OLTL Update Thursday 11/15/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/15/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Cristian calls Sarah and tells her he was just about to cal her. But she does not buy that for a minute. He asks her why she is mad at him. She admits she does not know. Not far from where Cristian is, Marty is lying unconscious on the floor.

At the Paris, TX restaurant, Gigi asks Viki what happened on her date with Charlie. But it seems more interesting for Viki to share the fact that Dorian has come to town. Gigi remarks that Dorian was wearing some very expensive jewelry yet did not leave a tip. Viki remarks that Dorian does not tip. She always leaves that up to the man. And while alone, Viki speaks to deceased Asa telling him that it’s just like him to drag everybody down to Texas for the reading of his will.

At Asa’s ranch, Jessica and Nash notice that both Natalie and Chuck are gone. They sound like they encourage them to be together, especially when they notice Jared within and ear shot of their conversation, looking very frustrated over that situation. Jessica tells Nash that Chuck is one fine looking ranch owner. IN response to that, Nash reminds her that she is a married lady. Right then, Jared remarks that that has never stopped her before. In response to that, Nash hauls off and punches Jared.

Gigi is on the phone telling somebody that she is working hard and cannot let them take everything from her just because she cannot pay off her debts. Viki overhears and asks her if she is ok. Viki also knows that Gigi is concerned about her “new friend with the baby”. Little does she know that that is Marcie McBain. Right then, they know they must change the subject and Gigi asks how Viki’s date went with Charlie. And Viki does not care to share.

After Nash punches Jared, Clint attempts to break them up. Nash tells them that he will keep his distance of Jared keeps his. He wants them to stick to neutral corners of the barbecue. Clint knows that thee is something going on with Nash, Jessica and Jared, which none of them are letting on to him.

When John is trying to find Marty, he questions Miles Laurence assuming he knows where she is. He goes back to Michael’s home. Michael asks John why Marty and Cole are so much more important to him than Marcie. Michael demands to know where Marcie is. John tells his brother he better not even think about going after Marcie. He wont’ be able to help Marcie if he goes back to jail for jumping bail. And he assures Michael that Marcie and Tommy are safe. But he does not know that same about Marty and Cole. Right then, Roxy demands that John tells her what is going on. He informs them that right when Marty disappeared form the motel where they were all staying down south, Cole disappeared from his apartment in Llanview.

Right then, Marty is seen lying on the ground. It looks like she’s back in Llanview and not far away from people she knows. She then awakens and has no clue what happened.

Alone with Nora, Clint tells her that breaking up the fight between Jared and Nash reminded him of being a kid and having all the Texas men breaking up fights. Clint is wearing his cowboy hat and clothing and grilling steaks. They remark that they can sense Asa’s presence. The remarks that Clint was born into the family and Nora chose to marry into it.. Matthew comes up and asks his mom if she plans to go out riding.

Talking to Cristian, Sarah admits that she is in a crappy mood. He asks her why. She tells him that she is depressed so she thought she’d call to take it out on him. But she admits that she is glad to be talking to him. He then tells her that he expected for a while that she would quit. And it sounds like the two of them have more feelings for each other than they realize.

In response to Matthew’s question, Nora admits that she is afraid of enormous animal with the IQ of an insect. Clint and Matthew tell her that she is chicken. Alone with Clint, Matthew asks his uncle if he thinks that Nora will come riding with them in order not to make them think she is chicken.

Renee goes and finds Jared. He tells her that he feels bad that she feels she must obligate herself to be with him when she should be with her family. She tells him that she has been watching the craziness of the Buchanans for a long time. Hearing that, he remarks that she is not exactly an outsider. She’s been one of them for many generations. But she tells him that no matter how long she’s been married into the family, she knows that you have to be born one of them in order to really be one of them

Ramsey finds his way back to Michael’s home. Roxy tells him he better not invade her privacy nor harass Michael or Marcie. Ramsey tells John he thinks he knows where Marcie McBain and that child are and he knows he came back to Llanview in order to protect his brother.

ON the phone, Cristian tells Sarah that he doesn’t understand how difficult it could be to settle Asa’s estate. He has plenty of money and can divide it among all of his kids. But she tells him that Asa has made it very complicated. And he’s only left her old record LPs and 45s. She tells him that he left her a bunch of country music, Cristian is surprised that Sarah did not inherit a monetary fortune. And they talk about whether they should play the music at Capricorn. Right then, Jared enters and demands to know why Sarah is on the phone. She informs Cristian that that is Jared. Cristian asks her what Jared is doing at Asa’s ranch. She replies that she invited Jared.

Clint, Nora and Matthew talk about how she’s been afraid of horses and that he knows what she likes on her steak and has remembered her history with Bo.

Renee tells Nigel that she realizes she is a tough broad and will get through this. But she will never be able to see Asa again.

Gigi asks Viki if she really enjoyed being alone with Charlie. Viki does not want Gigi to think it was any big deal. But right then, Charlie enters and tells her he’s a bit disappointed. He was hoping that he’d have swept her off her feet.

Right then, Ramsey runs up the stairs to Michael’s apartment. And it looks like Marty is locked in a room not far away. John tells Ramsey that he knows what he is up to. John knows that he was installing the surveillance device in his car. Ramsey seems to believe that John has helped Marcie escape. John tells him he’d never do that. It would be illegal. Right then, they frisk Michael and take him to the station. Alone with Ramsey, John tells him he must realize that his brother does not know anything about it and it’s a waste of time interrogating him. John then tells Ramsey that he just wanted to have some “alone time” with him. Right then, Ramsey punches John in the stomach and tells him he must be careful what he wishes for.

Charlie enters the restaurant and tells Viki he was hoping he’d get some coffee. Hearing that, Gigi tells him he has perfect timing. She was ready to go on break and hoped the Viki would cover for her. Alone with Viki, Charlie tells her he knows that she is having a bit of a difficulty discussing her personal life. He tells her that he wanted to spend time getting to know her. And he admits that he did not come by for the coffee. He came by to ask when he would be able to see her again.

When Cristian finds out that Sarah invited Jared to Asa’s ranch, he is very upset and concerned. He hangs up. Jared asks her what Cristian said. Sarah tells Jared he said nothing except the truth. She obviously does not want to reveal to Jared what is really going on with her. She does not want to admit that she has feelings for Cristian. She tells Jared that Cristian cannot get Natalie out of his mind and is jealous of Jared’s involvement with her.. But it sounds like she is lying to Jared about that.

Michael confronts Miles. But Roxy, who has become friends with Miles tells him he must realize that Miles did not hurt Marty or Cole.

Upstairs, Ramsey tells John he is under arrest for aiding and abetting a fugitive and for pissing Ramsey off.

At the restaurant, Viki tells Charlie that she does want to take things slow. He tells her he does not intend to push. But he really enjoyed being able to talk. He has not met anybody with whom he could talk about his thoughts and feeling and situation involving his boy. She then tells him that she has not revealed anything about her family to anybody except for him. And she admits that she comes with “strings”. He asks her exactly what she means. She then replies that “a bit if her previous life” showed up in Paris. (That means Dorian.) And it made her realize how much she does not want to be discovered in Paris and how much she does not want to come home.

Cristian remembers hearing Sarah informing him that Jared came with her to the ranch because she invited him. And he is angry.

Sarah tells Jared that he can tell that he has some “real issues” in regard to Chuck. He is obviously jealous of Natalie being with him. She can tell that he has Natalie on the brain. She tells him she does not want to talk about Natalie. He then asks her what she does want to talk about. He then replies that she really wonders about this mysterious envelope Nigel is holding with information about Asa’s long lost son. Jared tells her he wishes he knew what was up with that.

Clint, Nora , Matthew, Jessica and Nash are all wondering why Natalie and Chuck are and why they have been good so long. Clint asks Nora if she plans to kick him out of Asa’s house when she moves in. She tells him she cannot. She needs his help. She cannot run the place all by herself. He tells her that he believes that Asa’s intent for his “plan” is to have them all together as a united family. Matthew then finds Renee and tells her that he knows his mom is afraid to ride horses. In response to that, she tells Matthew that she thinks she has a plan to break Nora of her fear.

Nash tells Jessica that he is so tired of Jared. They both want him to stay away from Natalie but can tell that Sarah is not interested in him.

Roxy tells Michael that Marcie might never be found. But he tells her he is afraid that Ramsey can find her before John does.

John tells Ramsey that what he wanted to talk to him about is the fact that two people have been kidnapped. Ramsey asks the names of the two people. John hesitates. But Ramsey reminds John that the FBI can find them and probably save them. In response to that, John admits that their names are Marty Saybrooke and Cole Thornhart. Hearing that, Ramsey asks John if Cole Thornhart is related to Patrick Thornhart.

Right then, Marty finds herself locked in the room. And she frantically pounds on the door and screams for somebody to let her out.

Cristian runs into an old “acquaintance” at the gym. It’s a very attractive blond. She asks why she has not seen him and if maybe they can go out for a beer some time. He tells her he will look her up some time. But is he really going to?

At the ranch, Jared tells Sarah that maybe he should not have come to the ranch. But he’s glad she invited him. She admits that she only did that in order to piss Natalie off.

At the Texas diner, Gigi asks Viki how long she plans to string Charlie along. Viki tells Gigi she doesn’t want to lead him on. And right then, Gigi realizes she has to go and meet her “friend" (Marcie). Right then, Viki asks Charlie if he remembers some scenes from old movies. And she reflects that last night the two of them revealed some pretty intimate secrets about their lives. And yet, she does not even know his last name. So how could she possibly go out with somebody when she does not even know his name? And she admits that where she comes form, people always know other people’s last names. He then informs her that where he comes from, people are not concerned about that and he is known as Charlie B. What do you think B stands for?

Right then, at Asa’s ranch, Clint asks Nigel if there is something he knows but is not letting on about Asa’s long lost son. He leaves. And Nigel talks privately to a strange guy about David Vickers.

Michael asks Roxy why she thinks that John and Ramsey are spending so much time upstairs and what could be going on. She tells him she knows they are discussing something besides Marcie.

Upstairs, Ramsey asks John what he knows about Marty. John tells Ramsey if he can remove the cuffs he will tell him. John then informs Ramsey that Marty revealed that there is a guy running around loose. He murdered Patrick. And he’s probably the same one who has caused Marty and Cole to disappear.

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