OLTL Update Wednesday 11/14/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/14/07


Written By Jeannie

John and Bo show up at Marty’s apartment. Bo wants to see the apartment for himself. They pull down the crime scene tape and enter.

At the gym Mike works out as Cristian and Antonio enter. They watch him and talk about Marcie running away.

Marcie is at a motel in Paris, Texas looking at Mike photo from her wallet as Tommy wakes up. She leaves to get a soda and just misses running into Viki leaving for work.

Alex, David, and Dorian walk into the restaurant Viki is working in. Dorian and Alex swap barbs and complain about the menu. They take a table and Dorian imagines Viki dining in Paris. Viki enters and then sees them and backs up quick.

Roxy is cleaning up as Miles enters. Miles says he can’t sleep. He thinks the police are after him.

At Marty’s Bo and John find the apartment ransacked. John asks if Bo thinks it has something to do with Patrick. He agrees.

Starr is startled by Markko and Langston and remembers being scared on Halloween. Langston tries to reason it out. Starr wonders why all the bad stuff happened at the same time.

Gigi meets Viki at the door and Viki asks her to cover for her and makes an excuse to leave. Gigi says she can’t because she just came for breakfast for a friend and has to leave. Unknowingly, Dorian calls Viki over to get them some coffee. Viki stands with her back to them looking nervous.

Mike is hitting the heavy bag in the gym while Cristian and Antonio discuss him. Cristian complains about Sarah being gone so he has more work at the club. Antonio teases that he misses her. Cristian denies any special interest and says its just business. Antonio leaves and Cristian talks to Mike who is sweaty and exhausted. Mike tells Cris that he lied on the stand and the hospital gave him paid leave until his problems are worked out. Mike says he thinks about his son 24 hours a day. Then asks how Marcie could do this to him.

Marcie is talking to Tommy as Gigi comes in with breakfast. Marcie thanks her and tells her that she thought a can of soda was going to be her breakfast. Gigi sees Michael’s photo on the table and they talk about him. They Gigi asks about his “dark side”, but Marcie avoids it. Then when Gigi goes on about Michael being bad, Marcie shouts her that Michael is a good man.

The other waitress takes the order from Dorian, David and Alex as Viki drops to her knees and hides. They talk about Asa’s will and Viki eavesdrops as Dorian declares her love for Clint.

Roxy comes back with coffee for her and Miles. She asks about why the police are tracking Miles. Miles says the messages were asking about when he last saw Marty and Cole. Roxy asks if they’re missing? What happened?

Bo asks about the rebel group Patrick was involved with in Ireland. John says the sons of bitches are getting back at them. Bo says they are going to question Miles, but he wasn’t home. John says Miles better not have anything to do with this or he’ll kill him.

Antonio comes to Starr’s house to go over more details. They sit down and talk about Halloween. Starr tells him about the man in the death mask. They tell Antonio about last time they talked to Cole.

Bo and John discuss the possibility of Miles grabbing both Marty and Cole. Then they talk about Todd and John’s pursuit of Marcie.

Roxy asks Miles if he’s still seeing Marty and he says he’s trying to avoid her. Roxy tease him about seeing a shrink. Miles swears he didn’t do anything to Marty and Cole. Roxy says to tell it to the cops. Miles tells her about the creep in the death mask who scared Marty on Halloween. Miles denies knowing what happened to them

At the gym Mike and Cris are sitting on the floor. They talk about Marcie and her running away. Mike is upset that she ran and they didn’t stand together. Cristian tries to offer support and encouragement. Mike says when this is over his wife will spend a lot of time between bars.

Gigi asks Marcie about her saying her husband abused her. Marcie starts to deny it and explain. Gigi asks for honesty. Marcie says it hard to talk about and Gigi tries to comfort her. She asks her to repeat “I did nothing wrong and my husband is not a good man.” Grudgingly, Marcie repeats it.

Viki keeps her back to the tables as she moves to hide in the kitchen. She’s shaking as Moe asks her to taste some soup just when Dorian yells, “What is going on here?” Viki jumps.

Gigi asks Marcie if she’ll be okay and leaves for work. Marcie looks at Mike’s photo.

Mike tells Cristian he was going to go on the run with Marcie, but then he didn’t want to. Cristian says he knows what a life is like. Cristian suggests Marcie is thinking of Michael.

In Paris Texas Viki is scared stiff to enter and face David and his group.

At Marty’s Bo is on the phone as John looks around. He finds a book and slips it in his pocket as Bo comes back. Bo asks John if they need help on the Marcie kidnapping.

Miles and Roxy talk about entertaining themselves. Mike comes in looking very sad. Antonio is talking to Starr when Bo comes in. Bo says he has something to tell her too. Moe order’s Viki to serve Dorian, David and Alex, but she refuses. Dorian suddenly spells something interesting. Moe is upset at Viki for not doing her job. Dorian comes to the door to the kitchen and says she smells something familiar.

Cristian is leaving the gym while he stares at his phone and pulls up Sarah’s number.. He almost makes the call but then Sarah calls him.

Bo tells Starr about Marty being missing.

Dorian says she smells bouillabaisse. Moe and Dorian chat about cooking. David come up and says they’re leaving. Viki watches them from inside the kitchen. Dorian flatters the cook as David reminds her its time to leave. They leave and Viki relaxes.

Miles gets his mail and Roxy asks Mike if she can help. John peeks thought door. He comes in, grabs Miles and throws him down on table. He order’s Miles to tell him where Marty and Cole are.

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