OLTL Update Tuesday 11/13/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/13/07


Written By Jennifer S.

At the airport, Dorian calls Carlotta Vega and tells her she so appreciates her staying with Starr and Langston while she takes care of some very important business. She reveals that she’s going to go after Clint before Nora takes him. She hangs up. Carlotta is already in Dorian’s house before Starr has a clue that she can expect her or that Dorian has left. She enters and asks Carlotta what she is doing there. Carlotta tells Starr it’s nice to see her too. Carlotta informs Starr that her aunt is on her way to Texas. Starr already knows the reason why. It looks like Dorian has left a brief note and wasted no time in leaving. Starr tells Carlotta that she is not ok. Her boyfriend is missing. Carlotta tells Starr that maybe she should call her aunt. Starr tells them she has to call Commissioner Buchanan again and find out what is up. Langston tells Starr that maybe she needs to wait. You cannot file a missing person’s report nor panic until he’s been gone longer. But Starr is upset and does not want to hear that. She tells her she cannot deal with the fact that Cole is missing. Her parents and Dorian are out of town. And Mrs. McBain is on the run with her baby brother. And nobody has accomplished anything.

Charlie reveals to Viki that he is in search of his long lost son. He tells her that his son is a grown man and they have not seen each other in a long time. Hearing that, Viki replies that it’s not uncommon for a father and son to not get along great. But he tells her that there is a lot more to it than that.

Asa announces in his video, to his family, that he wills them absolutely nothing. But the guy who presents the video informs them all that he has something for them. And it’s a “doozy”. Asa tells them that he knows they are all disappointed and probably angry. But that is too damn bad. For the time being, his personal fortune is in a personal trust. And that stays the case until some conditions are meant. And of course, Clint talks back to his father demanding to know what he’s going to do in order to watch over them from the grave. And right then, Asa seems to know that Clint is talking back to him, tells his son to calm down and knows what is going on when Clint hears that. He tells them that he’s making a decision that the company is going to be shared by each and every one of them. And what they do with it is going to determine the company’s future as well as their own.

Right then, Marcie is in her private room, getting into her disguise with her wig while the waitress and her son Shane knock on the door. She appears to have a new name, Sally Ann. She invites the waitress and her son into the place. Shane notices Tommy’s bed. Marcie tells him he may take a peak but should stay quiet as not to awaken her baby. Shane reveals to Marcie that his dad died serving his country when he was no older than Tommy. Marcie tells Shane he must be very proud of his dad and tells him she’s sorry for his loss.

Starr and her friends inform Carlotta that they have tried and failed to find Cole. They called Bo and he’s going to investigate. She tells them that they should just let Bo do his job. She tells them that she will prepare dinner for them and wants them to finish their homework and she will call them to dinner. Starr tells Langston and Markko that she is very worried that that mysterious masked person has taken both Cole and his mom and may have killed them. But they tell her she is jumping to conclusions and overreacting.

At the airport, low and behold, Dorian runs into David Vickers, right when he is returning to Llanview with his “new bride”. She asks him just what he is up to. She looks suspicious and jealous. He tells her that Alex is recovering from a failed marriage. Dorian seems to know what they are both up to. She seems to know that David will very soon need to stay in her home. Assuming that if David is invited to stay in Dorian’s home, so is she, Alex tells Dorian that is very kind of her to let them both stay in her home. Unaware that David and Alex have just gotten married, Dorian replies that the invitation is only for David. And right then, they reveal to her that they are married.

Shane asks his mom if he can go and play some video games while she and Marcie talk. She asks if he’s completed his homework. She then tells him she guesses it will be ok. But he better come back in 30 minutes. Alone with the waitress, Marcie tells her that he’s a great kid. And knowing that she has raised her son as a single mom, she asks her how she has been able to do it.

Charlie reveals to Viki that he bets his son is right in Texas. He doesn’t know exactly where he is. But he believes he is getting very close.

Asa tells his family, on his video, that they will all get a seat on the board. Clint, Bo, Natalie, Jessica, Joey, Kevin, Sara, CJ, Matthew and the entire family. But before they start trading and profiting and getting rich, they have to know that he will not let them do it their way. They are all forced to work together and share. B.E. is going to be a family company. Hearing that, Jessica asks her grandfather why he would do that.

Charlie asks Viki if she’d prefer to move to a drive-in place that works so that they can watch the movie. But she tells him no. The movie is almost over. And she wants to stay and talk to him. She asks him about his son. He tells her that he spent a lot of his life having regrets for losing contact with his son. He went over the things he did wrong and wondered what he could have done differently. She tells him that all parents make mistakes. He tells her that he hopes that his son feels the same way. She tells him she admits that she is very lucky that she is close to her kids. He then asks if they are right here in Paris. She replies no. They are in another part of the country with her “other life”.

Marcie admits to her new friend, the waitress, that she misses her old life. She now speaks of “Billy’s” father and reveals that she loves him. Remembering that Marcie previously told her that he was violent, the waitress (her name is Gigi) is surprised that Marcie would miss an abusive husband. Remembering what she previously told the Gigi, Marcie admits that yes, her baby’s father (meaning Todd) is a violent sick person. Gigi assumes that Marcie’s baby’s father was Marcie’s husband and tells her she knows that many women mistakenly believe that a violent partner will change. She tells her she understands and encourages Marcie to know that she is doing the right thing to leave him.

At the airport, Dorian is outraged that David would marry “this creature”. Alex asks him what he would see in trash like Dorian. David is right in the middle of the two women’s dispute. He talks to Dorian alone. She demands to know what he was thinking. David then reveals to Dorian that the ex-husband of his new bride was “not too smart in the pre-nup” department. So she has money. And while married to her, so will he. He tells Dorian that he is running out of options. He’s been working as a minimum wage towel boy. She tells him that she hopes that money is the only reason he’d consider marrying Alex. But Alex obviously has a plan. She sits alone remembering hearing Nigel reveal that Asa Buchanan has another son and that it’s David Vickers.

Asa tells his family that if they handle business the way he wants, there will be some nice stock options for all of them. But if they fail, they will wind up without a cent of his money. Hearing that, Nash asks if they have ever agreed on anything ever. Asa then concludes that that is it. And his assistant, Calhoun, will help them iron out the details, he tells them. He tells them there is nothing left to say except he loves him, every last one of them. And he tells them good bye. Hearing that, Matthew remarks that his grandfather is gone. And then they see an empty video screen.

Starr is brainstorming as to what to do in order to find Cole. Langston tells her she must have faith that he is coming back. She tells them that it’s a little odd that Cole has disappeared without a trace and all they find in his apartment is the mask.

Gigi tells Marcie that Paris is a decent place for her and Shane to live. Most of the people are nice. Very few are nosey, unless, of course, you count her boss. In response to that, Marcie tells her that maybe she should give Paris, TX a chance. But she needed to find Alice. Gigi then suggests that maybe she helps Marcie the way that Alice would previously have done.

Charlie asks Viki why it was that she moved to Paris. She tells him that she guesses she just needed a change. She admits that it must look and seem very mysterious. She then tells him that “this is not her real life”. She is enjoying enormously, the novelty of being a waitress in a truck stop and being able to live on a very small amount of money. But it’s not the life that she really has. And maybe the reason she didn’t want to get to know him better was because she did not want to lead him on. Sooner or later, she will have to get back to the life she’s always known. She admits however, that she was not happy with that life. Hearing that, he tells her that maybe she should stay in Paris.

Gigi tells Marcie that she bets that she and Billy will be just fine living as a family in the Paris area. Right then, Shane enters. Gigi tells Marcie that she wants to introduce her to all the girls she works with. They will all take really good care of her.

Viki tells Charlie that her family is at home. So eventually, she will have to go home. He tells her that he thinks she can leave. She can go back to where she came from. But he believes she is changing. She is transforming into a whole new person. They notice that the movie is over and they don’t really care that they have missed it. He then asks her if she wants to stretch her legs and maybe get something to eat. She tells him she does not want to aggravate Moe because he might fire her. Charlie then tells her that he wouldn’t dare. Charlie asks her if she’d like to do this again some time. She tells him that she wouldn’t mind doing some sight seeing with him at another time. He tells her, in that case, it’s a date.

Starr is very worried that Cole is missing. She tells Langston and Markko that they must understand the urgency and do something before it’s too late.

Alex tells Dorian how she and David have true love. She also tells Dorian she knows that she (Dorian) could not hold onto David. Dorian then remembers that the two of them never told her the reason why they are returning to Llanview. He tells her that they might drop in and visit the Buchanans. But she tells them that they have all left town. They are all in Texas for the reading of Asa’s will. Alex seems to know that and is not worried.

Right then, Nigel is hiding a mysterious envelope in his pocket. And he looks worried. After finding out that Asa has willed just about everything of monetary value to Chuck, Clint tells Chuck that he mustn’t feel guilty. And he concludes that, at the very least, they have inherited his company shares. But they all have the mistaken idea that they have freedom that they do not have in the company. Finding out they do not, they conclude that having the “family shared” business is a recipe for disaster. But Renee remarks that she does not think that. In fact, she thinks it’s a great idea.

Markko tells Starr she is making herself crazy and has to try to chill. Carlotta tells them that they must stop this negative stuff. It won’t help them find Cole. She has some food for Starr. Starr tells Carlotta she is too upset to eat. But Carlotta tells her she is not doing Cole any good refusing to eat. She has to sit and pull herself together. She promised Dorian she will take care of her while she is gone. So they better all sit.

Dorian asks David if it will not be great when he becomes another one of Alex’s exes. She informs them that she is going down to Texas to find Clint. Alex then concludes that she and David will go with her to Texas. But David tells Alex that maybe they need to wait. Maybe out of respect for her ex husband, they should not go to Texas. But she tells him that she bets that Asa might have left something for David in his will. Hearing that, both David and Dorian are really surprised to hear Alex having knowledge that Asa would leave anything to David.

Renee tells the family that maybe in time, the plan that Asa is forcing upon them will bring them closer together. The only intent he had for them is out of love. In response to that, they all gather around and drink to Asa. Clint proposes a toast and tells his deceased father that he is the most annoying and frustrating man he’s ever known. But they all love him. And they all raise their drinks to Asa.

Viki returns to her room with Charlie. And they are surprised to see Gigi and Shane coming out of the room across the hall. Little does Viki know that Marcie and Tommy are right across the hall. Marcie also seems to have no clue that Viki is in Paris, TX.

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