OLTL Update Monday 11/12/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/12/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Of all the places for Marcie and Tommy to wind up, it has to be Viki’s restaurant in Paris, TX. Marcie is wearing another disguise with a long blond wig. She talks to the waitress who is Shane’s mom, Gigi, and asks about a woman named Alice whom she had to find. She becomes upset when she hears that Alice is no longer there. Gigi asks her if anything is wrong.

Dorian goes to Foxy Roxy’s. Roxy assumes that Adriana is pregnant that they she and Dorian are going to be grandmothers. But right then, Adriana and Rex enter to tell their respective mothers that they are mistaken

At Asa’s ranch, he tells all of his family, in a video that he knows he has a son that he never found out about until shortly before he died.

Starr and her friends call Bo and inform him that Cole is missing. There is obviously something very suspicious. She shows Bo the skeleton mask that the mysterious person has been hiding behind.

Right then, in the motel where John is staying with Marty, he looks for her but she is gone. He only sees her cell phone lying on the floor.

At Asa’s ranch, Clint gets a call from Cord. Inside all of the people wonder why it is that Asa willed everything to Chuck and just who this mysterious son of his is. In the video, Asa is about to reveal his mysterious son. He admits that only Nigel knows. Jessica stands up and asks him to give it up. Clint then reminds Nigel that Asa cannot do anything to him anymore. SO he wants him to tell him the name of his long lost brother.

Charlie takes Viki in his car to see a movie. But it looks like the controls for the drive in are not working. He tells her he might have a better idea.

In the restaurant, Marcie reveals to Gigi, the waitress, that some really bad things have happened and cries. Gigi knows something is going on with her. Marcie tells her that she cannot ask her for help. She needs to figure this out on her own. Gigi tells Marcie that she understands. She is a mother, too. And she asks Marcie just what Alice was going to do for her. Marcie replies that Alice was going to hide her and Tommy.

Blair and Todd wonder what they are going to do in regard to returning to Llanview and what is going on with their kids. Right then, John appears and informs them that Marty is gone.

Renee tells Nigel if Asa fathered a long lost child, she needs to know. She tells him everybody in this room has the right to know. But he tells her that Mr. Buchanan entrusted him with instructions to not reveal what is in this envelope until he says so. Right then, they play Asa’s video. Asa mentions all of Nigel’s years of faithful service and going beyond the call of duty, he will give him his yacht and many other things of value. Hearing that, Renee tells Nigel that he deserves it because he spent more time on that island with Asa than any of them. But right then, Nigel leaves the room. Nash is very surprised to learn that Asa would be so generous to his butler. Nora finds Clint and asks him if somebody should have counseled Asa with birth control. Clint replies that he thinks his father was very irresponsible in that area. And they are all pondering just whom this mysterious son is of Asa’s

Dorian tells Adriana that she thought she was pregnant before and she had to discuss it with Roxy because she feels both of their kids are too young to be parents. Adriana tells the two of them that she is absolutely not pregnant. Roxy asks Rex if he knocked up somebody else. Dorian then tells her daughter that she has some news that she must tell her. She’s going to adopt Langston.

At Cole’s home, Starr, Langston and Marco tell Bo all they know about the last time they spoke to Cole and Starr shows him Cole’s laptop computer. They discover that his computer did not crash. He lied about it breaking down when he was writing his paper.

Todd tells Blair, John and Marty that he wants to get out on the road. Blair tells John that maybe Marty just ran off. Todd tells John that he just recently talked to Marty, and surprisingly, she seemed just fine. Blair tells Todd that it’s very weird that Marty would have run off. But Todd smirks and tells her that maybe it wasn’t as “good” for Marty as it was for John when they slept together. But Blair reminds Todd that John will not go anywhere until he finds Marty.

Viki and Charlie discuss their favorite movies. They laugh. He tells her hat he wants her to know that he does not hit on every waitress that serves him. She replies that that never entered his mind. He then asks why she turned him down at first. Other than the reasons she gave that he did not buy. She replies that it was because it seemed as though he was merely passing through. He asks her if she thought he merely wanted a one night stand. She tells him she did not assume that but she did think that any amount of time they spend together would be brief. He then asks her how long she’s been working at the restaurant. She admits 3 months. She says it’s been really good for her. She likes the people she works with. They are really good for her. Hearing that, he is surprised as he tells her that waitressing is really hard work. She admits that it is. But she is happy where she is.

Back at the restaurant, Gigi asks Marcie just what is up. Is she on the run?

Todd asks Blair if they must all just sit around and wait for John to find Marty. She tells him he just needs to be patient. They will find Marty and they will get back on their mission. Right then, John picks up Marty’s phone and notices Bo is trying to get a hold of Marty to inform her that they cannot find Cole. He informs John that they found no trace of Cole except for a Halloween death mask. At that point, John informs Bo that Marty is also missing. And it could not be a coincidence that they both are.

While Bo is in Cole’s empty apartment with Starr, Langston and Marco and talking to John on the phone, he asks Starr if she can give him Cole’s phone. And he notices that a call was made to Marty. When he gets off the phone, he informs the kids that he just spoke to John McBain. And he informs them that Marty is also missing. They consider that it might be Britney but admit that they doubt she would do something like that. So, they are completely clueless just who is this psycho wearing the mask.

John asks Todd what he and Marty talked about when he last saw her. Todd then remembers that Marty informed him that some mysterious person scared her with a death mask. She thought it might be Miles. But when she confronted him, he denied it. And she doubted it was him.

At Foxy Roxy’s, Dorian informs Adriana, Rex and Roxy that she adopted Langston. She is not going to let that girl stay stuck in child services. Adriana tells her mother that she is very proud of her. Dorian admits to her mother that she did it, in part, in order to make up for not being able to raise Adriana. Roxy hears that and cries with guilt for abandoning her son. Dorian informs them that Blair and Todd went to find Todd’s baby. Hearing that, Roxy insists that Dorian must know that that is Marcie’s baby. Rex then asks his mother to chill. Dorian also informs them that Clint went with his family to read Asa’s will. And when she called Clint, Nora answered his cell phone. She is suspicious that Clint is seeing Nora. Roxy then remembers that Nora hasn’t “gotten any” in a long time.

Sarah reflects, with Jared, that she must have another uncle. Renee then takes Jared aside and tells him she wants to show him something. She tells him that it’s the first fistful of dirt that Asa dug up when he laid the foundation for the ranch. And she tells him that Asa told everybody that you can never succeed until you know where you came from. She tells Jared that she thought he might be very inspired by a man who came from nothing. Jared tells her that he truly is. Right then, the guy plays the rest of the video where Asa says that now is the part that everybody has been waiting for. He has saved the best for last.

Charlie tells Viki that he bets, by the way she talks, that she is not a native Texan. In response to that, she jokes that she is and has worked very hard to lose her accent. She fakes the way a Texan talks and he knows she is joking. She then admits that he is right. He tells her that he is a contractor and not from Texas either. He reveals to her that he has a folder that regards a very special project that he is involved in. But it has nothing to do with business.

Asa’s family listen to his video where he tells them he is about to reveal what he plans to do with his money.

Gigi tells Marcie that she can guess what her situation is. She is on the run from her kid’s abusive dad. Marcie is silent in response to that. But she remembers Todd reminding her that he is known as a kidnapper and rapist. And she tells the waitress that she is right. Her kid’s father is an evil man. Gigi then tells her that she would like to help her if she will let her. She tells Marcie she knows of the perfect place for her to hide out.

Blair talks to Bo on the phone and asks him what is up with the fact that both Cole and Marty have gone missing. He tells her he does not know but intends to find out. She tells him she appreciates his helping Starr. Bo tells the kids that he is going to investigate the house and he will have his assistant take them home. John calls Bo and informs him that Marty informed Todd that some unrevealed person stalked and attempted to scare Marty with a death mask. And John tells Bo that he intends to return to Llanview.

After Roxy hears that Nora picked up Clint’s phone when Dorian called him, she tells Dorian that if some other woman picked up her boyfriend’s phone, she’d raise hell. And she suggests that Dorian do just that.

Charlie tells Viki that his secret “project” is to find his long lost son.

Right then, Asa reveals, in his video to his family, that he wills them absolutely nothing.

John tells Blair and Todd that he is “giving up” on finding Marcie and Tommy until he can find Marty. Todd demands to know why John is giving up and could cares less about his (Todd's) kid. He tells Blair and Todd that he believes that they can find them on their own. Blair tells John she understands his concerns about Todd being a loose cannon. But she will make certain he doesn’t do anything crazy. And she urges John to tell them what he knows but has not told them. In response to that, John admits that the mechanic who fixed his car informed him that Marcie was headed to Paris, TX.

At the Paris, TX restaurant, Marcie’s new waitress friend, Gigi (Vikiís friend) promises to keep Marci and her son safe.

Todd tells Blair that they are headed for Paris, TX.

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