. He remarks that they are “done” and ready for the breakfast crew. She tells him she will return home. He thanks her for helping him clean up and tells her he enjoyed spending time with her talking and dancing. She then tells him she will see him later. She goes out the door looking depressed. And at that moment, she comes back in. He asks her if she forgot something. She replies yes and she kisses him.

Cristian tells Layla that he is very concerned that Evangeline’s mother blames him for what happened to her daughter. She tells him he mustn’t blame himself. Sarah can tell that he is a million miles away. Layla tells them she has to go to bed. Cristian concludes to Sarah that he knows that Evangeline would want them all to move on. He gets up and gets ready to leave. He kisses her good bye

At the ranch, Nigel looks at the picture of Asa. He reminds him that he has always “followed his orders” And he hopes that he did not make a terrible mistake with Mr. Banks. He concludes that nobody must ever know that David Vickers is Asa’s son.

David follows the lead from the business card with Dorian’s writing on it. He finds the Bon Jour Café. And he runs into Viki.

Charlie, right then goes in search of his “lead”. It just happens to take him to Asa’s ranch. He finds Chuck and tells him he is looking for a “young man”. And right then, they discover Dorian lying on the ground.

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