OLTL Update Monday 11/26/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/26/07


Written By Jennifer S.

At Asa’s ranch, Jared corners Nigel after hearing that he knows the secret about Asa’s mysterious son. And he asks how they can “talk turkey”. David goes and finds Alex and notices that she is secretly planning to leave him. She does not trust him. She tells him she knows that he has cheated upon her with Dorian Lord. And she’ll never forgive him for that.

Doran finds Clint and informs him that she is leaving him now and hopes he is happy. He does not face her and tells her he’s happier than he’s been in months.

David admits to Alex that he slept with Dorian. He was weak and it meant nothing. She tells him that she doe not buy his line. She reminds him that they took their vows. But he explains that he was only respecting her sexual addiction recovery by not “consummating” with her. And what he did with Dorian is no cause for alarm for her. He then asks her if she is leaving that she at least does not leave without the papers. She then knows that he could care less about her, only the “prenup."

Jared tells Nigel that he can probably assume that this secret is safe with Alex. But Nigel might have to worry about him (Jared). Nigel admits to Jared that he was suspicious of him from day one. And now he now knows that his suspicions were valid. Jared tells Nigel that this is a secret that cannot be disclosed. Nigel then asks Jared if he cares about anybody in this family. Jared answers that he cares about Renee and about Natalie. Knowing that Jared is scheming, Nigel asks Jared what he needs in order to keep his silence. Jared tells Nigel that he does not have a price but wants to disclose the secret that David is Asa’s son. And the time to reveal it is now.

Natalie asks Nash what he knows about Jared. He tells her that he has some really obnoxious habits. He makes it clear that he really discourages her from “considering” Jared. But she protests that she saw a desirable side of Jared and does not believe that he is a bad person after all.

Clint tells Dorian that he cannot forgive her when he caught her in David Vickers' bed. She asks him why it was that she walked in on him kissing Nora. He reveals to her that he informed Nora that he loves Dorian). She asks why, if that is true, is he now demanding that she leaves and is dumping her. She asks what the difference is between what he did with Nora and what she did with David. She tells her it is different because she slept with an extortionist who is doing dirty business with his family. She asks if this is not just a bump in the road in their relationship and something they can get resolve and get past. He tells her no. IT is the end for them. He never wants to see her again.

John and Ramsey are flying back to Llanview together. They don’t want to work together nor trust one another. But John needs help in finding Marty and Cole.

When they are locked in a room together, Cole demands that his mother tells him what this guy wants and why he is holding them both captive. She then admits to her son that she has been keeping something from him. She was trying to protect him. And it was about how his father died. He reminds her that he always thought that Patrick died in a car crash. She then reveals that that is not true. Patrick was murdered.

Todd and Blair return home to Starr. She tells her parents that she is very worried about Cole. But they are not terribly concerned. They wonder where Carlotta is. Blair admits that she would have never believed that Dorian would go all the way to Texas in search of Clint Buchanan.

Clint tells Dorian that what she did and whom she did it with is something he cannot forget or forgive.

David tells Alex that he needs the papers for the prenup. And there is no way she can “wiggle out of it”. He reminds her that there is no “adultery clause”. She then pulls it out to reveals that he gets nothing, since 50% of nothing is nothing.

Jared tells Nigel he knows he is lying when he says he has no clue how to open the secret safe. He knows that Nigel has the key right in his pocket. Nigel knows he has been spied upon. Jared then informs Nigel that he must know that Clint has the right to know that David is his brother. He just went after him with a shot gun this morning. He might want to be informed about who David really is to him. In response to that, it sounds like Nigel is keeping a secret.

Alone in the plane on the way back to Llanview, John is thinking silently to himself and remembering Marty revealing to him that she kept the secret from Cole that his father was murdered.

After Cole finds out for the first time that his father was murdered, he asks his mom if they had never been kidnapped, would she have ever told him. She tells him that she was seriously considering it because of a conversation and revelation she had with John.

Starr asks her parents if there is a chance that Cole will be ok. Todd reminds his daughter that he too was gone for a long time. And he was ok. He tells her hat he can have investigators find Cole for her. She asks her dad why he would do that if he hates Cole. He tells her he loves her and knows Cole is important to her. She hugs him. Blair tells her daughter that they are there for her and want to help her find Cole.

Nash asks Natalie if when Jared was “baring his soul” to her under the stars, did he tell her what his big scheme was about getting the job at B.E. She answers that all he wanted was to get his life back before Tess stole it from him. And she does not see anything wrong with that.

Dorian asks Clint why, if so recently, he admitted to Nora that he loved Dorian), can he now just dump her without a thought. He tells her he cannot deal with what she did with David. She reminds him that she forgives him for what he did with Nora. She asks him if he is jealous. He asks her what it would mean to her if he was. She smiles and answers that it would mean that he still cares about her. He then asks her what about her and David. She replies that she is done with David. He then asks her if that is really true.

Alex asks David just what he was doing with Dorian. He tells her that it is nothing she needs to be concerned about. And he tells her that he knows ht she is scamming him. She reveals to him that she did not get any money form her ex husband after all. And he discovers that she married him solely in order to take his money. She denies it. But later she admits that she lied. And they are both very disappointed that they will have to be poor again. She reminds him that he should not have returned that $10 million to Clint especially when he gave his liver to Jessica. She tells him that there must be a way to get into the good graces of the Buchanan’s because he is “practically family”.

Nigel tells Jared that he does not have “rights” because he is not Mr. Buchanan’s son. Jared then replies that he may not. But he could be. Nigel tells Jared that he cannot pretend to be Asa’s son. But Jared tells Nigel that he should be thrilled that he will take the big burden off of his shoulders to keep the secret about David. Nigel admits to Jared that both he and David are charlatans. But he asks Jared if he can give him any reason why he is a more worthy heir than Mr. Vickers. Jared tells Nigel he will give him many reasons. Renee loves him. She thinks David is trash. He works and does not sit on his behind and take money from women like David does. And Nigel must know that the Buchanans hate Vickers. And he reminds Nigel that if Alex finds out that David has nothing, she will divorce him. And he reminds Nigel that he now holds the cards with the secret. Nigel reminds Jared that the Buchanans will disown him. Jared reminds Nigel that he can very easily pull off this scam successful. He gloats. Nigel tells him that every thing is a game to him. Jared admits that he is a brilliant con artist just like Asa. Renee recognized it from the moment she met him.

Natalie tells Nash she realizes that he is merely concerned about her by not wanting her to get mixed up with Jared. But he was a hustler in a similar sense. And it was not until Nash found Jessica when he became a husband and father and cleaned up his act.

Doran tells Clint that he must realize that she does not have feelings for David. She has had the opportunity to marry him many times and has chosen not to. But he reminds her hat he still cannot forgive her for sleeping with David.

David admits to Alex that he is down and out. And he overhears her revealing that she has a secret island.

Blair is concerned that Starr is not eating. Starr tells her mom that when she last saw Cole, he did a fund drive for needy families for Thanksgiving and now he may be dead. But Blair tells her daughter that she must eat. Cole would not want her to be doing this to herself. And she must believe that everything will be ok. Starr goes off and tells her parents that she love them. Alone with Todd, Blair assures him that they will all be there together. She will help him find his son and they will find Cole for Starr. But he looks at her like he is not ok.

Cole tells his mom that she is all he has. Her and Starr. And if anything happened to either one of them, he does not know what he would do. Right then, a strange man with an Irish accent enters and demands that they reveal some “names”. Marty tells them man she does not know the name. He tells her they will both die if she does not come up with the answer. He leaves. Marty is very upset admitting she hasn’t a clue how to answer the guy’s question.

Clint tells Dorian that there is too much history and too many obstacles for them to make it work. She asks why, then, he didn’t dump her long ago. He admits that he did not because he cared about her too much. She asks if that is past tense. She collects her things and tells him that she also cared enough about him to give it a try. And she still does. She looks at him and she gets up to leave. She goes out into the main room and leaves the ranch, Natalie observes her dad, knowing that he is upset and tells Nash she needs to make certain that Clint is ok.

Alex tells David that when she found him on the “island”, she was hoping he could heal her. He tells her that he will never forgive her for lying to him.

Nigel tells Jared that maybe he is not as bright as he thinks he is. He knows that if Jared has the Buchanans believing he is one of them, then he won’t be able to have a relationship with Natalie if she is a family member. Nigel asks Jared if he can really give up Miss Natalie. Jared cannot answer that, knowing he cannot.

John and Ramsey are both sitting in the plane drifting off on their way back to Llanview, both with private agendas of their own

Marty and Cole are stuck in the room afraid they will be killed.

Starr is sullen with worry about her boyfriend.

Blair puts her arms around Todd knowing he is upset.

Nigel tells Jared that if he has to choose between Natalie and being a Buchanan, it will really “crystallize his priorities”. He asks Jared what is more important to him. Money or love? Jared is silent unable to answer.

Natalie attempts to console her father knowing he is upset to have broken up with Dorian. Clint tells David he may go after Dorian. He can go anywhere he wants as long as he gets off his ranch.

Alexis is in the car, driving off believing she just ran David down.

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