OLTL Update Friday 11/16/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/16/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Blair drives Todd in the car. They are headed to Paris, TX. He remarks that since all they have is John McBain’s word that that is where Marcie is, maybe they should turn around and go back.

Right then, Starr is writing a profile of Cole on the computer.

After Ramsey hand-cuffs John, John tells him that he is concerned that both Marty and Cole are missing. At that point, Ramsey agrees to uncuff John. He sounds like he might help John. But John does not entirely trust him. He tells Ramsey that if he makes it about him and not about Marty and Cole, he promises to take him down.

Right then, Marty is stuck in some locked room. A guy appears and tosses Cole into the room, Marty huddles over her son very worried that he’s been hurt.

After Viki asks Charlie why he’s never told her his last name, he tells her that everybody he knows only knows him as Charlie B. he also tells her he is a friend of Bill W. In response to that, she concludes that that must mean that he is an alcoholic. He replies that he always has been and always will be. And he asks her if that changes things for her. Does she still want to go out with him now that she knows that?

David Vickers and Alex are on their way to Asa’s ranch. Nigel overhears them outside the door.

Sara and Jared join Jessica and Nash. Jared tells them he is only protecting his investment. Nash is ready to start a confrontation with him. Right then, Natalie and Chuck appear. She remarks that it looks cozy and asks if there is room for two more.

Dorian is with David and Alex. Nigel informs them that he was just told of their arrival. Dorian informs Nigel that she came to see Clint and asks him if he’s there. Alex asks him how he’s holding up now that Asa is gone. She secretly tells him she hopes he’s made out like a bandit from Asa’s will. Dorian reminds Nigel that he still has not answered her question and she asks again where Clint is.

Blair tells Todd that if John dragged Marcie to Decatur and then to New Orleans, why would he lie? Todd tells Blair that this might just be another wild goose chase. He tells her that she would believe anything he says. She tells him if he keeps on like these, she will pull over to the nearest farm, pull out a tranquilizer gun and put him out of his memory. He tells her if he finds Marcie, he is taking his kid.

Ramsey asks John if he has information he is not telling him. John then responds that since he is merely working his way up to meter maid, what could he know? Ramsey admits that he might know who is after Marty and Cole. And he reveals to John that he wants to get him as much as John does. John asks Ramsey if he wants that enough to lay off of John’s sister in law? Does he want it enough to help him find Marty and Cole?

The waitress is asking Moe if he thinks that she could win the blue ribbon for making the best pie. But he tells her he thinks he knows who is going to win this year. It’s him.

Viki and Charlie are sitting at the table. She tells him she did not mean to pry into his business. He tells her she must have been distracted by his rugged good looks. He tells her that he has been sober for 10 months and 16 days. He tells her that he was motivated by a threat of alcohol poisoning. And he’s taking it one day at a time. She admits to him that she believes that everybody is taking it one day at a time. He then asks if this has ruined their chances of seeing each other again.

Dorian tells Nigel she needs to know where Clint has gone. He replies that Clint has gone riding with Ms. Hannen. David says he remembers that Nora had a fear of horses. Dorian says she bets that they had a little family event. But Nigel tells her that Clint and Nora went off together alone. Hearing that, Alex gloat to find out that Dorian may have lost her man.

Clint and Nora are ready to saddle up. He tells her he cannot believe that she and Bo never went riding together. They look comfortable together.

There are the three couples sitting on the deck. Nash asks Chuck what it’s like to now own the ranch. Natalie is with Chuck and tells them that she was fascinated to go off with Chuck. Jared and Sara act like they are interested in each other when it’s clear that both of their minds are somewhere else.

Ramsey tells John that after all of the lives that he has endangered after Caitlin, John has a lot of gall to doubt his (Ramsey’s) ability to save a life. John responds that maybe if Ramsey can get this guy and save Marty and Cole, it might enable him to get a raise. Ramsey then asks John just what it is that he knows about Marty Saybrooke and her son.

Dorian tells Nigel there must be some way to find Clint. He offers too many excuses. But he tells her that he can make them all at home until Mr. Buchanan comes back. And he asks what might have brought Mr. and Mrs. Vickers to this place. David replies that he hasn’t a clue. Alex replies that they have a financial endeavor.

Clint tells Nora that what she needs to do is put aside any fear or nervousness because the animal will pick up on that. They laugh as he gives her the instructions on how to commit to riding a horse.

Jared is with Sara. Jessica and Nash are together. Natalie is with Chuck. And when the others find out that Jared barged into Natalie and Chuck’s room when they were sleeping together, they know that something is up. Sara asks why he would do that and why he would care. Jessica tells him he is a sick person and needs to stay out of her sister’s business. But they all know that Natalie and Chuck are not really interested in each other.

Starr is trying and failing to find Cole. She is very upset to be coming up with nothing.

Stuck in the room, Cole asks Mary where they are. She replies that she knows they are somewhere in Ireland. He informs her that a guy appeared in a mask and dragged him off. She tells him that somebody kidnapped her and took her away from the motel where she was staying while with John, Blair and Todd. Hearing that, Cole demands to know what is up with this guy and what does he want with them?

Ramsey is ready to help John find Marty and Cole. But he insists upon doing it his way. They are ready to go off together. But Michael observes them and asks his brother if he plans to give up on Marcie.

At the restaurant, Moe reveals that he stole the recipe from the waitress. And it looks like they are ready to “go to battle” in the competition for the blue ribbon.

In response to Charlie’s question over whether she might want to stop seeing him, Viki tells her that she does not see any cause for alarm. He then tells her that “Charlie with a last name” was not a good man. He hurt and used people and would do anything in order to get his next drink. And he let his son down. And this guy is different. He no longer hides behind a bottle. And he’s getting to like this new guy more and more. But, he tells her, if that “other guy” ever comes back, she needs to walk away from him. He tells her she does not deserve that son of a bitch. And he does not deserve her. She tells him that she really appreciates what he has just told her but asks him just when Charlie B. gets his name back. He then tells her when he earns it. He then concludes to her that maybe he should just tell her his real last name. She then tells him it’s perfectly ok if he wants to be known as Charlie B. And she tells him that she is Viki D.

While the three couples are together, Sara reveals that she does not like Jared and he must do her a favor by losing her number. They both depart. Hearing that, Jessica is very proud of her cousin and Nash tells them that Sara is his new favorite person. And at that point, they all seem to know that Natalie might want to go after Jared now that he is alone.

Starr calls Todd on her cell phone. She is very worried and upset that Cole is missing. He tells her not to worry. If Marty and Cole are both missing, then they might be together. She tells him he does not know that. And he tells her that if they are not both back by the time he gets back, he will personally hunt down her boyfriend. She reminds him that he hates Cole. He tells her yes. But he loves her. When he gets off the phone, Blair asks how their daughter sounds. He admits that she is very upset and he cannot be there for her. He reflects that Marcie McBain has prevented him from being with his kids. And she is going to pay.

When it looks as though John is going to to off with Ramsey to find Marty and Cole and abandon Marcie, Michael urges his brother to let the FBI find Marty and Cole on their own and to not abandon Michael’s wife. He reminds John that he must know that Todd is dangerous. And Blair cannot prevent him from hurting Marcie. John tells Michael he knows that Todd will not hurt her. Michael asks John why he cannot care about him and his wife. John tells his brother he does not intend to abandon him and getting Ramsey off his back was the best thing he could do.

When it looks like Nigel will not find Clint for Dorian, she tells him she will find him herself. She cannot stand being with David and Alex. She goes off. David admits to Alex that she is “very special” to him. But he’s a bit worried about Dorian being alone by herself. Alex grudgingly agrees to let him go after Dorian. Alone with Alex, Nigel pretends that he has no clue why she is there and why she has married David. She tells him that she knows that he knows the entire secret about David being Asa’s son.

Nora is having real difficulty getting on the horse but she’s enjoying being with Clint. She tells him she needs some “liquid courage”. He gets her some bourbon. She tells him that she is not going to be concerned about what is up with Bo. She knows he is staying in town because of Lindsay. He reflects that he does not understand what is up with his brother and Lindsay. They started out as friends. But it might be more. And the two of them inquire if they (Nora and Clint) might be more than friends.

Jared tells Natalie that he understands why Jessica and Nash would hate him. But he was hoping that she would understand where he was coming from. He reminds her that Tess set him up and ruined his life. She must understand why he cannot forgive or forget what her sister did to him. She tells him he went about it the wrong way by being dishonest. He then asks her just how honest she was when she tried to get back into her family’s good graces. He tells her that this phony nice and sweet act that she’s pulling off is not the woman whom she really was. And he angrily and passionately tells her that that is a waste. At that point, she reveals to him that she is not really interested in Chuck.

Clint and Nora sit alone in the stables and talk about her divorce to Bo. And he admits that he wants her and they kiss. Right then, Dorian walks in on them.

When Natalie reveals to Jared that she is not interested in Chuck, he asks her what she is talking about. They were all over each other. But she reveals to him that that was what she wanted him to see. And they start kissing.

Blair and Todd notice a restaurant with an Eiffel Tower. The can see the lights are on and it’s open. She pulls over and they agree that they are going to eat there. Inside the Bon Jour, the waitress and Moe get into an argument and leave. Viki and Charlie conclude that it’s just the two of them and a pecan pie.

Marty tells Cole that there are people who know they are missing and who will find them. Like John.

Ramsey tells John they have to leave now. Michael is upset. John promises to call his brother later. Ramsey sarcastically tells John that was a heart-warming family scene and he knows that Caitlin would have been touched. John tells Ramsey that all he cares about is getting Marty and Cole back.

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